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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

We are falling apart!

I've never seen such divisiveness in my country like we are having now.  The riots and protests of the '60's, don't compare to this.

In my opinion, although most of you will disagree, the Alt. Right or whatever they're called, had a permit to march.  The Alt. Left did not have a permit to assemble.  If the Alt. Left had stayed home, the Alt. Right would have marched and gone home and probably no news coverage would have been given.  The Alt. Left had to go and mingle and without them even knowing it, they have given the Alt. Right more publicity and news coverage than they've had in years.  AND--they are loving it!  They have gained many members in the last week.  Which shows just how racism has grown in the last few years.

Now we gotta tear down some statues because they represent racism.  No they don't!  They represent men who fought for States Rights.  Men who believed in their way of life.  Proud men, and most of them didn't have slaves.  Plus, getting rid of markers of hi story aren't going to make that history go away.

Perhaps we should march on the Little Big Horn National Site and take away all vestiges that show how Sitting Bull and his men killed Custer and his men.  We wouldn't want the Native Americans getting too uppity.

What's next?  1984?  Who's to say that some large group isn't going to want to rid the USA of every vestige of Catholics?  Jews?  Protestants?  Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims unite!  Tear down any religious symbols.  There will be no Pledge to the Flag, No National Anthem sang, No National Prayer breakfast, No gathering of religious denomination allowed.

 And in the meantime, Face Book is still alive with negative, and down right nasty, shared links.  Nine months after the election and it's still going on.  AND all it does is continue to keep the hatred, anger and divisiveness alive. 

I could not stand the last President we had.  I blame him for the renewal of racism.  He could have done so much for "his people" and all he did was say things that made them think they were entitled to do whatever they wanted.  Riot.  Protest.  Shoot cops.

Did I post daily negative links about him on FB?  Of course not.  The President, simply by being the one elected, is to be respected.  Even if you can't stand the Dude.  You don't call for his assassination! People are going insane!

I am not a Trump fan.  He is not a politician.  He hasn't yet learned how a politician is supposed to act.  That very reason is why he got elected.  Apparently the majority of the American people are sick and tired of politicians.  He's a business man who is used to giving orders and having them carried out, no questions ask.  He might learn how to be more subtle, careful with his words--if anyone gives him the chance.

BUT even if he did something amazingly right--brought about World Peace, stopped hunger around the world, walk on the water of the Potomac River, the media wouldn't give him a bit of credit.  In fact, they would find some way to turn it into a negative.  They kept saying the President was on vacation.  Actually, the Oval Offices and staff offices were being renovated and he and his staff were told to leave while the work was being done.

I have never realized before now, how really biased the media is.  They thought they had it all figured out who was going to win the election.  I will never forget the look on Chuck Todd's face when the race was called.  He was stunned and in shock and didn't know what to say.

The Liberal press went into a near state of apoplexy and they haven't recovered yet.  And they won't.

This crap is going to go on for the next 3.5 years!!!  They don't want the President to succeed and they will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't. 

If Hillary had stood up there at the mic and said she wanted calm and the hatred from both sides was wrong, the press would have proclaimed what a tough stance she had taken on the protests.

What earthy good does it do for people to post such junk on FB.  Is it actually going to change some one's mind?  I'm talking both sides, because, like the President, I think both sides are to blame for this.  What earthly good does any of this do, except foster more anger and hatred.  

We ought to respect each other feelings and beliefs.  So what if we disagree?  So what if you hate the President?  

Oh and, BTW--those Confederate Generals that you all hate--they were all Democrats.  Back then, the Democrats were pro-slavery.  They needed large groups of people to help get the only financial support they had--Cotton, planted and picked so they could send it north to the mills.  Blame the British if you want.  They saw a way to make a financial gain.  They had the big boats that could go to Africa and pay a few coins to the Africans for some of their people to transport to the South, to help those Democrats keep up their big plantations.

In 1924, a large conclave of the KKK was welcomed at the Democratic Convention with open arms.

The Grand Dragon of the Michigan KKK lived just around the corner.  His kids, who, by the way have turned out to be lovely adults, went to Byron to school with my kids.  He was a Democrat.

The Black Panthers I met in College back in the 60's were Democrats.  

