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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Calm Down

I am just fine and thanks for caring Luna.  If you were on FB, you would know I am alive and well and....fighting with new computer issues.

I keep blaming Windows 10, when actually it's PEBCAC. (Problem exists between chair and computer).

I've had to sign-in to every thing I use, including this blog.  New computer, new operating system, thinks that I am brand new too.  Which can get a bit frustrating because, the last time I signed in was 4 years ago and I have since forgotten my password.  HAH!

Then, there were a few files missing--files that didn't get transferred onto the new hard-drive.  Picture files, that I almost panicked when I couldn't find them.  

I took the new baby back in yesterday to have all this corrected and now, I have everything I want and need.  I think.  Thankfully, they keep my old hard drive for 3 months, just in case.

I got the machine back, but didn't start plugging all the peripherals into it until midnight.  When I got up this morning and my printer was off-line and no amount of searching on how to get it back on-line helped.  I called my computer people.

After 20 minutes of them remotely trying to fix the problem, she asked, "It looks like the printer isn't plugged in."

"Oh, sure it is.  I did it last night."

"Can  you look to make sure?"


I checked all the wires, they were plugged in to the right places.

"Everything is plugged in."

"Is your printer plugged into a USB port?"


"Can  you check to make sure it's plugged in all the way?"

I'm thinking, 'well Duh.  Of course it is.'

When I touched it, it fell out of the USB port.  I shoved it into another port and..............I hadn't plugged it in tight enough!

She said, "Oh, I hear the printer starting up.  You solved the problem!"  Soon a test page came printing out.

"I KNOW what the problem was and I don't think I can solve it!  The problem is the computer operator!"
I was so determined NOT to get Windows 10 until I had too and knowing full well it was going to cause me all sorts of problems, I was already biased against it.  If anything went wrong, I assumed.  You know what assumed gets ya--right?
So, I have been centered in on this new computer that I have not even given a thought about posting on my blog.  GEEZ LOUISE!

All else has been calm and boring and every day.  I hope to get a hair cut and some groceries tomorrow, plus pay the rest of the month's bills.

Thursday I am cleaning this house--because I have dust all over everything, alone with cat fur and stuff I have laid on the counter, to put away later.  BECAUSE--on Friday, one of my blog buddies is coming from South Carolina near here and she wanted to stop in.  

I am soooooooo looking forward to the visit, but you know, kind of nervous.  She has a beautiful home and family and here I am, just an old country plow-girl living in a trailer.  
Karen baby-sat Della this past week-end and let her do anything she wanted.  Including unrolling the bathroom tissue roll.  HAH!


  1. Della is adorable.

    I don't have to get Windows 10 and don't plan to. But, good for you learning new tricks.

  2. I got Windows 10 on both my computers but a month apart. The first one went so smoothly I hardly noticed. The second one gave me a fit because it wouldn't hook up to WiFi but it turned out to be the fault of the shop that installed Windows 10 so they fixed it for free.

  3. OK! OK! I'll let you be!!! LOL!

    Yes, of course, there was the possibility that your absence was new-*toy*-related. :-)

    And nope, not on FB. And my husband got off FB. We are *FB Bigots"! LOL (Can I say that, in this very PC society, I wonder????) >,-)

    I remember years ago, bloggers moaning and groaning about Windows 10. That is my only background. And I see "Sally" who commented above, will not get it yet! :-)

    I am on an old iMac, which is so old, that I have not been able to do any "updates" on it, for a long time. No way can my Dear Old Girl, handle updates!

    And every time I go to any site, which has lots of "stuff" loading, even those I don't want to be loading "stuff," I have to clean out History/Cache, and quit Firefox, after. To allow it to clean out, all that horrible running "stuff."

    Basically, I am "driving a Model T Car."

    But I don't do anything, with it, that requires it going fast. Or that I can not easily quit and clean out, often. You could not do all you do, with an old machine like this, of course.

    In no time, all this will be behind you. And you will chuckle, at the memory, of your beginning issues!!!

  4. If Karen baby sat my kid, and let her do anything she wanted, she would never baby sit, for me, again!!!!!!

    Good Grief! What is the matter with people? Doing this, just to seem 'cool,' and get a cute photo op???


