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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm Sad

Jennifer and Eric's house is for sale.

I remember how excited they were to find this property.  It was located in an orchard.  They cleared the land.  Eric had drawn up the plans when he was younger--it was/is his dream house.

I can remember how excited our whole family was when they moved from Salem, MA back "home".  Their oldest was just a baby.  

They built it the same time I moved in here.  A couple of years ago, they added a formal living room and family room, and added on to the kitchen, on the left.

It is a magnificent home with a wonderful view of a small lake out the back.  A huge concrete deck on the back. 

5 or 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms.  Beautiful.

They are starting a new life adventure.  At only 43.5 years of age, now is the time.

They will be moving to New Jersey and Eric will take over his father's Orthotics businesses.  Eric is very good at that--making artificial limbs and those running legs that the athletes use.  Jennifer will be able to do pro-bono work--she loves that and also help companies set up non-profits organizations, she is the expert in Michigan on that.

Eric wanted to start his own business here, but...the company he worked for had a two year non-compete clause, so he would have to wait that long and...well, that's kind of impossible.  DAMMIT!!!

I just hope my four Grand Babes can adjust well.  It is going to be a much different life than they've had here.  

My oldest daughter Pam is really going to have a difficult time adjusting.  She is very attached to the little guy.  

Our whole family is sad, but---what can you do.  Jen and Eric are doing what they think is best, overall, for their family.  I can't fault them for that, even though I cry about it most everyday.


  1. I understand as my children have made moves far away from me..
    I always have said that "I give my children roots and wings."
    Wishing the best for them in their new life
    it is really exciting.
    Must say
    What a beautiful and elegant home...

  2. I thought I already left a comment. Must be I was in too big a hurry to do it right.

    What a beautiful house to leave behind along with their family foundations. But it's the way of the world now and like you said, you can't fault them for that.

  3. That is so sad, Judy, for so many reasons, but then I understand Jen and Eric's decision, too. Such a beautiful place with so many memories for all concerned.
    It is an amazing opportunity, though, and I wish them much success, and you peace and comfort with the changes!

  4. I took the virtual tour and could not believe what the inside looks like. I would get lost in that house. It is like a museum.

  5. It is sad but people have to do what they have to do. I know that Shauna's husbands job can take them anywhere in the world and that scares me, but what can you do? That is a beautiful house! I'm sorry for all the time you missed with them.

  6. This is so sad. Maybe they'll visit often?

    What a beautiful house!