Oh and if you don't want to take a chance on getting hurt or killed, stay away from protests.  They aren't going to change a thing, except add fuel to the fire of hatred that is burning our county down. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Calm Down

I am just fine and thanks for caring Luna.  If you were on FB, you would know I am alive and well and....fighting with new computer issues.

I keep blaming Windows 10, when actually it's PEBCAC. (Problem exists between chair and computer).

I've had to sign-in to every thing I use, including this blog.  New computer, new operating system, thinks that I am brand new too.  Which can get a bit frustrating because, the last time I signed in was 4 years ago and I have since forgotten my password.  HAH!

Then, there were a few files missing--files that didn't get transferred onto the new hard-drive.  Picture files, that I almost panicked when I couldn't find them.  

I took the new baby back in yesterday to have all this corrected and now, I have everything I want and need.  I think.  Thankfully, they keep my old hard drive for 3 months, just in case.

I got the machine back, but didn't start plugging all the peripherals into it until midnight.  When I got up this morning and my printer was off-line and no amount of searching on how to get it back on-line helped.  I called my computer people.

After 20 minutes of them remotely trying to fix the problem, she asked, "It looks like the printer isn't plugged in."

"Oh, sure it is.  I did it last night."

"Can  you look to make sure?"


I checked all the wires, they were plugged in to the right places.

"Everything is plugged in."

"Is your printer plugged into a USB port?"


"Can  you check to make sure it's plugged in all the way?"

I'm thinking, 'well Duh.  Of course it is.'

When I touched it, it fell out of the USB port.  I shoved it into another port and..............I hadn't plugged it in tight enough!

She said, "Oh, I hear the printer starting up.  You solved the problem!"  Soon a test page came printing out.

"I KNOW what the problem was and I don't think I can solve it!  The problem is the computer operator!"
I was so determined NOT to get Windows 10 until I had too and knowing full well it was going to cause me all sorts of problems, I was already biased against it.  If anything went wrong, I assumed.  You know what assumed gets ya--right?
So, I have been centered in on this new computer that I have not even given a thought about posting on my blog.  GEEZ LOUISE!

All else has been calm and boring and every day.  I hope to get a hair cut and some groceries tomorrow, plus pay the rest of the month's bills.

Thursday I am cleaning this house--because I have dust all over everything, alone with cat fur and stuff I have laid on the counter, to put away later.  BECAUSE--on Friday, one of my blog buddies is coming from South Carolina near here and she wanted to stop in.  

I am soooooooo looking forward to the visit, but you know, kind of nervous.  She has a beautiful home and family and here I am, just an old country plow-girl living in a trailer.  
Karen baby-sat Della this past week-end and let her do anything she wanted.  Including unrolling the bathroom tissue roll.  HAH!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Peaceful, calm, content---mostly.

I had such a great time yesterday at the Old School Gal Pals luncheon.

I met my BF Bethie in Byron and rode the rest of the way up to the meeting place with her and her hubs.  I had the best time.  Her hubs is interesting to talk with and at times, had me laughing so hard.  It's been a long time since I laughed that hard!

My BFF's (who is deceased) daughter showed up and sat next to me.  We had lots of hugs and "I love yous", and a really good chat.  I announced to the group that she is about to become a grandma again.  Her daughter is having a baby girl on August 28.  The baby's name?  Kathlene.  Kathy for her and Lene for my BFF, who's name was Arelene.

I love when people incorporate family names like that.  Our family does it too.

We arrived at a kind of swanky place.  Miss June The Teacher had suggested we eat there and said, "It will have a more varied menu and perhaps Judy can find something to order other than Tacos or Nachos."

Now the reason I always order Tacos or Nachos is because I never get to have them, except at our luncheon.

I looked on the menu, they had Pesto dishes and Patty Melt's and Chicken stuff and Shrimp stuff and... Tacos and Nachos.  So just to show Miss Prissy Pants, I ordered Nachos.

They were smaller and not as good as the ones I get when we go to the smaller, little dives we sometimes go to, and they weren't near as good and cost $4.00 more!

One of our lady's was not at all pleased with her Patty Melt--there was hardly any cheese on it and she let the waitress know.  The manager came out and asked if she wanted another one or something different, and our friend said, "No.  I just want to bitch about this one!"