    1. It's a family tradition that when Grandma baby sits, the grandkid doesn't get disciplined--unless they are older and being obnoxious. When Karen's kids came to visit me, I allowed them the treat of Mountain Dew, which they loved but was not drank at their home. Karen often said how delightful it was to drive home with a kid that was bouncing off the walls of the car, from all that caffeine. HAH!! My grandma made me butter and sugar sandwiches, which my mother never would have because of too much sugar and tooth decay. Whenever my kids visited her, she prepared whatever they wanted, even if that meant three different menus for lunch, I would never do that. We grandma, while we have a grandchild in our home, do not scold, or discipline--unless they are coloring on the walls or something, which none of them have ever done. We focus on them having a fun, relaxed time at Grammies and let the parents train them and discipline. I'm sure Della will grow up to be as unspoiled, polite, and nice as all the rest. I do think she needs to quit nursing as she is getting too chubby! Arms rolls may be cute now, but not a 2-3. I don't want a Honey Boo-Boo grand daughter!!! But I will keep my mouth shut and let her parents raise her as they want. That's another thing--the grandma's in this family NEVER tell their adult children how to raise their children.

  5. That's why I like Apple products, so much more intuitive.

    Your friend is coming to see YOU, not your house, so relax and just have a good time visiting.

  6. Oh my Della looks like a little doll. So cute. I do not get to spoil my grandsons. They have lived with me since they were babies. It would be wonderful to get to spoil them. Have fun with your visitor. Vickie OKC

  7. Computers are fabulous as long as they are doing what we expect of them. But one thing goes kaboom and any of us starts pulling our hair out. Glad yours got sorted out and hope it's clear sailing from here. Baby Della is adorable.

  8. Can't live without my laptop! And I, too, made the switch to Apple about 10 years ago. Not much of a learning curve at all. So glad I did it.

    I must remember to back it up again ....

  9. A roll of toilet paper sounds like a pretty neat inexpensive toy. Wonder if she sees one when she goes home if she'll surprise everyone unrolling it there? She's cute! About your computer operator ...... probably was the first mistake she ever made. Wasn't it???

  10. Della is so cute! Grandma's are supposed to be fun so letting her unroll the tp was fun! I have Windows 10 and don't really like it, although I've had it long enough to know what I am doing. Enjoy your visit with your blog buddy!

  11. Della looks mighty proud of herself! So cute!

    TAKE CARE///

  13. My grandma and both my mother and mother-in-aw spoiled my two as much as they could, of course, I've spoiled my three as much as they did mine! Not so much, of course!I didn't want to do as much "damage" as Mama did with mine, coming bringing things and carrying off to Roses or a mid-afternoon movie. Actually, though I know my kids love me---my son would rather have Mama back, even if I had to die for that to happen! :)

  14. both of my boys loved tp. i am not a grandma but when i watch my 2 nieces they can do and eat whatever they want. i hardly ever babysit and i just love spoiling them and them looking forward to spending time with me. they squeal when they see me and it's because we have a special relationship, not because i let them play with tp!!!!!

  15. Aug. 18

    Your post of Aug. 18--comment on.

    I fully agree with you. The marchers had a permit to march. The protestors did not, have the right, to gather to cause violence.

    Thank you for finally realizing, how totally one sided (Liberal Demoratic) nearly all news coverage and opinion, are.

    Do you want it straight, what is going on in America now? Please get The Smear out of the library.

    Luna Crone

  16. Aug. 18

    But... This Agnostic will not try to rid the country, of all religious things. All I want, is to walk my own path, without anyone trying to 'convert' me. And everyone else, can walk their own path. Just sayin'....

    As to FaceBook, from what I hear, from many sources, FB is a horror. If it is, and if it bothers so many people, so much, why do they stay on it?

    There have to be other ways, to keep in contact with family/friends. Some-other-way.

    Or, make a new FB. Allow only family and real friends, to access it. Thereby eliminating all the political screaming and hollering.

    Mmmmm.... But.... I suppose if family and real friends, are among the 'screamers and hollerers'.... -sigh- Then you are s***w*d.

    But in the end, if FB is raising your blood pressure, and interfering with your quality of life, hope people figure out, what is best, for them.

  17. LOL your most recent post didn't seem to allow for comments but that is ok but THIS little girl is WAY more fun :) I laughed out loud. SO adorable!

  18. Aug. 21

    Hmmmmmmmmmm... I am very curious to know, why you caved and took down your "We are falling apart" post.

    Very curious.

    And of course, in a vacuum of knowledge, I might come up with all sort of "conspiracy theories"...

    Maybe you got so many bad-reviews-by-email, that you had to take it down.. which equals threats. not all threats have to be, of violence.

    You yourself, began to feel, you had "gone too far," for Pretty Blog Land. Silly, but possible.

    Since these are "conspiracy theories," I would have to move on to the possibility, of you getting downright scary emails.

    Hope you will put my curiosity to rest. And clear up my possible "conspiracy theories".

    Luna Crone