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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Angels Among Us

Melissa Geiger

These lyrics are for you.

Thank you and I pray, God continues to bless you and your family.

When life held troubled times, and had me down on my knees.
There's always been someone there to come along and comfort me.
A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand.
A phone call from a friend, just to say I understand.

And ain't it kind of funny that at the dark end of the road.
Someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope.

Oh I believe there are angels among us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give.
To guide us with the light of love.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Okay--I just gotta tell you this--I know it's wrong to gossip, but if it's the truth...is it gossip or just a good story?

So--Pearl came down last week to show me her new glasses.  She has been wearing the smallish wire frame kind.  She decided this time, to go with the new (old) plastic frames that are coming back in style.  Navy blue frames at that.  Not Progressive lenses--she still has the Coke-bottle kind of bifocal line across the bottom.

With her very pale skin color and pure white hair, I must say, they were a...what would you call it...a stand out feature!

She was so excited that I didn't really want to give my honest opinion, so I said, "I love the color of the frames!"

The glasses are way too big for her face and of course, being plastic, heavier than what she had been wearing.

"I just love them, " she said.  "I feel all hip and young!"
<reason enough to wear them, in my opinion>
I went up to visit her and Merle last night. 

I noticed that Pearl was wearing her old glasses.

"What happened to your new glasses?'

"I don't like them!"


"Because everyone says I look like an Owl!  They are too big for my face and when people look at me, all they see are the glasses!"
<I noticed Merle is rolling his eyes>

"Can you take them back?"

"They can replace the frames, but the lenses are big, to fit those kind of frames, so...I'd have to get a whole new pair--lenses and frames."


Merle says quietly, "Oh, just go ahead.  What's another two hundred dollars?"
I told you, Pearl wants me to set up an e-mail account for her?  She wants it because, she can't order things on-line without an e-mail account.  

I keep putting her off.
She keeps bugging me about it.

I suggested she have her daughter do it for her, because I'm not sure how to do it.
<really, because I don't want to get involved in that circus>

As they say down South, "Bless her heart!!"
My wonderful grandma, Helene,  was born 112 years ago.

34 years ago today, my daughter Karen Helene was married:
17 years ago today, my sister's son Adam was married.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, let's see.  How can I make this post a positive one?

I am positive that...things are going to get much worse before they get any better.

I am positive that...I'm losing my mind.

I am positive that...I would just as soon die in my sleep.

But then, I worry about that because:  who would take my cats and be nice to them?  Do I have enough life insurance to pay for my funeral?  
I am positive there are no solutions for any of this.  I am positive I have no action plan.  I am positive I am truly depressed.  I am positive I don't do a thing except sit in my house...because ya know, my car radiator has a leak in it and my two serpentine belts are about to break and...I am positive I don't want to be on the road when that all happens!

I have three estimates on getting a radiator and the 2 belts--a MUST before winter.  All come in at around $500.00.  My regular service garage has the cheapest labor at $82.50 an hour.  Most charge $85.00 and some near $100.00.  

One place I called cheerfully told me, "I can get ya a new radiator and the belts, replace the antifreeze AND wash your car, all for under five hundred.  In fact, for $485.00!"

I can't seem to find any auto mechanics that work from their residence, BECAUSE Michigan law frowns on that and they can't advertise or they will get into trouble.  

Plus John can't remember the mechanic he knows, name OR phone number.  

He did promise to drive up to the guy's place and find out what it would cost me--"if the guy is even in business anymore."
Yesterday I felt something strange in between two top teeth.  It felt kind of like a popcorn hull or something.  I went at it with my metal pick, my in between teeth brush, dental floss, fingernails--nothing would dislodge it.  Then last night I realized, it is a tiny wire off my 30 year old bridge!  So today I have an emergency visit to my dentist.  I wonder what that will cost!

