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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

It's here! It's here.

Finally--it seems like a long time in waiting.

My cement mixer, putzy-putzy, arrived here.

They did such a fine job of smoothing, and floating, and brooming.

They asked me if I wanted to put my name or handprint in the corner.  I decided that the cement will be here longer than me, so I declined.  Then I thought, I could find a metal Spartan head and put it in the corner, but then...what if when my kids have to sell the place, a U of M fan likes it, but wouldn't buy it because of Sparty.  So, I decided to take one of my heart stones, from my collection, and put that in the corner.  

Right over where the bumble bees had their underground nest.
Tomorrow, the guys are coming back to put the "line" across.  This helps the cement stay stable in our cold winters, when the ground underneath heaves and settles.

By the way--after they left and I walked out to go to my car, I saw three bees buzzing around that spot.  No doubt those little rascals will figure out a way to rebuild their city!!
Had my yearly check-in at the Cardiologist's this afternoon.  Didn't even have to have an EKG.  He is a bit concerned about my continuing slow heart rate--52--I told him I was happy with that because a year ago it was in the 40's!  He had cut one of my meds--that slows the heart--in half.  I'd like to quit taking it, but if I have another AFib instance, I might have to get a Pacemaker--and I want none of that.  I remember how it creeped me out, feeling and seeing it, just under Fred's skin near his left shoulder.  My heart rate was 65 when I was at my doc's office a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not worried.  I had taken an Ativan at noon--maybe that slowed it down?

Anyway, I love this doctor.  He is the one who saved Fred's life.  Today he said, "I miss Fred."

"Me too, " I replied.

"How long has it been now.  Two years?"

"Five and a half."

"We are aging quickly, aren't we?"

"A year ago, you told me I'd live into my nineties.  I'm going for ninety-two."

"Why ninety-two.  Go for a hundred."

"Nope," I said.  "I don't want to live to be a hundred."

"Why not.  What's the difference between ninety-two and a hundred?"

"Eight long years in a nursing home!"

Anyway--I think it's sweet that he remembers Fred--as did the receptionist today.  When I checked-in, although she hadn't seen me in a year, she mentioned, "I sure miss Fred."  
It's strange because, every now and then, one of the people at the pharmacist will mention Fred and how he always brightened their day.  Just last Sunday, Yvonne, the girl that took time off to attend Fred's funeral, said to me, "I was just thinking about Fred the other day.  He was always smiling, no matter what.  Here you are, eye all swollen and red, and your smiling.  I can see why you two got along so well."

Well, yes.  Fred and I never took anything too seriously.  Five minutes before he died, he gave me a hug, a kiss and a big smile and said, "I'll see you in a few minutes. Love you."

Yeah--we were made for each other.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I woke up frustrated and cranky this morning.

I had forgotten to put my bite guard in last night, and I bite a hunk out of my cheek during a dream.  When I woke up, Buddy decided to jump off the bed and dug two of his back claws into my calf when he launched himself.  My eye is still very irritated and all the goop and drops I have to put in it, get on my eye lashes and thus my glasses and everything is blurry.  My back hurt, I have a pain running from my right index finger down to my wrist and my right thumb joint was screaming, plus, I had a headache.

A couple of hours later, I sat down and watched the Weather Channel and thought, what a whiny, unappreciative woman I am!  What those people are going through is unimaginable!  This flood is of Biblical proportions and here I am, having a pity party because I don't feel good!  I am so sorry!
The guys came back to work some more on the driveway.  I sat on the porch, in my rocker and watched.

No--it's not a crime scene.  They aren't searching for Hoffa's body.  They built the frame.
Can you believe, there are still some small bees in the lower, right corner?

This guy is drilling the holes in the cement slab that is already there to put re-bar into, 
so that the 2 slabs will be as one, and one won't
heave up higher than the other and crack.

This guy is leveling and smoothing out the ground.

