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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mid-Week Monotony

Last night, John was going to bring me a prescription strength Ibuprofen, but he forgot!  So I lathered my sore trapezius with horse liniment, and went to bed.  This morning the edge to the pain was gone, but any lifting with my left arm, or turning my head to the left, produced a sharp pain in my shoulder blade.

We had snow during the night and I looked out at noon and there was Merle, cleaning off my car and shoveling the drive.  What a pal!!  I had dreaded having to do that before I left.

I watched my Soap and found out, it has been renewed for another year!  50 years on the air and going strong.  Then it was off to the Chiropractor's.

He used what I called the Woody Woodpecker tool-- it taps as it moves around--up to the base of my skull, down my neck, across my trapezius, shoulder and down to my shoulder blade.  Then he put it a bit stronger on the spot on my deltoid that always hurts the worse!  He had me stand and pulled my left shoulder down, while gently pushing my neck to the right.

Then I was off to another part of the office, where four chairs are set up for the muscle stimulator, as they call it, which is nothing more than larger pads, but like my TENS device I use at home.  Much better in his office because it is hard for me to reach the correct spots. The other ladies and I chatted--I was on the machine for 10 minutes.  Then up and out and home.

I feel much better tonight and go back next Monday afternoon.

I paid most of my bills and put them in the mail box and just need to get my garbage out tonight.  The garbage men have been coming at 2:00 for the last two years, but last week, decided to go back to the schedule they used to have.  Pick-up at 7:00am. Needless to say, last week I missed them. ARGGH! So have a really full and heavy cart to take out tonight.  Apparently, John did not walk Maizey this way around, so they didn't stop in, so he wasn't here to take the heavy cart out to the street.  Yes, I could have called him.  No, I won't.  IF he happens to stop in, that's quite another matter.  Then he would without me asking. :-)

Tomorrow is the Old School Gal Pals lunch, a visit to my sister and home by 5:00.  Friday is a trip to the food bank at 11:15am.
I have been testing a knitted shawl pattern for Chris.  The shawl went together really well--it is lacy and beautiful.  When I came to the edging, knitted with a butterfly pattern, I kept having trouble.  The "holey" stitches weren't lining up correctly.  I ripped that part back, put it back on the needles, 7 times.  Still couldn't get it.  I assumed it was my fault.  The thread was very thin, the needles very small.

Monday, I decided to get some worsted weight yarn and use larger needles and cast on the required stitches and work it for the 8 pattern rows so I could see what I was doing wrong. I counted stitches.  I put stitch markers at the end of each pattern and still the pattern was not coming out like it should.

So I e-mailed Chris, with photos I had taken of the patterns and she has come to the conclusion that she may have figured incorrectly.  She is going to cast on with a heavier yarn and test that edging out herself this weekend.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting the afghan throw I am working on to put onto her Ravelry page.

We'll get the shawl pattern figured out because..........we are perfectionists and NOTHING will defeat us!!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better! I hate to miss trash day, too.

  2. I can't wait to see the shawl pattern. I need to take a photo of the one I made and put it on facebook. It turned out gorgeous.

  3. I'm glad the pain is getting better. I know you and Chris will figure out the shawl pattern. I can't stand to miss trash day.

  4. Very interesting process to get the pattern just right. So nice the way it has worked out for you and Chris to work together.
    I hope the pain lessens each day.

  5. Good for you feeling better; hate that you had to take out the trash can though.


  6. I love your attitude toward the perfection and beauty of your handwork. I don't crochet but you make it sound fascinating. I'm glad your neck is feeling better. xoxo