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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015


I am very, very grateful that the sun is shining brightly, 
steaming in through the windows to warm my house 
that today, 
is the last day 
of the longest month in the entire year!

Friday, February 27, 2015

February 27th

Truly Grateful
Today I am so grateful that after two weeks of communication via e-mail and 
one week of talking on the phone, 
I took one more chance and,
finally accepted a date with a guy named Fred, 
10 years ago on this day.

Yes--it took me a while!  I had sworn off on men--nasty critters that they were.  A couple of long-term relationships, that started off nicely, but always,  ALWAYS, it ended through no fault of my own.

I could not take another chance.  I had become comfortable living on my own and then...coincidence or God happened, and quite by accident this, what appeared to be a really down to earth, nice man, found me.

By the end of that first date, we were both quite smitten with each other.    Perhaps because we had communicated so much before we met?  We already knew each other's history and at least, didn't have to go through all that on the first few dates.

I have been grateful ever since and still am.  How lucky I was that, for the first time in my life, there was someone who really loved me.  The first man I ever completely trusted.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Lenten Gratitude
Today I am so grateful that I filled up my car with gas yesterday.

I had to run up to Wal-Mart today.  On my way, I passed the gas station where I got gas yesterday for $2.29 a gallon.  It was the same.

Forty minutes later, on my way back home, I glanced and noticed, gas was now $2.49 a gallon--same station.

Pearl got the surgeon's report on her uterine tumor that was removed.  Benign!!  I am grateful for that too.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's A Shiny Day

Lenten Gratitude--Day 8
Today I am grateful that the sun is out, 
the wind is down and even at 19 degrees, 
it wasn't too awfully cold while I filled up my car gas tank.

It was stated in the news that Livingston County is the richest county in Michigan.  Which makes me ponder on why I am living in this County. I knew within three months of moving here that doctor, dental, medical, etc. rates where higher than the County I had just come from.  Gas prices always seem to be a bit higher here also.  Home prices certainly are.

The crime rate is extremely low, which is a good thing.  We have a population of 190,00 in this County.  96.8% White, 0.6% Black, 0.9% Asian, 1% Hispanic.  Which may explain the low crime rate. (That sounds racist, doesn't it?).  Well, truth is, as truth is.

I have lived here 12 years and I have seen perhaps a half dozen Blacks.  Of those half-dozen, five are either doctor's or attorneys, working at the U of M in Ann Arbor.  I saw a black lady in Wal-Mart last week and it sort of startled me.  I guess I have become accustomed to living in a "white" world.

Before I moved here, I lived in Saginaw and before that, I worked in Flint.  The population of white to black in those two areas is about 60-40.  We all moved around together and thought nothing of it.

Wouldn't it feel strange to be in a big Wal-Mart store and be the only person of your race?  She didn't appear to be uncomfortable, but was in a hurry.  The Wal-Mart is just one mile off the expressway--perhaps she came from the expressway and just ran in for a few items?  I don't know, but I saw other's reactions and they seemed taken aback too.  It is that unusual, in this County.  Anyway, she was behind me in the "20 or less" check-out lane and I told her to go ahead of me,  She had a lovely smile and said, "Thank You."

Where is this going?  I have no clue.  I live in the richest County in Michigan and it is 96.8% white, the crime rate is very low and I wonder if that has anything to do with it..  (There I go again.  Sounding like a racist!)

Today I went to the Food Bank.  What a disappointment.  Perhaps because it is late in the month?  They had no ground beef--in fact they had very little meat at all.  I did get a can of beef with juice that Pearl told me she got last month and it was very good.  I also got an onion, a potato and some baby carrots.  I will put them and the beef all together and come up with something like stew.  I came up to the scales with only 21 pounds of stuff.  I am allowed 60#.  Although I never get that much.

I went up the road a bit to the gas station and filled up my car--only $20.00.  It used to cost $40.00, so I am liking the low(er) gas prices.

Then, I was going on up the road to Wal-Mart, but...I just didn't have it in me.  My stomach has been iffy for the last two days.  My neck, shoulder and arm are paining me life crazy and my back hurts.  So, I just came home, put stuff away and sat down in my chair with my hot Rice Sock over my shoulder.

I have been sleeping so well.  The doc recommended 5 mg Melatonin, a natural hormone that our bodies lose as we age.  I take it at bedtime and it really works great.  However, I have been waking up with the bad neck and shoulder ache.  Time to try a different pillow, I guess.

