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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freedom. Equality. People's Rights.

Our society is all about--freedom, equality and the rights of people.

Except it isn't!  

Not really.

My Manifesto

Where does my neighbor's rights stop when they are infringing on my rights?  My neighbor's have the right to have a big bonfire.  The infringement comes into play when the acrid smoke from that bonfire comes into my house.  How can both people have an equal right?

My neighbor's like to shoot off fire crackers.  Now that Michigan has put on the books that it is quite all right for its citizens to do that, the day before, the day of and the day after a holiday, it is my neighbor's right.  Where does my rights come into play?  Or the rights of the vet down the street?

I am not only offended that my neighbor's do this, when they know full well that loud, sharp noises scare the heck out of me and make my heart race, but what about the Veteran who can and does have a PTSD episode from the noise?

It is a park ordinance of NO FIREWORKS, but no one obeys that ordinance because--"It is the law, so it it my right to shoot them off!"

It is the right of any preacher/priest/rabbi to refuse to officiate at the wedding of any couple (or at least is was a couple of hours ago).  Now with same sex marriage becoming law, will the preacher/priest/rabbi still have that right?  If a same sex couple wants to marry and they know full well that the "God Almighty" church down the street and the minister do not believe in same sex marriage, but this couple wants to make a point--and the minister refuses, will they sue him and the church?  Because it is now THE LAW, will that minister have to subjugate his Christian beliefs to either perform the wedding or go to jail?

Why wasn't the same sex marriage issue put up for a vote by the people?  Majority rules and all that.  Because, the Supreme Court is heavily liberal and now was the time to get it passed.  If the Supreme Court was heavily conservative, it wouldn't have even been on the docket.  So--like I said, to keep it fair and equal, it should have been voted on by ALL the people.

Who ever said a society, with all people being equal, was the way to go?  Marx?  Stalin?  There are the "Haves" and the Have Nots".  We need the Rockfeller's, the Vanderbilt's, the Willy Durant's and perhaps even the Trump's, to build huge corporations to create jobs.  We need executives with the talent, brains and educations to run those corporations.  We need the not so educated to answer the phones and work the assembly lines and we need the sweepers to keep the place clean.

Now "they" want to heavily tax the large businesses, because the rich don't pay their fair share.  Where do they get that notion?  They pay huge amounts of taxes.  It might not be the 33% we pay, or whatever it is now, but they pay huge amounts of money.  So, let's tax them to death so they will move their companies to another country, get cheaper help and take jobs away from our people?  Yeah--that makes a whole lot of sense.  NOT!

School segregation was a big deal.  Now it's found that children, learn more, perform better and have more self confidence if they are segregated--color-wise and gender wise.  Now we have Charter Schools, that can be segregated.    

There are racial, cultural differences.  It's in our DNA.  I could list the differences in the way Asians, whites and blacks think and live, but I won't.  Too long a list, but it has been proven over and over, psychologically and sociologically.  

Why do I live in an area where there are few (and I mean few) Latino, Black, Muslim, Hebrew races?  Doesn't make me a racist, it only means I want to live with people who are like me.  You know, if I could, I'd move back out to the country so I could live with like-minded, simple, down-to-earth farmers?  Does that mean I hate city people?  No, but I don't think like they do.  It is a cultural difference.

Who has the right to tell me what kind of flag I can fly from my front porch or lawn flag pole?

The South lost the Civil War because they didn't have the railroads or the means to get their products to where they could be sold for a good price, not because they didn't have tenacious soldiers. It was the economics of slavery and States Rights that caused the Civil War--not just the issue of slavery.  There were many black farm owners who had slaves.

So--some people in the South want to display the Confederate Battle flag.  So what?  It's not my right nor the government's to tell them they can't.  Doesn't that come under Freedom of Speech?  

Why was a man jailed because someone saw and reported that he had the Swastika flag on his living room wall?  Does this remind anyone of how the Communists work.  Report your neighbor or family member if they aren't toeing the Communist way.

We've got Muslim flags and Gay Pride flags, and that damn University of Michigan flag and do they offend me?  What they stand for might, but No!  Those people have every right to flag any damn flag they want.  It lets me know the houses and people to stay away from.  

