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Friday, July 29, 2016

It Was A Good Day!I

I decided that I needed a treat!  My new refrigerator has been empty since it was installed the first of the month.  Except for Diet Pepsi, water, milk and cat food.  I've been eating out of the cupboards.  Soup and corn and green beans and pork and beans.

This morning, I got up late again, I think depression is trying to grab me again, but I won't allow it to set in, I checked my grocery money wallet, $30.00 left.  I called the Rich People's store and put in an order at their MAGNIFICENT deli, for me to pick up at 2:15.

When I first got to the store, I headed back to their bakery and picked up a 9x4" yellow cake with butter creme frosting loaf cake.  They make their own and they are delish.  Then over to the deli and there was my order.  A large Antipasto salad, a medium container of mac & tuna salad, a small container of Neptune salad and a small container of the best bologna sandwich spread--just like my Mother used to make with chopped up onion and dill pickles.

Total price?  $27.00!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be eating well this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
It took me a year to do my family genealogy, both Mother and Father's side and made up the books for my kids.  Over the years, we have bragged about how there has never been any cancer in our family.  As I noted when I did the research, NO CANCER OF ANY KIND--EVER--all the way back.

What I find strange, and maybe I jinxed our family.  my son now has cancer and I found out today, my cousin (on my mother's side) had surgery for prostate and bladder cancer.

When asked why, with the explanation that our family does not have the cancer gene, it was explained that most cancers now are environmentally caused.  The food we eat, what we drink.  So many preservatives and just the bad stuff in the air.  It just "happens".  

That ticks me off!  Mark, my son, has always cooked and always used fresh grown vegetables and fresh caught fish or venison.  My cousin, has run in many marathons, and even after retirement, has run every day--at least 10 miles.  They are healthy people!!!

We are supposed to live until our late 80's or 90's, like our ancestor's and then die peacefully from our heart giving out, not from some poison getting inside and eating us alive!!

Well, at least no one in the family has ever had breast cancer.

Probably shouldn't have said that.  I have a Mammogram next month!  YIKES!!


  1. Mmmm, sounds very delicious! I've never had bologna spread but I love bologna so I know I would like it.

    I am so glad you blogged about doing your genealogy (despite your family not being very excited) because I am so grateful you did mine. Since you obviously love being a Detective, I hope you get many more clients.

    1. My family really loved it, but I had to wait to ask, AFTER they had read through it. I can remember being so excited when I told my Dad I got my first children's book published. His reply, "Are you gonna make any money off it?" I gave them all a copy for Christmas and they "thought it was cute." My Mother, who started the whole genealogy thing back in 1968 and died in 1970, and I took it up from there on, and who also loved to write, would have been over the moon! She would be so proud and thrilled to see what I had found and how I put the book together. Sigh.

  2. My mom used to make that bologna spread, too. I can remember using the grinder. You've made me hungry for it again. It was a staple for us growing up.

    People in past centuries who died from cancer would not necessarily have that documented on their death certificates because they simply didn't know the cause of many deaths. Consumption, for example, was often listed and now they have more precise language that covers a host of diseases that consumption used to be called. But environmental factors in our food chain is driving it up. (And Republicans lawmakers want to require less labeling info on our food like country of origin which makes me so mad.) As I understand it, many of us have the dormant cancer gene but something comes along and triggers it to turn on. Where did Mark do his fishing, small inland lakes or on one of our big lakes? For a lot of years they told people to limit their Lake Michigan fish consumption. Manufacturing places were dumping stuff in the water routinely.

    1. Mother would clamped that meat grinder on the edge of the wooden kitchen table and put a bucket on the floor under it to catch the drippings and I'd crank away. Big chunks of bologna, dill pickles, a bit of onion. Mark mainly fished the small lakes in this area, he liked Blue Gills and Perch. I think his problem? He had a doctor who just kept prescribing his BP medicine, year after year, without having Mark come in for a yearly check-up. Of course Mark, being a man and like the rest of my family--we rarely go to the doc for check-ups, by the time the doc told him he had to come in to get his prescription renewed and gave him a check-up, it was too late. He had no symptoms, but IT was there.

  3. Don't even go there - that maybe you jinxed your family. Environmental toxins of the sort we have now weren't around a century ago, though others were we have little of now. Who knows? Life is terminal in any case.

    I guess all we can hope for is that we feel healthy until closer to 'the end'. I often wonder if it's better to be ignorant and feel healthy or know the instant something in your own body breaks down, when you can't always do something about it.

    Nice to look inside your refrigerator now. Bon Appetit!

  4. I'm glad the larder is full! There is no explaining cancer. It breaks hearts wherever it pleases, and needs no reason. xoxo