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Friday, July 15, 2016

I May Fall, but I ALWAYS Get Back Up!!

Thursday:I have had diarrhea for 6 days!  Another reason to stay close to home.  I Googled and read and either I have Colon cancer, or not enough fiber and healthy bacteria in my diet.  Assuming, the way I eat, I opted for adding fiber and probiotics to my daily intake.  

Friday--today:  I think I may have IBS.  Taking the probiotics has helped actually.  Still--this is not normal for my usually constipated self--although, there have been times in the last year or so that I have had bouts of diarrhea.

YES!  I know!  I should go to the doc, but the first thing he suggest is a colonoscopy and those things scare me.  No--not the prep, I'm having that sort of thing right now.  No--not the thought of being put under--I LOVE Fentanyl or Versed.  I had a friend die from a colonoscopy.  "They" pierced his colon and didn't realize it, until a few days later when he was full of peritonitis infection and died.  My sister also had a problem.  So--what to do.  What to do?
I fell again last night.  Had the same kind of episode I did a couple of months ago.  11:30 last night, I turned off my computer and my desk lamp, grabbed my Diet Pepsi and headed out to go to bed.  I took about 3 steps and I could feel it coming.  I tried to set the Pepsi down on my desk, but my eyes were all googley and the desk wasn't where it looked like it was, so I dropped the Pepsi and then, down I went.  I grabbed for the chair, which tipped over, which caused the box fan sitting on top of the chair to crash and quite a few other things came crashing.  I wondered to myself, "What is all that noise?"

It's like a 2 second black-out.  I don't faint--I just get disoriented and lose all feeling in my legs and down I go.  The chair fell on top of me and the box fan fell on my legs.  I hit my bad left shoulder and fell on my right hip--I don't know how I did that, but my left elbow was scraped and bleeding and my right hip felt really bad.

I laid there for a moment to make sure none of my parts were broken and then had the hard job of getting up off the floor.  I couldn't break a hip as they are both metal, but I thought perhaps I had dislodged the right one--but, nope I was okay.  

I ache all over today, but at least I didn't hit my head.  I wish I had waited until I got into the living room.  I would have had a nice soft cushion with that new carpeting.

NO!  I do not need to go to the doc for this!  I have been to a neurologist.  It is caused by my blood pressure dropping when I stand up too quick and move too fast.  Also there is a problem with my optic nerves. If I have been doing close work--computer or reading or knitting, when I stand up, my eyes don't adjust right away and I get very light headed.  I am supposed to take off my glasses, look at something far away to readjust my eyes, move my legs up and down to get my BP up and THEN I can stand up and walk.  

Other than that, I am working on genealogy--trying to restrict myself to 4 hours a day because, I tend to sit here and get so involved that hours pass and then I really do get googley eyed from the strain and concentration.

The hot weather and high humidity broke last night, so today was an all windows open and door open kind of day.  We will be like this until late Sunday and then the temps and humidity start to soar again and next weeks weather radar map shows a big red glob hanging over Michigan.  The "Dome of Hell" one forecaster called it.

I used .8 gas units last month so was told my the gas company, not to pay this month.  On the other hand, my electricity bill was up from last year and I owe more than my budget payment.  We never get ahead, do we?

I need to go buy food one of these days, if I think my intestinal system will allow me to be away from the bathroom for a couple of hours!  Right now, I am eating bananas, and cheese and crackers and drinking protein drinks.

It could be colon cancer, although no one in my near or distant family has ever had that, or any cancer in my ancestral tree, for that matter, but I suppose I could be the first.  If it keeps up, I will go and get checked--other tests first though, before a colonoscopy.  


  1. If you've had diarrhea for seven days that can contribute to your blood pressure dropping when you stand up. Make sure you are drinking a lot of fluids! Too much sugar in your diet can cause diarrhea or food or water born germs which are common in the summer. I get diarrhea often and have for 25 years. I carry anti-diarrhea pills which work great for me. There are so MANY things that can cause it that cancer would be the last on the list for me to think about.

    They do have another test for bowel cancer that you can do in your own home and send to a lab which you can insist on instead of a colonoscopy.

    Call your doctor. It might even be bug, something going around!

