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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Worries

Hey--check out this blog I just found.  She says, so much better than me, all I tried to say Saturday.

I don't really worry about what is happening in our society today.  I can't do anything about it.  It doesn't even really scare me.  It's just that it is so astoundingly idiotic and weird, that I can't figure out how, supposedly sane people, put up with it.  We are so far removed, morally, from what we were just 20 years ago.  We get more and more isolated.  Only (really) caring about our own little piece of land.  

We don't get together in groups and talk about "meaty" subjects.  We text.  We e-mail.  We rant on social media sites.  Far easier than sitting face-to-face and communicating.  Much easier to send a nasty e-mail, than saying the same to the person's face.  

...and of course, I am the worse offender.  Staying in my wee house, with my thoughts.  

I know, that I know, that I know--it is only going to get worse.   And, I know, that I know, that I know (more than I ever have), that it must be this way, and it will end, and I will be with Jesus in Heaven.  I have wondered over the years, but I can be at peace and happy now, because I KNOW...for sure.
I saw John and Maisey walk by early this morning.  She stopped at the end of my drive, looking up at my porch, but John tugged at her leash to move her along.

Then, Maisey stopped at the edge of my lawn and did her morning business.  I had to laugh.

John cleaned everything up, in his plastic bags and they ambled on.

I waited until he was up the street a ways and then called him on his cell.

"Morning, J.J.  Are you up already?"

"Yes.  Awake, but still in my jammies.  I just wanted to say how pleased I am that Maisey made a "duck" on my lawn.  I feel she blessed me with her presence."

"Oh.  You saw that didja?"

"Yep.  I thought perhaps you'd leave the "duck" at the end of my driveway and pick it up on your way back."

He laughed, a big laugh.

"Why aren't you in church?"  I asked.

"I am."

"You are?  I just saw you walk by so....unless you are having your own private service, I don't think you are in church."

"No--I meant I'm going to eleven o'clock service today."

"Oh...I thought you went early."

"Yeah, I usually go to nine o'clock--the old people's service, but I woke up too late.  Going to the rock 'n roll service today."

By then, Maisey and John were walking back by this way.  Maisey turned to come up my drive again.  John and I still talking on the phone.  I wave, he waves, bends down and gives Maisey a couple of treats and drags her off.

That dog loves me!!!

This is my new cause.  Legalizing polygamy--for women.

I need 5 husbands.  #1 will do all the cooking and cleaning.  #2 will do all the outside work.  #3 will be able to repair any appliance that breaks.  #4 will be a carpenter/plumber/electrician.  #5 will chauffeur me anywhere I want to go, either to Wal-Mart or to Vermont, or the Outer Banks of North Carolina--or, wherever.  

The carpenter will build a home for them all, because they certainly aren't going to live in MY house!  I will just call them whenever I need something done.

I need this to be legal so we can adopt a child together, if we want and so if they die, I will inherit their estate.

If two guys can get married.  Or two girls can get married, or Jacob the Farmer can marry his pet sheep, then I ought to be able to marry 5 men.  It is my right!!!

I gotta work on this flag and then--I will march!!!

I know polygamy is illegal in my State, but so was Same Sex Marriage--we voted it down a couple of years ago.  So--if the SCOTUS can take away our State's Rights and make Same Sex marriage legal, then they should legalize my right to marry 5 men.  There has been a precedent set now.

< am assuming that you realize that this last part is sarcastic, satire.>

It's weird.  Every time I see The Supreme Court of the United States, in initials like SCOTUS, it always makes me see it as scrotum.  Sorry--I need new glasses.


  1. Good luck with finding five guys to fit your marriage plans, especially in our age bracket. Though I must point out that farmer Jacob can not marry his sheep because they are not consenting adults. But since corporations are people, too, according to the Supreme Court, they should probably be forced to apply for marriage licenses instead of mergers.

    1. I don't care what age they are and they can all be gay and live in their house together, I just want the legal rights of marriage with them.

  2. LOL - SCOTUS - same.exact.thought! And I've never seen that abbreviation - not even in law school. but, we must have an acronym for everything now!

  3. Girl, pretty soon you'll be able to marry your favorite potted plant. Just sit tight. Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading my many words on the subject. I told my mother last week much what you said: I can't do anything about all of these awful things that are happening, and reading about them and/or dwelling on them just upsets me. I do have a need (as you have found out) to write about it, which helps me to process it somehow. I was saved by grace at the age of fourteen and, having always attended Bible-believing churches pastored by men who unashamedly preach the Gospel, I know we will suffer persecution. I am not looking forward to that and my most fervent wish is that I do nothing in my life to bring reproach to the name of my Savior. But other than that, as I told my mom: I plan to read my poetry books, take pictures, appreciate God's beautiful world of nature, stay faithful to church and the truth, and take care of my family. xoxo

    1. As they say on Face Book: "Like".

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