I almost fell outta my chair.  I wondered what Miss Prissy Pants thought about that.  She didn't say a word.  Just sat there with her lips pressed together, in a thin line.

Another friend, that I have known since I was 3, usually butts in with the most unconventional words and phrases, usually when someone else is talking about something.  The rest of us smile, look at each other and wink.  She is becoming a bit daft.  Got lost on the way there, which was harder to do than you'd think.  She comes south on a highway and when she get to the next highway, she turns right and up the road is the restaurant.

You can tell we are getting older and all a bit daft because we have lost our filter.  Always very polite women who would never interrupt or complain about our food, now just blat out whatever pops into our mind.  It can get hilarious just listening.
When we got back, I drove on out to The Farm to visit Sister and her hubs.  
She said to me, "You will understand this.  I am having a time with "A" (her son) taking things I say out of context or meaning."

He had been out to visit and she made a chicken dinner.  Afterwards, he said, "I am sick of chicken.  I wish you had fixed a roast."

Susan said, "Why didn't you tell me.  I will fix whatever you want."

He said, "What?! We've had chicken the last two times I came out. I would think you'd know, I wanted roast beef!"

 The next week was his birthday.  Susan made a beef roast and vegetables in the Crock Pot and took it up to his house.  He had been on vacation

Susan asked how he had enjoyed his vacation.

"It was all right."

"You were in South Dakota?  Did you stop at the Corn Palace?  Did you see Mount Rushmore?"

"Geez Mother!  Can't I go anywhere without my Mommy planning my trip?  I suppose you want to know if I took enough underwear."

She said, "We left shortly after that.  As I walked out, I said, 'Happy Birthday.  Hope you enjoyed the Roast Beef dinner."

"Oh, yeah.  Thanks."

Susan said this attitude from him has been going on for the last six months now.  She said, "Remember back when you told Mark you were so glad he inherited the farm....his favorite farm, because that's where his grammie lived?  You told him that if you couldn't live there, you were so happy that he could. Remember?"

"Never forget it.  He took offense and told everyone that I was mad that I hadn't inherited the farm."

"Yeah.  Don't we talk plainly anymore or do they just hear what they want to hear?"

"I don't know," I said.  "I told Pammie the same thing and she didn't take offence.  She said, 'I'm glad too, Momma.  Keep it in the family.' "

"Then I had to apologize to Mark and tell him, 'what I meant was', I was afraid that farm was going to be sold.  If I hadn't inherited it, I am so happy he did, because it was his favorite farm and we were able to keep it in the family.  I couldn't inherit the farm, Grandpa knew that.  I can barely afford to live in my little house.  How could I afford this farm?  I'm so happy you are here because you can take care of it."

Susan said, "You know--we've kidded with out kids all their lives.  Joked about things, said sarcastic things.  They always knew we were just kidding.  Now, we can't do that anymore, I guess.  They take it as truth and get offended."

We both sighed.
After I left The Farm, I stopped at Pammies.  Wanted to see how her birthday went.  She had two days off--with pay!  She had already made plans for those two days AND the weekend.  Her recliner was surrounded with baskets of yarn, her phone nearby to play FB games on and she had her TV schedule all worked out.

"I ain't going anywhere and I ain't doing anything!" she proclaimed.  "Well, I do have to clean the house on Friday and mow the lawn on Saturday, but other than that...nothing."

She cracks me up.  She is a Mini-Me for sure.
I left home at 11:00 yesterday morning and didn't get home until 7:30.  I was exhausted!!!!!

What a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Having fun.

I'm having fun trying to find things on this new computer and Windows 10.  Last night I had to leave the computer on because I could not find the "Start--Shut Down" button.  Then I wanted to scan something and no scanner showing up anywhere.  When I plugged in my printer yesterday, it just re-installed itself.  Apparently the scanner did not.

I only called the computer place 3 times today.  LOL  They have a remote entry(?) button, so if I give them permission, they can take over my computer.  So they zip around with their cursor, as I watch, and talk me through how to find everything.