Trimming up the end of the driveway here.  I hope my neighbor's don't mind all the dust headed toward their open windows.

They think they will put in the mesh and pour the cement tomorrow afternoon, although it is supposed to rain and I don't think they pour cement when it is raining.

Then it has to cure for 7 days before I can use it.  So---maybe by September 6th, I won't have to tote my groceries so far?

Today is Karen and Mark's 36th anniversary.  I think their daughter said it best. 

    "The most hardworking people I know- working for our family, for each other, for God, for 36 years!!! Thank you for showing us how love conquers all, every day. Happy anniversary mum and pops, I love you!"
    She's right.  They have the most wonderful marriage and family I have ever known, and the cutest babies and nicest adult children.

Monday, August 28, 2017

One-Eyed Jude

This is making it difficult to type, but I am determined!!


My eye started itching on Thursday.  Friday was scratchy,  Saturday I could hardly see out of it and Sunday it was swollen shut.  I thought I probably had conjunctivitis, but it hurt so bad I drove on up to the ER.

They found a small piece of grit in the cornea, toward the lower part.  The consensus was, that since the only place I had been in 5 days was the dentist, some of the tooth polishing grit that they use flew up into my eye.  I remember feeling it, but thinking nothing of it.

I got two prescriptions, one a soothing drop to use 4 times a day and an antibiotic gel to use at night.  Call my ophthalmologist if it doesn't improve.
The hole that the ground bees went underground was right under where I stand to empty out the trunk of my car.  I love how they made tunnels leading to and from the nests.

Apparently squirrels had shoved some peanuts down the hole 
and the rain had moved them over by the nest.

                                Egg cells that will never hatch. 

They emptied 2 cans of Wasp and Hornet spray on the nest.
Apparently the bees didn't mind because they kept hovering.

The guys came back this morning to remove the rest of the cement.  The first thing the guy in the Bobcat did was load a bunch of dirt on top of the next.

When the kid in the green shirt bent over to lift up a piece of cement, I yelled, "WATCH OUT!"
He jumped and ran.  "Did you see bees?" He asked.  "Nope," I said.  "I just wanted to see if you were ready!"
 ...and they still won't let me drive or even ride in the Bob Cat--something that is on my bucket list!!

They apologized for the delay and said I'm gonna love it when it's done.
I asked, "Might that be before Christmas?"
The kid in the green shirt replied, "We're shooting for Thanksgiving."
The thing of it is, when they finally pour the cement, it has to cure for 7 days before I can park on it.  I have found a new parking spot that is only 50 steps from my house.  The other one out by my shed was 80.  I think when I have to tote in groceries, I will just back up on the part of the driveway that hasn't been destroyed.  
Darlin' Della is 10 months old.  

"They" all like to say she looks like her Daddy.
I have photos to prove them wrong and Karen and I know,
she is the spitting image of her Grandma Karen.  HAH!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Interesting Day

My oldest grandson, Marcus, messaged me last night at 11:15--this photo.  He and Morgan just engaged and wanted me to be the first to know.  Made my heart glad--the first to know.

Morgan is the girl I was telling you about that dances ballet and raises and shows hogs at the fairs.
A farm girl, after my own heart and a little tiny thing.

This is the baby quilt I had set aside for them. 

 This morning at 9:30, the guys arrived to tell me I had to move my car as they were going to start taking up the cement in my driveway in 10-15 minutes.  I was still in my jammies, but I scurried about and moved it out back, near my shed.

 At 3:30 they were back.

Watch video here.

and when they took up that big chunk, I yelled, "WATCH OUT THERE'S A BEES NEST!"

Watch video here:

Look at the amazing tunnels those ground bees have made!!

The guys said they'd come back tomorrow to finish up.  Hope the bees have a new home.

Monday, August 21, 2017


What a nice weekend I had.  For the first time, I got to meet, in person, a blog buddy.  I was kind of nervous.  We have our own perception of what the people are like, from reading their blogs. Meeting them in person might show us that they are entirely different.  I was afraid I might disappoint her.

