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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

No News, Is Good News?

In this case, no news drives me nutsy-cuckoo!

Dar came over last night.  Why does she always show up when I want to watch Jeopardy?
<I'm such a selfish person!>

She wanted to tell me all about the quarter of a million dollar wedding she went to last week.  A Jewish/Islamic wedding.  It was interesting.  Jewish ceremony.  Arab/Islamic reception.

Dar went on to describe the "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts".  The hundreds dollars she spent on her outfit--her Dad wore his tux, her sister-in-law spent hundreds of dollars on her outfit, on and on because with Dar--everything in life is about $$$.

She claims to be a Christian, with Jesus sitting on the chair next to her bed, but...I have never heard of her donating a penny to any worth charity or church.
<There I go again, with un-Christian thoughts.>
So--Rosie O'Donnel's adopted daughter ran off for awhile?  I figure she was probably just taking a break from her nutsy-cuckoo mother.  Although the girl has emotional and mental issues.  So would I, growing up with Rosie!

The friend's son-in-law that I wrote about--the one killed on the expressway, by a woman who made an illegal turn from one of those emergency only u-turn places?  His funeral was yesterday.  Over a hundred cars in the procession and at least that many bikers and also Navy honor guards.  By far the largest funeral our little town of Byron has seen in many years.

He was a very giving young man--always helping others right up to donating his organs.  He and his wife organized a yearly Cruising For A Cure, bike ride and used the money raised for a child with cancer, in our community.

Very sad--he had NO broken bones and only a small scrape on his arm from the accident. HOWEVER, he was not wearing his helmet.  His head took the full impact when he hit the ground.  IF he had been wearing the helmet, he'd be alive and telling his story today.

Another bad thing?  Bert was a Michigan State University Spartan, through and through.  He died at the University of Michigan hospital.  A lot of us have found that ironic.  I am going to put a card in my wallet that states: "If I am ever in an accident and air flighted out--take me to East Lansing, NOT Ann Arbor!"

Coming into Byron.

My friend, with her hubs.

There was a man from Ohio, who witnessed the accident, and when the driver of the car took off, at a high rate of speed, he followed her until he could get close enough to see the make, model, color and license plate of the car.  The police have arrested her.  Only 22 years old!

One of my favorite sayings comes to mind:

Bert should have had his helmet on and the young woman has certainly ruined her destiny.
Felt punk most of the day.  I've been closed up in the house for 5 days because of heat and humidity.  75% humidity most of the time.  Can't even open the bedroom window at night.  Tomorrow promises a cold front and break in the weather.  I hope it's here by the time I wake up.  Windows and doors will be open to catch the fresh breezes coming in.


  1. Dar is something else alright. Mercy!

    I'm so sorry for the family and friends of Bert. Such a sad thing to have happen. I will say this though, Judy, my grandson had his helmet on when he was hit on the dirt track and the helmet broke right into his skull. Still gives me such sadness, and I'm sure will forever until I meet him again.

    I've never seen pictures taken at a funeral like those for Bert's funeral. Is that normal where you live?

    Sure hope the weather is better for you tomorrow, Judy. xoxo

    1. The helmet he should have had on, is one of those newer ones, that have been approved by the government. However, last year Michigan brought in a no helmet law--idiots!!!

      Photos--not usually, Sally, but nowadays with everyone having a cell phone capable of taking pictures, I guess. At least none from inside the funeral home, or at least, none that have been posted on FB. These kids are in their 40's, and I think he is the first one of their group to die, so.....they wanted to get photos to remember? I don't know--it's kind of weird.

      Although I did have pictures of my Daddy and Fred in their caskets. Had the mortician take them when no one was around and I have not shown them to anyone. I wish I had one of my Mother and grandmother. Guess I'm weird too?

    2. It's the same here as far as the no helmet law for street bikes. I cringe every time one passes me and not wearing a helmet. Patti has been on the back of one, and not worn a helmet. I'm glad she's not dating someone now with a motorcycle. I'm not judging about the pictures being taken, just had not seen that done before and you're NOT weird. xoxo

  2. What an amazing funeral.....tribute to a wonderful man. Your friend must be devastated. All the what-ifs! So sad.
    It is still really hot here this morning. The humidity is very high. We haven't been able to turn off the AC for days and it gives me that cooped up feeling, too. Hope today is a better day for you.

  3. Indiana adopted a no helmet law years ago. I don't understand why people ride without a helmet!

    It was in the low 60's here this mornning, so nice!

  4. Hey, you can dis the U of M football team and school all you want, but not the hospital! They do lots of good things here! I completely agree that the MI government are idiots for bringing in the no helmet law! They wanted more money for the state because bike riders were not coming here because they had to wear a helmet! It's a shame that a few bad decisions caused so much heartache for family and friends of that young man.

    1. They do a lot of good there, however, as a die hard Spartan fan, you don't want to be in there--all that blue and yellow makes one feel even worse!! Someday I will tell you about my friend who drove all the way down to UofM hospital for an appointment and when she got there, was told they didn't have any records for her, and they had no appointment for her, even though she had been there for tests the month before and had the appointment card in her hand. :-)

    2. OK you can tell me someday but you know that can happen anywhere!