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Monday, February 22, 2016

Little Did I Know...................

Saturday morning, I decided it was time to get in my bedroom closet and fix the dang shelf. 

The little plastic clips, screwed into the wall to help support the shelf, had broken off.  Not from what was stored ON the shelf, but the heavy blue jeans hanging FROM the rod underneath the shelf.

The shelf was slanting backwards.  Not a big deal, as the whole unit was supported by the braces underneath, but I knew it was broken and that has bothered me.  So---I took every thing off the shelf and hanging from the rod.

armed with what I could find----

In three different places along the back of the shelf,
I pounded a nail in that top board,
put the photo hanging wire, around the nail
brought the two pieces down and pulled up the shelf
to the correct height, and wired the ends of the wire
around the shelf.

Tutorial video link:  here

then, I put everything back and...............

and bagged up the rest to take to the Salvation army 
By then, my shoulder was screaming in pain!

Little did I know............

When I got up Sunday morning and decided to take a shower---there was no hot water!  Apparently the strong winds we had Friday night had blown out the water heater pilot light!  (AGAIN)  The water heater is buried in a little space at the end of my bedroom closet!

I was lucky, when I placed a call to my Service Plan company, they could get a guy out in an hour!  On a Sunday, no less.

So I took out all the clothes, hanging in the way---

took the fire proof door off the water heater--
not an easy task because it has to be pulled from the bottom
and carefully pulled out from under the closet shelf 
to reveal the water heater

Little did I know....

Maggie The Cat would want to investigate, so I shooed her out and instead of just closing the closet door, I closed the door to the bedroom.

When the repair guy arrived, a very tall, big, loud repair man, he scared my big gray Buddy cat and instead of running under the couch, Buddy ran down the hallway to the bedroom and ran smack into the closed bedroom door!  Head on!  Then he tried to get under the bottom 2" opening between door and carpet!

He fell back and looked dazed.  I was afraid he had knocked himself senseless!  The big guy was now standing at the door, and Buddy jumped up and ran toward the living room.

I don't know how that tall, big guy managed to get into the closet and lay on the floor to light the pilot light, but he did and was up and gone in about 15 minutes.

$95.00 for the service call, which I didn't have to pay because I pay $29.00 monthly for the Service Plan. (Which covers all my appliances, plus furnace/AC/water heater).

I couldn't find Buddy to check on him.  I looked in the computer room--found Maggie, napping as if nothing had happened.  No Buddy.

I called and called.  I got down on the floor, not an easy feat for me, and looked under the couch.

Little did I know.........

He was under a part of the couch I can't see.

I worried.  What if he was hurt?  What if he had rammed his head so hard, he was dying somewhere?

John stopped by at around 5:00 and I told him and he tried to see if Buddy was under the couch, but John's dog Maizey was with him and no way does either cat come out when a man or dog is in the house!

Seven hours later, when I got their wet food ready for supper, out Buddy crawled.

He had blood on his chin and he wouldn't come out to their feeding place.  I took his dish over to him, half of him still under part of the couch.

Finally, at midnight when I told the cats, "Time for night-night.", he came out.  He stayed really low to the floor and kept looking around, but I got him back to the bedroom  and he jumped onto the bed and laid down next to me so I could pet him until he finally started purring and fell asleep.

Today he seems normal, but he won't let me check his mouth to see if he knocked out any of his teeth!


  1. Poor Buddy. I hope he's not in any pain!

  2. Oh goodness, poor little Buddy. I'm sorry that happened to him, and hope he's going to be okay.

    You amaze me, Judy, at the things you do; the ideas on how to fix things. And, good for you having the service plan - it sure pays off!


  3. Oh poor Buddy! I feel for him. What an awful day he endured under the couch, afraid to emerge. Our Javier (a very old Chihuahua) was spending a few days at Erica's house and walked smack into a half-wall. He's so blind, he makes bats look like they have x-ray vision. Anyway good job on the closet; aren't you industrious. Those pilot-light episodes are a nuisance but at least you got the good prompt service you pay for. xoxo

  4. Poor Buddy!! That was quite the traumatic day for the sweet boy. Hope he is OK. Congrats on the great job fixing the closet shelf. Ingenious solution!!

  5. Gosh, poor Buddy! He was probably more scared than hurt and had a bad headache.

    It was so windy here one of my medal chicken blew away and I had to search the neighbors' yards until I found him. That's never happened before.

    Your closet fix looks great. You are so handy.

  6. Good thing you are ingenious! What a great fix to the closet. POOR BUDDY! Keep an eye on him but I think more scared than hurt also. Sheesh! What a day

  7. Not a dull moment in your bedroom LOL
    Very clever way to support that shelf - all without buying anything! Just hope your shoulder feels better. Be super nice to it, OK?

    Poor poor Buddy. Those survival instincts of his sure kicked in before he noticed the closed door. I'm so happy he came back to the bedroom and cuddled up with you.

  8. Poor Buddy! I'm glad he's ok.

    I keep waiting for my closet shelves to fall off I have so much stuff piled on the shelf and hanging below. I'll know how to fix it now if it does break :)

    1. Just pound a nail in the top board, slanted up, and wire the dang shelf back into place. :-)

  9. Wow your water heater is much bigger than mine! And poor kitty. Glad he seems to be ok now. You can do about anything!