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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Good To Go

My dishwasher won't drain!  I hate that.  Yucky water sitting there in the bottom of it.  Plus, I hate washing dishes by hand.  

The good thing about all of this is.....I have an Appliance Repair Service contract with my DTE electric company that costs me a mere $20.00 a month.  That's $240.00 a year.  I have already had my dryer fixed ($187.00) and the pilot light on my water heater (200.00) and now a new pump for my dishwasher at--$250.00+.  I would say my service calls that cost me $000.00 have already paid for my service plan three times over.  AND--it is such a relief, when something quits working to know, all I have to do is call and it will be fixed.  No sweat.  No stress!
Yesterday, I was sitting in here and this girl, jumped off her skate board and came walking up the front lawn to my garden.  I watched as she bent down to pick one of my Lily blossoms.  I stepped up to the open window and asked, "Do you need something?"

She took of running, jumped on her board and was gone.

I have had this happened before here, with two other young girls that started picking my Tulips and Daffodils.  Why in the world do they think it is quite all right, not only to walk on other people's property, but to pick flowers from other people's gardens?  If she had come to the door and asked, I would have given her some.  

I think I remember saying this to a couple of girls, loooong ago.  Watching out my big picture windows as they broke off stems of Lilacs. I had to smile as I watched them giggle and stick their noses in the bloom to enjoy that heavenly scent.  I cranked the side window open and said, "If you had come to the door and asked, I would have cut some branches for you."  HAH!!!
I got a message late last night.  A friend asking me why I had missed the Old Gals luncheon yesterday afternoon.

No one had told me where we were having it.  I thought they had cancelled it again.

Friend said they had it at my favorite restaurant because that is where I said I wanted it this month.

Hm-mm.  I talked to one of the friends two weeks ago and I did mention that I liked that restaurant and she said she would tell the others.  No one got back to me though, so....................

Who knows?  Maybe that conversation meant they would meet there?  Maybe she forgot to call me back?  Maybe I forgot? I have noticed lately that I am having a bit of trouble remembering.  Which is a scary thing and why I now have to write everything on my calendar.

Ask me about a vacation I took back when I was 10 and I could tell you in great detail.  Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday?  I'd have to think about it quite a while to remember.  

Senility--here I come!!!
The squirrels have chewed the seed ports out of my Triple Silo feeder.  Now, when I pour in the feed, it flows out all the ports!  I think I have found the answer.  This feeder has METAL seed ports!  Let them chomp their little rodent teethies down on those!!!
Maybe this will be a birthday present to myself?
To the Chiropractor's again today.  He did an adjustment on my neck again and a lot of pressure point manipulations on the spot that hurts so bad next to my left shoulder blade. 

I can turn my neck from side to side now.  My shoulder doesn't hurt a bit, there is no pain in my collarbone and not a bit in the upper left of my chest--which was leading me worry about a heart issue.

I go back next Wednesday and then once a week for a while and I HAVE PROMISED MYSELF, once this gets under control, I will go once a month to maintain my cervical C1 and C2 and my lower back also.
I saw Maisey this morning.  Her Daddy is making a big pot of Chili and giving me a sample.  I gave him 3 cans of diced tomatoes and 1 can of tomato sauce I got from the food bank last week.  I didn't tell him I had made Chili last week and already have 8 containers of it in the freezer.  He wanted to do something nice, so.....................
I just finished this book.  A real quick read--kind of like her diary.  I enjoyed it.


  1. I have that bird feeder but lately when I fill it up with seed it's too heavy for me to lift up to the hook. So it sit in the garage. I would suggest the double tubed one instead.

    I've had kids pick my flowers at my old house and it made me mad, too. Like you I would have given them to them if they had asked. I think it's just a symbol of them not being raised to respect other people's property.

    Have a great weekend, Judy!

  2. For sure kids these days have no respect for personal property! We have someone in our neighborhood that loves to switch garden decorations between neighbors! Harmless for sure but still trespassing!

  3. I remember a trip to richmond when I was in seventh grade. We visited the Capital, and some of the kids picked flowers. Our teacher was furious, and said that she would have told first graders, "Do not pick the flowers" but she never thought to tell seventh graders. :)

    So glad your pain has lessened, and that you got your dishwasher fixed. All good things.

  4. So glad you're feeling a bit better now, but sorry you missed the luncheon. I'm sure it was crossed wires.

    Sorry to be absent there for a bit, but I'm back to being "spunky". LOL I had to laugh at that. :)

  5. I've missed reading your blog while I was gone. Glad to see you are doing well, and hopefully feeling better. Happy Belated Birthday!!