SHE was exactly like I thought she would be.  Jenny Webber.   http://www.jennyweber.com/

I had seen photos of her and her family and I once commented that if I ever met her handsome husband, I'd probably fall into a faint at his feet.

Well, I managed to stay upright, but YOWZA!!  He is 6'5" tall, trim, strong jaw, tanned, steel gray hair, wonderful smile--he reminded me of Fred.

Jenny is a tiny little thing--a foot shorter than her husband.  Full of energy.  I adored her immediately.

She came in with a bag of goodies for me, snacks and apples and Raspberry preserves, my favorite Cheerio's, French Toast bread, that is delish and...and--a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi.  

It was like talking to an old friend.  We knew of each other's children, her son Andrew serving another deployment and I have been praying for him for over a year.  We chatted about them and our backgrounds.  We agreed on how much we are sadden by and dislike the current issues in our society.

She and her husband are about the age of my kids, I would guess and so, I felt like I had visited with family.
They had driven up from South Carolina to Toledo, Ohio to visit family.  Then drove on up from Toledo to Lansing, MI to visit another blog buddy.  Well on the way from Toledo to Lansing runs the expressway that is just a mile from my place.

Before they left, her husband gave me a little booklet that is about their church.  He told me they have a live stream of Sunday morning services.

On Sunday morning, I got up and went on the website at 11:00 and watched live.  It was the coolest thing!!!  He had explained it was a small church with only about 500 members.

Little?  That's a Mega church to me.  My church has about 120 people in attendance on a Sunday Traditional service.

I have never "attended" a Southern Baptist church service, but I knew every hymn they had and sang along.  The preacher was more spirited than our Methodist preachers get, but he reminded me of how my Grandpa preached in the 40's and 50's.  

He'd get to shouting and then his voice would get real low and soft.  I could tell, this man was filled with the spirit.  There would be no "sleepers" in his congregation.  LOL

His message was strong and true.  Cast your cares on God.  Trust in Jesus.  As God was, He will always be.  Standing on the promises of God, the same now as they've always been.

I will watch again next Sunday morning.
Jennifer, I know you are reading this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping in.  It was my privilege to have you and Greg visit me, in my wee home.  Next time you are up this way, leave enough time for a visit to The Farm. 

May our God continue to bless you and your family!!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Calm Down

I am just fine and thanks for caring Luna.  If you were on FB, you would know I am alive and well and....fighting with new computer issues.

I keep blaming Windows 10, when actually it's PEBCAC. (Problem exists between chair and computer).

I've had to sign-in to every thing I use, including this blog.  New computer, new operating system, thinks that I am brand new too.  Which can get a bit frustrating because, the last time I signed in was 4 years ago and I have since forgotten my password.  HAH!

Then, there were a few files missing--files that didn't get transferred onto the new hard-drive.  Picture files, that I almost panicked when I couldn't find them.  

I took the new baby back in yesterday to have all this corrected and now, I have everything I want and need.  I think.  Thankfully, they keep my old hard drive for 3 months, just in case.

I got the machine back, but didn't start plugging all the peripherals into it until midnight.  When I got up this morning and my printer was off-line and no amount of searching on how to get it back on-line helped.  I called my computer people.

After 20 minutes of them remotely trying to fix the problem, she asked, "It looks like the printer isn't plugged in."

"Oh, sure it is.  I did it last night."

"Can  you look to make sure?"


I checked all the wires, they were plugged in to the right places.

"Everything is plugged in."

"Is your printer plugged into a USB port?"


"Can  you check to make sure it's plugged in all the way?"

I'm thinking, 'well Duh.  Of course it is.'

When I touched it, it fell out of the USB port.  I shoved it into another port and..............I hadn't plugged it in tight enough!