    1. I have done the Hemocrit home test before. I might call Monday and see if a Diarrhea Bug is going around.

    2. That bug is going around the island. For me, I think it is another age related phenomenon. I added Benefiber to my diet (in my coffee, first thing!) and things are 99% better. Still occasionally not as solid as I'd like, but I can trace it back to something food related ... too rich. Ah .. these golden years!

  2. I have IBS but only on Wednesdays when it is time to food shop. I am fine at home but the minute I step into the grocery store I need a bathroom. I guess it's all in my head. Or the stress of shopping for food.

    But good grief you scare me with your falling. That happens to my husband now and then when he gets up too fast he gets dizzy. He has low blood pressure (numbers I would kill for) so we know why it happens to him.

    Like Jean R. said, cancer never came to my mind either as I read your post. I never had a colonoscopy and hope I never need one.

    1. I used to get that too, Cheyenne. I'd walk into the big grocery store and immediately feel a bout of diarrhea coming on. Weird, isn't it? I always thought it was because I walked a lot more in the store than on any other day, so the extra exercise caused it. HAH! I'n too know why I rarely have the falls. But sometimes I forget, and down I go.

  3. Please be alright! Extra TLC for your bruises, and your diarrhea <:-P I've had diarrhea the last week, too, and figure it's from the watermelon or some such summer issue. I've been keeping my strength up eating lots of meat and chicken, and popping supplements. Are you getting enough animal protein, besides the protein drink?

    Scary how your friend got a perforated colon from a colonoscopy. Makes me wonder about the competence of the Dr., not the procedure itself. Steer clear of that doctor. Me, I'm one of the 'good girls' when it comes to tests. The biggest pain in the ass about the colonoscopies is finding someone to take me and pick me up afterwards.

    Please keep us posted. ((hug)) I'm praying for peace and quiet in your body, and much much healing.

    1. Thanks for the healing thoughts--my back and hip ache like crazy today. I also worry about who would bring my sedated self home from the colonoscopy. I mean---who? No, I am not getting enough animal protein. I only have the diarrhea first thing in the morning and then once or twice during the day. I have no fever, no bloating or pain, but lots of gas! TMI--sorry.

  4. So sorry to hear about your health situation, Judy. I, too, go through the bouts with IBS. It is painful and isolating, and have the same issue with planning to go anywhere. Probiotics help me alot and also the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. When I am feeling well, I start my day with iced tea and yogurt, then have to eat very light during the day. It is all very painful. My colonoscopy is clear (I am NEVER having another one, NO MATTER WHAT). Sure hope you can find a happy medium with this. Many of my friends have the same thing. I no mine is aggravated by berries so I try to avoid them.
    I have also had the BP drop upon standing and that is usually when I have not been taking in enough nutrition.
    Sending you healing thoughts and hope it all stops soon. The heat doesn't help, even if you are in AC it is hard on our bodies.

  5. How much Pepsi are you drinking in this summer heat? Whether made real sugar or fake sugar it can cause IBS symptoms in large quantities. Benefiber helps me keep in check.

  6. Praying for you, Judy. I don't like hearing this. Please take good care of yourself. Love you!

  7. Understand much you share, this one with high inflammation
    and do all natural I can. I drink small glass of Kefir
    in the morning, yogurt during the day and when I do not feel like eating always bananas and applesauce.
    Pepsi not good for you but know my mother drank them daily.
    Thinking of you...

  8. You've had a rocky week, Judy. I have low blood pressure, too. Take it slow. As for the diarrhea, I just had a bout with that, but I'm pretty sure mine was a virus. It passed within 24 hours. I hope yours moves on (no pun intended) soon.

  9. I'm glad you shared your TMI. It sounds like we all have these bouts! It helps me to know I am not alone with these minor annoyances. I too carry Immodium with me and it seems to work fast enough for me.

    I need to limit myself on this computer! I can get lost for the whole day on here ...

  10. I thought Benefiber was for constipation. I DO know I need more fiber, so will start using it. I have 1 1/2 bottles in the cupboard. It's getting better, at least the diarrhea is over with, but every time I go to pee, I expell gas and out comes really soft bits of digested food. UGH!!! Too much TMI again! It sure helps to know I am not in this alone. and I never would have known if I hadn't shared TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL