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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Okay--I just gotta tell you this--I know it's wrong to gossip, but if it's the truth...is it gossip or just a good story?

So--Pearl came down last week to show me her new glasses.  She has been wearing the smallish wire frame kind.  She decided this time, to go with the new (old) plastic frames that are coming back in style.  Navy blue frames at that.  Not Progressive lenses--she still has the Coke-bottle kind of bifocal line across the bottom.

With her very pale skin color and pure white hair, I must say, they were a...what would you call it...a stand out feature!

She was so excited that I didn't really want to give my honest opinion, so I said, "I love the color of the frames!"

The glasses are way too big for her face and of course, being plastic, heavier than what she had been wearing.

"I just love them, " she said.  "I feel all hip and young!"
<reason enough to wear them, in my opinion>
I went up to visit her and Merle last night. 

I noticed that Pearl was wearing her old glasses.

"What happened to your new glasses?'

"I don't like them!"


"Because everyone says I look like an Owl!  They are too big for my face and when people look at me, all they see are the glasses!"
<I noticed Merle is rolling his eyes>

"Can you take them back?"

"They can replace the frames, but the lenses are big, to fit those kind of frames, so...I'd have to get a whole new pair--lenses and frames."


Merle says quietly, "Oh, just go ahead.  What's another two hundred dollars?"
I told you, Pearl wants me to set up an e-mail account for her?  She wants it because, she can't order things on-line without an e-mail account.  

I keep putting her off.
She keeps bugging me about it.

I suggested she have her daughter do it for her, because I'm not sure how to do it.
<really, because I don't want to get involved in that circus>

As they say down South, "Bless her heart!!"
My wonderful grandma, Helene,  was born 112 years ago.

34 years ago today, my daughter Karen Helene was married:
17 years ago today, my sister's son Adam was married.


  1. hehehe, i just love a story like that!!! makes for a great story at the next family gettogether!!!!

  2. Poor Pearl - and, hey, I don't blame you for not helping to set up an email account.

    I always love seeing pics of your family, Judy. :)

  3. I don't like progressive lenses either. I've got trifocals. LOL That last time I was looking for glasses I wanted red or purple but couldn't find them. Tell Pearl it's a fashion statement to "look like an owl." If people are looking at her frames they aren't looking at her other flaws. LOL Merle is probably thanking you under his breath for not helping her set up an email account.

  4. Great story..... but poor Merle! Jx

  5. Your Grandma Helene resembles her baby picture so much, so serious. The 4th picture of her with the twinkle in her eyes is delicious.

    Too bad you don't have a photo of Pearl in her NEW glasses. We'd get our two cents in!

  6. I hate to pick out anything expensive that I will have to live with for awhile. Too much pressure. Love the pics.