Dar came over this morning--at 9:30!!!  She liked my doctor!!!  She hasn't gone to a male doctor for years because she doesn't trust men and she doesn't like to be touched, by anyone, but especially men.  She is still concerned with the cyst or whatever it is in her groin.  He didn't think it was serious enough to do surgery on it and cautioned her that surgery might make things worse.  It is probably caused by adhesion's that she has from previous surgeries.  So, he is going to contact the surgeon she had gone to, and research a bit before he decides if it might just be better to go in and aspirate it.

He did get her scheduled for her colonoscopy and blood work.  She didn't quite take him into her confidence yet about her mental issues--she said, "I have to trust him more."  I wondered how it was beneficial to go to a doctor if you DIDN'T tell him everything, but then...that's Dar.

Today, Ginger was very happy with the peanuts I put out for her and Smokey and Baby Boo.  I did see them, but only got a photo of Ginger.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Records Broken

Day 7 of Lenten Gratitude.
I am grateful that the tank of gas 
I put in my car on December 29, 2014
has lasted almost two months.

It is becoming an old story--even for this woman who likes winter.  It's like a record, playing the same thing over and over.  "A record low temperature in Michigan again today.  Wind gusts of 35 miles per hour expected."

I was pondering last night, "what if the weather kept on like this until April?  What would we all do?" 

The only reason we can stand this kind of weather is because we BELIEVE that spring will come again--that tulips and daffodils will again bloom in our gardens--that a warm zephyr will once again caress our cheek.  

Will we complain in July when record high temperatures hit?  Of course we will!!!

At least with my Ott floor lamp over my head many hours a day, I no longer suffer from S.A.D.  February used to be a killer for me.  I was deeply depressed most of the month.  Not any more.
So tomorrow I have to go to the Food Bank and then up to the gas station.  No one is here to offer to stand out in the bone chilling winds to fill my car up with gas.  It is not good to have barely any gas in your car in these low temperatures.  If there is the least bit of moisture in the gas lines, it WILL freeze.  Then I have to go to Wal-Mart and use my $16.00 worth of food assistance to get stuff to go with what I get at the Food bank to make meals.  I am down to $53.13 in my checking account.  Gas will cost me nearly $40.00.

Can March 3rd, Social Security day be coming any time soon?  YES IT CAN!! Thank You, God!!

I am inside today crocheting slippers.  :-)  "I'll think about tomorrow, tomorrow!" 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow and Quiet

Day 6 of my Lenten Gratitude
I am grateful for heat, electricity and bright sunshine

Slow and quiet--What else can be expected of a day when the awaking temperature was MINUS 17 and the high temperature is Plus 10--above zero?  To look outside, it looks like a nice warm day--the sunshine is so bright and warm coming in the windows.

I did some laundry, bedspread, sheets and jammies.  Cleaned up a bit--I still haven't figured out how one person can make such a mess in this house.  She tends to leave dishes sitting in the sink when the dishwasher is only three feet away!

Worked on my slippers I am making for next Christmas.  The pattern isn't all that difficult, but the way it is written is.  I have made one pair of slippers THREE TIMES and I think I finally have it figured out.  Lordy!!  I have done more "frogging" (rip it, rip it) than I have crocheting.

I spent some time praying, specifically for people I know or people of people I know.  Pearl had her BENIGN vaginal polyp removed today at noon.

I thought Dar had the day off, but her car has been gone all day, so far.  She was supposed to call me last Thursday, after she went to (my) the doctor for the first time, but she hasn't called.  She probably hated him because he didn't pooh-pooh her.

A neighbor up in Byron wanted to know how to get a hold of Bethie.  He lives across the road from the house where she grew up.  Someone is remodeling the house and found a letter from 1939 and he wanted to let Bethie know.  I sent her an e-mail to tell her, with his phone number.  I hope that letter is something exciting and she has inherited a million dollars stored away in an unknown bank account.

I put a lot of "stuff" out in the squirrel feeder yesterday--stale donuts, stale crackers, dried cranberries, corn and peanuts, and today, Smokey and Ginger stopped by a couple of time.  I looked out and there was Baby Boo (tiny red squirrel) on the porch floor eating whatever they threw out of the feeder.  Lots of birds lately, but no Gold Finches.  I haven't seen any in months.

I did not watch the Oscar's last night--haven't in a couple of years.  It has all become so political.  Why the award recipient can't just get up on stage, thank their parents, their agent, director and perhaps God and then say Thank You and leave, is beyond me.  Now, they have to give a dissertation about their agenda and causes.  Who gives a rat's patootie! 

