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Friday, May 22, 2015

Pretty Good Day

An example of a conversation with John:

John:  "I heard we might have some boomers on Monday."

Me:  "Yeah, I heard that too."

"Maisey is afraid of thunder.  She gets very upset and crawls under the bed."

"I don't like thunder either.  I can't fit under my bed or I would."

"I have been thinking about getting her one of those thunder shirts.  Have you heard about them?"

"Yes--I tried to buy one for myself, but they don't make them that big."

"I've got a tarp out in my shed.  That might work."

"It might, but I would need bungie cords to wrap around and hold it in place."

"Got those too."
That's the kind of conversations we have.  Joking, kidding and fast-paced.  I have missed the fast-paced, quick wit, sarcasm and jabs that I so enjoyed with my long time friends.  He reminds me of my guy friends I had in high school.
Remember when I told you about Dar being so upset and crying because her one brother, SIL and her 94 year old Dad moved to Arizona and left her here, "all alone".  They moved May 13th.

Guess what?  They are moving back.  The brother doesn't like Arizona--they are far away from their kids--it's too expensive to live there (even though they are millionaires.)

Dad, who hates Michigan, has to move back with them and he and Brother had a fight, so he is moving in with other Brother, who's wife Dad can't stand.

1st Brother is angry because they sold their gorgeous, big house on the lake and ALL the furniture, to take Dad back to Arizona where Dad wanted to live and feels he HAD to make the move just for Dad.

Dad is mad because they won't let him live alone in AZ--he was to sign papers on his new home yesterday.

2nd Brother is mad because Dad gave 1st Brother $5K for the down payment they lost on the house they were going to buy.  2nd Brother wants that same amount from Dad--even though 2nd Brother is a millionaire two times over.

Dad refuses to even consider moving into an "old folks home", which would be the best thing for him.  

Dar is completely unaware of the beautiful Senior complexes we have right here in Brighton.

Judy got a listing of three of the swankiest ones here and sent the links to Dar.  I think when Dad sees how much it will cost him to live there ($2,500-3,000 a month), plus all the women who will fawn over him there, he may just change his mind and want to live there.

I told Dar to check them out and then one day, just show Dad the options he has.  Dad is a millionaire five times over!

So 1st Brother and SIL--who did not want to move in the first place, are coming back with no place to live and no furniture to put in it.  HAH

Dad is flying back next week to a State he hates (winters) and having to live with a son and a DIL he despises.

This could get interesting and probably shorten Dad's life and then all 3 of his kids can enjoy Dad's millions!!
So the guy--that's his name, Guy, came and power washed the house and shed today.  I told him I didn't have the money until June and could he come back then, but he said, "You can give me a post dated check,"  so I did.  Wonderful!!!


Now, if I just had the ambition to sweep  up all those Whizzers
 off the Maple Trees, it would look great.

I am so glad this man is running for President!

If any man knows what it's like to live in severe poverty, anger and no self esteem and then pull yourself up out of all that, he surely does.  I think he can heal the racial problems in this country way better than Mr. Hope and Change.  AND, I think he would have the intelligence to have the kind of staff around him that knows how to bring our country back.

His wife is homely.  She kind of looks like Eleanor Roosevelt and just as smart.


Have a great weekend!  I'll be here doing nothing, if you need me. :-)


  1. Why doesn't Dad live with Dar, or do they not get along either. I'm so confused about that woman.

    I've been wondering about Mr Carson also; perhaps he would be a good president. Has he ever been in the military? I'm afraid Hillary will get votes because she (supposedly) is a female. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that, like that. Bad me. :)

    Love ya - I'll be here doing nothin' also since I can't plant flowers with the grasshoppers alive and well in the yard. I drooled over them at Home Depot today, but no didn't want to take a chance. Bummer.

  2. Oh, and I'm sorry. Your house looks great! :)

  3. My friend told me about Ben Carson when nobody knew who he was yet and I have been following him ever since. He is a decent up-standing person and the polar opposite of what is currently sitting in the White House. He has my vote.

  4. I love power washing. I'm waiting for mine to get done and it can't happen soon enough.

    Dar's family makes you want to pop some popcorn.

    Ben Carson seems like a nice guy but he'll get SO lost in the primaries with the huge field of candidates running.

    1. P.S. People I know who have the thunder jackets for their dogs say they work. Levi isn't the least bit afraid of storms.

  5. John, Dar & Ben...what a combo for a post!
    John sounds like a wonderful friend! And I've heard those thunder shirts work well, too. Dunno about the tarp/bungy cord option, tho. :)
    Ben Carson seems like a normal and wonderful person...can't remember when someone like that made it to the elections, much less survived a term as President, but I hope he's given a chance. I like him.
    Dar...whenever you post about her I feel as though I've fallen into an episode of Days of Our Lives visits Payton Place by way of the Twilight Zone at Bedlam. What a mess.
    By the way, you sound better! More like yourself. Glad to see that!