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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life is Humming Along

It was 81 degrees today and a bit sticky and I am probably the only one in Michigan complaining about it.  I have a fine tuned preference for 68-75 degrees and humidity around 40%.  When the humidity gets real high, it makes me physically sick.  I had a bad heat stroke when I was 15 and ever since then............  I took the cover off the air conditioning unit this afternoon--just in case, but I guess it is going to cool down a bit the rest of the week.

I spent all morning on the genealogy.  I wanted to get a hair cut, but my stylist at Fantastic Sam's was all booked up.  At that place, you cannot make an appointment ahead of time.  You have to call the morning you want your cut and get a spot in the schedule.  I called at 10:04 and was told the stylist I wanted was booked up until 7:00pm.

Now, I ask you, if I called 4 minutes after they opened, how many calls came in before that to fill up my stylist's schedule?  I "think" they are allowing people to call the day before, but they sure won't let me do it.

So, I will try tomorrow and if she is "booked" I will just ask for someone who knows how to cut short hair.  My hair is long and thick and hot right now.
At 7:00, I walked up to visit Pearl and Merle, but couldn't find them home, so I walked across the street to visit Dar and her Dad.  Her Dad now sits out in front of the house, in a chair, in the sun, with his shirt off.  Now to see a 95 year old man shirtless can be a bit staggering.  I don't know why he doesn't sit in the sun in the back yard, but.............................

Dar showed me her new Smart Phone--some kind of fancy thing I will tell you.  You can talk to it and tell it where you want to go and the GPS will talk back as you drive along.  Talk about distraction!

Then she told me how many On Demand movies they watch on TV--those cost $4.99 to watch and they watch 2 a day.

Then she started telling me about the new sneakers she got.

" I was told to get a good support shoe  Now, you know I don't like to spend money (oh really?), so Dad and I walked around the store for about 3 hours, talking about it.  Then I decided......................."

Just then Dad threw his hands up in the air and said, "Just show her the damn shoes!"

I just about chocked on my laughter and said, "We gotta hear the story first, Mickey." he rolled his eyes.

She went and got them and took them out of the box.  They are slip-ons.  Sketchers.  I don't see as how they are very good in the support department, but.........................................
I got my January cross stitch project--finally--mounted on the foam core.  I could not find a frame narrow enough or long enough.  So I just put a nice heavy backing on it and glued a hanger on the back.

Up above the back door it went.  It just fits that 6" space.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good Day

Another day of windows and doors open to let in the 72 degree air.  My gosh.  I love this time of year!!  

All of my windows have blinds.  I hate the top of the blinds contraption to show.  Therefore, I am obsessed with Valances.  I was sitting in the bathroom looking at my back door last weekend and I thought to myself, "It has no character.  Just a back door, with a window and blinds.

So, when I went to Walmart yesterday, I bought a tension rod = $2.37, screwed it out to the correct width and put one of the valances I took out of the den and put on it.

I love it!!  Dressed it up a bit.  Considering the fact I rarely use that door, I don't think it will ever get in my way.

The garden around the Lilac bushes that Karen edged for me.
Hostas coming up in there too.

The view out my kitchen window by my table.
I have another surprise for tomorrow.  A cross stitch I was working on that is now blocked and stretched on foam core.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The weather outside is delightful, but my Dear you are so frightful..........

.....wait.  That's not the way that songs goes, is it?

The weather IS delightful!!  low to mid 70's--my perfect temperature.  Still in the cool 40's at night.  No annuals planted in Michigan as yet--we all know about last frosts and even late snow.

I am waiting for this next weekend.  That is when I am going to haul my garden and porch decorations out of the shed, hang up the wind chimes, bring out the pots and get them situated where they belong.

I need to paint the porch steps and the railings--the squirrels I feed all winter have done a bad number on my porch railings.  Dug off the paint and gotten the railings all dirty with their little muddy paws!

Today, I worked all morning on the newest genealogy, laundry was chugging away in the washer.  Every time I took a bathroom break, I'd fold the ones in the dryer, throw in the wet ones and put another load in the washer.

At noon I took my break.  Noon news and weather, small sandwich, then my Soap and at 2:00 the TV goes off.  I usually get back to the computer work, but today I had to make a run up to the Walmart.  It was pretty quiet today.  I had to get wet and dry cat food, litter, Scotch Tape and typing paper and a tension rod for something I want to try.  Also some fruit and salad makings for me and of course, the obligatory Diet Pepsi. and gallon of milk.  HAH!
I have never seen my Tulips open this wide!

...and the Gold Finches are back!!!!!!! 
Which reminds me, I must get my bird bath situated.

If my tension rod idea works, I will show you tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Good Week----------------------

Kathleen Gentile, thank you so much for the lovely card, which touched my heart, and the information clipping.  I DO get help with my Medicare insurance.  Thank Goodness.
I am hoping to get back on the daily post bandwagon.  I'm trying to get everything  organized once again.  I cannot believe how tied to this computer I have become.  Face Book starts and ends each day.  Plus, I had 256 e-mails to go through, bills to pay and a new genealogy to start.