She said, "Oh, I hear the printer starting up.  You solved the problem!"  Soon a test page came printing out.

"I KNOW what the problem was and I don't think I can solve it!  The problem is the computer operator!"
I was so determined NOT to get Windows 10 until I had too and knowing full well it was going to cause me all sorts of problems, I was already biased against it.  If anything went wrong, I assumed.  You know what assumed gets ya--right?
So, I have been centered in on this new computer that I have not even given a thought about posting on my blog.  GEEZ LOUISE!

All else has been calm and boring and every day.  I hope to get a hair cut and some groceries tomorrow, plus pay the rest of the month's bills.

Thursday I am cleaning this house--because I have dust all over everything, alone with cat fur and stuff I have laid on the counter, to put away later.  BECAUSE--on Friday, one of my blog buddies is coming from South Carolina near here and she wanted to stop in.  

I am soooooooo looking forward to the visit, but you know, kind of nervous.  She has a beautiful home and family and here I am, just an old country plow-girl living in a trailer.  
Karen baby-sat Della this past week-end and let her do anything she wanted.  Including unrolling the bathroom tissue roll.  HAH!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Peaceful, calm, content---mostly.

I had such a great time yesterday at the Old School Gal Pals luncheon.

I met my BF Bethie in Byron and rode the rest of the way up to the meeting place with her and her hubs.  I had the best time.  Her hubs is interesting to talk with and at times, had me laughing so hard.  It's been a long time since I laughed that hard!

My BFF's (who is deceased) daughter showed up and sat next to me.  We had lots of hugs and "I love yous", and a really good chat.  I announced to the group that she is about to become a grandma again.  Her daughter is having a baby girl on August 28.  The baby's name?  Kathlene.  Kathy for her and Lene for my BFF, who's name was Arelene.

I love when people incorporate family names like that.  Our family does it too.

We arrived at a kind of swanky place.  Miss June The Teacher had suggested we eat there and said, "It will have a more varied menu and perhaps Judy can find something to order other than Tacos or Nachos."

Now the reason I always order Tacos or Nachos is because I never get to have them, except at our luncheon.

I looked on the menu, they had Pesto dishes and Patty Melt's and Chicken stuff and Shrimp stuff and... Tacos and Nachos.  So just to show Miss Prissy Pants, I ordered Nachos.

They were smaller and not as good as the ones I get when we go to the smaller, little dives we sometimes go to, and they weren't near as good and cost $4.00 more!

One of our lady's was not at all pleased with her Patty Melt--there was hardly any cheese on it and she let the waitress know.  The manager came out and asked if she wanted another one or something different, and our friend said, "No.  I just want to bitch about this one!"

I almost fell outta my chair.  I wondered what Miss Prissy Pants thought about that.  She didn't say a word.  Just sat there with her lips pressed together, in a thin line.

Another friend, that I have known since I was 3, usually butts in with the most unconventional words and phrases, usually when someone else is talking about something.  The rest of us smile, look at each other and wink.  She is becoming a bit daft.  Got lost on the way there, which was harder to do than you'd think.  She comes south on a highway and when she get to the next highway, she turns right and up the road is the restaurant.

You can tell we are getting older and all a bit daft because we have lost our filter.  Always very polite women who would never interrupt or complain about our food, now just blat out whatever pops into our mind.  It can get hilarious just listening.
When we got back, I drove on out to The Farm to visit Sister and her hubs.  
She said to me, "You will understand this.  I am having a time with "A" (her son) taking things I say out of context or meaning."

He had been out to visit and she made a chicken dinner.  Afterwards, he said, "I am sick of chicken.  I wish you had fixed a roast."

Susan said, "Why didn't you tell me.  I will fix whatever you want."

He said, "What?! We've had chicken the last two times I came out. I would think you'd know, I wanted roast beef!"

 The next week was his birthday.  Susan made a beef roast and vegetables in the Crock Pot and took it up to his house.  He had been on vacation

Susan asked how he had enjoyed his vacation.

