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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Great Day

Spent a lot of time looking for The Farms.  Someone had posted the link on FaceBook.  All the aerial photos were taken in 1969.  These are posted in order of the age they were settled.  All within a 1/2 mile of each other.

The Ancestor's--1857
On the other side of that woods, at the top, is the farm where I raised my children.

My sister lives here now

My Grandparents Poultry farm and Hatchery--1920
See the woods on the right.
On the other side is where Susan lives.
Turn left onto that road and 1/2 mile is Mark's farm.
This is where me, my hubs and kids moved to in 1967

Where my daughter Pam lives now 

My parents farm--1938
Where I was born and grew up
See that road in the distance?
Turn right on that road and Susan's farm is 1/4 mile away.

Where my son Mark now lives
See all the open fields around these farms?  It is still like that.  The nearest neighbor's to south and east and west, are all family members.

NOW--do you know why I'd like to move back "home"?  Quiet.  Space.  My roots.
<Dear Lord--I miss it so much>
I am continuing the cleaning/rearranging/moving stuff.  My living room is piled with boxes and stuff and looks like I am either just moving in, or organizing to move out.

Of course, with everything in my house in an upheaval, I had company.  My sister and Chuck and last night, Karen stopped in and John came over.

Karen's father-in-law (now retired) makes beautiful crosses, some plain, some with a heart in the middle, some with the Holy Spirit dove in the middle.  She gave me one for Christmas and when John saw it, and I told him the story, he wanted to order 7 of them.  I told Karen, she told her FIL and when Karen's hubs Mark went up north to visit his Dad last weekend, he brought them back.  

This is what mine looks like.
 The cross is made from a special wood from the Purple Heart tree that grows in Brazil.  Some come with a white cross and the center figure is done in the Purple Heart wood.

Karen brought over an assortment.  Some with walnut cross, some white, some Purple Heart.  John took an assortment of 7--he is giving them to his daughter/DIL/friends for Easter.  He is also taking one over to an older lady he knows who is bedridden at home, under hospice care.

So, Karen got the impression that John is "such a gentle and kind man", which he is and John got to meet Karen that he later declared to be, "such a lovely, sweet and gentle woman," which she is.

Okay--I do not like this!!  When people walk in my front door, with the slanted entertainment center gone, they can see all the way back into my bedroom!!!

See that yardstick on the floor between the carpet and the kitchen chair?  What if--I put something like a room divider there?  Something like this:
6' tall, 35" wide

Still open, but with things on the shelves to stop the "eye" from seeing all the way down the hall.

OR--is it going to be too busy?
I think I am just going to have to wait until I get the new media/fireplace center and see.

This wall would be the purrfect place for the fireplace.

However, there is no cable outlet on that interior wall and--a few years ago, I moved the couch over where my chair is now and it is so long, it stuck out past my east window and looked dorky.

Basically, I am stuck with the TV where it is AND all other furniture where it is.
Yesterday, I went up to the Wal-Mart.  The last time I was there, I had such a dizzy spell I thought I was going down on my face, so....I was kind of worried.

I picked up a prescription refill, then down to the cat aisle where I had to get food and a big jug of litter, then turn to walk way to the back aisle to get light bulbs, over to bit to get a storage box and then, allllllllllllllllllllllll the way back to the other side of the store for 4 gallons of refill water for the humidifier.  Then, alllllllllllllll the way up to the front of the store to check out.  Then allllllllllll the way to my car to pack up the car and unload when I got home.

I did it all with not one problem.  In fact, I felt great for all the exercise!!!
We are getting a Canadian Clipper or a Polar Vortex coming in today and tomorrow.  Below zero temperatures during the night.  Not much snow--that is all going south east of us up into New England--again.

Have a good weekend.  I will be inside my snug, warm wee house, moving stuff and cleaning and---watching Basketball games and---knitting and crocheting!  :-)


  1. What a beautiful cross, with such flowing movement in its design. A wonderful depictions of the Godsends that flow into my life. How large is it?

    A room divider coming that far into the room is a wonderful idea. Though I agree, the piece you've pictured might look too busy. The nice thing about your cabinet, when it was there, was its simple, solid mass. If you don't need the additional storage, maybe a folding screen as a room divider? (Though that could look too flimsy.) What about a tall corner display cabinet?

