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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is It Just Me?

Or is everyone in a state of funk these days?

The first two blog posts I read this morning, had me nearly in tears and shaking my head in agreement.

A lot of us are sad puppies right now.  Feeling depressed, or worried, or hopeless, or just plain tired!

Is it the hot humid weather?  That has a lot to do with it, for me.

Is it the state of the world?  Could be.

Is it the ugly political conventions?  Could be.

Is it the whole horrid political campaign year we have had.  Probably.

I have had to get away from ALL the political wrangling.  That has been difficult because, since I was 12 years old and watched my first Convention, I have been a political junkie.

For many months, my routine is to check out the news first thing in the morning, then get on Face Book and read every one's links and comments.  At 2:00, I'd sit down and watch an hour of CNN and an hour of FOX News.  I'd watch the National news in the evening.

For my own self-preservation, for the last two months, I have not looked at the news in the morning.  I have blocked two people on FB so I don't see their posts--one Liberal friend, one Conservative friend.  I no longer watch ANY TV in the afternoon, and if, during the National News a clip of Hillary or Donald J. comes up, I click over to HGTV until I think they are done with their rants.

I have watched a total of one hour of each Convention.  I watched part of  Donald J's acceptance speech, and last night, watched an hour of Bill Clinton.  I usually check the Fact Checker the next morning to see who lied the most.  Right now---it's a tie!
Donald J. yells his acceptance speech and the next day, everyone is castigating him for his delivery.  Hillary yells out her speeches and the next day, no one says a word about her delivery.

Michelle Obama stands up there and says how America is great now, but 8 years ago, she said the opposite.  Bill goes on and on about he and Hillary's wonderful married life, but seems to forget ALL the mistresses he has had.  And then, there's poor Bernie!  What a nasty rap he got.

Hillary blames the Russians for leaking the e-mails instead of blaming the people who sent those nasty e-mails in the first place.  Just like she blames the gun instead of the person who used the gun.

Hillary is the first woman to be nominated for President.  Well--whoop-de-doo.  Does that qualify her to be a good President?  The DNC wants to be the first--the first Catholic President.  The first black President.  8 years from now, Michelle will run as the first black woman President.

and why...have the majority of the blacks forgotten that the Republican Party was founded on ending slavery and giving them equality?

Too, too much of all of it this past year.  

My son is dying and I try my hardest not to think about that every single second of every day.

I feel like I am slowly wasting away and I ignore it.

I am a loudly self proclaimed Christian and my mantra every morning is, "God is good.  God is in control," and yet I know full well that the Evil One is so full of power right now.  It becomes harder and harder for me, even though I know the TRUTH, to stay unafraid and positive.

No wonder I stay in my Cave.  At least here, I can control my environment.  I can limit myself as to the  horrors I see on TV.  I can control who I talk with and the conversation (except Dar).

But today--I must go out.  I have errands to do, food to buy or the cats and I will not eat tomorrow!  

There is one hope for this day to be better.  This evening I have a pleasant visit planned.  I get to take my client's genealogy book to her!  I finally get to meet one of my Face Book/Blog buddies.

I am tired, but for a little while, this evening, life will be wonderful!!!


  1. I agree - it's kind of hard to have a good outlook right now. Jealous of you getting to stay mostly in your cave. What fun, to meet a new friend in real life! I'll keep praying for your son, and for your peace. With love, dear friend. I enjoy your posts every day.

  2. Yeah, glad it's me that gets to put a little sunshine into your yucky day!!! See you soon....

  3. The heat wave, the depressing election cycle, the state of the world are definitely what I'm pointing fingers at for me feeling yucky!

  4. I understand how you feel. I have had to stop watching the news. We have many police officers in the family and I am so worried about them. Oh and still one storm after another. Vickie Okc

  5. understand your words
    and never have heard so many bitter words during an election
    just cannot watch and also the local news in my area not
    uplifting. the world in such a horrible shape.
    you take care and I understand much you share..

  6. I guess we need to heed Charlotte's words to Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web): "Chin up!" We keep thinking what a shame we have these people as a choice to vote for. I'll be sitting this one out.

  7. The news is nothing but lies and bad news anymore! I watch it usually in the morning only while I am getting ready for work. That's enough for me! It's always a pleasure to meet in person someone you only have known online, isn't it? Enjoy!

  8. Judy, can you go visit Mark or is that one of the staunch stiff upper lip pride thing with some families? You said that Cindy tends to overreact, do you feel this might be the case? One of your girls should be honest and open with you whether he wants them to be or not. You are his mother. You gave him life. He may not want a fuss around him, but you could visit...I lost both my parents last year. Dad it wasn't quite a surprise as he had dementia and had been in the nursing home for 3 years. My mom died 3 months later. It was a shock to my brother and I. She had been sick for quite some time but kept it from us. I'm sure as a mother it was "not to burden" but I will tell you, I think it was selfish and is making the grieving process that much harder. XXOO

    1. Yes--we are the staunch stiff upper lip thingie. The person who is ill doesn't want company so as not to upset them. The rest of the family don't want to disturb the person who is ill and perhaps upset them.When I was in ER last year and then taken to hospital, the next day it occurred to me that perhaps I should notify someone. So, I called my sister and told her to tell my kids, but to convey that it was no big deal and I would be fine and home soon. It has always been that if a medical problem arises, we go to doctor, we go through the tests and when those tests come back fine, THEN we tell our family. It has been this way with my father's side of the family ever since I can remember--back to my great grandparents. My daughter Pam keeps me informed because she only lives 1/2 mile from Mark and sees him often, plus my sister is closer and sees him often or he goes down to their house. She saw him the other day and said he looked great! Blotted and no hair, but looked healthy and in a good mood.

  9. I have hermit tendencies too, and I too ignore 95% of the "news." Chin up, chickie: Don't let depression have its way with you. When all efforts seem futile, pray the prayer that never fails: Thy Will Be Done. And don't forget to take care of YOU. xoxo