Most of the actors I still recognize have aged to the point where they look almost scary--thinking of John Travolta or the women are either bone skinny, dressed in see-through gowns or are so fat and stuffed into their gowns they look ridiculous.  I swear to you, I saw a photo of Oprah and her push-up bra had her boobs flowing way up just short of her chin.  Attractive!  NOT!

However, last night Downton Abbey was marvelous.  Ladies dressed and acting like--ladies!  Shocking!  I can't believe this year's season ends next Sunday.  Why don't they have it showing for 3 months?  Now we have to wait until next January for the 6th season.  I love this show, 


I called to make an appointment to go to the Food Bank, Wednesday morning.

I expect tomorrow will be much the same as today.  There is something comforting in that fact.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Sweet Friend


She is where she wants to be and looking forward to her next journey.

"God be with you, 'til we meet again."

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Am Not Missing

I forgot that it's Friday and I usually post every day except the weekends.

Not much today.  It was 25 degrees below zero this morning.  I was so grateful that my car started because I had to make an emergency run to deposit some $$ in my checking account.  While I was out, I decided to get some Diet Pepsi, so that I won't have to go out until way next week.

The low gas gauge on my car is lit, so I guess I won't be traveling too far until March 3rd when my SS comes in.  Oh--yes--I also got my car washed, so I expect that all the doors will be frozen, but at least my car looks nice without all the salt and slush on it.

I woke up this morning with a bit of swelling and soreness in my jaw--right below where my tooth was excavated, the core built up and temporary put on for my crown work.  I think it is just from where I got the Novocaine--she had to give me a double shot because that dang toothie didn't want to numb.  The tooth is not hurting.

I called my orthopaedic surgeon to get a refill on my Amoxicillan for all the dental work coming up.  I have to take it because, if I got an infection, it would settle in my hips and that would not be good.

Karen called me, as she didn't have school today because of the cold--most schools in the area are closed.  There was no reason for her call--she just wanted to chat.    She asked me about my tooth and I told her.  The conversation went sort of like this:

"Mom, can I help you with that bill?"

"Nope.  I got it.  My new insurance will pay five hundred toward it.  I had a credit with the dentist for one hundred twenty dollars and they gave me a ten percent senior discount of one hundred twenty three and I can handle the rest."

"How much is left for you to pay?"

"Four hundred and sixty three.  Instead of sending them thirty dollars every month for credit for any dental work I need, I will just send them fifty and have it paid off in eight months.  "

"Well, let me help you with that.  What is the name of your dentist.  Isn't she up in Howell?"

"I can't remember her name. "


"Hey--I got it just fine.  Remember I told you they cut my gas bill to forty a month and my light bill to forty five.  I have enough now to get along."

"Oh, Mom!"

"Hey.  Keep your money.  I might need a loan if something has to repaired on my car.  Now, what are you going to do today to have fun on your day off?"

I have a couple of really wonderful children.  Actually, I have four children and two are wonderful.  Two outta four ain't a bad percentage!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Winter of Our Discontent.

The minute I made my decision not to go to the Old Gal Pals lunch today, I felt such a sense of relief.  I'm sure I would have made the drive okay, but....#1:  I wasn't really in the mood and #2: I wasn't really in the mood.  My car was born and raised in Wisconsin.  It even has a cord to plug-in overnight to keep the engine warm--I've never used it, but they did when it lived in Wisconsin.  I have never, ever had my car not start in sub zero weather.  She has lived outside all her 17 years and I suppose she is used to it.

I drove her Saturday, Sunday, Monday and yesterday--in very cold conditions and she ran pretty well.  So I am sure she would run nicely today.  But then--I got into the "what if" mode of thinking.  I drive through the middle of no where to get up to The Farm or to the lunches.  What if, a hose blew and the care overheated and stopped while I was on one of those roads?  I'd either have to walk to the nearest house or wait until some farmer came along to help.  I'd have to call a tow truck to come pick up the car--can you imagine what that would cost?  So--I stayed home today and I am happy about it.  If I am not at the lunch, they can discuss me and that will give them something to do.

Other than missing a visit with my little sis.  We were going to play a couple of games and I was looking forward to it.  I imagine her house would be pretty cold.  She is one of those who loves the hardwood floors, slate tile in the kitchen, high ceilings.  Those kind of rooms feel cold to me every season.  I like carpeting on my floors.  Right now, it's 8 below and I'm sitting here with bare feet and quite comfortable.

