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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, May 25, 2015



  1. Very well said! Nice to see someone who knows and shares the difference!

  2. Well said.

    And then there is Decoration Day for cleaning up the cemeteries which was the precursor of Memorial Day which didn't come into existence until 1971 when congress made it an official holiday. I use these two interchangeably but I do know the difference. From the looks of the cemeteries I'm not the only one i.e. more graves than just servicemen and women are tended to over this weekend. The one where Don's headstone is at was beautiful. They had large flags lining the main driveway and little flags could be seen every where.

  3. Because the fear of frost (we hope) is finally gone, we decorate our family plots, a few days before Decoration Day. Also a chance to make sure our grandfather has a flag on his grave--WWI veteran. A lot of people say, "Happy Memorial Day", which seems not such a good thing to say? And a lot of people just think of it as the first weekend of summer and flee up north to the cottage. And then of course, there are those that think it is another time to shoot off firecrackers and thunder bombs to scare me, my cats, every dog in this park and send every Viet Nam vet into a PTSD episode.

    1. I don't get saying "Happy Memorial Day" either! Or the firecrackers. My neighborhood is big on fireworks and I'm so afraid one of them will catch my roof on fire with all the pine needles in the eaves. I have them removed in June for Forth of July but this year the firecrackers for Memorial Day shocked me. Oh, if I say anything at all it's "Have a good holiday weekend."

    2. FoUrth of July.
      We go FORTH, but the date is the FOURTH
      (Sorry, remember I am an English major, LOL)

  4. And, for those who never made it out of their uniform; they're added to my prayers with thankfulness and for their families. I'm not fond of people saying "Happy Memorial Day" either. And, yes the people next door had firecrackers; Hopper Henry goes a bit nuts.