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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Saturday afternoon--cleared out 

Sunday, mid morning, Aaron
arrives to rip it up.

Sunday night

Monday morning- 10:00, 
Kevin arrives to put the new down

Putting down the padding

Best pad I could buy, if it feels this
soft, what is it going to feel like
when the carpet is down!

Carpet down and being stretched 
and trimmed.
None of that nasty metal strip
between rooms! 

I love a man that knows 
how to vacuum! 

WOW!  It IS the right color! 

Both cats walked around the whole perimeter
of the living room and then discussed it.
They acted kind of fearful of it.

Got my tree branch back up. 

Finally, after three weeks,
putting it back together. 


I want to thank all of you--for your support and encouragement.  I was afraid I'd get scolded, "You can't afford to buy food and your getting new paint job and carpeting?"

Well, this didn't come out of my monthly budget.  This came from helping Chris with her knitting and crocheting designs, and from every time one of my kids, or sister gave me $$ for my birthday or Christmas.  From every pop bottle I returned. Some of my neighbors even gave me their pop bottles to return, because they knew I was saving up.

For my genealogy clients--you are looking at what I did with YOUR money. LOL  

All of that, I put away in a jar.  Sometimes I had to dip into that jar for car repairs, but I kept stashing.  

2.5 years later?  I feel like a real person, not some poor, old woman on welfare!

My house is so neat and clean--at least the living room is.  LOL  Inch by inch.

Now, I'm still stashing for my media center/electric fireplace and hopefully, next summer I can get this nasty room painted and new carpet put down--or at least, painted.

The good Lord willing, and I stay well and keep working--when I "kick", the kids will have a (nicer) place to sell!  


  1. Congratulations, Judy! Your changes are wonderful. I love the new rug, and it is so funny how cats react to changes in "their" space. The big sniff must take place.
    Happy for you.

  2. Wow, it looks wonderful! I am jealous that all the hard work of getting new paint and carpeting is behind you. I need an update, too, but the work of pulling it altogether is mind boggling. But you did it!

    My dog would react the same way. I just got a new mint plant for my deck. He checked it all over and now gives it a wide berth.

    1. Just gotta make up your mind. Then hire the painter and start taking everything off your walls and remove all the outlet/switch plates. Then you move everything out of the room and make pathways with all the furniture. The minute the painter is almost done, you order the carpeting. You live in a messed up house for a few weeks. The joy I had was moving my TV and recliner into my kitchen and watching TV with it only 3 feet away from me. I could see it really well, and didn't need to turn the volume up to 24. LOL

  3. Way to go, Judy! It looks wonderful. Love the carpet. Nice job all around. Freshening things up always makes us feel better, too. Laughed out loud about the kitties "discussing" it.

    1. It is a big thrill for me. All my adult life--whenever I got a little bit of extra money, I spent it on something for the house. Nothing makes me feel any better!

    2. It looks fabulous! Glad your former "hobby" (now getting to be more of a JOB) earned a little cash to help put some excitement into your HOME! I love the new fresh look.

      I too would rather buy something for the house (especially the kitchen and/or better storage) than clothes! Which is why I've looked the same for the past 20 years ....

    3. I never buy clothes!! Well, two weeks ago I saw a plain short sleeved top at Walmart for $5.00, and I threw it in my cart--so I guess I DO buy clothes. LOL

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the color. My cats are the same way with anything that is new and different.
    Enjoy that carpet.

  5. I am SO happy for you, Judy. Everything looks so beautiful! All the decisions, planning, hard work really paid off for you, and I'm very glad. ;)


    1. Thanks Sally. I know you have been praying for me and I truly have been so blessed by God, these many years.

  6. It looks nice, Judy! Can't wait to see it with the furniture in it!

  7. I couldn't be more tickled than if you were my own flesh and blood. Look what you put together! To know I had a little part in this is so gratifying. I have to say, WHO helped WHO out?!! Much love to you, Judy.

    1. Remember what I told you? You should have been my 1st little sister, you and Susan are close in age and our Mother would have played with you and we would all have had fun. Daddy might have ignored you, but he was outside most all of the time farming, so it wouldn't have mattered. LOL

  8. It looks absolutely fabulous kiddo. I envy you being able to walk on soft carpeting. My poor old feet are getting flatter by the day with the hardwood..lol

    1. Thanks Joanie! It is luxurious to walk on! I don't like hardwood floors and the noise they make, or the echo effect.