Isn't it weird how home styles change?  I remember when we had wood floors--only the people with money had beautifully carpeted rooms back in the '40's and '50's.  I can remember how thrilled my mother was when they finally could afford to have the living room carpeted and the bedrooms.  Heavenly!!!  

However, I had already married and left home and was living in a little house with tile on all the floors, single pane picture windows that froze inside, halfway up the window and any bed that was shoved up next to the wall, had frozen blankets on that side.

Now, everyone is jacking the ceilings up to 15 feet plus, putting in hard floors and other hard surfaces.  They like the open floor plans.  You couldn't shut up and unused room if you wanted to.    Their rooms echo and are cold feeling.  If they have a fireplace it runs constantly and most have little ceramic heaters placed in every room.  And they wonder why their heating bills and electricity bills are sky high.

When this country runs out of oil and gas gets to be $$$$, people will start building smaller homes.  Cozy will then be the style.

Oh well.  Whatever.
 Today--I puttered.  I pulled everything out from under the kitchen sink.  Threw away nearly empty bottles of cleaner, washed the vases I store under there, got everything organized and back together.  20 minutes, tops.  Then I put a new filter in the furnace and cleaned out the humidifier and put in a new filter.  Another 20 minutes, tops.  The new filters will get me through until spring.  I need to mop the kitchen floor, but that will have to wait until--well--some other day.  I also need to pull out the refrigerator and clean behind and under it.  I haven't done this in 5 years!!!  I bet I'll even find Fred's dog, Tootz fur still under there.

I did three loads of laundry, cleaned up the bathroom, relaxed watching my Soap and took supper out of the freezer to thaw.

As usual, Merle came down at 10:00 to haul my garbage pail from the porch to the street and then at 2:00 he came back, brought up the pail and my mail.  I have not stuck my nose outside all day--except to thank him.

We used to get Alberta Clippers, snow and cold.  Now we have advanced to the Siberian Express, more snow and colder, cold.  That curious jet stream just loves to dive further south than it ever has.  Such fun.

It is starting to snow a bit and once again, tonight, we are expecting record setting low temperatures.  I don't care!  My pipes are all wrapped with heat tape.  I have excellent insulation in the floor, roof and walls.  I have double pane windows with the Argon gas in between the panes.  I have a new furnace that keeps it a cozy 73 in here during the day and it was a shiny day.

I live a charmed life!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

YAY!! My World is Once Again Bright

Yay!!  My Sally pal is back on FB and also blogging.  I never thought anything was wrong with her, I thought it was her daughter or grand daughter, and I knew she would be devastated and unable to write about it.  Yet, My Pal Sal was the one in the ER and then hospital--with no phone.  I admit, I went a bit over board amok, because I get that way when someone I know is missing.  If you ever want to know how to search obituaries from Florida, or how to go on friends, of friends, of friends Timeline on FB to see if anyone has posted any news, just ask.  I know all the angles!!
So today I went for a practice run for my Coronation!  I am getting my Crown on March 11.  I do believe it will be diamond encrusted for the cost of the thing!!!  BUT my new Medicare Advantage Insurance plan will pay $500.00 toward it and I already had $120.00 at the dentist, so instead of sending in money every month to built up credit, I will send in money each month to pay for my crown.  I won't have to build up credit with my dentist anymore because my insurance includes two free cleanings, one x-ray and one dental check-up each year.

Egads!!  The drilling that goes on to get the filling out and the tooth shaped and then re-built for the crown.  Two hours in the chair ANd tonight, my Tinnitus is really loud because all that loud drilling noise exacerbated the problem.  BUT  in a couple of weeks, I will have two teeth, next to each, other crowned, with crowns above them and---I AM GOING TO EAT POPCORN ONCE AGAIN!!!  I need three more, but those will come next year or two--if I live long enough.  If I don't--I am going to Heaven with at least 5 really strong, good toothies!!
I am NOT going to the Old Gals luncheon tomorrow and so will miss a visit to my sister's.  We are going to have record setting low temperatures.  My old car runs a bit ragged in this cold weather and I do not want to take the chance of having my car break down while I am out driving in Butt Fu  Boonies with no cell phone and waiting in below zero temps for help to happen along.
Ash Wednesday.   I do not get ashes on my forehead, although I think it would be cool to do so.  I do not give up anything for Lent.  Instead, I try to take on something new to do each day.  Like notes to people or an encouraging e-mail or something to make someone smile.  My biggest thing this year will be to get to church every Sunday.  I have become a lazy church person and haven't been since last Mother's Day.  Shame upon my little head!!!

