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Monday, July 25, 2016

Expensive Lessons, Lies and Idiot Employees!

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I feel kind of bad for Bernie Sanders.  His campaign was funded by 10-20 dollar contributions and right from the beginning, the DNC was out to get him.  How unfair, because many liked his message and agreed with him.  Yet the DNC let him go ahead, mile after mile of campaign stops, speeches, while all along, they knew they wouldn't allow him to have a chance at the nomination.  The Sander's people found out about it early on and demanded Wasserman be made to be fair, but.........

My Liberal friends that were chortling last week about the protests and noise at the RNC convention, have been strangely quiet since the news of the leaked e-mails has come out.  I heard tonight that the DNC will not allow Debbie Wasserman Schultz to "retire" AFTER the convention--they fired her this afternoon.
Still really hot and humid.  Even at night, when the temperature gets down to the 60's, it is still too damp to open the windows and try and get fresh air into the house.  I did go out today--a run up to the Print Shop.  I have had no problems with the two women I have worked with up there.  They seem to understand what I need and how I want my "pedigrees" printed out.

The sheets that I have printed and then taped together--sometimes are 36" wide.  They must be 11" long so they will fit and be bound in on the left side of the book.  If they are extra long, I fold them into the book.

No problem.  The print shop has landscape paper on a continuous roll, so I get whatever width I need.

For some reason, the last two times I have been up there, the woman Office Manager thinks she needs to do my copying for me.  She has yet to get it correct--no matter how many times I explain it to her.

I had 7 pedigrees to get printed today.  Only one was on 11 x 17" paper.  The rest were 24 to 36" wide.

I went over with her what I needed.  "I need the print-out to be 11" long--precisely 11" long.  It doesn't matter how wide they are, but I have put the measurements on the post-it note for each pedigree."

She comes back with one at 11 x 17--the rest, the correct width, but the length was 20 some" inches long so they all had to be trimmed. 

I explained, "That's a lot of extra work--to trim them.  You have a copier that you can set with the correct measurements.  Eleven by whatever width you need."  Her reply, "Well on these longer ones, I would have to change the roll to a different size paper."

 Well then, change the damn roll and give me what I want!  I wanted to say, but didn't.  One of the girls I used to work with was sitting at a desk behind the Office Manager and I saw her roll her eyes.  Why can the regular employees know how to do it correctly, but the Office Manager doesn't and...won't ask for help?
It was a frustrating day all around!  Last week, while sitting in my recliner knitting, I heard a crackling sound coming from behind my chair.  I thought it was coming from the outlet as that is all that is behind my chair.  It happened 3 times, so I pulled the plug.  The next day, I called an electrician.

He came out this morning at 9:00.  $89.95 to get in the door.  I had two GFI plugs I wanted put in.

He checked the outlet behind my chair--"not a thing wrong with it" he said.  "No burnt areas or smell, nor dampness.  It looks like new."

Then I asked if he could install the GFI plug in the outlet where my electric fireplace is going.  He wanted to know why.  "You don't need GIF plugs in any rooms other than the kitchen and bathroom.  They protect against electrical shock where water might be present."

So I explained that I had "heard" that the electric heaters used in the electric fireplaces can sometimes overheat and cause a fire.  He just shook his head "no" and went on to explain to me why there was no need.

He suggested that I get a new surge protector with a GFI built-in, if I were really concerned.  

So--a 90 dollar lesson on electricity this morning. ARGGH!  I will take my two GFI plugs back to Lowe's tomorrow and get a couple of new surge protectors.

I had a house fire back 30+ years ago caused by an electrical short, so I am always worried about things like that.
Dentist appointment tomorrow.  UGH!!


  1. Thank you for the link to Norwex which will be linked to your daughter's friend. Now I will order!

    I was appalled at the DNC shenanigans. I'm against hacking, but I'm glad it happened, in this case. >>sigh<< When was the last time we had a political hero? It will interesting to see if RNC shenanigans come to light. If they don't, that will be telling...
    Meanwhile I am watching the Democratic Convention and am inspired that, despite her 'issues', Hilary will have my back once she's in office. Time will tell...

    Did the copy shop do the work of trimming the pages, or are you supposed to get out your straight edge and knife to trim them? Geesh.

    Take care at your dentist appointment tomorrow!

    1. She trimmed them for me when I showed my concern that they weren't the right length. I do not have a steady enough hand to do that kind of work. I can barely operate a pair of scissors and probably would cut off another finger with my utility knife.

  2. Yes, thanks for the Norwex info.

    Do you honesty thing if the RNC emails had been hacked that their emails would have looked any different? They didn't want Trump to win and they did the same kinds of whiny and even tried to come up with rule changes, etc. to stop him. The fact is that Bernie and Trump were both outsiders to the parties until this election cycle so why is is to hard to understand that the party leaders would have a favorite in the race? Secondly, there is no proof that any funds or actions were taken to crush Bernie. I'm more concerned that Russia is trying to influence our elections. They know that Trump wants to get rid of NATO and that opens up the way for Russian aggression on their borders. And yes, they do know that the coding and malware used were Russian.

    1. It's the same coding that was used to hack Germany's government.

    2. So blaming the Russians now for leaking the emails and redirecting the blame of the attacks on Mr. Sanders from the DNC and Hillary is like blaming the weapon for the killing and not the individual that committed the murder? Also found in the leaked DNC e-mails, the Trump protests were fueled by the DNC and many of the protesters were paid, by the DNC. Dirtiest campaign year I have ever witnessed.

  3. Are you comfortable asking for one of the experienced gals when you bring your pedigrees in? Those are so cool and valuable! And I speak from experience.

    Maui weather is humid and hot also. I'm glad I have individual a/c units for each room. I just cool whatever room I'm using.

    This political situation is a mess all around. Horrible lying, cheating, and manipulating. How anyone can vote for the lady who got caught is beyond me. She has been dishonest since she became a lawyer. How many "scandals" has she been involved in? Getting people to do her dirty work in exchange for a cushy job. I hope Bernie becomes the candidate....

  4. Don't feel bad for Bernie; he has his nose so far up her butt and is singing like a canary all in her favor...even after what her party did to him. And don't think for one minute that she didn't know about what they were doing to him...she most certainly knew. And then when the DNC said goodbye to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary grabbed her up so fast to join her campaign because she doesn't want her to spill the beans and talk -- she did not act alone, she had help. The DNC is one dirty bunch. Trump knew those protestors were bought and paid for by the DNC and I figured it out early on as well. Some of the stuff they are pulling is downright sickening. I am an American patriot but by golly they sure are making it hard for me as a Republican.

    1. How did you like the fact they had two illegals on stage? Illegals are illegal, meaning they should be taken in and deported. Instead the DNC makes heroes out of them, with all the Constitutional rights we citizens have. That whole Party has disgusted me since Lyndon Johnson was elected!