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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Agnes and Frank

Today, I met Agnes.

I have seen Agnes walk by here every morning.  I don't know which lot she lives on, but every day, between 9:00 and 10:00 she walks past here with her sprightly step.

Today I was outside, looking at my gardens and I said, "Hi'.  Worse one word I have ever uttered.

Instead of just a Hi back or a wave, as most people do and keep on walking, she stopped!  She walked up the lawn to where I was trapped standing and she commenced to converse sermonize talk.

You have heard the term "Ratchet Jaw"?  She makes Dar look like a mute!!

"I've got Iris growing too, but you know, my Grandma had beautiful ones, a whole garden, just Iris (breath) my daughter had a really good job, she quit and is going to work for Quicken Loans, she isn't too bright, but (breath) we had to ration everything during the war, everyone had a ration book, I still have mine, it doesn't have any stamps missing, I guess I didn't eat much, because...(breath) we lived on a farm, all us kids had to work in the fields, and if we didn't work, we didn't eat (breath) there were ten of us, we all had to work in the fields, but I'd rather do that then have to help Momma in the house (breath) never did like house work, still don't, but I do it, gotta keep my place clean (breath) my daughter helps, she moved in next door and she comes over to help (breath) we like it here, my grand daughter comes too, she just got out of school, (breath) we used to get out of school later when I was a young girl, middle of June, these kids nowadays, they got it easy, none of them (breath) have to work in the fields."

"Nice talking with you.  Bye", as I edged towards the porch.  She followed me.

"I got four kids, not a one of them has any common sense (breath) probably cause they never had to work hard when they were kids (breath) they should have had to work in the fields like me (breath) like that jack-ass in Washington, no common sense (breath) bet he never had to work in the fields either, hah (breath) I still mow my own lawn, got me one of those little push mowers (breath) lawn looks nice (breath) eighty-two and I still do it all (breath) walk every day, gotta walk every day to stay healthy (breath) keep my mind sharp (breath) my mind is still sharp."

"Okay.  Nice to meet you.  I have to go in now."

"All right."  and she started back toward the street.

"Have a nice day," I called out.  (worse four words I ever uttered!)

"That reminds me (as she walks back up the drive) I heard we got those terror people right here in this country (breath) that jack-ass in Washington got no common sense (breath) get them airplanes up in the sky and drop some bombs on that country (breath) just like we did in WW two, that would end them good (breath) I was in school back then I remember (breath) everything rationed sugar, gasoline (breath) we lived on a farm, had plenty, I worked in the fields, all us kids did so we wouldn't starve (breath)........

"I have to go in now, Agnes.  Bye."  and I walked in and shut the door!

I will NEVER go outside my house until I make sure Agnes has passed by on her morning walk!!

Then of course there's Frank.  I met Frank a couple years ago.

Frank ambles by here everyday.  He's as senile as Agnes.  I would like to introduce them to each other, but they are on opposite sides of the political system. 

Retired, union Ford worker.  Frank likes to go on about the, "Goddam Republicans in Lansing (breath)can't fix a damn pothole to save their ass!(breath) going to take away my pension and Social Security (breath) I buy lottery tickets every other day (breath) gonna win big (breath) take their goddamn money from them (breath) they don't know how to use it anyway (breath) wife up and died last year (breath) cost me all the money I had put away just to put her in the ground (breath) damn Republicans and their big corporations(breath) every damn funeral home is owned by rich Republicans! (breath) every damn big corporation, owned by Republicans (breath) General Motors, all of 'em."  

I made a mistake and said,  "But Frank, if it wasn't for the big corporation of Ford Motors, you wouldn't have had a good job and a nice pension."

He looked at me, as if I had grown horns.....

"Hell yes I wouldve.  Worked for the union, union got me the job and good pension, goddamn Ford Motors dint have nuthin' to do with it, union, yep, union (breath) worked that assembly line for thirty years, I did (breath) union, yep, union (breath) Ford Motors dint have a damn thing to do with it." 


Can I please move back out to the farm country where all the neighbor's are normal?  PLEASE!!!

This noon, I went up to Subway to get lunch.  When I walked in, a young lady was waiting behind the counter.  She looked like perhaps a high school graduate in her job for college.

I was feeling silly, so I said, "Do you know where I can find a Spicy Italian...six feet three inches tall, with lots of money?"

Blank look on the girl. She didn't expect me to say that, so of course, she was stymied.  