Actually, I did try to give up something for Lent.  When I was in the ninth grade a friend asked me what I was going to give up for Lent.  I replied, "Algebra!"  Unfortunately, the Algebra teacher overheard my comment and was none to happy.  My Mother heard about it and although she tried to look stern, she got to laughing so hard that she couldn't carry off the scolding.

Life is good!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nanook of The North

Nanook of the North reporting here.  Our snow is no more than normal for this area, but the bitter below zero temps are not normal, as they are lasting day, after day, week, after week.

Not much of a concern for someone who stayed inside and just soaked all day.  I say "soaked" as I was in my recliner, crocheting slippers and soaking up the artificial sun from my Ott floor lamp. How nice it is!

I had a nice day--my Comcast bill had gone up, so I called them to see how we could get it back to normal.  They are having older people leave so now they are being quite proactive to keep us happy.  They have finally come to realize that TV and Internet is about all the entertainment some of us have in our lives.

At first the lady told me of a promotion which would include Encore movies--total $130.00 a month.  I have been paying $125.00  I told her that I didn't really want the Encore channels.  Was there a possibility to be set up with Digital Start Up XF Triple Play like I used to have.

Well, by doggies, sure enough.  AND a two year price freeze.  $99.99 a month and with taxes, total $119.00 a month.  I get all the channels I have always liked and really none of the ones I never watch.

Happy dance!  Plus a credit on next months bill of $30.00 to make up the difference I have to pay this month.
I used my last quart of home made spaghetti sauce and made spaghetti tonight and then--because everyone needs a treat now and then---
Not as good as home made, but then again--good enough.  I do love anything cherry!!!  By the way, I have heard from family members that the spaghetti sauce this year was wonderful!!!  (Whew)
Did you know that the director of Downton Abbey is killing off the dog named Isis?  Last week, Lord Grantham noticed she was just laying around.  This past Sunday, she has cancer and only hours to live.  C'mon people!  This show takes place in 1924 now.  In 1924 there was no problem with anyone having a dog named after an Egyptian goddess Isis.  No one in 1924 ever heard of ISIS or ISIL.  We just have to be so PC, that I guess, we have to re-write history to make sure we don't offend anyone.
Still no word on FB or her blog from out Dear Friend Sally.  Every now and then an idea will come to my find and I will rush to this computer to check something else out.  Nothing!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

It Was A Nice Day, Until.............


"I haven't heard a thing about Jeff, so I can only assume that he is still in rehab."

"That's a good thing, isn't it?"

"Yes.  I just wish there was someone I could talk to....or read a book on what a Mother is supposed to do when her child is in drug rehab.  What am I supposed to do when he gets out?  How it feels.  I need to read something that someone who has gone through it writes about."

"Oh---that's easy.  I can search and find you any number of blogs written by Mothers about that very thing."

"Oh no.  I don't trust blogs."

"You don't trust....what do you mean?"

"You never know who could be writing them."

"It's like a journal.  People write what their day is like, or how they are feeling, or how they cope with problems. They have Christian blogs, they have gardening blogs....they have blogs about everything."

"Yeah, but what if...what if it's a man disguising himself as a Christian woman and writing a blog?"

"A what?  Okay---let's say a man is writing a blog and his is pretending to be a Christian woman..which I can't even imagine happening, but what if it did.  How is HE going to hurt you?"

"He could figure out where I lived.  You notice, I don't leave many comments on Face Book."

"You don't have to comment on a blog.  You can just read it for whatever benefit it brings.  It's like reading a book."

"I don't care.  I don't trust them."

"Ah---well---okay then."

I should have figured out by now that Dar is also paranoid, but I guess I'm naive'?
It is bitterly cold here, as you all know, but it has been sunny, which, to me, makes up for it.  I went to Michael's yesterday and Wal-Mart today.  I DID wear my coat, but it wasn't buttoned up--no hat, gloves or boots.  I like the really cold, clean, crisp air on my skin and in my lungs.

We had a lot of snow on Saturday, but Neighbor John came along Sunday mid-morning and cleared us all out.

Tomorrow is a stay at home and "soak" day--just sitting in my chair and crocheting.  I have a newer cute pattern for slippers and I am making them out of cotton yarn (which wears like iron) for the girls for Christmas.  I made a pair for me last year and they are so warm and comfy and don't wear out, so I thought what a good gift.