"It was all right."

"You were in South Dakota?  Did you stop at the Corn Palace?  Did you see Mount Rushmore?"

"Geez Mother!  Can't I go anywhere without my Mommy planning my trip?  I suppose you want to know if I took enough underwear."

She said, "We left shortly after that.  As I walked out, I said, 'Happy Birthday.  Hope you enjoyed the Roast Beef dinner."

"Oh, yeah.  Thanks."

Susan said this attitude from him has been going on for the last six months now.  She said, "Remember back when you told Mark you were so glad he inherited the farm....his favorite farm, because that's where his grammie lived?  You told him that if you couldn't live there, you were so happy that he could. Remember?"

"Never forget it.  He took offense and told everyone that I was mad that I hadn't inherited the farm."

"Yeah.  Don't we talk plainly anymore or do they just hear what they want to hear?"

"I don't know," I said.  "I told Pammie the same thing and she didn't take offence.  She said, 'I'm glad too, Momma.  Keep it in the family.' "

"Then I had to apologize to Mark and tell him, 'what I meant was', I was afraid that farm was going to be sold.  If I hadn't inherited it, I am so happy he did, because it was his favorite farm and we were able to keep it in the family.  I couldn't inherit the farm, Grandpa knew that.  I can barely afford to live in my little house.  How could I afford this farm?  I'm so happy you are here because you can take care of it."

Susan said, "You know--we've kidded with out kids all their lives.  Joked about things, said sarcastic things.  They always knew we were just kidding.  Now, we can't do that anymore, I guess.  They take it as truth and get offended."

We both sighed.
After I left The Farm, I stopped at Pammies.  Wanted to see how her birthday went.  She had two days off--with pay!  She had already made plans for those two days AND the weekend.  Her recliner was surrounded with baskets of yarn, her phone nearby to play FB games on and she had her TV schedule all worked out.

"I ain't going anywhere and I ain't doing anything!" she proclaimed.  "Well, I do have to clean the house on Friday and mow the lawn on Saturday, but other than that...nothing."

She cracks me up.  She is a Mini-Me for sure.
I left home at 11:00 yesterday morning and didn't get home until 7:30.  I was exhausted!!!!!

What a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Having fun.

I'm having fun trying to find things on this new computer and Windows 10.  Last night I had to leave the computer on because I could not find the "Start--Shut Down" button.  Then I wanted to scan something and no scanner showing up anywhere.  When I plugged in my printer yesterday, it just re-installed itself.  Apparently the scanner did not.

I only called the computer place 3 times today.  LOL  They have a remote entry(?) button, so if I give them permission, they can take over my computer.  So they zip around with their cursor, as I watch, and talk me through how to find everything.

Tonight I realized that I can't find any of the folders in Outlook Express--folders where I have saved e-mails.  I'm sure it is there and will call to find out.  Not tomorrow though--I have lunch with the Old School Gal Pals, and a visit to The Farm and a stop in to see Pammie.  Today was her birthday.

That second baby of mine (born on my Dad's 43rd birthday) was born smiling and she hasn't stopped yet.  Even with her problems, she just stays happy.

This morning I got one of those IRS scam phone calls.  Now, I have caller ID and I do not answer the phone until it has a name I recognize.  These scammers are now using the area code and the first 3 numbers of our telephone exchange.  That way, you think it is someone local calling.

So I let it go to the answering device and then listened when they hung up.

Something like, "The IRS has issued a warrant for your arrest.  They are watching you and your activities and will arrest you and take away all your possessions.  You have to call this number back and......................"

So I talked to myself.  They are watching me and my activities?  Should I draw the blinds?  I have to run into Brighton this afternoon.  Are they going to arrest me while I am filling the car gas tank?  Perhaps an embarrassing arrest while I am in the yarn section at Michael's?

