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Friday, May 15, 2015

#1 Grand Babe

#1 Grand Babe stopped at Subway and brought lunch here.  She wanted to come here instead of going out so that we could talk and laugh and not be restricted on time.

Talk and laugh we did and reminisced--from 11:30 until 3:30!!!

I gave her a copy of my book "Grandma's Treasure" and she was excited.

"Gramma, I just love everything you write."

"I'm making a book for Christmas about our family history.  Written in story form."

"I want a copy!  I love hearing stories about everyone in our family.  I really enjoy reading about our genealogy,"

"Well, I found out some new stuff.  I was able to get back into Europe and find where our ancestor's came from...even the ship they sailed on."

"Oh my gosh!  I can't wait."

"My Dad's ancestor's came from Prussia."

"Prussia?  Does that country even exist anymore?"

"I don't think so."
We talked about our times together when she was little...my goodness, she remembers it all.

"I was just looking at that photo album you made me.  All the pictures in it of you and me and the things we did together.  Remember when we found that octagonal barn and you wanted to climb the ladder and I was scared for you and wouldn't let you?"


"I'm still like that.  I am such a worry wort!"
Then we talked about her plans.  She has her Master's in Statistics.  She interview with her Dad's company.  He works for a government contract company that views satellite pictures and uses statistics.  That's all we have ever known about it.  He can't tell us what he does.

"So if you work for Dad's company...you will know all the secrets he has never been able to tell us.  Right?"

"Yup...and I won't be able to talk about it either."


"I'd be here in Michigan for awhile and then, probably, be transferred out to D.C."

At least she is back here now.  Out of the sand storms of Arizona.  The quakes of California.  Back here where there is no drought, or dust storms and the earth rarely shakes.  I told her, "You are safe back home...in the State shaped like the right hand of God."

She showed me how her smart phone works and we tried to take selfies.  We couldn't get any good ones with her phone, so I had her try with my camera.

When we stand up, we are eye to eye.  She is as tall as I am and was very proud the year she achieved that goal.

Many hugs and kisses and I love you's--then when she got to her car, she ran back for more.

She is the sweetest young woman you would ever meet.  I pray she has a great life.  She so wants to marry and have children...and she'd be the best Mom.

What a wonderful day I had.


  1. What a wonderful relationship you have with your granddaughter. No way to improve on it in any way. I'm glad she'll be around Michigan for awhile. You desert some more quality family time. I didn't know the government tracked satellite pictures from here in our state. Sounds like important stuff that helps keep us all safe. I suppose they spread those "listening posts" around so they can't all be taken out at once.

    1. I don't really know. SIL goes to DC once in awhile and Arizona once in awhile. I know they aren't weather satellite pictures, so...........................

  2. That just warms my heart, Judy. I know you enjoyed every single moment of that visit! Such a pretty and smart girl. :)


  3. I smile while reading this
    So very happy for you
    Seems at this time of life
    our joy
    is our grandchildren.

  4. She's positively beautiful - just like her gramma!!

  5. She's so dear! Irreplaceable! I'm so glad she'll be in Michigan for a while. If she doesn't have a boyfriend now, she will soon. If there are smart kind funloving men in Michigan. Can there be any in D.C., too?