I'm not drifting or meandering, I'm just soaking in relaxation. :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I am extremely worried about my blog friend Sally.  She last left a post on February 6th.  That was also the last time we saw her status posting on Face Book.  I have sent her e-mails and FB messages, as have others and so far--no reply from her.

Last night I got so worried just thinking about it, that instead of shutting down my computer and going to bed at 11:00, I started searching for answers.  When I get something in my mind, especially like this, I get compulsive or like a dog with a bone, and I won't let up until I figure it out.

First, I went into her FB list of friends and checked a few of their pages--nothing said about Sally.  Then I found her daughter, Patti's page and checked that out--her last post was back in July.  I knew her grand daughter's husband's name, so I went to his Timeline--his last FB post was on February 6th too.  Now I was really getting worried.

Then I remembered--her grand daughter Brittney is on my friend's list.  So I put searched Britt's name and her page didn't come up.  Strange.

Then, I went into my own Friend's list, clicked on Britt's picture and it said, "This account has been deactivated."

Really scared now!

I wished I could remember some of the names that had commented on Britt's status, so I could find their Timeline's and check to see if they had posted anything about her.

One last attempt, I went back into Sally's Timeline and read down some of her posts.  Back in the fall, I remember things she had posted and some had comments from Britt.  

I found a status, Sally had posted.  Down in the comments, Sally had said, "I don't know, Britt." and yet the comment from Britt was not there.

If her account has been deactivated, than any comment she had made on ANY ONE'S FB status would be gone.

Brittney's FB account has been deactivated.  Her mother's, husband's, Sally's accounts are all there with no posts since February 6th.

I have only one conclusion to make from this.  

My mind is just going crazy now!  She has three little kids.  Her only sibling was killed a few years ago.  She is her mother's only child and Sally's only grand daughter.

I just want to get in my car and start driving south to Green Cove Springs, Florida to find my friend, Sally.

Please God, take care of Sally and her family. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wind Chills -30 Degrees

Even a rotten Starling needs food.
At midnight Saturday night:  LIVINGSTON COUNTY


Thursday, February 12, 2015


Sunny day--in more ways then one!!

I know--we aren't suppose to brag and probably as soon as I do, fate will drop one heck of a medical bomb on me, BUT--------------

I had a blood draw Monday--I got the report yesterday and it looked good to me.  Today, I had my physical appointment at the primary care doc.  I have always complained because he wants to see me every 3-4 months--to "monitor my condition."  I don't think I have any conditions that need monitoring.  Like I said before, he can't cure my Tinnitus, my arthritis, or my Benign Essential Tremor in my right hand, so---what is he monitoring?  I found out the answer today.  I have high blood pressure and I'm on meds for it, soooooooo.  

Today, I weighed in at 164.  I am 5'10" tall.  My BMI is 23.  My BP: 117/68  My pulse rate: 56.  My oxygen: 99%.  My carotid arteries are at 30%, my heart is strong and steady and my lungs are, "as clean as a whistle".  

As I was waiting, I hear him coming down the hall, "JUDE!  JUDE!  WHICH ROOM ARE YOU IN?"

I get up, go to the door and say, "I'M, IN HERE!!"

He bops in, and says, "I am so happy with your blood work!  I mean--I AM SO HAPPY!   Hop up on the table there."

So I did. 

"I just cannot believe it.  You have the blood work I'd want to see in a fifty year old!  How old are you?"

"Seventy-five and a half."

"No you aren't!  Your forty-five---honest--forty-five, health wise."

I have never seen this guy so excited.

"Normal carotid artery blockage in someone your age is 50-79%--you are at 30%.  It's amazing.  Your cholesterol is so perfect!  Your blood sugar, your potassium, your thyroid, your hemoglobin--perfect--you are perfect!"

He takes a step back, looks at me and says, "I see now why you are never sick--your immune system is phenomenal.  You really look great.  I mean it, you look really good."

So I'm getting excited by now and then he said the magical words, "I don't want to see you for six months!  Come back in August."

Well, I floated out of the office and all the way home I just kept saying "Thank you God!  Thank you God!"  

I just might live to be 90!! (If I don't get too cocky and fate decides to show me who's boss!)
 Lots of Lovely Dovey's coming in for a snack.
Maggie has decided she can see more up on my desk than she can from the window sill
Karen (daughter) took me out to supper.  Gosh--we had a great time.  Both of us talking as fast as we could.  She had just returned from a retreat and was telling me about it and about going to Guatemala to visit Maddie and build a house, while they are there.  

