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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Morning After

We got about a foot of snow here.  No big deal.  The county keeps the main roads cleared, the park keeps our streets cleared and John keeps every one's driveways cleared. :-)

John lives down the corner to the right of me.  He is the third house down on the left.  He does the two houses up to the corner and then, 15 houses on this street.  We have older couples on this street, or women who live alone, a lady with an Autistic son, a younger guy with a heart condition,   I don't know why he does the Wiccan's, because they are very capable, but he always does that pile behind their cars.  The pile that the park snow cleaners always pile up at the ends of our drive.

He was out over 2 hours this morning and finished up with my driveway.  Of course, I get special treatment because he cleans off my porch and car.  The only problem is, he is so short he can't reach the entire roof of my car.  LOL   By this evening, the warm sun had melted most of the snow on my car.  Predicted 50 degree temps on Sunday, will take care of the rest.

                                        The Wiccan's

The guy in that house HAS a snow blower,
but he went to work early, so John
cleaned out his driveway too.

                                                         Dar's driveway

Jackie's driveway

my driveway 

trying to clean off my car

...and since it was garbage pick-up day, he carried all our empty garbage cans up and put them on our porches-----------that is, all except Dar's.  He left hers laying in the snow.  Tee Hee
When I asked him why, he said, "Her son is living there and a 17 year old grandson.  I think they are capable of taking the trash cans up to the house.  Besides, whenever I see her in Meijer's, where she works, she snubs me!"

The warm afternoon sun took care of cleaning off my car.

John and Maizey stopped in for a visit this evening.

Odd for me, but I am stir crazy from the last two days shut in.  Tomorrow morning--I am outta here, even if it is only for a trip up to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions. :-)


  1. Oh my gosh, what a lot of work that guy does for his neighbors! I hope people appreciate what a godsend that is. And it's nice to know his kindness has a limit (Dar). LOL

    That snow was so wet and heavy it was like concrete over here. I can't imagine it all melting this weekend. I'm expecting ice then.

  2. What a great neighbor John is. So considerate! I hear a nasty rumor that more snow is coming next Tuesday! All of winter is coming at the end of February! Figures!

  3. What a kind man John is, and Maisie is adorable. She looks really cuddly and soft. We are expecting that warm weather, too. Back to my sewing.....it has been a productive week.

  4. Oh, so that's John! I can't remember seeing a pic before. And, yes indeed he's a treasure to have as a neighbor. Lord forgive me, but I actually laughed out loud about Dar's place. And, John is right about her having help, and snubbing him in the store. LOLOL I can't stop laughing. :)

  5. and the thing of it is, that was Thursday morning and they were still laying there all day Friday. Her son came and went to work. Her grandson walked the dog. She came and went to work. and yet, no one picked them up for nearly 36 hours! I know why she didn't, she is trying to "train" her son and grand kids to take the garbage out and return the barrels.

  6. Judy, I just love your blog! It's about time I told you! :)
    Always wishing you the best.

    Teresa from Chicago

  7. Judy, I just love your blog! It's about time I told you! :)
    Always wishing you the best.

    Teresa from Chicago

    1. WOW! Hi Teresa! Chicago? So, now I can blame you for our bad weather? Whenever Chicago has bad weather, we know we're next. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  8. Very pretty but a lot of work. Your neighborhood is lucky to have John. Everyone should get together and buy a gift of appreciation for him... or bake a cake. ��