I still owe her $200.00 (from the $800.00 crown) that I am paying off at $50.00 a month!
Yesterday, I got a blood draw for my cardiologist and a copy to my primary care doc.  I fasted like a crazy fool, not even water, only to find out when the results came in, there was no request to have my cholesterol checked!!!

The cardiologist nurse called to tell me the results were fine.  So, I went on-line to my "patient portal" to check myself and found my white blood count is up, which can mean an infection and my glucose was at 110!  Which I think is too high, so---------
I have an appointment with my primary care guy on Monday.  I wonder what that will cost!

I still owe him $80.00 that insurance didn't cover ($225.00) and am paying him at $30.00 a month.
Then in the mail this morning, I got a reminder from my  chiropractor that I owe him $210.00 that insurance didn't cover.  Maybe when I get my doc paid off, I can start paying him off?  In my opinion, I can't go back for any more adjustments if I am owing him money already.

I could cash in my life insurance policy, but at this time, the $10,000.00 policy is only worth $425.00 and that won't even pay for a radiator and belts.  LOL

I checked with my DHS case worker and the only time they pay for car repairs is if you need that car to get to work.  

 I need a Go Fund Me set-up, but if it's not for hospital or funeral bills, I think it's kind of tacky.  
I thought about putting a Red Light on my porch, but.......at a dollar a "throw", I'd probably have to give back change!!! I have nearly forgotten what all is involved in a sexual encounter, but I do know---I'm too tired!!!

I had a gift card at Wal-Mart--that I was going to use for my new glasses and some money on my Wal-Mart Savings Bucks car--also going to combine for my new glasses, that I took yesterday and got cat food.  If it didn't smell so bad, I'd eat it for lunch, but..........
I did get myself some food, and my blood thinner prescription, and a half gallon of milk and fresh fruit, so I'm set until September 3rd--when thankfully my Social Security hits my bank account, which I checked today and have a balance of 36 cents.

AHA, I knew if I thought about it long enough something positive would come to my mind--my new old insurance--Blue Cross Supplemental Insurance, goes into effect on September 15th.

My new Humana Prescription Drug Plan, the same day.

I am now paying $19.90 a month for the awful insurance I DO have and the new/old one will cost $40.42 and the new drug plan, $15.70, so it is more a month, BUT it used to cover everything at the chiropractor's office (if I didn't get a massage or ultra sound) and it covered doctor's office calls and dermatologist and all tests and.....everything, except $1,000 when I had hip surgery and I don't plan on needing that ever again.

SO--as soon as I pay the deductible of $300.00 on the new insurance, I should be good to go.  Having already paid the $500.00 deductible on the Advantage Plan I had from January until now.

I have already spent twice as much this year on medical/dental than I did last year.  That's why I had to ditch the Advantage Plan.
Doesn't it all become laughable after awhile?

Does anyone know where I can find a Sugar Daddy, who doesn't want any "sugar", but if I sweeten his life a tiny bit, would like to give me three grand?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherry PITS!

It just gets funnier by the minute!  I am too the point where I am laughing a lot, about my car.  You know the kind of laughter--sort of on the edge of hysteria with a slight sob inserted here and there.

They found the coolant leak!  YAY.  I need a new radiator!  NAY.

In the order of what needs done:
Radiator, hoses/fluid    Parts & Labor: 394.39
Two Serpentine belts:   Parts and Labor: 152.15
Rear suspension:  Parts & Labor: 679.08
Rear brakes, wheel cylinders.  Parts & Labor  501.95

So, just as I was thinking that crawling into bed, pulling the covers up over my ears and staying there until Christmas, John called.  He had to run up to the vet's AGAIN, as Maisey has a bladder infection.

I told him all the things that need to be done to keep my car safe and he said, "I know a guy, over on M-59, who works out of his own garage.  He has worked on my cars for years, my grandkids cars.  He's great.  He can do the radiator AND serpentine belts for less than two hundred."

