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Friday, August 21, 2015

Cheesed Off!

I have had a sick head ache for the last two days.  The pain in my neck, goes up into my skull and aches and makes me nauseous.  I have a real problem with C1-C2-C3- & C-4.  Plus L2-L2- &L3.  Usually with the L (Lumbar) I can rest and it gets better.  With the C (Cervical), my head is so big and heavy that there is no rest for my neck.

I decided to call and see if I could get into the Chiropractor today.  I woke up this morning, and my neck and head felt great!  Who knows?!
Then I went for a walk, up to the corner and back---without stopping!!  Usually I have to stop half-way up and back to rest my back a bit.  My hips, thighs and back hurt, but I just kept going and seemed to be a bit steadier.  Sometimes my back gets so fatigued that I walk like a drunken sailor.

Some people paint or stencil a tree branch on their wall and on up on their ceiling.  On my walk, I found a really neat branch off (Fred's) the Aspen Tree and this is what I did.

I think it's neat that it looks like the "invisible" breeze, has the new branch going in the same direction as the driftwood branch I found on the beach at Nags Head, NC and the small branch, that I found in the Upper Peninsula, over on the shelf, the Sea Oats in the picture AND, the new branch is off Fred's Tree so maybe it was a sign from him?  (Nah--I don't believe in that stuff!)

I like how it goes up onto the ceiling.

I can't wait for Pearl and Dar to see it.  Pearl will think I should hang artificial, jeweled butterflies from the branches.  Dar will wonder why I have a "maybe" bug ridden dead branch in my house.
My new glasses cost $238.50.  I had nearly $200.00 saved and planned on getting them next month.  I have had the prescription since May.

For the last month, the front brakes on my car have been making a kind of "we are worn out" sound.  I checked and it's been about five years since I had new ones put on.  BUT--in that time, I have only driven about 10,000 miles, they should still be okay, BUT, probably rusted out from the rain/snow/salt on the roads.  

As I was falling asleep last night, I pondered on calling Pammie and seeing if she and I could arrange putting on the brakes by the guy, who lives out by her, that she uses for all her auto repairs.  I figured I could coordinate my brake job on a day she has off.  She could pick me up at his house (2 miles away), then I'd spend a couple of hours at her house, she would take me back and I'd come home.  I knew he'd be cheaper than taking my car to the service shop where I normally go.

Well, that plan did not work out!!!  Pam has no idea what days she will be working next week.  When and If she does get a day or two off, she has to finished staining some old people's deck.  Friends of my Dad's AND they are paying her.

So I called my service shop and was told, "$300.00 for the job."  I said,"Thanks" and hung up.  I looked on-line and found brake pads from 24-58 dollars.  Why such a big charge?  Oh yeah, labor around here is $75-$80 bucks an hour!

So I called back and asked to speak to the owner.  He and Fred became friends.  Fred had tried three or four service places and like these guys the best and I have taken my car there for about five years.

"Hi Ken.  Judy Miller here.  I need new front brakes on my car.  They are making a rumbling, grinding noise.  I don't need any thing real special...the car is seventeen years old and I only drive about two thousand miles a year.  Can you give me an estimate?"

"Sure.  What make and model....oh never mind, I see your past services in the computer.  Are you still living at 6413 Lakeview Lane?"


"Okay--let me see."
<Jeopardy "think" song here.............>



"I don't want to put the cheapest brakes on your car.  You will get a lot of black dirt off them..in a couple of months they will start squealing and making a noise.  I have a middle grade that should work great for you.  Plus, we will clean the cylinder, file all the rust off the rotors and give them a turn, if they need it."

"How much?"

"We can do it for...hmmm...right around one hundred and ninety-nine dollars."

"Can you take a look at the rest of the car to make sure it is good to go for winter?"

"Yep--we always do that.  No charge."

"Okay.  When can I bring it in?"

"What days are you free next week?"

"Any day.  Around ten o'clock?"

"Okay...how about Tuesday morning at ten?"

"Perfect.  See ya then."
So...there goes my emergency cash I had saved up the last three months for my glasses.  Oh well--I guess, being able to stop my car is far more important than seeing!!  I don't wear glasses to drive, so................

I called Maisey's Daddy and he will follow me into town and bring me back home, so I don't have to sit in the shop for 3 hours.  Maybe he will take me back too, or Merle.  

It is real hard to get a ride around here.  I won't ask Pearl because she can barely get out of the park, without taking down a couple of mail boxes.  Dar has to work, or I'd ask her.  Pay back for when I had to go into Brighton to pick her up from work last month. 

John is the best choice.  He will take a thank you hug and be happy.  Merle would want a thank you hug too and try and cop a feel!  
I felt pretty ambitious today, so I mopped my kitchen floor,
which has needed it for a month or so, watered my outside containers, checked out my Zinnia garden, which was a big FAIL this year,

and dusted everything inside and vacuumed.

I have not been inspired at all to do any of those things lately.

I didn't go to the Old School Gal Pals luncheon yesterday.  It was up near Byron.  Tomorrow, I have to go to Byron to a 60th wedding anniversary--I could only manage one trip up there because I have less than half a tank of gas and only $1.99 in my checking/debit card.  HAH

I sang at the couples wedding or I would not go.  I can't really stand either one of them, but they personally invited me, so I feel I should go.  It will be nice to see some of the Byron people again.  I just hope they don't want me to sing because, there is no way, "Oh Promise Me' and "I Love You Truly" will come out of my old, gravelly voice box!

Afterwards, I will bop out to see Pammie and my "Lil" sister.  She thinks she has a dry socket where her tooth was removed.  ARGGH!


  1. Bummer needing brakes. I hate that for you especially since you're broke in your debit card. I hope nothing else comes up. Glad you're feeling better today, though. I had to laugh about Merle; you do have a way with words. LOL


  2. The tree branch looks nice and I like the way it fits in with the others.

    They make zinnias that grow closer to the ground and are compact. I used to have them at the "other" house. I never liked the ones that grew tall.

    We have $80/hr labor around here too. We just had the bike in for its 1000 mile servicing and it took almost three hours. Had it not been for the labor it would have been a decent bill.

  3. I love your tree branch in the corner. That's something I would do, too.

    Sorry about your brakes, but you can't ignore them and be safe on the roads.

  4. You are lucky to have found a garage who seem to be doing the work for an 'honest' price... but cars are still a real 'money pit'. I hope that everything is sorted quickly. Jx

  5. So sorry that cash for your new glasses got diverted. Bummer!

    I know what you mean about it being so hard to find a ride. Friends too old, too busy, too young without a car, too far away, and take a cab? ridiculously expensive. And family? Three hours away. Like you, I plan my life around other people's schedules when I need a lift. Used to have a neighbor who helped me out, and I her, but she died. Argh!!!

    1. We don't have cabs in this area. We do have a bus, but you need to make an appointment for them to pick you up a week in advance and then they will only stop if there are other people in the area who need a ride.

      It is soooo rude for people we rely on, to die on us!!!!! I will never quite forgive Fred for dying on the first day of the year! Rudeness to the nth degree! :-)