I waited...1 Mississippi.  2 Mississippi.  3 Mississippi. 4.....

She had no clue..."Ah....Er...we have Spicy Italian subs here."

"Okay, I'll have one of those."

I know she was new because she took a very long time and when it came to the veggies on it?  I could see her lips move as she counted out, precisely 6 tomato and cucumber slices onto the sub.

Sweet young thing--kids today don't catch on to my humor.  My kids friends would have known and quipped right back.  Maybe kids today are so immersed in their electronics they have forgotten how to jibe back and forth?

Or---maybe I'm just weird in my humor?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Food For Thought

Today was quite uneventful.

Dar had to work.

It was hot and humid, so I stayed inside most of the day.

John picked me up at 6:30 and off we went, up to Howell to Asian Fusion.  An Asian buffet place.  YUCK!  I hate these kinds of places.  Chinese, Japanese, Thai and American and nothing has the distinct taste of the country it is from.  The eggs rolls were made of some kind of beef paste and tough.  I couldn't find any of the Oriental veggies I like.  There was NO steamed white rice that I could find.  However, the hot Oolong tea was good as were the Fortune Cookies.  and the red jello cubes I had for dessert were good.

Of course I didn't complains--are you nutz?  I ate more than I have in a week because....I was trying to find something from under those sneeze shields that tasted like Chinese!!!

When John went back for dessert--I looked at the bill, $23.00 and fished the last five dollars out of my billfold.  When we were ready to leave, I placed them on the table.

"What's that?" he asked.

"I told you last time that if we went out to eat again, I was going to leave the tip."

"If I invite someone out to eat, I pay for it."

"Look, I'm older than you and I'm bigger than you.  Unless you want me to take you down here...in front of all these people and beat you up...you will let me do the tip."

"I believe you could too.  Okay."
Well, we had a good time talking about when we were kids and the shows we used to watch on the 12-14" TV's our parents had.  "Sgt. Preston" and "Sky King" and "Howdy Dowdy."  And we talked about Maisey--it costs him over $300.00 a month, just for her special meds and food and he had her to the vet yesterday at $250.00 for tests and IV.

Then we waddled out to the car and I said, "I'm going home, find a Peacock feather, stick it down my throat.  Like the Romans used to do, so they could eat more."

"Sounds like my kind of people," he says.

He is extremely easy going, smiles and laughs all the time, just like I do, so it is pleasant being with him.  When we got to my house, I thanked him and he put his right arm out for a hug, so I hugged him and kissed him on his cheek.

"Thanks J. T." I said.

He replied, "Thanks J. J.  Have a good weekend."
Then I saw him take Maisey for a walk up the service drive.  He's a good man.  A nice friend.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Back At It

Ancestory.com, here I come--again!!!

As my sister has delved into the new information I gave her last November, she is finding inconsistencies.  WE have in our original records a statement that says, "After his wife Margaret died, Conrad went to live with his daughter."  Well--it seems that in the new stuff I typed for her, Margaret died two years AFTER Conrad.  So either I have a typo, which seems logical, or something isn't right in the written story we have.  GEEZ LOUISE!!!

AND because I am writing the history BOOK for my kids, I will have to go into that and make corrections.  AND--the great great grandfather, John, whose obit says he is buried in the local cemetery?  Cannot be found!  Susie found his first wife and two babies that died and  his older child, but not him or his second wife.  Where the hell is he?  I have searched county and state death records and Find A Grave and he isn't listed in any.  I can see why there might not be a headstone--well not really because my family is big on headstones, but why is he not listed--somewhere--in official records?

SO--back I go on Ancestory.com and more searching.  Gotta wait until the first of the month when I get some $$$ in my Pay Pal account.  

If Susie had looked at those files when I gave them to her--she said, "I will wait to read these.  This is a winter project"--instead of waiting until now--this would be all done and we could be outside enjoying our gardens, instead of sitting inside in front of the computers with books and pages of info spread all over.  LOL
  Then Dar comes over all a thither--she is going on vacation Saturday.

"I have so much to do!  I need to scrub the bathroom and clean the two little bedrooms.  My brother and Pat are going to stay here until they can buy a new house. (These the two who moved to AZ May 13th and are now back.)  Then I have to clean out and scrub the frig and get money out of the bank and pack.  I just don't have time.  ARGGH!!"

"You've got today off work?"

"Yes.  I have to do laundry too!"