    Have a good weekend, too, Judy. Brrrrr. I'm closing all the curtains and keeping the bird feeders full. Supposed to be -8 here.

    1. I toyed with a folding screen, but thought the cat would probably knock it down. I saw a back-less bookcase in Wal-Mart, made of weathered barn wood, simple and wonderful, but I think I would have to use Oak to go with everything else. I never thought of a corner piece there--even though there is no corner, it just might work!!

  2. That sounds like the perfect way to spend your time during a Canadian Clipper or a Polar Vortex, and make some soup.

    John sounds like the sweetest man. Some gal with really good blood work, good bones and just the right weight would be smart to snap hime up. :) I'm only kidding. I know it isn't like that, but he does sound so kind-hearted.

    I don't mind the openness back to your bedroom. I'd wait until you get the entertainment center.

    Your house looks so cozy.

    1. Bella, my house is only 950 sq. feet, so it is small. Smaller than I would like, actually, that's why I try to keep "stuff" to a minimum and rarely pull the blinds on my big windows. I want an open feeling. Yes, I will wait until I get the new unit. Just pondering in my head. :-)

  3. Call the cable company and ask if they have a wireless way for you to get TV reception. There's so many new things out now, that might be possible or the cable outlet move might cost a lot less than you're guessing.

    Another idea for your space to keep people from seeing into your bedroom is a folding screen room dividers. They come in lots of styles and sizes.

    1. I would cost a lot more than I can afford monthly to go wireless and to move the cable, they would have to crawl under the house and come up between the wall. I have to keep the living room just the way it is the day I moved in. I had graph paper and measurements and made "to scale" furniture pieces to see what I needed to bring with me or buy. It worked out perfectly!!

    2. I think you should call your cable company and get some FREE advice. You may be surprised at what they can do to help you!! Especially if it won't cost you any more than you are already paying.

    3. But then, were would I put that heavy, big, long couch? It won't fit anywhere else and I need to keep it. When I am in Hospice care at home, I need that couch for my kids to take turns sleeping on.

  4. I have 980 sq ft in Maui! So I know your struggle. Although I am lucky enough to have a garage and only one car, so lots of storage. Washer/dryer in garage. Currently I'm in the "less is more" phase. It feels more serene to not have "stuff" everywhere. I have one wall in living room to hold art. No curtains or valances on windows, just cellular blinds to keep out the heat. My kitchen lines up with front door, so my every day junk is off to the side and out of direct view (coffee pots, paper towels, cutting boards, knives) I keep the island clear.

    I suggest a curtain in the little hallway closing off your bedroom (and whatever else is back there) which might make it easier on your eyes. Especially if you could find similar fabric to what is on your living room windows.

    So many ideas ....

    So you should just do what suits YOU. You don't entertain or have more than one or two people over at a time, so make it just how you like. Keep posting pics!

    1. It sure felt good today to have everything neat and tidy, dusted and cleaned. Clutter gone.

  5. Serious question: What's wrong with people being able to see into your bedroom from the front door? If you keep your door locked no one is going to come in and see you sleeping in bed. You may not be used to it but there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone had a bedroom, after all, and you can always keep your bedroom door part way closed if it really bothers you.

    1. Well--they also get a direct view of my washer and dryer and the hanging rod over them. I hang my bras up to dry on hangers and those would be in view. So, maybe that's the view I want obscured?

  6. I love the cross that Karen's fil made. It's beautiful!

    The movie you asked about "The Steel Magnolia's". It's wonderful; you laugh and cry. So many other actress's in it like Julia Roberts.


    1. Yes--I loved that movie. I guess I just didn't recognize the scene you posted.

  7. where the yardstick is...i wonder if you might be better off with a "half" room divider with some pretty pottery or vases, etc. on top. i like closed shelves, less dusting. with all that open shelving you are going to have a lot of dusting to do!!!

    you sound so happy and have enthusiasm, good for you. i love projects around the house and organizing things up!!!!

    1. I think when the media/fireplace gets in there AND the TV on top, it will feel better. I suppose I could angle it a tiny bit. It just seems strange not to have the fireplace flat against the wall. I will just wait and see how it looks. :-)

  8. talking about "half" i mean height!!!

  9. I can't wait for the cold snap to be over! We've truly been spoiled this winter! Stay warm. It's supposed to be 52 on Friday, though!