I have the right to fly my beautiful Stars and Stripes flag--instead of the Stars and Bars, bless my heart!!

BUT--I do see a trend to re-write history.  The people of Memphis, TN have a lovely park.  In that park is a statue of a Confederate General on his horsey.  Below, the general and his lovely wife are buried.  

A.C. Wharton, the Mayor of Memphis now wants to DIG UP (he uses the nicer term "exhume") this man and wife, who have lain there for some 100+ years and move them to a cemetery and tear down the statue of said general and his horsey.  Why?  Seems the General was also a leader of the KKK.  So what!    
Should we go to Gettsyburg, PA and tear down every mention or statue of every Confederate place of victory at that hallowed place?  Are we to tear out the pages of the history book where it tells of General Sherman's march to the sea and the killing, pillaging and burning of Atlanta?  Perhaps because it might offend the Atlantans?

The Iranian president says the Holocaust never happened.  He has said it so long and so much that now the people in his Country believe it. 

 Much like the book "Animal Farm".  When Napoleon (a pig) the high Commander, kept changing the "commandants" to suit his (and all the other piggies) purpose and told the other people (animals) the lies so long, that they finally believed him.  And of course the SHEEP just followed along and kept repeating the lies until the LIES BECAME THE TRUTH!

Maybe I can run for office and then I can re-write history.  I would demand that pages in the history book that tells of how the USofA dropped two atomic bombs on two cities in Japan.  Cities that were inhabited, not my "enemy" soldiers or commanders or generals, but mostly elderly, and women and children,  Those pages would be torn out.  Maybe after awhile, no one would remember that it happened.  And the lie, that it was necessary to end WWII,  would be forgotten. 

It happened.  It is the truth.  It was payback for Pearl Harbor--where at least military people were--and it made us no better than the enemy.  They killed 2,400 MILITARY personnel.  We killed 80,000 mostly innocents.

You can't re-write history.  It is as it is, or it is as it was.

What about the riots?  A real reason?  Or a reason to vent anger, rob and get free stuff?

We all have the right to PEACEFUL assembly.  Gay people can have a parade if they want.  The Black Panthers can have a parade.  Martin Luther King can have a parade. The KKK can have a parade.  The Neo-Nazi's can have a parade.  The Right To Life can have a parade.  The Pro-Choice can have a parade.  They are allowed to stand on the steps of the Capitol building and talk all the miss-mosh of rhetoric they want.  

No one on the side lines has any right to throw stones at the marchers.  I firmly believe that the militia has every right to stop the rioters.

If they are told to disperse and they don't disperse, then---take the consequences of their actions.  If a policeman yells, "Stop and drop."  Y'all better stop and drop.

Better yet--stay out of those kinds of situations!!

Now the Pope tells me I can't be a Christian and own a gun.  What?

<Proof that Obama IS NOT a Christian because he likes to skeet shoot?>  

Global Warming is real and it is all my fault.  What?  

Global Warming IS real.  It is a very REAL  geological happening.  Warming and ice ages are part of the geological ups and downs of the earths' cycles.  It has happened before and it will happen again.  It happened long before factory and car emissions were ever present.  But the Commander keeps telling the lie and the sheep keep believing it.

Better the Pope or any religious leader tend to matters of God and faith and their denominations' creeds than get involved in politics!

Any day now, I expect the Commander to out-law cars over 10 years old.  I am going to be in deep doo-doo!  

The government is taking over everything!  Without even asking, they are going to take all trans fat from purchased food.  Why?  Because it leads to obesity. 

Wait.  What?

Obesity is caused from eating or drinking too much and not exercising.  Eat smaller portions.  Since when does the government think it can control people's personalities and addictions?  Trans fat makes food taste better--that doesn't mean you have to eat like it's the last meal you are ever going to have.  I eat a candy bar every day.  I eat potato chips every day.  I eat cake and cookies and anything else I want, every day.  I am as skinny as a rail and healthy as a horse. Of course, I don't over-eat any of those tasty things.  It is not my addiction.

Now the government wants to regulate e-cigarettes.  They say because the "second hand vapor" MAY contain bad stuff.  Oh hell no!  They want to get money from the sales--that's what they want.  That vapor contains no bad stuff because there is no bad stuff in the oil that is used in the e-ciggie.  There is a percentage of nicotine in the oil.  There is NO tar.  No carbon monoxide--nothing.  If I blew that vapor in your face, and you had your eyes closed, you wouldn't even know it. 