I started to feel a bit better.  This is what I have needed!  I was going to use the guy, out by where Pam lives, and she uses for all her repairs, but it is way too inconvenient.
I caught a ride into Brighton with Dar--she was on her way to work.  She rattled on and on about her life all the way there, never asking me one single question about my car or the work done on it or the cost.  This morning, I liked that about her, because I didn't want to talk about my car fiasco.  That doesn't mean I heard a thing she was rattling on about, but..............................

When she dropped me off she said, "How do I get back to Meijers?"

"It's only two blocks away.  Just go back the way we came."

"I don't remember how we got here."

"Look...and I pointed....see all those cars?  That's Grand River.  Your store is on Grand River.  Pull out of here, go that way...and I pointed...to the first street.  Turn right and you will be on Grand River.  Meijer's is the second light.  Turn left and you will be in the parking lot."

"I hope I don't get lost!"

So, I went in the garage to settle up.  Now get this:  Parts were 45.18, Labor was 164.00.  $82.00 an hour and they are the cheapest ones around!!!!!!

Then Kevin showed me the pages he had printed out for me, with timeline of what needs done and the cost.

I decided to be perfectly honest with him.

"Kevin?  I want to thank you for the years of great service you have given me.  You have always been honest and up front with me.  You have never tried to gouge me.  BUT...I think that from now on, with the car as old as it is, it will continue to need patches and repairs and...I don't think I need a place that charges eighty dollars an hour, with unionized certified auto mechanics."

"I agree with you.  There are a lot of perfectly good mechanics around that work out of their own homes.  All certified service mechanic garages make money on the labor, not the parts, as you well know."

So, I laid out my 10, twenty dollar bills I had saved and dug around for the extra six bucks needed.  

I now have 1.36 in my checking account and 7 dollars in my wallet, but HEY--all the bills for the month have been paid and my car has new front brakes!!!!!

Life is good!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grey, Dismal, Cold, Worrisome Day

John kindly followed me into Brighton, so I'd have a ride home, after dropping off my car for it's new front brakes.  A bit sad and frustrated.  It will take me another 3-4 months to save up the money for my new glasses.

Oh well--like my Alter Ego says:

You've heard the term "Death comes in threes", it does seem that way.

First was the death of  my friends 55 year old son, on his birthday.

Then the car that made an illegal U-turn on the expressway and killed my friend's 48 year old son-in-law, on the motorcycle.

On Sunday, I learned of the suicide of  a 19 year old son of younger friends.  Very well known family in Byron.    Hopefully, this will be the end of the vicious 3-cycle.

One bright spot, the suicide's older brother and his wife had a baby boy born this morning.
john has become a huge annoyance today.  When he dropped me off at home this early morning, he said, "Do you want me to take you back to pick up your car?"

I said, "Oh, please don't worry about that.  I have no idea how long it will take.  You just go about your business and if, when they call me, I will let you know or if you are busy, Merle will take me, or even Dar.  She's home today."

"Well, I haven't anything to do today, so...when they call you for pick-up, you call me first."

"Okay.  Thanks."
One hour later---"Have you heard from them yet?"


"You mean they aren't done with a simple brake job by now?"

"They are checking the car...all over to see if there are any major problems, BEFORE they do the brakes. They told me it might be three or four hours."

"What kind of place is that?  Have you always taken your car there?"
<okay, to me he is inferring I don't know anything, or at least that is the way I took it>

"It's a perfectly fine place.  I have taken my car there for twelve years.  They know my car.  They know me."

"Well, I can think of three other places that would have had the job done by now!"

"I will call you, when they call me, and let you know."
Thirty minutes later, the service guy called me.

"Hi Judy, this is Kevin.  You were right,  you need new front brakes.  We checked the car all over and there are a few more problems."

"I was afraid of that."

"Most importantly, you have no coolant in the tank, so there must be a leak somewhere.  We need to fill the tank and then do a pressure check, to find the leak.  That is effecting your air conditioning and will effect your heater this winter."

"Gosh, I haven't seen any coolant on my driveway.  Maybe the tank is just empty?  I haven't had it filled since last November."

