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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Back At It

Ancestory.com, here I come--again!!!

As my sister has delved into the new information I gave her last November, she is finding inconsistencies.  WE have in our original records a statement that says, "After his wife Margaret died, Conrad went to live with his daughter."  Well--it seems that in the new stuff I typed for her, Margaret died two years AFTER Conrad.  So either I have a typo, which seems logical, or something isn't right in the written story we have.  GEEZ LOUISE!!!

AND because I am writing the history BOOK for my kids, I will have to go into that and make corrections.  AND--the great great grandfather, John, whose obit says he is buried in the local cemetery?  Cannot be found!  Susie found his first wife and two babies that died and  his older child, but not him or his second wife.  Where the hell is he?  I have searched county and state death records and Find A Grave and he isn't listed in any.  I can see why there might not be a headstone--well not really because my family is big on headstones, but why is he not listed--somewhere--in official records?

SO--back I go on Ancestory.com and more searching.  Gotta wait until the first of the month when I get some $$$ in my Pay Pal account.  

If Susie had looked at those files when I gave them to her--she said, "I will wait to read these.  This is a winter project"--instead of waiting until now--this would be all done and we could be outside enjoying our gardens, instead of sitting inside in front of the computers with books and pages of info spread all over.  LOL
  Then Dar comes over all a thither--she is going on vacation Saturday.

"I have so much to do!  I need to scrub the bathroom and clean the two little bedrooms.  My brother and Pat are going to stay here until they can buy a new house. (These the two who moved to AZ May 13th and are now back.)  Then I have to clean out and scrub the frig and get money out of the bank and pack.  I just don't have time.  ARGGH!!"

"You've got today off work?"

"Yes.  I have to do laundry too!"

"You've got lots of time.  Make a list and you will get it done.  You haven't opened the two small bedrooms and bath in a year.  I doubt they are dirty.  You can clean out the frig while your clothes are washing and drying.  It's only ten o'clock, you have time to go up to the bank, get any food you might want to leave for Terry and Pat.  Open up your suitcase and pack your clothes as you wash and dry them."

So--at noon!!!!! two hours later, she decides to go home and get started.  GEEZ LOUISE!!!

I watched my Soap and went outside to do a bit of weeding and---Dar showed up again.  Pepsi was on sale where she works so she brought me 10 jugs.  Regular Pepsi.  I only drink Diet and Diet DeCaf.  So I told her and off she went.  She was back in an hour with the right kind of Diet Pepsi.  Why all this?  I guess because she is going on vacation and I am to watch her house and get her rent envelope up to the office and pay our lawn mowing guy for her.

Kind of warm out today, so I came in and sat for a while and crocheted and then at 5:00, back out to finish up and close up my shed.

I came back in to fix supper and.....Dar showed up again.  She came in, sat down and boasted about what a great Union Steward she is going to be, because, "I can be a real bulldog!"

At 7:00 the phone rang and instead of picking up and saying, "May I call you back.  I have a visitor."  I picked up and talked to my sister.  After about 10 minutes, Dar took the hint and left.  

I got something to eat and started crocheting a bit.

Ya know?  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dar came back around 10:00 tonight because she forgot to tell me something important!  GEEZ LOUISE!


  1. Contradictions in genealogy records can drive you crazy. One time when I wrote my family history I put down something like, "He died April 3rd or 5th depending on who you believe---the death certificate or the date written on his stone."

    Dar is a piece of work. I can't believe her co-workers voted her a Union Steward.

    1. They didn't vote her in Jean. She was asked if she wanted to be, by the higher up Union woman at her store. According to Dar, she will be, "the best fighter those employees ever have!" She honestly wears me out when she visits. I am SO glad she is going on vakay for a week!!!

    2. Interesting. I wonder if she was asked to run for Union Steward or if she was asked to be the Steward. Most unionized places I'm aware of the higher ups will suggest certain ones run but it's put to a vote after that. IF that were the case in Dar's store, then I bet the higher ups wanted the other person to win. LOL

    3. Nope--no vote. I can hardly wait for her break-down when she gets 99 grievances to handle--all in one week, LOL

    4. I'm with Jean - never heard of a union steward that hadn't been voted in, but what do I know? :)

  2. I have ancestry access - send me an email if you would like to use my account - unless you have all of yours typed out in your own but if just searches, you are welcome to do so.

  3. More fun searching. So nice that your sister shares your interest in it.

  4. Good luck with your ancestry project!! :)

  5. Good luck with your ancestry project!! :)

  6. Oh, come on! You know you're gonna miss DAR!! :)