"You've got lots of time.  Make a list and you will get it done.  You haven't opened the two small bedrooms and bath in a year.  I doubt they are dirty.  You can clean out the frig while your clothes are washing and drying.  It's only ten o'clock, you have time to go up to the bank, get any food you might want to leave for Terry and Pat.  Open up your suitcase and pack your clothes as you wash and dry them."

So--at noon!!!!! two hours later, she decides to go home and get started.  GEEZ LOUISE!!!

I watched my Soap and went outside to do a bit of weeding and---Dar showed up again.  Pepsi was on sale where she works so she brought me 10 jugs.  Regular Pepsi.  I only drink Diet and Diet DeCaf.  So I told her and off she went.  She was back in an hour with the right kind of Diet Pepsi.  Why all this?  I guess because she is going on vacation and I am to watch her house and get her rent envelope up to the office and pay our lawn mowing guy for her.

Kind of warm out today, so I came in and sat for a while and crocheted and then at 5:00, back out to finish up and close up my shed.

I came back in to fix supper and.....Dar showed up again.  She came in, sat down and boasted about what a great Union Steward she is going to be, because, "I can be a real bulldog!"

At 7:00 the phone rang and instead of picking up and saying, "May I call you back.  I have a visitor."  I picked up and talked to my sister.  After about 10 minutes, Dar took the hint and left.  

I got something to eat and started crocheting a bit.

Ya know?  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dar came back around 10:00 tonight because she forgot to tell me something important!  GEEZ LOUISE!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everything's Up To Date


Tuesday--up at 8:00, shower and dressed and out by 9:45 to get to the doc's office at 10:00 to get a simple blood draw to check Potassium level.  Saw Doc--high-five for BP being so much better.

Arrived up to The Farm at 11:15.  Lunch and then BIL drove us around to do what my Sis and I like to do best.  Searching cemeteries for relatives of ancestor's graves to make sure our birth/death dates are correct.  Which then leads to other questions like: "She's here with her second husband.  Where is her first husband?"

Back to The Farm to search through our genealogy records for more info.  "They had a young child that died and is buried in Byron.  Maybe her husband is there too?"  With a promise from Susan, "I have to go to the church tomorrow to knit on the prayer shawls.  Afterwards, I will stop in at the cemetery and check."

Then, she stated, "I don't have time to look through all those genealogy files you gave me.  That's a job for winter time.  I don't have the time now!"

Which led to three phone calls and two e-mails from her last evening as....she was getting into the files and reading the new info I found on Ancestry.  That's the way genealogy is.  It grabs you and then you wonder, "wait now--I thought his spouse was.........." and you go looking for more info.

John called last night at 10:30 and wondered how my day went.

"Did you get to pet any cows up on the farm?"

"No.  They don't have cows anymore."

"Then why do they call it a farm.   If they have no animals?"

"It's not an animal farm.  It is a crop farm."

"Oh...I think I read that book!"

Up early at 8:00--to get started to catch up on laundry and cleaning up.  Checked Patient Portal--results in, Potassium 4.5.  Perfect!

Saw John walking Maisey and went out to give her a treat.

"She kept me up all night.  She had another seizure.  I called the vet, he's changing her medicine."

Poor Maisey!  She is twelve.  Has Cushings Syndrome (which I thought was a human disease) and arthritis bad.

11:15--Susan called.  "I found brothers and sister and the baby that died.  But I can't find him."

"I'm looking at his death certificate and his obit and he is interred in Byron."

"Okay.  I am just going to call Sharon (the cemetery secretary) and find out where he is."
Of course, I had the strongest urge to just jump in my car, drive up to the cemetery and walk it and find him, but...................................................it's really not worth the gas.  We can do it on another day.  Susan e-mailed me photos of the grave markers.

So--I did laundry, and straightened up and watched my Soap and crocheted and watched as the thunder storms rolled over.  Most stayed south and there was some damage.  All we got was rain.

The scenario goes something like this:Sun is out, windows and door open, nice breeze coming through.

Dark clouds--distant thunder: put in ear plugs, close windows and door.  Hard rain.

5 minutes later:  ear plugs out, sun is out, windows and door open, nice breeze coming through.

Repeat as often as necessary.

See ya.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pretty Good Day

An example of a conversation with John:

John:  "I heard we might have some boomers on Monday."

Me:  "Yeah, I heard that too."

