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Sunday, July 17, 2016

You Are Only As Safe As You Think You Are

Ms. Sally, my blogging buddy, posed the question, "Is there any place safe to live nowadays?"

It sure doesn't seem like it.  We even have Road Rage incidents here in this upscale County.  The demographics here are 0.76% African American, 3.57% Asian and 0.51% Hispanic.  I know I sound racist, but I credit those stats with the peace and calm and relative non-crime in this area.

I thought, 8 years ago, that with a Black President, he would help unify the races.  Instead, it feels to me, that all he has done in that regard is make them feel empowered to misbehave.  Like they think they can get away with anything.  I heard him speak at the funerals in Dallas.  All he did was make a political statement.  I didn't hear many words of comfort for the families who were suffering!

I still know of a much safer place to live then even here.  It is a little town of 1,200 people called Byron, Michigan.  The last crime committed there was a would be bank robber who rode up to the bank on his pedal bike, passed a note, got about $5,000.00 and was caught and arrested before he got five miles outta town.  A guy heard and saw him and called other men in town.  While one guy followed him, the other guys got the Constable, who was home eating lunch, and they all took off after him, keeping in contact on their cell phones.  He was headed back toward Pontiac!  (About 50 miles away.)

All around this little town are farms and residential areas--no sub-divisions, just homes--built on what used to be farms, mostly on still gravel roads.  

Out where I lived, the only time the County Sheriff is called is when someone hits a deer and they have to have the Deputy come out to make out a report so their car insurance company will pay to fix the damages.

Dar told me she'd be scared to live out there because, "Someone could break in, rape and kill you and no one would hear your screams."  I asked her, "Who do you think would break in?"  "Anyone!", she replied.

So I pondered, "Do you honestly think some bad guy is going to drive forty miles out here from Flint or Lansing, and just happen to pick your house to break into?  Think of all the houses he would have driven by and then...just happen to pick yours.  Nonsense!"  She's a City Girl, so she doesn't understand how much safer it is to live in the country.

There has only been one killing out there, where I used to live, as long as I can remember.  That was an old farmer neighbor who found out he had Stage 4 cancer, so he shot himself.  It was tragic, but we all kind of understood why he did it.

Honest!  The only people who would break into your house, would be another neighbor and......none of them would do that sort of thing.  If they did?  It wouldn't be too hard to follow his truck tracks right to his house.  LOL

So--we have had a lovely cool weekend here.  Heat and humidity rolling in this evening, so I have the A/C running.  Supposed to get up to 97-99 by Friday.  We'll all be trapped in our homes when that happens.

The diarrhea has lessened.  I did hear there was a digestive bad buggie going around.  I was suppose to go up north to Karen's cottage with her, Madeleine, my sister and Chuck this weekend, but had to cancel because of the diarrhea.  I'd hate to be out on the Pontoon boat and need a bathroom!!!!!!

Now, it only occurs every couple of hours, when I go to pee.  I expel gas and out comes some small pieces of digested food.  YUCK!!  I know, too much information!!!
My cat Buddy decided today to do something he hardly ever does.  Yak up a fur ball.  Right in the middle of the new carpeting.  Talk about yucky!!!!  I cleaned it up best I could, without gagging and luckily, I have special carpeting spot remover.  Worked like a charm, but I'm ticked off about it anyway.  DANG ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!
Boy!  Did I have a time this weekend.  Put in about five hours on the climb up the family tree branches.  I found lots of background on my client's grandfather.  So interesting and going back generation after generation.  He had gone to a prestigious college, was in the Men's Glee Club and the Rowing Team--I even found a photo of the handsome man.

Something tickled at the back of my mind though.  His name was the same and his wife, but---every report said he was born in 1903 and she in 1915.  I wondered why he'd marry someone 12 years younger.  Of course that happens, but......something just didn't feel right.

I didn't have his birth date, so I e-mailed my client and she had it.  He was born in 1915!!!  Well, I knew he hadn't been in college in 1924!  So I had to go into my record area and "kill" him off and all his ancestor's.  I also deducted the 5 hours it took me to find the incorrect information.  It was MY fault, my client doesn't pay for mis-information on my part!

Somebody STUPID uploaded their Family information to Ancestry.com and it was incorrect!!  That's okay.  It was a reminder to pay attention to my intuitions and make sure I have the right people!
Time to get off here, play a few Face Book games and hit the sack! 

Have a great week.  Be watchful.  Be careful.  Be safe.  You never know where the next crazy will strike!!! 


  1. I hate it when people do NOT double check their information before they post it. A relative on my Dad's side tried to put together a genealogy ... so many dates and facts are totally not true. Misspelling of names. I should make a copy to send you to show you what NOT to do! But he did it back in the day without much internet help.

    Stay cool this week!

    1. It was difficult, back in the day. I started our genealogy in 1970's and had to visit libraries and look at micro-fische tapes and mail letters to New York, trying to find information. Easier now, but you are right--a lot of misinformation.

    2. Your info is rated five star ( if they had a rating system). You do upload what you create onto Ancestry.com?

    3. If the client says it's alright to do so. Some people want to maintain their privacy and their family's privacy. I uploaded my own, yes.

  2. I had a feeling when you commented that you meant Byron. I wish there was some way that you could. :(

    1. It's fine here Sally. I feel very safe here and close to hospital and stores and doctors--just what I need as my age advances. :-)

  3. Yep, Gramps DID NOT go to college....was a beat cop for years and worked his way up the ladder....sorry you got way-laid.

  4. "Unifying the races" had nothing to do with the mass murders done by the two veterans--Dallas and Orlando. PTSD and lack of mental health resources are more likely the root causes. This last killer's online presence, for example, for sure points to him having a screw loose upstairs. When a white person does a mass murder like the children in Newtown or the guy who shot up an Planned Parenthood we right away say he was mentally ill but when a black person does a mass murder we right away want to call it racism. Why is that?

    1. Wounds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You're right. We should look beyond the color of one's skin.

    2. I guess I thought it was a racist act because he said or tweeted or something that he was going after WHITE cops. We do lack mental health resources, I've said that for years, unfortunately, the ones that need it don't seek it out.

  5. i feel safe where i am, in my home area but now as i travel i worry. i thought perhaps we would go to a show in new york city soon, i'm not going to do that. also we visit washington d.c. often, i'm not so sure i would feel safe there!!

    i am fascinated by your genealogy work, it must be very rewarding!!!

    1. I worry about my youngest daughter living in NJ, so close to Manhattan. She loves to go back to Boston too and visit her college classmates there. Her hubs works in Manhattan. I guess the whole of the upper East Coast scares this old rural, country girl. I love and am obsessed with the genealogy work. It is so fascinating to me!

  6. Ummm..yes, Judy! TMI!! I don't think there is anywhere safe anymore. I think we should be extra cautious in places where lots of people are like Meijer or WalMart.

    1. I don't fear that out here, but you are right. Big stores, lots of people to be mowed down.

  7. Your spirits are good. You had me laughing picturing your kitty yakking up a fur ball on new carpeting. I know it's not funny...

    How're your bones and bruises doing? I suppose it's a good thing that no one's charging into your house to rape and kill you (thank you Dar), but when your OWN chair falls on you, now that's a menace I want stopped. You doing the leg pump before standing up?

    I am pretty excited about watching the convention... or watching the commentators watching the convention. Just hope no one uses the gun they've brought. Ugh

    1. By the time I had fallen, the adrenaline was going full speed so I wasn't dizzy or disoriented anymore. I used to sit and watch both Conventions--loved it. Not this year. Staying away from News channels as much as I can.