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Friday, February 19, 2016

"Pretend" Spring Day

What a really lovely last two days I have had!

Yesterday I met up with my Old School Gal Pals, at our hometown high school, to join other Senior Citizens for lunch in the cafeteria.  $3.00 for a lunch of salad, steamed veggies, pasta and two different sauces, and a nice dessert.  

Many people came up to me with warm hugs.  I didn't recognize three of them!  I am still tall, with short, light colored hair, so EVERYONE recognizes me.  My body-type looks haven't changed much in 50+ years.

However, I moved away from Byron 28 years ago.  Some of those people were teenagers at the time.  They still remember Mrs. Miller.  Some were in their 40's (like me) 28 years ago and, well....let's just say they have changed a whole lot!!

But, I am not afraid to tell them that I don't remember and then they tell me their name and we drop right back into the acquaintance of friendship that we had back then.
After lunch, I headed west out of town to visit my sister on The Farm.  I stopped off to see my Pammie, on the way.  She works from 4:00 to 10:30 pm and I knew when I left Susie's, Pam would be on her way to work.  I needed a hug and kiss from her.

Then on to Susie's and she and I yakked a bit and then played two games of "Road Trip" a board game.  She beat me twice.  I gotta get her back playing Scrabble where I usually, narrowly edge her out!

I am so glad it is staying light longer because I didn't start for home until 5:00!  This time of year, I usually have to leave at 4:00 to make it home before dark.
60 degrees and sunny today.  Windy so it wasn't real warm, but warm enough to go without a coat.  Back in the 30's again next week.  Spring is teasing us.

This morning, up to the food bank I went for my shopping appointment.  They had fresh heads of lettuce, and strawberries!!  Got some canned chicken to make a chicken salad, and some canned beef to use for beef sandwiches.  Also got a frozen steak.  Hope I can cook it so it won't be tough.

Pearl walked l down here at 5:00!!!  Walked!  With the help of her walker, but she did walk!

We had a really nice chat and lots of laughs.  She had an itch in the middle of her back, so I got my wooden back scratcher and used that on her.  Then I sat down and I started itching.  We figured she had a flea that had jumped from her to me.  LOL

We are having extreme winds tonight with gusts to 60 mph.  The wind is just howling out there and when one gust came in, I heard loud crashes on my porch.  My garbage pail had rolled across the porch and the lid is gone!

I called John and when he walks Maizey in the morning, he will keep an eye out for it.


  1. Yes the wind is really gusting tonight. My cats are not liking it at all!!

  2. Yikes - wind always scares me much more since we moved here; those big old trees. Hopefully someday we'll be able to have more limbs cut. The only right to the side of the l/r needs to be taken completely down; I told my brother I had gotten a quote of $3,500 and he thought that was a really good price. UGH not to me. LOL


  3. The wind is really bad here right now but it was a beautiful spring like day today.

    I don't cook a lot but steak is one of the things I do very well. Marinading is the secret.

    Glad you had a good day with your friends and family. It makes all the difference when we have something interesting to do.

  4. You get some good stuff at the food bank. Good luck with your steak.

    We're in the sixties here today and sunny. Gotta love that.
    Glad you had a nice day with friends and family. Hope you find your trash can lid. John is good for so many reasons.

  5. our weather has been all over the place here at the jersey shore. 60 today but i have a terrible cold so i don't know if i will be able to get out and enjoy it.

    i never recognize anyone from high school, but i think it's me. i know the faces, but can't remember names....or if someone from hs friends me on Facebook, i often have no idea who they are. i have a terrible memory!!!!

  6. I'm sure you know this, Judy, but marinade steak (or any other beef) in Italian dressing makes for tenderness.

  7. Beautiful weather here
    So nice to see the sun...

  8. So nice to get those warm hugs. And two days without Dar. Life is good!

    We got the warm weather today in the east. Aired out the house. But no wind here. Maybe tomorrow. Hard to believe one week ago it was -5.

  9. Fleas strike fear into my heart but I do love chicken salad made from canned chicken. We're having a few warmish days too but temps will be going back down. xoxo