"Okay, we will check that out.  But...are you ready?"

"Oh, Dear God...I guess so."
<and my hands started shaking>

"You have no rear brakes, they are just rust and dust.  Your rear ball joints are failing, as well as the wheel cylinders on the rear.  I know you had the front ball joints and tie rods replaced in 2013, but not the rear ones.  Your rear suspension system is shot.  That's about fourteen hundred dollars.  Both serpentine belts are shot.  You know what happens if they go?"

A shaky, "Yesss.  The motor stops and the car dies."

"Yes...you definitely need to get those replaced before winter--if they even last that long.  With parts and labor, that's one hundred fifty dollars."


"Then you have three hoses that need replacing before winter.  That's about....hmmm...parts and labor, another one-fifty."

"So...you're talking close to two grand to fix everything?  Kevin...you know, I only have two hundred and twenty dollars to my name...."

"I understand that."

"I doubt you do and I hope you never have to be in my position.  Anyway, what can you fix today for that amount?"

"I can put on lower grade brakes, turn the rotors and clean them up and fill the coolant tank and check for the leak.  And fix the driver side door hinge.  I know you don't drive very many miles a year.  The brakes are going to give you some noise, but at least they will stop the car."

"Okay, go ahead with that.  Thanks, Kevin."
I am just about ready to cry, but I call John instead.

"Kevin just called.  They have spent all this time checking out the entire car.  It needs a lot of work done on it, but they are just going to do the brakes and check for a pressure leak in the hoses for the coolant."

"Okay, well how long will that take?"

"It will take as long as it takes."
<trying to keep my voice level and not shout at him "HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW?"> 

"I will call you when I hear from them."


He calls back in 30 minutes.  "I'm just going out to mow the grass.  I just wanted to let you know in case you called."

"John!  It's okay.  Do whatever you want to do.  I don't have to get the car immediately.  I can get it anytime after they are finished.  I will call you, when they call me."
<lordy--just relax!>

3:00--John calls. "I'm done with the lawn and going to take a shower.  Did they call you yet?"

"Nope.  Haven't heard a word."

4:30--John calls.  "Have you heard from them?"

"Nope.  They must still be working on it."

"Well, you better call them and find out when it's going to be done.  Be firm with them.  They close at six and...I want to start fixing supper."

"John!  I told you...just go about your business.  I always tell them, they can have my car for as long as they want.  They have emergencies that come in and they have my permission to stop work on my car and tend to the emergencies.  People that work who need their cars fixed right away.  I don't need my car today--I don't need it tomorrow, or the next day...or even the next day.  I don't want you sitting around and waiting for me and my car.  Don't worry about me!"

"I'm not worried.  I just want to know what's going on."

"Okay.  I'll call them and find out."

"Hi Kevin, this is Judy.  Can you give me an estimate of when my car will be done?"

"The brakes are almost done, I've got another guy who's going to do the pressure test on the coolant line.  He had to step away to fix another car.  A lady had a problem with her EMC sensor and had her car towed in.  She needs it to get back to work tomorrow."

"That's fine, Kev.  I don't want to push you or rush you.  How's about, you let my car go and finish it up tomorrow.  I don't need the car and I can get it sometime tomorrow."

"Oh.  Thanks!  That would help.  Does it need a pillow and blanket to stay overnight?" (Meaning does it need to be stored inside.)

"Nope.  It's lived outside all its life.  Just park it and hopefully someone will steal it and I can get a newer one.  HAH."
"Hi John.  I just called.  They are almost done, but had an emergency come in.  I told Kevin to just keep my car over night and finish it up tomorrow."

"Are they going to charge you for that?  Storing it overnight?  I know some places that do that sort of thing."

"No. they aren't going to charge me."

"Will it be safe?  Are they going to park it inside?"

"No.  I told them to just park it outside.  My car isn't used to being inside and it probably couldn't breathe and would probably die!"