So, after watching my Soap, I jumped in the car and headed into Brighton.  About a mile down the road I glanced into my rear view mirror and there, behind me, was a blue Michigan State Police SUV.  It just cracked me up!!!  I said to myself, "It must be my time."  Then, of course, in town they turned off on the entrance ramp for the expressway that would take them back to Lansing.

Too funny.

It seems I always have some adventure, even if it's only in my mind)  when I get in my car to go to either Brighton or Howell.
When I got to Michael's and walked the 107 steps way to the back of the store to the yarn section, I pondered on why this section wasn't at the front of the store and the kid's things at the back.  It is mostly older folks who do projects with yarn or embroidery floss and some of us have bad back, hips and knees.  Anyway, I had a nice walk totaling 280 steps from car to embroidery floss and back to car.  JoAnn's store is set up the same way.  I think I'll write to Michael's corporate office and tell them of my suggestion.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

She's Here!

My computer people called last night at 5:30 to inform me, my new computer had been birthed and it was ready to come home.  I still don't have a name for her.  My other one was named FRED, which is an acronym for "Freaking Ridiculous Electronic Device", but I want a nice name for this baby girl.
Any suggestions?

You know what I did?  I waited until this morning to go get it.  I had rather enjoyed the whole day without wondering what was on FB, or in my e-mails.  Without having it in my mind that the computer was waiting in my office--calling me.

She is the most precious computer I have ever seen.  It is half the size of my printer!  It can stand or it can lay.   It's only 4" thick!!

Updated Microsoft Office--which right now is giving me fits because nothing looks right, and Windows 10, which so far isn't bothering me a bit.

A nearly $500.00 computer for $375.00 because I'm a faithful customer and I had spent $200.00 in April for work done on the old one.  She even threw in a new power cord--which I needed as mine was 20 years old and taped on one end with electrical tape.

The new upgrade in Microsoft Office/Outlook Express, fixed all my e-mail problems I had when I was fighting with Comcast last week.  I could send e-mails, but not receive and Comcast said it was my problem.
To celebrate my new baby, I stopped at Walmart and got a new keyboard and mouse.  My old keyboard had most of the letters worn off.  I can type without looking, but it is nice to have a new one plus--both keyboard and mouse are wireless!    Stick a little nubbie thing into a USB port and off we go, no wires.  I love it!!!!!

Now, I just have to remember to take it in for cleaning ever 6 months.  Mine gets full of dust and cat hair.  They put it into a machine, no charge, 30 minutes while you wait, and the machine cleans all the dirt, grime, grease, cat hair out of it.
Comment moderation is now driving me nuts.  I keep forgetting to "publish" your comments and so far haven't figure out an easy way to do it, but I'm learning.

I'm Back

Only 6 hours without a computer.
Adjusting thing now and will be back later.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I will be without a computer most of this next week.

I am going to "bite the bullet".  

Taking my computer in tomorrow (Monday) morning so they can back-up, scan and clean the hard drive and put all my info on a spanking, brand new, bigger hard drive and nestle it into a new tower.

Oy Vey!!
BTW--if any of you would like your genealogy researched and put into a nice book--let me know.
I need to pay for this new computer.  HAH!!

Hugs and kisses-----later.

Comment Moderation

Because Mr. Sin Soleng from Thailand wants to copy someone's else's comment and use as his own and because if you click on the Thai letters under his name, you will be directed to an Erotic website, and if you visited there it wouldn't be good for any of our old minds and hearts, I have had to add Comment Moderation to my blog.

How he got on my blog, I don't know, but I picture him as a little short person that resembles a troll.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ruff Day

When I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, the nurse went over all my meds and then asked if I wanted them refilled.  Yes, I sure did.
Two months before that, I had all my meds put on auto-refill with the Walmart Pharmacy.  That way, I didn't have to worry or remember if I was low on meds or when they needed refilling.  I just got a nice phone call from Walmart saying they were ready for pick-up.

