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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everything's Up To Date


Tuesday--up at 8:00, shower and dressed and out by 9:45 to get to the doc's office at 10:00 to get a simple blood draw to check Potassium level.  Saw Doc--high-five for BP being so much better.

Arrived up to The Farm at 11:15.  Lunch and then BIL drove us around to do what my Sis and I like to do best.  Searching cemeteries for relatives of ancestor's graves to make sure our birth/death dates are correct.  Which then leads to other questions like: "She's here with her second husband.  Where is her first husband?"

Back to The Farm to search through our genealogy records for more info.  "They had a young child that died and is buried in Byron.  Maybe her husband is there too?"  With a promise from Susan, "I have to go to the church tomorrow to knit on the prayer shawls.  Afterwards, I will stop in at the cemetery and check."

Then, she stated, "I don't have time to look through all those genealogy files you gave me.  That's a job for winter time.  I don't have the time now!"

Which led to three phone calls and two e-mails from her last evening as....she was getting into the files and reading the new info I found on Ancestry.  That's the way genealogy is.  It grabs you and then you wonder, "wait now--I thought his spouse was.........." and you go looking for more info.

John called last night at 10:30 and wondered how my day went.

"Did you get to pet any cows up on the farm?"

"No.  They don't have cows anymore."

"Then why do they call it a farm.   If they have no animals?"

"It's not an animal farm.  It is a crop farm."

"Oh...I think I read that book!"

Up early at 8:00--to get started to catch up on laundry and cleaning up.  Checked Patient Portal--results in, Potassium 4.5.  Perfect!

Saw John walking Maisey and went out to give her a treat.

"She kept me up all night.  She had another seizure.  I called the vet, he's changing her medicine."

Poor Maisey!  She is twelve.  Has Cushings Syndrome (which I thought was a human disease) and arthritis bad.

11:15--Susan called.  "I found brothers and sister and the baby that died.  But I can't find him."

"I'm looking at his death certificate and his obit and he is interred in Byron."

"Okay.  I am just going to call Sharon (the cemetery secretary) and find out where he is."
Of course, I had the strongest urge to just jump in my car, drive up to the cemetery and walk it and find him, but...................................................it's really not worth the gas.  We can do it on another day.  Susan e-mailed me photos of the grave markers.

So--I did laundry, and straightened up and watched my Soap and crocheted and watched as the thunder storms rolled over.  Most stayed south and there was some damage.  All we got was rain.

The scenario goes something like this:Sun is out, windows and door open, nice breeze coming through.

Dark clouds--distant thunder: put in ear plugs, close windows and door.  Hard rain.

5 minutes later:  ear plugs out, sun is out, windows and door open, nice breeze coming through.

Repeat as often as necessary.

See ya.


  1. I'm glad to read that you're starting to feel better... Jx

  2. Great post, mostly because your health has improved and that's a relief.

    Interesting how John's name is creeping into your blog more often. Just sayin' LOL

    Genealogy is so much fun. Everything you wrote about it is true. Are the cemeteries around there on Grave Finder? If so, it can shorten your search a LOT. You just type in the ancestor's name and state and up pops a photo of the grave stone and the plot location. I found a ton of information that way. More and more cemeteries are uploaded every year.

    1. Yes--and guess what. It is information I added in 2006 and does not state the section or lot number he is in. LOL

    2. The info was collected by volunteers across the country. I suppose it's likely that some groups recording the cemeteries did a better job than others. I'm just glad they did it where I needed the inf.

    3. Okay, then!
      John this, John that.

      Glad you're doing better and able to
      spend time with your sis and bil yesterday.

      We need rain; send yours here. :)


    4. What kind of dog is Maisy? My brother had a beagle and she had seizures; but she started on meds and did pretty well until she passed.

    5. He spells her name Mazzie--I think it's Mazey, but probably it is spelled Maisey. I think she is some kind of Cocker Spaniel mix? Blonde--short, but kind of curly hair. I don't know--I like her--she is sweet tempered and never barks. So--if she is NOT a little yappy dog, she's good in my book.

  3. Glad that your blood pressure is finally good!

    My mom always loves wandering around cemeteries, she used to drag my kids with her.

    1. Did you boys like to do that? My kids loved roaming around the cemeteries with me. They'd walked up and down the rows, looking for the name I needed and if one of them found the right grave, they were sooooo proud!

    2. I've been known to wander for long periods of time in cemeteries, but not where my family members are.