"Maisey is afraid of thunder.  She gets very upset and crawls under the bed."

"I don't like thunder either.  I can't fit under my bed or I would."

"I have been thinking about getting her one of those thunder shirts.  Have you heard about them?"

"Yes--I tried to buy one for myself, but they don't make them that big."

"I've got a tarp out in my shed.  That might work."

"It might, but I would need bungie cords to wrap around and hold it in place."

"Got those too."
That's the kind of conversations we have.  Joking, kidding and fast-paced.  I have missed the fast-paced, quick wit, sarcasm and jabs that I so enjoyed with my long time friends.  He reminds me of my guy friends I had in high school.
Remember when I told you about Dar being so upset and crying because her one brother, SIL and her 94 year old Dad moved to Arizona and left her here, "all alone".  They moved May 13th.

Guess what?  They are moving back.  The brother doesn't like Arizona--they are far away from their kids--it's too expensive to live there (even though they are millionaires.)

Dad, who hates Michigan, has to move back with them and he and Brother had a fight, so he is moving in with other Brother, who's wife Dad can't stand.

1st Brother is angry because they sold their gorgeous, big house on the lake and ALL the furniture, to take Dad back to Arizona where Dad wanted to live and feels he HAD to make the move just for Dad.

Dad is mad because they won't let him live alone in AZ--he was to sign papers on his new home yesterday.

2nd Brother is mad because Dad gave 1st Brother $5K for the down payment they lost on the house they were going to buy.  2nd Brother wants that same amount from Dad--even though 2nd Brother is a millionaire two times over.

Dad refuses to even consider moving into an "old folks home", which would be the best thing for him.  

Dar is completely unaware of the beautiful Senior complexes we have right here in Brighton.

Judy got a listing of three of the swankiest ones here and sent the links to Dar.  I think when Dad sees how much it will cost him to live there ($2,500-3,000 a month), plus all the women who will fawn over him there, he may just change his mind and want to live there.

I told Dar to check them out and then one day, just show Dad the options he has.  Dad is a millionaire five times over!

So 1st Brother and SIL--who did not want to move in the first place, are coming back with no place to live and no furniture to put in it.  HAH

Dad is flying back next week to a State he hates (winters) and having to live with a son and a DIL he despises.

This could get interesting and probably shorten Dad's life and then all 3 of his kids can enjoy Dad's millions!!
So the guy--that's his name, Guy, came and power washed the house and shed today.  I told him I didn't have the money until June and could he come back then, but he said, "You can give me a post dated check,"  so I did.  Wonderful!!!


Now, if I just had the ambition to sweep  up all those Whizzers
 off the Maple Trees, it would look great.

I am so glad this man is running for President!

If any man knows what it's like to live in severe poverty, anger and no self esteem and then pull yourself up out of all that, he surely does.  I think he can heal the racial problems in this country way better than Mr. Hope and Change.  AND, I think he would have the intelligence to have the kind of staff around him that knows how to bring our country back.

His wife is homely.  She kind of looks like Eleanor Roosevelt and just as smart.


Have a great weekend!  I'll be here doing nothing, if you need me. :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Wish I had a Carson to wait on me!

The funny thing is, if he turned left (N) out of his driveway and went down that street, it would be shorter to get out of the park.  He always comes by my house.  I guess he is wanting to see if I am all right?  I saw him go by at 11:30--he works at the nearby elementary school as a teacher's aid.

I have felt rough all day long!  Probably the new med?  

Guess where I got to go today?  I haven't been all this year.

My Bridge Card got reloaded today and off I went to...THE RICH PEOPLE'S STORE!!!

What a treat to get a little bit of all my favorite deli salads and two fresh Apricots and some real orange juice and CAKE!  You knew I had to get cake

You can tell it's a rich people's store--they have purple plastic bags!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nice Middle of the Week Day

8:00--160/62---not bad for the am BP check.

I have had no problem sleeping.  I take a Melatonin an hour before bedtime and it always helps.  If I am in a bit of arthritic pain, I also take a Tylenol PM.  Now that I am on a blood thinner, I can't take Advil or Aleve.  I can only use Tylenol or Motrin.  I do think the Ativan helped last evening.  I have them to take, but I never think about them unless I have that shaky feeling inside.

I got a call from the head nurse at the cardiologist's office.  She wanted a complete of all the meds I take, as it is far different than the last time I was in there, a month ago.  We got it done.

