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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ruff Day

When I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, the nurse went over all my meds and then asked if I wanted them refilled.  Yes, I sure did.
Two months before that, I had all my meds put on auto-refill with the Walmart Pharmacy.  That way, I didn't have to worry or remember if I was low on meds or when they needed refilling.  I just got a nice phone call from Walmart saying they were ready for pick-up.

Which put me into a real comfortable, complacent, not paying close attention, place.

Last night, as I took my bedtime pills, I wondered where that little pink HBP pill was.  It was not in the bedtime compartment of the pill box.  I looked at the box for today and it wasn't in there either.  Then I could almost remember not seeing it on Tuesday night either.

I jumped on my computer and checked into the Pharmacy to see why they hadn't notified me and lo and behold, there was a message that the med was ready to be filled, but it had no "refill" notice.

So, the doctor's office had apparently never sent over the refill notice AND Walmart got an upgrade on their computer system and none of my meds were on auto-refill.

So--at 1:00am, I left a message on the doc's office phone of the refills I needed, then I went back to the Walmart Pharmacy site and clicked on the 2 meds I needed.  Hoping that all would be coordinated.

Wasn't it a lot easier when you ran out of meds, you just took in the empty bottle and handed it to the Pharmacist who filled it on the spot?  You had refills for 6 months at a time.
Since Monday, I have had computer issues AND e-mail issues.  My e-mails will not release from the cable company server and come into my Outlook Express.  I talked to one Comcast tech for an hour on Monday and personally?  He didn't have a clue what to do.  2 Hours on Tuesday with 2 different techs, we tried all sorts of things that didn't work and the last tech told me, "It not a Comcast problem.  It Outlook, you haffa call them."  I hung up on him.

I went into my settings and made sure all my incoming and outgoing mail codes were set up correctly and they were.  Still, no transfer of e-mails.

Yesterday, I called again and got a tech that knew what she was talking about--her specialty is server issues.  We had it fixed with 3 clicks and 15 minutes.Come to find out, I have a POP3 account and they have changed to IMAP.  I hit finish and there were all my e-mails in Outlook Express.
Probably none of this makes sense to any of you.
I got up this morning and turned on the computer and it took 15 minutes for the WELCOME sign to come up.  No e-mails in my Outlook Express and my Bitdefender Anti-Virus program that costs me $85.00 a year and is the best investment ever, wasn't working.  This is the best anti-virus I have ever had.  When I click on a link in FB and it's not safe or has Malware installed, Bitdefender will not open it and sends me a message on why.

So I decided to go on FB and play some games.  FB wouldn't load!

I shut the damn darn computer off and went and got dressed.

Came back in and started it up again, there was my Bitdefender Anti-Virus doing its thing--YAY. but still no e-mails.  So I went into my Outlook Express and went through the whole process of ONCE AGAIN modifying my account settings.  Hit Finish and there came my e-mails.  HOWEVER, if I click out of Outlook Express, they are gone back on the Comcast server again.

So--Outlook Express is now running in the background and I am NOT turning this machine off tonight!!!
This afternoon, after running up to Howell Walmart to get my meds, I came home and called my computer people and talked to Heidi.  

"Remember in April, when we cleaned it up for you, I advised you might need more storage?"

"Yes," said me.


"How much would a new computer cost, with more storage and better everything?"

"I can build you one and get you out the door for $375.00 total."


"That would include backing up your hard drive, giving you more storage and installing Windows 10."


I still have Windows Professional 7 and that may be my whole computer problem.  That operating system is so out of date.  I did install it last year, but it kept giving me fits, so I uninstalled it.


I hate the thought of being without a computer for 3-4 days, but I also live in fear of a computer crash.  Even though I have all my genealogies backed-up, I'd hate for a crash.

I also know darn well, if I get a new computer, the next week something on my car will break and I won't have the $$$ for a fix.  That's just the way things go around here!!!


  1. Well I won't put up with computer problems because I'd rather die than run Windows any number you can name, but I have no end of internet problems. Nobody -- no tech, no installer, no phone rep -- knows what they're talking about. It's tres tres vexing, mon ami. xoxo

  2. I had the same thing happen with Outlook Express only with Charter service. I finally gave up on using it and I now use the email that comes with my server. It's really better anyway because it doesn't depend on my computer being up or down. I could get and answer my email from anywhere, any computer in the world, assuming I remember the passwords.

    I dragged my feet on getting Windows, too, but I've had it for a few months now and I like it. I'm also too old to go to/learn another operating system that isn't windows based plus I still have old format info that I want to keep compatible.

    I don't like auto refill on prescriptions. So far, I always remember to email them in and the pharmacy does send me emails to remind me that it's time.

  3. I understand
    and wonder about no computer
    but it all I have
    no TV or special cell phone
    no computer
    would really be isolated...

  4. Oh go on...get the computer. I think it'll cost you more in daily worry and fret about if your old computer will run correctly today or not if you don't do it. Bite the bullet!

  5. Gosh oh gee. Can't live WITH computers ... and definitely can't live without. I'd recommend an external hard drive so you can at least back up your photos and important documents! Peace of mind!

  6. Computers and meds. sighhh... We have had a family run pharmacy, for more than 1/2 a century. We have lived through.. Way Back Ways... all the way up to Now Ways.

    Thing is, way back, everyone when to their "corner pharmacy." He knew your name. He talked to you. You knew him, as a friend, and a community member. Ours still is, but.... Not many left.

    Today, the whole dang pharmacy is a BIG BUSINESS. It is totally run, as a big business. By people in "East Oshkosh" who only care about the "bottom line." Run by "Bean Counters."

    Pharmacist today is closed in the back, pumping out Rx's. No more "Good morning, Mrs. G, and how are the kids?" And everything is done, by/with computers.

    When did any computer, ever show compassion?????????? You are going through, non-compassion-computer stuff, yourself.

    And this is just the tip of the ice-burg, concerning today's BIG PHARMACIES. Any time you want to stay up all night, worrying, I'll fill you in, on more.

  7. About computers, we love Macs.

    Won't say any more.

    Luna Crone

  8. I have Windows 10 on my lap top and I don't like it at all. It's very user unfriendly in my opinion but I don't have a ton of time to mess with it. I did get the Windows 10 For Dummies book to try to help but so far I'm not impressed. I'll be interested to see what you think.

  9. oh my goodness I hope that you can get this issue solved!

  10. I'm sorry for your problems, Judy. Even though this computer is new to me, for some reason the email is messed up. Not outlook though; I never wanted that as it seemed complicated and I'm a "simple" person. LOL

    I've had windows 7 though forever, and do not want to change as for sure I'd mess it up. :)

    Most of my prescriptions have 5 or 6 refills which is nice; only one I have to go to the doc every 3 months. Also, I need to make an apt because my blood pressure is still running high after a lifetime of it being good. UGH!

    1. I hope you are taking Fish Oil to help thin your blood so you don't have a stroke!!!

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  12. Hope the prescription refills issue is permanently corrected. Computer issues are never welcome and I feel as though I've had more than my share, then read others, like you, and guess we all get it sooner or later. So far my "7" is working okay, but eventually I suppose MS will stop supporting it.