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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Message From the Cave of the Clan Hunter

It has been hot and humid, so this person has not gone outside in 3 days!  When John stopped in last night, I hadn't yet unlocked the door from when I went to bed on Monday night!

I am the Clan Hunter, staying hidden in my air conditioned cave and spent nearly 6 hours today trying to figure out a "clan" who seemed to want to name all their descendants, William.

4 generations of  father's naming their sons, William.  I had that in my own family:  Conradt named his son Peter, who named his son Conrad, who named his son Peter.  You just want to scream!!

Searching for the youngest William and up pops all sorts of stuff about him.  I get all excited and copy it out and then realize, it isn't him, it's his grand father, or father, or even--Great grand father.  The only saving grace is they each had wives with different names.  :-)

Writing it down in the "book" can be a real trial.  When I head the page with, "Your 7th Great Grand Parents were,"  I gotta make sure it is THE 7th great grand parents--not the 8th or the 6th.  Which happened today.  Had the 5th great grand parents stats and photos of their grave markers and all, and then realized, all the info was really the 6th great grand parents.

"ARGGH"!  i said, right out loud, and then inserted a blank page, moved that info down, and back to enter the info for the 5th great grand parents.

While searching and messing around, I DID find a lot of interesting stuff about the 8th Great Grand Father of my clients surname.  He was the 1st immigrant to the new world and helped settle the area and make a new town.  

This is fascinating shit stuff, my friends!
This morning, 10:30, just as I was immersed in William's and concentrating really hard, lost in history, I heard a knock and someone trying to open my locked front door.

Dar and Daddy.  ARGGH!  Well, Daddy was interesting to talk with--after Dar stopped trying to answer all the questions I asked HIM.  He and I reminisced about WWII, rationing, living, etc.  He may be 95, but Dar wasn't even born yet, so she had no clue, but a few years older than her, I remembered a lot.  I loved that!!!

Daddy has been running Dar ragged.  He insisted that "they" clean out her shed and found 15 cans of old paint.  She is all in a panic on how to get rid of it because her brother told her it was illegal to put it in the garbage for pick-up.

"That's just BS!" exclaimed Daddy.

"It sure is!"  I retorted.  "Put a couple of cans in each of your garbage pails each week and they will take it."

Daddy also insists they go out for breakfast, 8:00am every morning, lunch at 1:00, and then every evening, out for an ice cream sundae.  Every time I look out the window, I see them driving either in or out of the driveway.  HAH!

He has called to make an appointment to have her two decks power-washed and then "Her and I are going to paint them.  They look like crap!"

She thought it was stressful with her son and two grand kids living there, and they kept to themselves so she rarely saw them, Daddy is going to put her over the edge!

"Daddy!  You're going to kill me!"  she said.

"We gotta get this stuff done.  I don't have time to waste!"


  1. I don't know how you find so much great information. Thank you again for mine!

    SOOOOO ... did the grandkids and son move out? Oh this is going to be a great summer. She will be too busy to pop in to complain! Hope Grandpa stays a good long time and whips that place into shape!

    Keep us posted on your new furniture!!

  2. If you put paint in the trash here in MI you're SUPPOSED to open the can and let it dry up to a lump first, then seal again before disposed it.

    It's between wicked hot on this side of the state, too, but I haven't turned on my air. For some reason it feels good to me after being cold all winter. I love that Dar's father is keeping her out of your hair. LOL

    I hate that our ancestors used the same first names generation after generation and they are STILL doing it in my family. If you run into any clients with ties to the Founding Fathers in Boston, there's a good chance their ancestors knew mine.

    1. The should read, "it's been wicked hot..."

    2. I have found client's ancestors who lived in the same places as mine and at the same time period. Germany. New York. England. It's very cool.

    3. You've found an interesting "hobby", and what could be lucrative for you. I paid for Ancestry/dot/com, got it for 6 months or so. We don't have a lot of leads on Daddy's family, but I can't pay the costs, nor was I good at it! But it was fun finding what looking! ;) I think I understand your passion---and th" YESSSS!" feeling when you have actually found out things nobody expected. How fun!
      It's supposed to 97 in my town tomorrow. We are in for the day, I believe! I love fall and winter!
      Take care!

  3. When my 5th great grandfather came here from Germany he put a "John" in front of the boys' real first name and that happened for a few generations after that. While trying to find my Civil War great great grandfather it became such a roadblock until I realized his name was Mathias and not John but his war records and gravesite have John on it. Aggravating at best. It took me a long time till I figured it all out.

  4. We open our cans of paint and put a little kitty litter int hem and allow them to dry before putting them in the trash or taking them to the dump where they have a special section for them.

    Your genealogy work must be fascinating.

    It's been miserably hot and humid here. I stay in my air conditioned cave, too. I won't peek outside till fall... unless we have an unusually cool day or the humidity drops in late August. That happens once in a while.