"Well, what if someone vandalizes it, or steals it?"
<oh dear lord--save me from this neurotic man!>

"I'm sure it will be safe.  No one wants to steal a seventeen year old rust bucket!  And, the garage has insurance, so it would be taken care of."

"Okay.  Well, let me know if you need a ride tomorrow."

"Okay.  Thanks John."
Tomorrow or whenever I see John again...I am going to have to remind him that for over a year, I worked in a dealership service garage.  I KNOW about cars.  I KNOW the cost of parts AND labor costs.  I am not some little, blonde woman who is all DUH when it comes to this sort of thing.

AND--I DO NOT men who are condescending to me!!


Now--where I am going to get the money to fix my car, is another thing.  Two grand, with cheap parts, will bring it up to a safe car, for at least a few more years.  Maybe I will die before I need that amount of work done on it again AND it is still much cheaper than having a car payment--which I can't afford anyway.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Re-Cap the Weekend

 The Lemon seeds I planted, germinated in 6 days.  I now have 5 sprouts.

The 60th anniversary party up in Byron was okay. She did say, "Judy, are you going to sing for us again today?"

I replied, "Oh, Shirley.  I don't want to ruin your party with the notes from my gravelly, raspy old voice!"

I think my favorite part was being in the church.  The church where I was raised.  The party was in the community room downstairs, so when I first got their, I went up the steps to the sanctuary and just sat down in my "used to be" normal pew.  So many wonderful memories there of baptisms, Christmas programs, vacation Bible school, weddings.  Sad ones too, my grandma, and parent's funerals, my Best Friend's too.

Afterwards, I got to drive west out of town, into the farmland and stop at Pammies.  It is so quiet and peaceful out on the farms.

Pammie was busy mowing her 2.5 acre lawn and was ready for a break!  My her place is beginning to look beautiful again, since the jerk who was living there has removed himself and most of his junk cars/trucks/lawn mowers/campers/tires!

Pammie said, "Momma is pride a sin?"

"Yes--it's listed as one of the seven deadly sins. Why?"

"Oh.  My lawn looks so pretty and I feel prideful about it.  I'm going to Hell, aren't I?"

"I don't think being proud of your hard work and beautiful lawn is prideful.  You don't go around boasting about it, do you?"


"Well then....seeings as how you are a Catholic, I think maybe it is a venial sin and not a major sin."

"What's the difference?"

"I don't really know.  Ask Karen."

"I hope it's not a sin."

"You could go to confession I suppose."

"Oh---Momma, I haven't been in seven years!  I don't think the Priest has that much time to listen to all my confession!"

"Start with the pride you have in your lawn.  Your penance would probably only be one, "Our Father". 

Then it was on up the road a half-mile to visit Susan.  I looked up at Mark's place as I went by, but no one was home.

Susan was feeling a bit better, after her revisit to the oral surgeon.  He irrigated the dry socket and packed it with Oil of Cloves saturated gauze.  

I wanted to take some photos, using the ancestral cradle up stairs in her home.  I finished the baby blanket for Chris--using her pattern that I did the Twin XL blanket from.

Then, on my way home, I stopped at Pammies again.

"Hey--I forgot to ask you.  You said you were going to message us about Mark's MRI results and I haven't heard a thing."

"Didn't you get my text?  I sent it out Wednesday night."

"I don't get texts."

"I texted it to everyone's phone and your e-mail address."

"Nope.  I did get an e-mail with your phone number on the "From" space, but when I opened it up, there was nothing there."

"Okay"..........and she started fiddling with her phone.  "I am going to have to text it to everyone, then bring up the message again and forward it to your e-mail.  I just did, let me know if you got it."

"All right, but...tell me what you know, okay?"

"Brother Mark called me Wednesday night."

"He called you?"

"Yeah, I know.  He never calls anyone, but..........he was NOT sober"

"Oh my. I thought he didn't drink anymore."