We went to Olga's Kitchen--a place I have never been before.  I thought that $8.29 was a bit much for a sandwich, but it was so tasty!  I got the Angus Steakburger wrap--I guess they call it a wrap?  Such tasty bread (wrap) and some sort of really good mayonnaise.  Karen had chicken something and we shared a basket of curly fries.

The best part was just being with her and chattering away about everything.  Gosh, I like her.  She is the sweetest woman I have ever known!
Susan called me tonight.  We talked for 75 minutes!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Friend

Here I sit, posting inane, silly, at times stupid things in this blog, and our friend Balisha writes that she thinks, she has posted her last blog entry.  She has found peace in her decision not to seek treatment for Ovarian cancer.  She has such strong faith--I wish mine were as strong.  

When I first heard of her diagnosis, I got a very cold feeling.  I watched my very best friend in this world go through it.  All the horrible chemo and surgeries and....feeling sick...and...remission and then--a couple months later, it would be back and growing and worse.  You just can't ever beat Ovarian cancer.

Over the last years, I have read Balisha's postings.  She has made me a much better gardener--she is an awesome gardener.  She has shown me how a person of such strong faith can go through the loss of a child with such grace.  She writes the best real human poetry.  She'd write about days when she was young and take me back with her--because my childhood was so much like hers--we are of the same age.

I love her!  I am so sure Balisha will find so many blessings in the next few months.  Blessings that, perhaps, would not have happened without this circumstance.  

Thank you, Pat.  You have touched my life, like you have so many others.  Rest in the palm of God's hand.  He will keep you safe.

Beautiful Balisha  http://simplybalisha.blogspot.com/

It Just Takes Me Down---

I watched too much news yesterday, and I felt physically sick and I just couldn't get my head to think of posting anything.

People all mad at the Prez. because he said many atrocities had also been done in the name of Christianity.  Well--he's right!  Think Crusades!  Think the Salem Witch Trials!  I take issue however with where he said it.  Not very appropriate for the National Prayer Breakfast.

HOWEVER--there is a difference in Christians and Gentiles.  Just because you aren't Jewish or Muslim, does not make you a Christian.  A Christian is one who has accepted that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died and rose from the dead and is alive in Heaven.  A person who believes and tries to live Jesus' teachings.  There is no where in the NEW TESTAMENT where Jesus told anyone to go and kill.  Any person who kills, is not following the teachings of Jesus.

HOWEVER--there are 35 times in the Quran where Mohammed told his followers to kill infidels.  He was referencing the Jews in particular, but now it means ALL people's who do not follow Islam or who "they" deem to be an infidel, even if that person might be a Muslim--think the Muslim Arabic pilot they burned to death.  

I truly think that the Prez. is a Muslim.  He was raised in that "faith".  I don't however, think he has sympathy with the radical element--with the terrorists.  

The whole thing just makes me so sick in my heart.  How can we defeat ISIS?  If we go to all out war with them, that will bring them even more recruits and sympathizers.  They are trying to rile us up with their killings.  If we don't go to all out war against them, they are going to continue to grow.

Have you noticed that most of the people they have killed are people that were just trying to help?  Contractors.  Aid Workers.  Teachers.  That woman who was killed, was there trying to help the children and the people--just like my grand daughter is doing in Guatemala.

Makes me sick.
By the way--Karen and Mark have the tickets and are flying to Guatemala during Easter break and have contributed $2K for the supplies and are going to build a house for a family there--in the same town as Maddie.

Okay--let's check in with my Monkeys.

The guy who lives in the trailer next to Merle and Pearl and across from Dar, has his daughter living with him.  She just got out of three months in rehab, had no place nor money to live on, so Dad took her in.  She has been here about four months, is doing very well and now has a job.

Dar found this out.  Monday, when the girl's brother came to visit and got stuck in the snow, he was upset and pounding on the steering wheel of his truck.  Dar heard all this.  She went up to the office and told them, "I think you should know, we have a drug addict in the park!  I just saw, who I assume is her dealer.  He is stuck and is acting like he is high on something.  Is she registered?  You know we have a park rule--anyone living here has to be registered.  I want something done about this and I want it done now!"

That is what she told me when she came over.

"I just saw Aaron go up to their porch with a paper in his hand.  He is taking care of it for me--right now!"

"What makes you think he was her drug dealer?"

