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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Re-Cap the Weekend

 The Lemon seeds I planted, germinated in 6 days.  I now have 5 sprouts.

The 60th anniversary party up in Byron was okay. She did say, "Judy, are you going to sing for us again today?"

I replied, "Oh, Shirley.  I don't want to ruin your party with the notes from my gravelly, raspy old voice!"

I think my favorite part was being in the church.  The church where I was raised.  The party was in the community room downstairs, so when I first got their, I went up the steps to the sanctuary and just sat down in my "used to be" normal pew.  So many wonderful memories there of baptisms, Christmas programs, vacation Bible school, weddings.  Sad ones too, my grandma, and parent's funerals, my Best Friend's too.

Afterwards, I got to drive west out of town, into the farmland and stop at Pammies.  It is so quiet and peaceful out on the farms.

Pammie was busy mowing her 2.5 acre lawn and was ready for a break!  My her place is beginning to look beautiful again, since the jerk who was living there has removed himself and most of his junk cars/trucks/lawn mowers/campers/tires!

Pammie said, "Momma is pride a sin?"

"Yes--it's listed as one of the seven deadly sins. Why?"

"Oh.  My lawn looks so pretty and I feel prideful about it.  I'm going to Hell, aren't I?"

"I don't think being proud of your hard work and beautiful lawn is prideful.  You don't go around boasting about it, do you?"


"Well then....seeings as how you are a Catholic, I think maybe it is a venial sin and not a major sin."

"What's the difference?"

"I don't really know.  Ask Karen."

"I hope it's not a sin."

"You could go to confession I suppose."

"Oh---Momma, I haven't been in seven years!  I don't think the Priest has that much time to listen to all my confession!"

"Start with the pride you have in your lawn.  Your penance would probably only be one, "Our Father". 

Then it was on up the road a half-mile to visit Susan.  I looked up at Mark's place as I went by, but no one was home.

Susan was feeling a bit better, after her revisit to the oral surgeon.  He irrigated the dry socket and packed it with Oil of Cloves saturated gauze.  

I wanted to take some photos, using the ancestral cradle up stairs in her home.  I finished the baby blanket for Chris--using her pattern that I did the Twin XL blanket from.

Then, on my way home, I stopped at Pammies again.

"Hey--I forgot to ask you.  You said you were going to message us about Mark's MRI results and I haven't heard a thing."

"Didn't you get my text?  I sent it out Wednesday night."

"I don't get texts."

"I texted it to everyone's phone and your e-mail address."

"Nope.  I did get an e-mail with your phone number on the "From" space, but when I opened it up, there was nothing there."

"Okay"..........and she started fiddling with her phone.  "I am going to have to text it to everyone, then bring up the message again and forward it to your e-mail.  I just did, let me know if you got it."

"All right, but...tell me what you know, okay?"

"Brother Mark called me Wednesday night."

"He called you?"

"Yeah, I know.  He never calls anyone, but..........he was NOT sober"

"Oh my. I thought he didn't drink anymore."

"He doesn't...normally...but he'd had a few beers.  Anyway, he had two MRI's, each lasting two and a half hours!  They showed the tumor in his prostate is shrinking and the other two aren't growing.  He is to continue taking the shots and the pills to kill the hormone and go back to the doc in two months."

"Oh. MY. Gosh!"

"Yeah, I know.  He was pretty happy about it."

"Well, I guess that's good news....I guess."

"I'm going to wait and call Cindy or Mark in a couple of days.  Hopefully, they will both be sober and I can learn more."
So I drove home smiling and checked my e-mail and sure enough---there was the forwarded text.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend and some good news. I'm happy for you that it turned out that way.

    You probably don't have a data plan on your phone to receive texts. I have a small one that costs me $3 or $4 a month. I do like it because I get far more communications from my nieces and nephews that way than I ever would otherwise. It's what young people do now.

    Your baby blanket is really beautiful!

    1. I only have a cordless home phone. Can you get texting capabilities on those?

  2. You have a busy life, like this one :)
    Oh how I wish I could do beautiful
    like you.
    Your have a gift...

    1. I can crochet, knit and cross stitch--that's the extent of my talents, and not always good at those..
      I'm no good at doing crafty things, cake decorating, decorating, quilting--nothing like that.

  3. I'm glad to hear that Mark got at least a hopeful sign; we'll just keep praying.

    The blanket is lovely. I'm thinking about taking a class at Michaels for either crochet or knit since I can't seem to remember how to do either one.


    1. Start with crochet--I think it's easier.

  4. Such good news abut Mark, and I hope you can reach him at a time you can talk this week.
    Love that baby blanket. Your work is beautiful. It looked so pretty in the old cradle!

  5. Oh good news! Whew! A bit of relief in that worry department.

    And congrats to Pammie for putting in the time and effort to have a nice yard!

  6. Well, I'm glad there is good news about Mark.

  7. I'm glad you got good news about Mark!

    That blanket is just beautiful. You do such nice work :)

  8. I'm really pleased that you've had some good news about Mark. Sending a big, virtual, 'blogosphere' hug!!! Jx

  9. Glad you got good news, and love the blanket! Beautiful.

  10. That is good news. Glad to hear it.