Then noon arrived and....John picked me up for lunch.  

After the waitress took our orders and we were sipping our drinks, I leaned forward and said, "John, may I ask you a personal question?"

"You can ask me anything."

"What is your middle name?"

He laughed, "LaVern."

Our lunches came and we chatted and ate, then I leaned over the table again and whispered, "May I ask you an even more personal question."

He leaned over and had a serious look on his face, "Yes," he whispered, as he sipped on his lemonade..

"John," I whispered, "Why do you keep all the blinds in your house closed?  Are you watching porn all day or is the FBI after you?"

He practically spit his lemonade all over the table, chocked on laughter and explained.  He keeps the blinds closed because the old guy that lives next to him, Corky, is somewhat like Dar and drives John nuts and the other young guy that lives on the other side is constantly watching John's house and then calls and asks him why he is taking a nap, as he can see John sleeping in his recliner.

So now John knows that I have a sarcastic/weird sense of humor.  He is quite the kidder too.

There were no innuendos, there was no touching, except when he put a hand out to haul me up from the booth.  There is no attraction--he is 5'6" and 4 inches shorter and 4 years younger than me.

I had a good time and he did too.  We are Buds!!
Then tonight Dar came over and ruined my mood with all HER stresses and problems.   Her Dad, brother and SIL moved to Arizona.  They were all going to buy a house together.  It seems that brother and 93 year old Dad got into an argument and Dad is hunting for his own place.  What is bothering Dar is that they won't answer her phone calls and she wants to get in on the advice giving and feel she has some control in what is going on.  She is going nutsy cuckoo--AGAIN!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Appointment at the primary care doc's at 2:30.  BP still too high, I guess. 180/68.  The bottom number (diastolic) is fine, but I can't seem to keep the top one down.  It will be low at one time of day and high 6 hours later.

Doc says, "I am at my wits end to figure you out.  I usually have no problem getting the blood pressure down."

"I know Doctor John.  I'm perplexed too.  This is way beyond anything that I have researched or tried to figure out."

"I want you to go home and make the earliest appointment you can with Michigan Heart.  Any cardiologist that is available."

"I have an appointment in June with my regular cardiologist."

"Nope...I don't want you to wait.  It isn't real critical, but.................wait a minute...I'm going to page your cardiologist.  Can you give me a urine sample too?  I want to check something out."

"I'm on water pills, remember?  I have to wee like crazy."

"Okay--go pee then come back."

So I did and when I came back, he said, "Dr. Leonen is not returning my page.  He is an awfully busy man.  You go on home.  Call them and tell them I want you in soon."

So I left, stopped at Discount Tires to check the tires and when I got home, there was a message from my doctor's office telling me that the cardiologist called back, wanted me to come in right then.

So up the road I went to the little hospital.  I didn't see the cardiologist, but the nurse said he wanted me to get a blood draw.  

Luckily,the lab is downstairs in the same building.  Got three vials taken out, I didn't even feel it!!!

Got home, another message from the doc's office.  Doc had called in a new med for me.  It would be up at Wal-Mart--back towards the doctor's office.  I went in the bathroom to pee again and the phone rang.  Another message for me from Wal-Mart that they had a prescription ready for me.  Off I went again.

So--one round trip up to Howell and the doc's--10 miles.  
One round trip the other way to Brighton and the little hospital--only 3 miles
One round trip back up to Howell to Wal-Mart--5 miles.  (I guess this is the good reason I don't live way out in the country!)

When I got home, another message--this one from Pammie.  She had stopped in on her way home and I missed her!!!!!

I was damn near exhausted!!!

Then, I heard on the news that we may have a frost tonight so....I had to do this........
 I took an Ativan at 8:00 so now, I am feeling pretty relaxed. :-)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nice Weekend

Little bit of rain.
Little bit of planting.
Whole lot of crocheting.
A small party on the porch.

It's been kind of hot and muggy, because of the rain I suppose, but a nice breeze.  Nothing like what other people west of here are going through.

Saturday I decided I should get my porch pots planted with the annuals I bought.  I wasn't really in the mood, which is unusual for me, but my porch was so dirty, I wanted to get it back in shape.

Sunday, I crocheted most of the morning and early afternoon.  I am getting paid to test out this pattern, so I need to keep at it/

Sunday,  late afternoon  I planted a couple more pots and then Pearl walked down.  We sat out on the porch and talked,  Than next door Tami came over and Pearl and I sat and listened--there is no conversation with Tami--she talks, you listen and nod--a whole lot like Dar.