Which put me into a real comfortable, complacent, not paying close attention, place.

Last night, as I took my bedtime pills, I wondered where that little pink HBP pill was.  It was not in the bedtime compartment of the pill box.  I looked at the box for today and it wasn't in there either.  Then I could almost remember not seeing it on Tuesday night either.

I jumped on my computer and checked into the Pharmacy to see why they hadn't notified me and lo and behold, there was a message that the med was ready to be filled, but it had no "refill" notice.

So, the doctor's office had apparently never sent over the refill notice AND Walmart got an upgrade on their computer system and none of my meds were on auto-refill.

So--at 1:00am, I left a message on the doc's office phone of the refills I needed, then I went back to the Walmart Pharmacy site and clicked on the 2 meds I needed.  Hoping that all would be coordinated.

Wasn't it a lot easier when you ran out of meds, you just took in the empty bottle and handed it to the Pharmacist who filled it on the spot?  You had refills for 6 months at a time.
Since Monday, I have had computer issues AND e-mail issues.  My e-mails will not release from the cable company server and come into my Outlook Express.  I talked to one Comcast tech for an hour on Monday and personally?  He didn't have a clue what to do.  2 Hours on Tuesday with 2 different techs, we tried all sorts of things that didn't work and the last tech told me, "It not a Comcast problem.  It Outlook, you haffa call them."  I hung up on him.

I went into my settings and made sure all my incoming and outgoing mail codes were set up correctly and they were.  Still, no transfer of e-mails.

Yesterday, I called again and got a tech that knew what she was talking about--her specialty is server issues.  We had it fixed with 3 clicks and 15 minutes.Come to find out, I have a POP3 account and they have changed to IMAP.  I hit finish and there were all my e-mails in Outlook Express.
Probably none of this makes sense to any of you.
I got up this morning and turned on the computer and it took 15 minutes for the WELCOME sign to come up.  No e-mails in my Outlook Express and my Bitdefender Anti-Virus program that costs me $85.00 a year and is the best investment ever, wasn't working.  This is the best anti-virus I have ever had.  When I click on a link in FB and it's not safe or has Malware installed, Bitdefender will not open it and sends me a message on why.

So I decided to go on FB and play some games.  FB wouldn't load!

I shut the damn darn computer off and went and got dressed.

Came back in and started it up again, there was my Bitdefender Anti-Virus doing its thing--YAY. but still no e-mails.  So I went into my Outlook Express and went through the whole process of ONCE AGAIN modifying my account settings.  Hit Finish and there came my e-mails.  HOWEVER, if I click out of Outlook Express, they are gone back on the Comcast server again.

So--Outlook Express is now running in the background and I am NOT turning this machine off tonight!!!
This afternoon, after running up to Howell Walmart to get my meds, I came home and called my computer people and talked to Heidi.  

"Remember in April, when we cleaned it up for you, I advised you might need more storage?"

"Yes," said me.


"How much would a new computer cost, with more storage and better everything?"

"I can build you one and get you out the door for $375.00 total."


"That would include backing up your hard drive, giving you more storage and installing Windows 10."


I still have Windows Professional 7 and that may be my whole computer problem.  That operating system is so out of date.  I did install it last year, but it kept giving me fits, so I uninstalled it.


I hate the thought of being without a computer for 3-4 days, but I also live in fear of a computer crash.  Even though I have all my genealogies backed-up, I'd hate for a crash.

I also know darn well, if I get a new computer, the next week something on my car will break and I won't have the $$$ for a fix.  That's just the way things go around here!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


This is the inside of my toilet tank.  The flush handle (left) has been coming disconnected and won't raise the water intake, when I flush.  I tried wire.  I tried a paper clip.  This has been going on for over a month.  I got a bright idea today.

I got a large safety pin, put it through a hole in the flush handle and then through the chain link, closed it and................


Working great!