Tonight I realized that I can't find any of the folders in Outlook Express--folders where I have saved e-mails.  I'm sure it is there and will call to find out.  Not tomorrow though--I have lunch with the Old School Gal Pals, and a visit to The Farm and a stop in to see Pammie.  Today was her birthday.

That second baby of mine (born on my Dad's 43rd birthday) was born smiling and she hasn't stopped yet.  Even with her problems, she just stays happy.

This morning I got one of those IRS scam phone calls.  Now, I have caller ID and I do not answer the phone until it has a name I recognize.  These scammers are now using the area code and the first 3 numbers of our telephone exchange.  That way, you think it is someone local calling.

So I let it go to the answering device and then listened when they hung up.

Something like, "The IRS has issued a warrant for your arrest.  They are watching you and your activities and will arrest you and take away all your possessions.  You have to call this number back and......................"

So I talked to myself.  They are watching me and my activities?  Should I draw the blinds?  I have to run into Brighton this afternoon.  Are they going to arrest me while I am filling the car gas tank?  Perhaps an embarrassing arrest while I am in the yarn section at Michael's?

So, after watching my Soap, I jumped in the car and headed into Brighton.  About a mile down the road I glanced into my rear view mirror and there, behind me, was a blue Michigan State Police SUV.  It just cracked me up!!!  I said to myself, "It must be my time."  Then, of course, in town they turned off on the entrance ramp for the expressway that would take them back to Lansing.

Too funny.

It seems I always have some adventure, even if it's only in my mind)  when I get in my car to go to either Brighton or Howell.
When I got to Michael's and walked the 107 steps way to the back of the store to the yarn section, I pondered on why this section wasn't at the front of the store and the kid's things at the back.  It is mostly older folks who do projects with yarn or embroidery floss and some of us have bad back, hips and knees.  Anyway, I had a nice walk totaling 280 steps from car to embroidery floss and back to car.  JoAnn's store is set up the same way.  I think I'll write to Michael's corporate office and tell them of my suggestion.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

She's Here!

My computer people called last night at 5:30 to inform me, my new computer had been birthed and it was ready to come home.  I still don't have a name for her.  My other one was named FRED, which is an acronym for "Freaking Ridiculous Electronic Device", but I want a nice name for this baby girl.
Any suggestions?

You know what I did?  I waited until this morning to go get it.  I had rather enjoyed the whole day without wondering what was on FB, or in my e-mails.  Without having it in my mind that the computer was waiting in my office--calling me.

She is the most precious computer I have ever seen.  It is half the size of my printer!  It can stand or it can lay.   It's only 4" thick!!

Updated Microsoft Office--which right now is giving me fits because nothing looks right, and Windows 10, which so far isn't bothering me a bit.

A nearly $500.00 computer for $375.00 because I'm a faithful customer and I had spent $200.00 in April for work done on the old one.  She even threw in a new power cord--which I needed as mine was 20 years old and taped on one end with electrical tape.

The new upgrade in Microsoft Office/Outlook Express, fixed all my e-mail problems I had when I was fighting with Comcast last week.  I could send e-mails, but not receive and Comcast said it was my problem.
To celebrate my new baby, I stopped at Walmart and got a new keyboard and mouse.  My old keyboard had most of the letters worn off.  I can type without looking, but it is nice to have a new one plus--both keyboard and mouse are wireless!    Stick a little nubbie thing into a USB port and off we go, no wires.  I love it!!!!!

Now, I just have to remember to take it in for cleaning ever 6 months.  Mine gets full of dust and cat hair.  They put it into a machine, no charge, 30 minutes while you wait, and the machine cleans all the dirt, grime, grease, cat hair out of it.
Comment moderation is now driving me nuts.  I keep forgetting to "publish" your comments and so far haven't figure out an easy way to do it, but I'm learning.

I'm Back

Only 6 hours without a computer.
Adjusting thing now and will be back later.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I will be without a computer most of this next week.

I am going to "bite the bullet".  

Taking my computer in tomorrow (Monday) morning so they can back-up, scan and clean the hard drive and put all my info on a spanking, brand new, bigger hard drive and nestle it into a new tower.

Oy Vey!!
BTW--if any of you would like your genealogy researched and put into a nice book--let me know.
I need to pay for this new computer.  HAH!!

Hugs and kisses-----later.