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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


(Just a thought:  Sometimes a house is so big, that it owns you,
 instead of the other way around.)

I have and always will hate this saying!!!!!


"God never gives you more than you can handle."

BALONEY!!!   GOD does not give you anything BAD.  Usually you bring it on yourself, because GOD gives you free will and choice AND HE will NOT step in to stop your stupidness.  God WILL help you handle the bad stuff, however.

"Everything happens for a reason"--BALONEY!  Cancer happens, for a reason?  You get hit by a car and killed, for a reason?  The love of your life dies, for a reason?

For what reason?  Huh?  Explain that one to me.

Don't EVER say these two phrases to ANYONE, who is desperately ill or at a funeral visitation!  I MEAN IT!!!  ===================
My favorite was at Fred's funeral, when someone unknown to me, pressed my hands between hers and said, "I know just how sad you feel.  We had to put our fifteen year old dog down last week.  I haven't stopped crying since."  I have forgotten most of what other said to me that day, but I don't think I will ever forget her words of sympathy to me. HAH.

The simplest thing you can say at a funeral is, "I'm so sorry." and then a hug.  Not, "I'm sorry for your loss," not, "He/she was such a good person," (cause maybe they weren't), not "God will get you through this," just simply, "I'm so sorry."
So--I know it's silly, but my saddest fear is, after the kids move, I will die before I see them again.
Maisey and John stopped by last evening on their walk.  He had her "business" in a tied, white plastic bag that he sat at the end of my driveway.  We sat on the porch and as the sky darkened, it was time to leave.  

He stopped on the top step and said, "Is that a tame duck?"

I wondered what he was talking about.  A duck?  then he pointed toward the bag at the end of the driveway and yes, it did look kind of like a white duck, with it's head sticking up.

"Yes.  My tame duck,"I said.

"Really.  I've never seen it before."

"John...did you really think that was a duck?  That's Maisey's poop bag!"

He looked again and then bent over in laughter.

"I really did!" he said.  "Guess I need to wear my glasses!"

"Oh.  My.  Gosh!  You're losing it, Boy!"

"Don't you dare tell anyone."

"I won't."

(So, I am telling the world...here)

This morning, I hurriedly filled a white plastic bag with cat litter and put it out by my garbage pail. When I saw him and Maisey walking by, headed for home, with another while plastic bag in his hand, I stuck my head out the front door and started quacking!  HAH


Chiropractor yesterday afternoon.  Headache gone.  Shoulder pain, gone.  Neck pain, almost gone.  I go back on Friday.


  1. I hope you don't ride in a car with John driving if he's not wearing his glasses. LOL That's a funny story.

    I no longer say, "Sorry for your loss." Instead I say, "Sorry you lost" ,Jeff, Mary or whatever. At Don's funeral someone said words to the effect that now I could have some fun. I was so mad but didn't say anything. People sure can say some dumb stuff!

    1. At my Mother's funeral, someone said to me, "Sorry you lost your mother," and I replied, "She isn't lost. I know exactly where she is." I don't like to use the term "lost", I day "died". I didn't lose Fred on January 1, 2012--he died! Just me, I guess.

  2. Maybe that's what I need, a chiropractor for my shoulder pain. I'm so glad it worked for you, Judy.

    LOL on the tame duck. Too funny.

  3. LOL! Love a good sense of humor!

  4. I am so relieved your neck and shoulder pain are gone, or nearly so. Hallelujah.
    I hear you about your concern that you may not see Jen and Eric and their kids again once they move. I tend to take such 'feelings' seriously. We sometimes can have an inner wisdom, a 'knowing', and ignore it, - this is too bad. You, on the other hand, have a deep spiritual 'knowing' and you hear it. Question is, how will you keep loving them once they're gone?