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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

From The Land of Ho Hum

Not much going on around here.

John and Maizey stop in every day.  Yesterday, it was so nice and warm that we sat out on the front porch.  Most all of the 15" of snow we got last Wednesday is gone, just in time for..................

5.4" predicted to start tonight, into tomorrow.  YAY.

Oh--who cares?  Not me.  Whatever!

Sunday I watched a couple of Basketball games.  My Michigan State Spartans are on fire!  The people in the know say, they are going to win it all.  I've heard that before, so I'm not too excited yet.  Wait until the Final Four and if they are still in it--then I can get geeked!

Tomorrow is Pearl's birthday.  I created and made her a really pretty birthday card and got it in the mail so it will be delivered to her mail box (30 feet away) tomorrow.  Hey--we all like to get cards in the mail.  I wish I could get her a spring bouquet, but I'm down to $6.00 until the 3rd, when my SS hits my checking account.

Pearl has completed 80 years of life!!  80 years!  That sounds so old and yet---I am only 3.5 years away from that age myself.  ARGGH!

Karen had an appointment in this area this afternoon, so she stopped in for a hour's visit.  How wonderful.  I got to quiz her about each of her kids doing's.  Hard to know what's going on when the grand kids are older.  

My oldest, Helene, once wanted to be a nun, is now living, in sin, with the Jewish man and their dog, Rupert.  Helene attended a Catholic run college, which turned her into quite a Liberal.  Karen explained why.  Strange and weird.

Susanna, is in Portland with her newish guy, Brian.  Every day, Susanna walks her cat, "Ponderosa", on a leash in and around the streets.  The cat thinks he is a dog and sort of "barks" at the door when he wants to go for a walk.  Animals are allowed in many restaurants in that area, so in they go and the cat sits on a chair and shares their meal.   Strange and weird.

Marcus, hasn't dated in three years.  It seems he was "in love" with a girl, but she was dating another guy, so Marcus waited.  She has told him for 3 years that she wasn't interested in Marcus, but would date him off and on, sending him mixed messages.  She finally told him, she'd never be interested.  He then took time off work to go back into the Monastery for a retreat to see if perhaps (again) he might want to be a Priest.  Decided he didn't.  His younger brother set him up on New Year's Eve with a girl who was interested in Marcus, remembered him from high school, and she and Marcus having been dating ever since.  Strange and weird.

Younger brother, Stephen, isn't dating anyone (for a change), a Senior at Michigan State, is in the IZZONE (the student cheering section) and at their last home basketball game yesterday, they  honored the IZZONE Seniors and he went out to center court, got down and kissed the block "S".  Stephen will start medical school in the fall.  His great ambition?  To be an ER doctor.  Strange and weird.

And then there's Karen's youngest, Madeleine.  Maddie is also not dating, thank goodness, and is in college taking classes in nursing and working nights, with her Elderly Lady client.  She is going to perform in a ballet of "Punchinella" On March 21st.  Jennifer will be in Michigan at the time and is coming to the performance and Pammie asked for the day off so she can attend too.  I will get to be with all my daughter's and most of Karen's kids will also be there.  Maddie is planning on going back to Guatemala, this coming winter, before she starts full time nursing school.

Madeleine, who goes to a community college, has already been studying muscles and bones cutting into cadavers.  Her older brother, in his last year of pre-med, at a Big Ten college, has NEVER observed cadaver work.  Strange and weird.

Karen also told me that my son Mark's oncologist wants Mark to start chemo-therapy.  I thought Mark was already getting that.  Apparently, the hormone depleting therapy he has been on has shrunk the tumors to a sufficient size that now, "they" figure the chemo would take them down even better.  The doctor told Mark they could give him many years of good quality of life.  So far, none of us know if Mark is going to decide to do it, as his girlfriend is very non-communicative and he refuses to talk to or see anyone.

When she and Mark got the news, she texted Jennifer, way out in New Jersey and got Jen so upset she phoned Karen who then phoned Mark's mate, Cindy, who told her.  

My whole famdamily is like this about health issues!!! (Including me.)  Don't think about it.  Don't tell anyone about up-coming tests or surgeries until they are over.  Don't tell anyone bad news.  Deny it all and maybe it will go away.  Strange and weird.


  1. Wow, that was a newsy post! Karon and he husband must have done something right to have raised so many kids who will make a difference in the world. Nice family...even with the liberal in there. LOL

  2. Basically, sounds like a super family. Just wish Mark and Jennifer were more communicative. What IS this - not talking about health issues at all? Was there someone in their lives who did nothing BUT talk about every ache and pain? That would sure make me want to zip my lips.

    1. Quite the opposite. Ancestor's, my Father, everyone very stoic about their illness--most weren't ill until their last few weeks when they died in their late 80 or 90's. We were taught not to complain. My Karen was the first one in our family for six generations that had to have surgery. She had to have her tonsils out at age 19. My Dad acted mad and embarrassed and didn't want me to tell anyone outside the family. When he had to have a heart valve replaced at 80, he wouldn't let anyone know until the day before and then was very angry when I showed up at the hospital. And YOU think you grew up in a weird family? LOL

    2. Weird. Strange and weird. It's like being vulnerable is the biggest taboo!

  3. What good news about everyone. They all are busy and productive. I know you're proud.

  4. Judy, thank you for commenting on Amelia's new
    She is so talented
    and on 80
    that is where I am
    not much differemt
    just pain continues
    take care

  5. I don't think its Strange and Weird, just not a perfect family. Lots of families don't like to talk about medical problems. My dad had a UTI and was having a allergic reaction to the antibiotics, and the only way we found out was his neighbor got suspicious of the way he was acting and called my brother. When my brother went there he was on the floor!

  6. there is nothing sweeter or kinder than a homemade card.....even flowers don't beat it!!! our snow is all gone, the last 2 days have been 65 degrees but we are suppose to be getting snow on friday ;)

    i don't talk about my MS to the family, very rarely unless i am forced to. it is a very personal battle and journey that my husband and doctors help me get through. i have so many other things i enjoy talking about and i don't want to be seen as debbie downer.

  7. My mom was the same way about not talking 'health' issues until exactly 2 weeks before she went into hospice she asked the nurse 'just what's going on'? The nurse said "you're dying" and mom just sat there like she'd said "you're going to Mars." In fact, when she was pregnant with the youngest; she didn't go to the dr until she was about six months along and said she'd thought she had a tumor. No lie. :)

    You have wonderful grandchildren; I don't see them as strange or weird. But, you? Yeah, kinda. OKAY I'm kidding. LOL

    1. One thing I pride myself on. LOL
      My life has been different, making me weird, so I have decided to not fight it, but embrace my weirdness. HAH!