Just about dark and John walked by with his dog, Maisey and he came up to the porch and then Tami's hubby came over, so we had quite a chat. 

9:00 rolled around and Pearl wanted to walk on home, but was afraid to break up the party--I had 3 people sitting on the porch steps.  I was getting kind of tired and there was a TV show on I wanted to watch, so I just rousted every one up and walked part of the way with Pearl  When I got back, John, Tami and her hubs were gone.  PRAISE!!

Today my lawn guy came and woke me up at 8:00 with his mowing under the bedroom window.  I jumped on here for awhile, then out to finish the planting.  Crocheted, watched my Soap, then up to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription that I was out of.  

Had to go through a song and dance this morning to get it.  I was taking 3 a day--doc doubled it, so I ran out, but my insurance wouldn't pay for it BECAUSE it wasn't time!.  Called the doc and had them call in a NEW one that shows 2 tabs, 3 times a day.  Of course that took some time for the doc to get it done and for Wal-Mart to get it filled.

Just saw John walk by with Maisey.  The dog now wants to come up to the porch every time they walk by now.  She's a sweet pup and he's a nice guy, but I wasn't in the mood and glad they didn't stop.  
<He is hinting we should go out for lunch.>

Hot Pink, Dark blue/purple and Chartreuse--again this year.

My view from my recliner.

Friday, May 15, 2015

#1 Grand Babe

#1 Grand Babe stopped at Subway and brought lunch here.  She wanted to come here instead of going out so that we could talk and laugh and not be restricted on time.

Talk and laugh we did and reminisced--from 11:30 until 3:30!!!

I gave her a copy of my book "Grandma's Treasure" and she was excited.

"Gramma, I just love everything you write."

"I'm making a book for Christmas about our family history.  Written in story form."

"I want a copy!  I love hearing stories about everyone in our family.  I really enjoy reading about our genealogy,"

"Well, I found out some new stuff.  I was able to get back into Europe and find where our ancestor's came from...even the ship they sailed on."

"Oh my gosh!  I can't wait."

"My Dad's ancestor's came from Prussia."

"Prussia?  Does that country even exist anymore?"

"I don't think so."
We talked about our times together when she was little...my goodness, she remembers it all.

"I was just looking at that photo album you made me.  All the pictures in it of you and me and the things we did together.  Remember when we found that octagonal barn and you wanted to climb the ladder and I was scared for you and wouldn't let you?"


"I'm still like that.  I am such a worry wort!"
Then we talked about her plans.  She has her Master's in Statistics.  She interview with her Dad's company.  He works for a government contract company that views satellite pictures and uses statistics.  That's all we have ever known about it.  He can't tell us what he does.

"So if you work for Dad's company...you will know all the secrets he has never been able to tell us.  Right?"

"Yup...and I won't be able to talk about it either."


"I'd be here in Michigan for awhile and then, probably, be transferred out to D.C."

At least she is back here now.  Out of the sand storms of Arizona.  The quakes of California.  Back here where there is no drought, or dust storms and the earth rarely shakes.  I told her, "You are safe back home...in the State shaped like the right hand of God."

She showed me how her smart phone works and we tried to take selfies.  We couldn't get any good ones with her phone, so I had her try with my camera.

When we stand up, we are eye to eye.  She is as tall as I am and was very proud the year she achieved that goal.

Many hugs and kisses and I love you's--then when she got to her car, she ran back for more.

She is the sweetest young woman you would ever meet.  I pray she has a great life.  She so wants to marry and have children...and she'd be the best Mom.

What a wonderful day I had.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


This was me when I got up this morning.  I was supposed go up to The Farm and then out to lunch with my sister, BIL and friends of ours.  I hardly knew what day it was, let alone go through all that, so I called and canceled my visit.  Not only was I foggy, but my head felt like it was 2 feet square and about 6 inches above my neck--just floating there in the air--like a balloon on a string.

I kind of stumbled through the morning.

I have squirrel deterrent that I mix in with my bird seed.  As I mentioned yesterday, apparently my South of the Border rodents like that hot sauce, so---------------

...instead of fighting them, I put out a dish with corn and peanuts.  They do stay away from the bird feeders now, but.........................
...now I have birds eating the squirrel goodies.  I give up!  I am just going to keep the feeders filled and let whomever is hungry eat at whichever feeder they like.
I fell asleep watching my Soap!  Woke up at 3:00 and decided to run around and buy my annuals.  The weather man has promised we are all done with freezing night-time temperatures.  I went up to Lowe's first and their annuals looked terrible!
Then I drove next door to Wal-Mart and got a flat of Impatiens.