"He doesn't...normally...but he'd had a few beers.  Anyway, he had two MRI's, each lasting two and a half hours!  They showed the tumor in his prostate is shrinking and the other two aren't growing.  He is to continue taking the shots and the pills to kill the hormone and go back to the doc in two months."

"Oh. MY. Gosh!"

"Yeah, I know.  He was pretty happy about it."

"Well, I guess that's good news....I guess."

"I'm going to wait and call Cindy or Mark in a couple of days.  Hopefully, they will both be sober and I can learn more."
So I drove home smiling and checked my e-mail and sure enough---there was the forwarded text.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Cheesed Off!

I have had a sick head ache for the last two days.  The pain in my neck, goes up into my skull and aches and makes me nauseous.  I have a real problem with C1-C2-C3- & C-4.  Plus L2-L2- &L3.  Usually with the L (Lumbar) I can rest and it gets better.  With the C (Cervical), my head is so big and heavy that there is no rest for my neck.

I decided to call and see if I could get into the Chiropractor today.  I woke up this morning, and my neck and head felt great!  Who knows?!
Then I went for a walk, up to the corner and back---without stopping!!  Usually I have to stop half-way up and back to rest my back a bit.  My hips, thighs and back hurt, but I just kept going and seemed to be a bit steadier.  Sometimes my back gets so fatigued that I walk like a drunken sailor.

Some people paint or stencil a tree branch on their wall and on up on their ceiling.  On my walk, I found a really neat branch off (Fred's) the Aspen Tree and this is what I did.

I think it's neat that it looks like the "invisible" breeze, has the new branch going in the same direction as the driftwood branch I found on the beach at Nags Head, NC and the small branch, that I found in the Upper Peninsula, over on the shelf, the Sea Oats in the picture AND, the new branch is off Fred's Tree so maybe it was a sign from him?  (Nah--I don't believe in that stuff!)

I like how it goes up onto the ceiling.

I can't wait for Pearl and Dar to see it.  Pearl will think I should hang artificial, jeweled butterflies from the branches.  Dar will wonder why I have a "maybe" bug ridden dead branch in my house.
My new glasses cost $238.50.  I had nearly $200.00 saved and planned on getting them next month.  I have had the prescription since May.

For the last month, the front brakes on my car have been making a kind of "we are worn out" sound.  I checked and it's been about five years since I had new ones put on.  BUT--in that time, I have only driven about 10,000 miles, they should still be okay, BUT, probably rusted out from the rain/snow/salt on the roads.  

As I was falling asleep last night, I pondered on calling Pammie and seeing if she and I could arrange putting on the brakes by the guy, who lives out by her, that she uses for all her auto repairs.  I figured I could coordinate my brake job on a day she has off.  She could pick me up at his house (2 miles away), then I'd spend a couple of hours at her house, she would take me back and I'd come home.  I knew he'd be cheaper than taking my car to the service shop where I normally go.

Well, that plan did not work out!!!  Pam has no idea what days she will be working next week.  When and If she does get a day or two off, she has to finished staining some old people's deck.  Friends of my Dad's AND they are paying her.

So I called my service shop and was told, "$300.00 for the job."  I said,"Thanks" and hung up.  I looked on-line and found brake pads from 24-58 dollars.  Why such a big charge?  Oh yeah, labor around here is $75-$80 bucks an hour!

So I called back and asked to speak to the owner.  He and Fred became friends.  Fred had tried three or four service places and like these guys the best and I have taken my car there for about five years.

"Hi Ken.  Judy Miller here.  I need new front brakes on my car.  They are making a rumbling, grinding noise.  I don't need any thing real special...the car is seventeen years old and I only drive about two thousand miles a year.  Can you give me an estimate?"

"Sure.  What make and model....oh never mind, I see your past services in the computer.  Are you still living at 6413 Lakeview Lane?"


"Okay--let me see."
<Jeopardy "think" song here.............>



"I don't want to put the cheapest brakes on your car.  You will get a lot of black dirt off them..in a couple of months they will start squealing and making a noise.  I have a middle grade that should work great for you.  Plus, we will clean the cylinder, file all the rust off the rotors and give them a turn, if they need it."