You know how I get when I am researching a genealogy!  Time flies by.  I am so engrossed in the search.  Just when I think I have found all that I can on a person--there's another tiny clue that needs to be investigated.  I am trying to keep myself at 4 hours on the genealogy and then get out of this room and do whatever household chores I have to do.

I forgot one item when I was spring cleaning.  I need to strip my bed and flip my memory foam topper.  I remember how heavy that thing is an how unwielding it is to maneuver.  I gotta do it though.  Don't be scared for me--I don't have to climb anything.  HAH!

Did I tell you, Karen came over on Tuesday to help me do some outside chores?  She cleaned up that large oval garden I have around my Lilac bushes--she wanted to mulch, but I have too many spring bulbs and Hosta's coming up right now--we need to wait.

Then she hefted a couple of plastic storage boxes out of my office closet for me to put things in.  Then she ironed the new office curtains while I sat in here, on my desk and put them on their rods.  What a great help she was!!!

I am done with Physical therapy.  Glad to report that my neck and shoulder are doing great.  I had 5 sessions left on Medicare for the year, so I had her work on my lower back.  Lost cause!!  All the PT did was irritate it and make it inflamed and it hurts worse now, than when she started.  HAH!!!  When a person has herniated discs, arthritis and spinal stenosis, there isn't much to be done to help.

I have heard people discussing taking Turmeric supplements to help with arthritis.  I read up on it and knew I probably couldn't take it.  Anything that has the words "anti-inflammatory" on the label is off limits for me because they all interact with the blood thinners.  So no--Advil, Alleve, Naproxen, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil--nothing like that.  I can take Tylenol which helps hardly at all.  Even though I knew I "probably" couldn't take it, I did call the doctor to ask.  He said, "Absolutely not."

We got about 2 inches of rain yesterday and none of the predicted severe thunderstorms, thank goodness.  We did need the rain.  All of our spring flowers look much better than they did a year ago.  My Forsythia had few blooms on it last spring, this year it is loaded and gleaming beautiful bright yellow.

Guess there's nothing else going on around here.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Honey Pie

Honey Pie or HP, as her initials are on the front of her, is back from the computer hospital.  A bit longer than we thought as Honey Pie was 19% away from a massive stroke where she would have lost all her memory and everything stored in her brain.  Consequently, Honey Pie's hospital bill was about $130.00 more than expected.  

Good thing I requested she have a colonoscopy as she was stuffed with cat fur and dust.  Then she was given a new "cloned" brain and everything stored in her old brain was transferred over to that.  2GB's were added to her heart--free of charge.

She is alive and well, and faster than when she was a young girl.
I worked on cleaning her room all day Monday and part of Tuesday, so the only time I really started missing her a lot, was Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

The house was entirely clean.  There was nothing to do Wednesday morning, but I managed to find a good documentary about the Hatfields and McCoys to watch on the History Channel.

Then I watched my Soap.  The hospital called at 2:30, with her release, but I had PT at 3:00, so I had to wait and go pick her up at 4:30.

When we got home is was raining like crazy, but I got her into the house.  I think she gained weight while she was in hospital.  What good PT did to my back was ruined by my having to lift and carry her into the house.  

But she's home and now I can get back to my computer work.  YAY!!!
Washing Windows Video

Dusting the Monster

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quick Note.

I had a lovely Easter at daughter Karen's and Mark.  Pammie was there too.  4 of the 5 grand kids and the great grand baby, who loves and smiles at everyone except me.  She pouts and starts to pucker up when I am near her, so I stay a bit away and wave at her and make funny faces.

Ex  hubs and his wife stopped on their way home from Florida.  She is in the sun so much, her face is one mass of brown wrinkles.  She looks terrible and she is way younger than me.

My last post until probably Wednesday, when I get my computer back.  I am expecting major internet withdrawal!!!

and these two--oldest grandson Marcus and his love Morgan.  She is a ballet dancer too and I have known her since she was young.  She also is a farm kid, raising pigs, and now studying physical therapy.  She could come in real handy for this old gramma!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Don't know where to begin...........

............so I didn't!

I looked around.

Such a mess in here!  I don't even know where to start!  Curtains have to come down and wash the windows and it is difficult to get to those windows.  Which means I have to take everything off my desk and use it to sit on to reach the windows, and brace the back of my calves when I have to stand up to replace the curtains.

Just cannot handle it right now, so.........................
No one in their right mind would go grocery shopping on the Saturday before a Holiday.  I had no choice.  
There was a white rabbit wandering around the store, scaring all the little kids.  I told the rabbit I thought it would work better if she stood by the greeter so the kids could see her when they walked in, from a far, and then let them decide if they wanted to come up and say.  Oh no, she kept rushing over to where they were, held captive in the cart seat, and they yelled and cried.  It was a zoo in there.
================= I am going to Karen's Sunday for a late dinner, early supper?  4:00.

Monday morning I am taking my computer to the hospital and it might be in there for at least two days, so I won't be back on-line until late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

I have PT on Monday, so it looks like Tuesday might be a good day to tackle this room?

I will let you know if I survive and if I don't?  Pammie will post to let you know.  LOL.