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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

As Promised

Snow and lots of it.

Weird that the storms down south, the tornadoes in those storms, that moisture coming up from those storms and meeting the cold front, is fueling the snow storm we are getting here.  Weather systems fascinate me, but personally?  I'd rather have a mega snow storm than tornadoes touching down all around me!

I have to quit voicing my political opinions on Face Book.  People get so irate!  Hey--I don't care who you are going to vote for.  I am not trying to change your mind.  It's merely my opinions.  Opinions are neither right or wrong.  They are just opinions!  But, a friend will post a comment and then another will argue with the person who posted the comment.

That really irritates me!  Argue with me--I'm the one who wrote the original post.  Don't get in an argument with the rest of the "commentators", that is so not Face Book etiquette.  AND--you know what, those on the far-right can be just as snotty with their comments as those on the left.

A couple of months ago, I blocked a Liberal friend (?) because of her nasty comments and arguments with my other commentators.  Now I've got a Right-Winger that is doing the same thing.  

The only way to stop all this nonsense, is not to post any of my opinions or political links.  AND just so you all know,  I am NOT voting for Bernie, Hillary, or Trump.  
Just before dark, we had about 6" of snow and along came my neighbor and pal, John.  He goes way up my street and cleans out every driveway he comes to.  A lot of elderly/alone people on this street unable to do their own drives.  John refuses to take any money for gas for his snow-blower.

He does Merle & Pearls, then up the street.  On his way back, he does the people across from Merle & Pearl.

then he does Dar's

 even the Wiccan's next door

across the street to Jackies

then mine

Then, after 90 minutes working on this street, he does two on his street and then, last of all, he does his.

Sweet man!

We expect another 6" during the night.


  1. PUT A DISCLAIMER on your Facebook post ... "This is MY opinion, argue with me, not my friend" at the top of each political comment. I try not to comment or express my opinion on Facebook ... because of that. I cannot with any sense of good conscience vote for Hillary. She is an evil, lying political bitch who has already been caught in so many scandals ~ she doesn't need the POTUS title to continue her stupidity.

    So it really depends on WHO the choices are. At least I know Trump won't be bought by lobbyists. He's not afraid to say things out loud and I think he will learn to choose words a bit more carefully. He's a very strong personality and I think we need that to lead us out of the mamby pamby state the O has us in. It is NOT affordable health care. My daughter makes $12/hr and cannot afford to buy a policy. Nor can she afford the fine that is coming up. It is very difficult to get on a state provided plan unless you are pregnant. I, on the other hand, am paying $300 more PER MONTH for the same care.

    My vote is being based on MY life.

    1. AW: At the risk of proving Judy right about commenters debating politics...one thing to keep in mind about Trump: He IS a lobbyist. He's been buying politicians for years to use to easy the way for his own self interests. He won't stop being a lobbyist for himself if he is elected. That wall he wants to build will line his own pockets using Trump contractors.

    2. Re the whole Obama Health Care--what a mess. My Pammie who is poor, can't get it without paying a lot. My other kids that can afford their own health insurance have seen their deductibles and policy rates go up some 200%.

  2. Facebook is really not a good place to talk politics. People feel too free to just type away, not realizing how many of their own friends and family could be reading and be offended. I knew you wouldn't vote for the three you listed.

    We sure am getting hit with heavy, wet snow!

  3. I am longing for some snow here, but looks like another winter without. We DID have some 60 degree weather last week, and that WAS kinda nice, but..... Looks like John will be back out again tomorrow. I suppose waiting til the storm is over would mean it's too deep to clear easily. You're lucky to have such a good friend.

  4. What a mess in the political arena. I agree about comments, Judy, if they would just stick to speaking, arguing, whatever speak to the person who wrote the dang post. Otherwise, they need to keep their traps shut.

    So glad you and the neighbors have John. He really is a considerate guy. :)


  5. What a nice neighbor John is! Rich would be like that too. I hate this snow but we really can't complain, this has been such a easy winter! I'm not even going to complain about how it took me a hour and a half to get home from work yesterday!