Then I drove across the road to Meijer's to get some Tiny Tunias.  I needed 10 and all they had were plants in large pots at $4.99 a pot!  I think not!

Then I came home and stopped at Bordine's garden center.  The minute I walked in the door, I felt better.  I love that place, but....they are more expensive--their plants are bigger, but...................I got my Tiny Tunia's, and my large Geraniums.  

Do you think you see a color scheme here?  I always plant all my container gardens in the same color scheme.  I have so many other colors in the perennial garden around my porch that I like to keep the containers the same.  I think I might have OCD.
<ya think?>


My grand daughter Madeleine was asked to be the God Mother of this beautiful baby girl, Astrid. How is Maddie ever going to be able to leave all those people she has known and grown to love in Guatemala?  She was suppose to come home at Easter time, but got her Visa renewed for another three months and will be coming home July 1st.  I have a feeling this won't be her last visit in that country.

The scent coming in through my open kitchen window is magnificent!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Some Days....................

Some days, you're the cat and some days, you're the cat litter.

Today, I am the litter.

You know that new health insurance I signed up for last year?  It gives me 2 free dental cleanings, x-rays and check-up and paid $500.00 for my crown.  It pays $200.00 toward a new pair of glasses that I need.  Great.  Right?

I went to my physical therapy session today--my first one--and found I'd have to pay a $30.00 co-pay for every visit.  3 visits a week, for 6 weeks.  

I had to pay a $45.00 co-pay both times I went to the dermatologist.

My prescriptions used to be free for generic, now they are $2.50, none generic is $6.00.

Plus the $200.00 I owe the hospital and the $219.00 I owe the ambulance company.

Yes--the premium is only $20.00 a month, but...............................

and you can bet, next November, I will be going back on Medicare with a supplemental insurance.  If I had stayed on what I had--ALL my PT would have been covered, as well as the hospital and ambulance, dermatologist and any other procedures I needed.
Other than that--the grape jelly in the Baltimore Oriole feeder was frozen this morning!!!
The squirrels apparently are illegals from Mexico as they now seem to like the hot pepper sauce that I put in the bird seed.  So--to counteract that, I made a squirrel feeder and filled it with corn and peanuts.  The Chipmunks, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches like it as well.

My blood pressure is still quite high most of the day.

For some reason, Maggie the cat, yakked up on the carpet.  Not a fur ball, just food.  ARGGH!

My grass is so long that I thought I saw a Python slither through the back yard today.  I cannot afford to get it mowed every week!

I thought the dermatologist look off a thin slice of skin for biopsy--the dang spot still hurts--and today I looked and I have a hole in my leg!!  Apparently he took out a plug of tissue and it has to heal from the inside out?  I put some neosporin and a band-aid on it because it rubs against my pant leg and hurts.

Pammie didn't make it over this week with Evan.

My garbage pail is breaking around the top and one wheel broke off.

Today, I am the litter!!!  I feel like I have been shat upon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Fickle--the weather that is.  Near 80 yesterday, only up to 51 today.  I woke up early and was so cold---probably why I woke up.  The bedroom window was open a bit and I closed it and snuggled back in bed, but couldn't recapture sleep.

I got up and went into the living room to turn the thermostat from "off" back to "heat" and my sweet furnace came on and had us warmed up to 71 in no time.

Decided that I should stay up, so I jumped on the computer for a couple of hours.

After my Soap, I traveled into Brighton to get my hair cut.  It was way too long.  Now, it's way too short.  It should be just about perfect in two weeks.  That perfection will last perhaps a day or two and then--it will be unruly and way too long again.  ARGGH!

On my way to the salon, I passed the Meijer gas station and noticed gas was $ 2.29 a gallon.  I was a bit less than half full, so on the way back home--exactly 38 minutes later, I stopped in at that gas station.  Gas was now $2.55 a gallon.  I had already determined I was only going to put $20.00 in, but still--20.00 at $2.29 a gallon would have filled it up.  I get grumpy when things like this happen and just want to slap someone--anyone.  ARGGH!