The Commander says "government control" is all about helping the people.  Us poor souls that don't have a mind of our own and no control over our mindless brains.  And the Sheep just keep following the Commander straight for the edge of the cliff.


What about prayer in schools?  Not to my knowledge was anyone forced to pray in school!  Not to my knowledge was any Jehovah Witness (including my best friend) forced to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance in school.  It offended some so both  were eliminated.  Although I know a lot of kids who say a quick, silent prayer right before exam time.

You gotta be so careful you don't offend someone else.  People get on this band wagon and they take it to such extremes that it becomes ridiculous.  I have every right to say Merry Christmas and if the person I say it too is Jewish, they have every right to say "and a Happy Hanukkah" and I would smile and say "Yes!"

But oh,  you gotta be so careful not to mention God!  You aren't suppose to say "God bless you", to a clerk in a store--they might me an Atheist.  Would your words offend them?  Perhaps.  If they said, "No thanks. There is no God."  Would that offend you?  Perhaps, but would you shot them or smack them up side their head?  Or just walk away and feel sorry they are so misinformed?
I recently posted on FB that I was going "dark" for awhile.  That meant that I was just not going to post a status or share links.  One of my friends was concerned that I was perhaps deleting my FB account because, I have another friend--a very Liberal friend, that likes to challenge anything I might post that doesn't coincide with her belief system.  

She can and does get nasty in her comments.  I don't know why she does.  We agree on a lot of things, but not religion or politics.  I NEVER post a comment on her status' or her shared links--it is her right to share or say whatever she wants on HER timeline.

If I disagree, she likes to say, WWJD?  

I once said that I thought drug testing before people could get Welfare was a good thing.  She responds with, "WWJD?"  How in this world am I suppose to reply to such a nonsensical question?

Jesus said, "The poor will always be among us."  


Would Jesus own a gun?  Probably not.  He'd leave that up to Peter.  HAH!

Did Jesus hate the rich?  No.  He stayed at the homes of the wealthy.  They fed Him and His disciples and financed His travels.  The women with the "full purse", traveled with them and paid for lodging and food.

Did Jesus hate tax collectors?  No.  He made one His disciple.

Did Jesus hate Gays?  No.  Being a Jew, He would not have condoned their lifestyle, but Jesus said, "Hate the sin, love the sinner."

Remember--Jesus was NOT a Christian.  He was God, who came to earth, in human form, to tell people to abide by the Hebrew Laws, which God set, BUT to also believe in the NEW covenant He was bringing to all people--Jew and Gentile.


How am I suppose to know?  If I quote scripture, she says I have misinterpreted it.  

If I give a political reason, she comments that I have been watching "too much FOX news", which makes me laugh because the only FOX I watch is FOX Sports.

I once replied back that she had been watching Brian Williams too much and...of course, she was incensed that I'd make that statement.

WWJD?  I know one thing for sure, from what I've read, He certainly wasn't for the government to dominate people's lives.

So--when the police come to take away my old car, my potato chips and my e-cigarette, do I "Stop and Drop?"  WWJD?

Anyway, she isn't the reason I decided to go "dark".  I am just sort of sick of all that is going on.  The language some people use.  The links some share.  The overly religious, the overly conservative or liberal, the sometimes really sexual and nasty shared links.   I have a wide variety of people on my Friends list.  The old, the young.  The rude, the crude, the immature, the ones who want to air their dirty laundry--all of it leaves me tired and upset and just plain physically sick at times.

So, I am taking a breather from reading anything on FB.
HERE is MY place--MY very own place where I can post all my thoughts, fears, beliefs and every day nonsense and rarely get a nasty comment.  Blog writers and readers are pretty nice in their comments to each other.  Sure, they will give advice, if asked for.

Basically, and I can't speak for anyone else, but MY blog is all about MY feelings and I surely hope by now, we ALL realize that feelings are neither right nor wrong--they are merely feelings.

WWJD?  Well, He might just have a blog.  He probably would have a huge following.  I'd be one of His readers for sure.  But---ya know, He spoke in parables and probably most of my comments on His blog would be, "I don't get it. Can you explain that in everyday language?"


  1. Thank you for this blog. I needed to read it. It puts a lot into perspective. I live 38 miles north of Memphis Tennessee. Things are bad here and getting worse. Some say Jesus is coming soon.. all I can say is I'm ready- I hope!!!

    1. Than you, Louise. I needed to write it. Which comes first? The Rapture or the Anti-Christ? I hope the Rapture because I want to be in Heaven before the Anti-Christ comes and the masses believe he/she is the Wonder Kid!

    2. I hope the rapture too!!

  2. I bet you feel better now, having vented your feelings and frustrations about such a LONG list of topics. Sometimes the world just gets too complicated and we have to take a news blackout, step back and take a breather knowing that 4/5ths of the crap we worry about never happens.

    I am glad I'm careful who I befriend of Facebook.I don't have to read a lot of crap because I take the extremists out of my daily feed so what I see is the nice chit-chat and photos. I can still check out their pages from time to time when I'm in the mood.

    1. I'm on FB so that I can see the message and photos from my Grandkids AND I do like the games there. :-) I do have some people on my restricted list so I don't see their shares and only see their posts of what they may be doing in life.

  3. Judy, this is some darn good stuff. You hit almost every nail right on the head. Now, if only we could take that hammer and pound some sense into many people we would be in good shape. I would begin with his majesty, the commander in chief.

    1. Many follow the Commander. We do not. Let's NEVER follow ANY Commander, and think he/she is the "do all to end all". The Commander we have now has a lot of sense and knows exactly what he is doing. Let's hope the next Commander is more for the good of ALL the people, oriented.

  4. Whew! Aren't we in a complicated world. I listen to a little news and then turn it to something lighthearted or a drama or just turn it off. Too much of it makes me feel like everything is out of control.

    I don't do FB. It isn't for me.

    1. Everything IS out of control, Bella.

    2. Go Judy! I'm proud of you. There is SO much going on, that it's difficult to take it all in! I happen to agree with everything you wrote, so go me! :)

      WWJD - we were given a mind, and I think he'd want us to love one another, and if not in agreement, love them anyway. I'm not always right, but neither is anyone else. I'm sick really of ALL of it; they are trying to take away ALL of our rights because they obviously can (at least some of them) but they cannot take away our freedom to live, love and think for ourselves. As you and I discussed lightly, I see this as a very disturbed universe. We're damned if we do, and if we don't.

      Thank you for always being YOU!!!! Love you.

  5. P.S.
    You may or may not have noticed, but I do not hardly ever get in discussions on FB about politics or religion even there are times I'd like to scream. I have one very good friend, and a few slightly friends who are "liberals" and nothing, NOTHING will ever change their minds. I thought, at first, it was the ones who were poor and needed government help (and in one case, a widow I believe that's true) but no, there are some who are wealthy and need NO help.
    BTW I know who you're talking about, and sometimes I think that person would love to argue with a brick wall. :)

    1. Love you too, Sal. Yes--she would argue with a brick wall--probably think it was stupid for not being a stone wall or something. HAH

  6. You've got wonderful people reading your blog. I love reading the comments here better than any other blog I visit! You've got it right, Jude. Everything you say as well as that this blog is YOUR PLACE, and you can tell it exactly as you see it here. So there! I have to tell you that some of the nasty comments from your liberal friend has me reluctant to read comments on your FB posts, so I've just been trying to just read your posts and ignore the comments. I keep forgetting it's such a public forum. At least a blog is a group of friends, mostly.

    1. thank you. More of my FB friends agree with me than not, but occasionally they will bring me up short too--which is all right. I just can't seem to get it through her head that we can debate and even disagree without being nasty about it. She has had a troubled life, so maybe that is why she is overly aggressive and snarky now?

  7. You go girl !!! You're a voice for many of us!

    1. I wish I could write it more concisely and not such a rant, but the words just came out fast and loose!

  8. You are truly a gifted writer, and I enjoyed this post. I try to keep the posting to facebook to a minimum, because I really want to keep most of my life to myself. And I too, am so tired of the extremism. I hope it is time for the rapture. Today's a good day! Thanks Judy!!