"How much?"

"We can do it for...hmmm...right around one hundred and ninety-nine dollars."

"Can you take a look at the rest of the car to make sure it is good to go for winter?"

"Yep--we always do that.  No charge."

"Okay.  When can I bring it in?"

"What days are you free next week?"

"Any day.  Around ten o'clock?"

"Okay...how about Tuesday morning at ten?"

"Perfect.  See ya then."
So...there goes my emergency cash I had saved up the last three months for my glasses.  Oh well--I guess, being able to stop my car is far more important than seeing!!  I don't wear glasses to drive, so................

I called Maisey's Daddy and he will follow me into town and bring me back home, so I don't have to sit in the shop for 3 hours.  Maybe he will take me back too, or Merle.  

It is real hard to get a ride around here.  I won't ask Pearl because she can barely get out of the park, without taking down a couple of mail boxes.  Dar has to work, or I'd ask her.  Pay back for when I had to go into Brighton to pick her up from work last month. 

John is the best choice.  He will take a thank you hug and be happy.  Merle would want a thank you hug too and try and cop a feel!  
I felt pretty ambitious today, so I mopped my kitchen floor,
which has needed it for a month or so, watered my outside containers, checked out my Zinnia garden, which was a big FAIL this year,

and dusted everything inside and vacuumed.

I have not been inspired at all to do any of those things lately.

I didn't go to the Old School Gal Pals luncheon yesterday.  It was up near Byron.  Tomorrow, I have to go to Byron to a 60th wedding anniversary--I could only manage one trip up there because I have less than half a tank of gas and only $1.99 in my checking/debit card.  HAH

I sang at the couples wedding or I would not go.  I can't really stand either one of them, but they personally invited me, so I feel I should go.  It will be nice to see some of the Byron people again.  I just hope they don't want me to sing because, there is no way, "Oh Promise Me' and "I Love You Truly" will come out of my old, gravelly voice box!

Afterwards, I will bop out to see Pammie and my "Lil" sister.  She thinks she has a dry socket where her tooth was removed.  ARGGH!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No News, Is Good News?

In this case, no news drives me nutsy-cuckoo!

Dar came over last night.  Why does she always show up when I want to watch Jeopardy?
<I'm such a selfish person!>

She wanted to tell me all about the quarter of a million dollar wedding she went to last week.  A Jewish/Islamic wedding.  It was interesting.  Jewish ceremony.  Arab/Islamic reception.

Dar went on to describe the "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts".  The hundreds dollars she spent on her outfit--her Dad wore his tux, her sister-in-law spent hundreds of dollars on her outfit, on and on because with Dar--everything in life is about $$$.

She claims to be a Christian, with Jesus sitting on the chair next to her bed, but...I have never heard of her donating a penny to any worth charity or church.
<There I go again, with un-Christian thoughts.>
So--Rosie O'Donnel's adopted daughter ran off for awhile?  I figure she was probably just taking a break from her nutsy-cuckoo mother.  Although the girl has emotional and mental issues.  So would I, growing up with Rosie!

The friend's son-in-law that I wrote about--the one killed on the expressway, by a woman who made an illegal turn from one of those emergency only u-turn places?  His funeral was yesterday.  Over a hundred cars in the procession and at least that many bikers and also Navy honor guards.  By far the largest funeral our little town of Byron has seen in many years.

He was a very giving young man--always helping others right up to donating his organs.  He and his wife organized a yearly Cruising For A Cure, bike ride and used the money raised for a child with cancer, in our community.

Very sad--he had NO broken bones and only a small scrape on his arm from the accident. HOWEVER, he was not wearing his helmet.  His head took the full impact when he hit the ground.  IF he had been wearing the helmet, he'd be alive and telling his story today.