I also had to pick up some milk--I have been out for nearly a week and I miss my warm cocoa in the morning.  They did not have my fat free/skim milk--only regular full strength milk.  Oh well--it will be good for me.

I came home, snuggled into my recliner and just crocheted the rest of the afternoon.

Today was gray, cold, sprinkly with a chilly wind, which to me equals, a perfect day to snuggle in and crochet or cross stitch or read.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day To Me

I got myself a Mother's Day present.

This is the home made one I had been using.

On Friday, a female Baltimore Oriole came to visit.
The first one I have ever seen 

I put up the new feeder, hoping they would like it and...


Doubling up on the new BP med.  Are you all tired of hearing about my ongoing battle with high blood pressure?  I know I am!  The day before my AFib incident, my BP was 117/62.  It has been that way for many years.  I took BP meds and they worked fine.  Then the hospital changed up my meds.  Then when I got home, they didn't work, so the doc added some more.  I was severely allergic to one of them and stopped taking it, so he added yet another new one.  Last Thursday, when my BP was 187/65 in his office, he doubled that new med.  It seems to be working.  At least today it is working.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

This week my new blood thinner med seems to be working also, as I know have a couple of Senior Tattoos.  That's what someone called the purple bruises that come to the surface of my thin skin, whenever I accidentally hit my wrist on the doorway.  I am a real clutch, so I expect to acquire more of these Senior Tattoos as I move through life.  I hate them!  They make me look like an old person--which I might be, but I have never thought of myself as old---and therein lies the problem with my upset over having to visit the doc every two weeks and having to check my BP three times a day!

I am having too admit I am old and it is really making me quite angry and sad!
After her Yoga class, Karen took me out for brunch Saturday morning.  She was busy with her own kids on Mother's Day.  Her eldest, Helene, has completed her Master's degree at UCLA and is now home, safe and sound..interviewing for jobs.  I hope she gets the job in Michigan and not the one in Washington, DC!

Lenie's home and her brother Marcus has something growing on his face.

Karen and I were talking about friends.  She said that she had tried to set up a quick get together with some old friends she hasn't seem in a couple of years and one excuse came in after another, so she just forgot about it.  She said, "Everyone is so busy, as am I, but they couldn't seem to find a couple  hours over a weekend to get together.  I miss my friends.  In fact, they don't even exist anymore in my life."

I told Karen I felt the same way.  I miss my friends too.  Sure, I have "friends".  The girls I went to school with--I see them once a month.  Pearl is a friend, I can see her everyday.  What I miss most of all are FRIENDS!!!  That person I have history with.  The one that knew everything about me, good and bad, and would call me out when I was being an idiot, cry with me when I was sad.  That kind of friend.  Soul mate?

Karen's are too busy.  Most of mine are dead!
I went back to the dermatologist on Thursday afternoon.  He came into the room, "Well the good news is the biopsy on that spot on your leg is fine."

"Of course it is!  I told you it would be."  (I was grumpy)

"I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I am only doing my job and had to check it."

"Yes, I suppose.  Well, because you put me through that torture, can you do me one favor and blast this age spot on my face?"

"Sure.  It's the least I can do."

So he grabbed the pressurized nitrogen and blasted away.  At least I got something good out of the visit to secure my vanity.  I think he only did the biopsy to get money from my insurance company.  I have other "spots" that look far worse than that tiny pimple on the back of my calf!
I got Mother's Day cards from Pam and Karen, also $30.00--which will go to the buying of annuals for my porch planters.  Did I get a card from Jen?  Did I expect to get a card from Jen?  No to both those questions.  I did get an e-mail from her asking me if I wanted the sewing machine back that I had given her.  They are "staging" their home for sale.  ARGGH!

Did I get a card or a phone call from my son?  You've got to be kidding, right?

HOWEVER--I will get to see Pam and little Evan this week.  Evan picked a very tall dandelion out of their yard.  He handed it to Pam and said, "This is for Mimi because it is tall like Mimi is."  So she is bringing him over either Monday or Tuesday morning.   
<tears--he remembers me!>

Something wonderful that was delivered on Saturday afternoon--from my "daughter" Chris.

Cutest ever?  I'm thinking, when the flowers are done, that cute little watering can will be on my porch filled with some annuals!

Now Chris is one of those FRIENDS that I have shared a WHOLE lot of my emotions/feelings with!! She witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly of my life and still loves me!!

I am very grateful and blessed.