"Because, he was acting like he was crazy or something.  I saw them talking.  They looked very suspicious to me.  So...I just did my duty!  If she is living here, she has to be registered as a park resident with the office."

"In the first place, she is not using drugs anymore.  She is staying with her Dad until she can get on her own.  She starts a job tomorrow."

"Well--is she registered?"

"I don't know Dar, that is none of my business whether she is or not."

"Well, I'm not going to live in a park where that sort of thing goes on.  We don't want this to turn into a trashy trailer park!  I'll move.  I told them at the office to do something about it or I'm going to move...and I will!"

"You think they care if you move?  They could sell your place in fifteen minutes  and probably make a profit!"

"Well--it's not right and I told them that."

"What if Jeff needed to stay with you for a few months--after he gets out of rehab--until he can get on his feet."

"I won't let him "

"Let's just say he has no where else to go and has to stay with you.  Would you want me to go up to the office and tell them that your son is a drug addict and he is living with you and I wanted them to check and see if he was registered and if he wasn't--I wanted him thrown out of the park?  How would that make you feel?"


"By the way--that guy you saw this morning?  That is her brother who stopped out yesterday to visit her and his Dad and decided to spend the night.  You've gone off half-cocked again, got something in your head---blown it all out of proportion, like you tend to do and probably caused those people a lot of trouble for no reason."

I was steamed and she knew it.

"Well--I'll stop at the office on my way to work tomorrow and tell them I was mistaken."

"I think it's too little, too late."

We all know she won't. 
Merle and Pearl had a Comcast guy come out today to check on why they can't get their Netflix to work.

Merle parked his car over in half of Dar's driveway, as he has many times before, so the repair guy could park in their driveway.

When Dar got home from work she called me.

"Judy, do you know who's car is parked in my drive?"

"You don't recognize the car?"


"It belongs to the neighbor across the street from you.  It's Merle's car.  He's parked there before.  I thought you recognize it.  They have a repairman coming."



So the repair guy comes and tells Merle and Pearl that they need to go to Best Buy and purchase a modem accelerator to put near their TV to get the signal from their modem in the bedroom.

I have a feeling this isn't going to help.

My kids have Netflix.  It comes in through their Wii--in the basement.  Their modem is up stairs by their computer.  From that spot, it controls their TV in the living room, a TV upstairs in a bedroom, their computer, AND their TV and Wii in the basement.

Now, if my kids works like that--why won't the modem in Pearl's bedroom--only 25 feet away from the TV, run the Blu-Ray and Netflix?

This is going to be a continuing saga, me thinks. 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So much bad stuff going on in the world right now--I just can't seem to find anything to write about.


I'm fine--just a bit brain dead.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Addition to Yesterday

I just wanted to tell you that if you make the stuffed bread rolls I posted yesterday, if they are frozen, they are much better, wrapped in foil and warmed-up in a conventional oven.

The Microwave is faster, but it makes the bread tough.

Saturday Session

This took me part of the day Saturday.  I just got a craving for them and had to make them.

Called Kraut Brot and got the recipe from a long ago friend.

Shred cabbage and try not to scrape your knuckles

Add a chopped up onion and cook slowly for two hours

Meanwhile--set out two loaves of frozen bread to thaw

Drain cabbage and onion mixture

Brown ground beef

Drain and combine with cabbage mixture and let cool

Cut loaves into 5 sections.
Roll out into circle

Put a nice amount of mixture on bread
Stretch bread around mixture and seal edges

350 degrees for 35 minutes
Onto cooling rack


1 medium cabbage
1 pound ground beef
2 medium onions
2 loaves of frozen bread
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
3 tsp. garlic powder

Take two loaves frozen bread out of freezer and allow to sit.

Shred cabbage and cook (on medium low) with diced onions in 2 Tbls. bacon grease or butter for 2 hours, in covered Dutch oven pot.

Check every half hour and stir.

Drain in colander.

Brown ground beef in same pot and add to colander cabbage mixture to drain.

Return mixture to pot, add salt, pepper, garlic powder and cool.

Cut loaves into 5 sections each.

Flatten on floured board and place mound of mixture on each section.

Stretch dough over mixture, fold over and seal edges of bread.

Bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 3500 for 35 minutes or until brown.

Remove to cooling rack and baste tops with butter and garlic powder.

Eat while hot or cool completely and put in freezer in gallon freezer bags.

To re-heat, place in bowl, heat for 6 minutes on timed defrost in Microwave—add more butter on the bread.