Another bad thing?  Bert was a Michigan State University Spartan, through and through.  He died at the University of Michigan hospital.  A lot of us have found that ironic.  I am going to put a card in my wallet that states: "If I am ever in an accident and air flighted out--take me to East Lansing, NOT Ann Arbor!"

Coming into Byron.

My friend, with her hubs.

There was a man from Ohio, who witnessed the accident, and when the driver of the car took off, at a high rate of speed, he followed her until he could get close enough to see the make, model, color and license plate of the car.  The police have arrested her.  Only 22 years old!

One of my favorite sayings comes to mind:

Bert should have had his helmet on and the young woman has certainly ruined her destiny.
Felt punk most of the day.  I've been closed up in the house for 5 days because of heat and humidity.  75% humidity most of the time.  Can't even open the bedroom window at night.  Tomorrow promises a cold front and break in the weather.  I hope it's here by the time I wake up.  Windows and doors will be open to catch the fresh breezes coming in.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wood Chucks, Opossums and Baby Sisters

A sister blogger, Jean from Misadventures of Widowhood, posted about her misadventures with a Wood Chuck.  How do city people get rid of such a nuisance?  You can't very well shoot the thing.  You can't really send the dog out to chase it away.  Wood Chucks are notorious for carrying rabies.

It all made me laugh and remember an instance, when I lived in a city and my neighbor had such a problem--only it was a Possum.

Across the street neighbor called my house mate Ernie.  "Come quick!  There's a big rat sitting on the chain link fence and I'm afraid to let the dogs out!"

Ernie scampered across the street and came back to tell me.

"Phyllis has a Possum sitting on her fence.  I don't know how to get rid of it.  It won't move!"

I said, "Get a shovel and pound it on the head to kill it.  That should take care of the problem."

"Kill it?  I don't want to kill it."

"Well you can't leave it there.  Phyllis won't let the dogs out and she will be calling you every twenty minutes to do something."

"Yeah, but.........my Dad told me once that if I were ever lost in the woods, I could kill a Possum and cook the meat and I wouldn't starve."

"Really?  Good advice I suppose.  BUT--number one, you aren't lost, number two, you aren't in the woods, and number three...you aren't starving.  You have to get rid of the Possum.  Hit the dang thing over the head with the shovel and everything will be as before."

"Maybe I could live trap it and take it out to your Dad's farm and release it?"

"Ah--no.  In the first place, that is against the law.  In the second place, my Dad has enough Possums, he doesn't want anymore."

He went outside and I saw him walk across the street, big shovel in hand.  I listened.  I heard the "whang, whang" of shovel meeting chain link fence--twice.

Twice?  Must have missed the first time.

Then I saw him walking back across the street, holding the dead Possum, out at arms length, by its tail.

"Now what do I do with it?"

"Put it a garbage bag and throw it in the freezer in the garage.  Then on garbage pick-up day, put it in the garbage pail.  The garbage men won't even know and the Possum won't care."

Ernie actually had tears in his eyes and later, bad dreams about his Possum hunt.

I have been known, while driving on country roads, to nearly put my car in the ditch trying to run down Possums and Wood Chucks!!  However, I'd stop in traffic to save a Turtle, so I'm not all bad!
My little sister and her hubs stopped in today. on their way home from Brighton.  My sister had a back tooth extracted and she had to change the gauze 20 minutes out from her surgery.  She didn't want to be sedated, (silly girl), so she was still shaking from the whole experience.

She was so precious.  I just wanted to take her on my lap and soothe her and rock her in the rocking chair.  Her first extraction.  She acted like she had had a major operation.  

She waited another half hour, changed the gauze again and then they beat it for home--a 35 minute drive.

I doubt she will have any pain when the Novocaine wears off, other then where she got the shots.  Her jaw is probably going to hurt more from the way she was clenching her teeth down on that gauze pad.  

She was going straight home, take her pain pills and go to bed!  Lord a Mercy.  I hope she never has to have a knee or hip replacement.  HAH