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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mind Over Matter

I feel kind of sorry for Dar.  She had a minor car accident the end of April.  There was hardly any noticeable damage to her car, but something in the impact has thrown her entire body out of whack and she is in constant pain.

She is on her 3rd medical doctor.  Her 2nd medical physical therapist and her first orthopaedic surgeon.

None of them can agree with what is wrong with her.

She was going to physical therapy and they were working on her neck.  Come to find out, that was making her neck and spine worse.

The medical therapist pulled her out of that therapy clinic and is sending her to another one--one where the medical therapist knows the owner.  Of course, that physical therapy clinic is nearly 20 miles away.

Her medical doctor referred her to a pain clinic and she had a bad reaction to the Depo-Medrol (Cortisone).  

She has had x-rays (cracked ribs and cracked sternum), CAT scans (stenosis in her neck and her spine is crooked), yesterday she had the EMG--there is severe nerve blockages in her neck and all down her arms and wrist.

Her whole body is in a state of inflammation, but because she is on a blood thinner, she can't take an anti-inflammatory.  That could cause bleeding in her stomach.  

She brought all her records over for me to look at and her referrals and what is to be done.

I think the part that made me the saddest, on each report/referral/prescription, it states in red lettering:  Guarded:  Anxiety Disorder. Hysteronics.

I don't think she even has noticed that or doesn't realize what it means.  With that notice on her records, when they "tweak" her and she screams out in pain, "they" think she is just being over dramatic and the pain is "all in her head".  The pain is exacerbated by her mental state.  And perhaps it is.

Her car had one small dent in her back bumper and the front grill was damaged.  That's all!  How could she have been hurt so badly?

Pammie called me Sunday.  A few of her high school classmates were getting together and they invited her to join them.  Pammie is like her Momma--the first instinct is to make up an excuse of why she can't make it.  BUT--she went!!!!!!!!  AND she had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!

What was really funny, one of her friends asked her, "How is your Mother doing?"

Pam answered, "Okay, I guess.  Why?"

And her friend said, "Well, she fell!  I read about it on Face Book.  (The girl is on my friends list.)

So Pammie asked me, "How ARE you doing?"

"Scrapped up and bruised, but I'm fine!"

Pammie said, "I guess I'm going to have to look at my Face Book so I know what's going on.  I only open it to play games on my phone."

Just "shows to go ya"--if they called more often, to check on their Momma, they'd know what is going on.  HAH!

Tonight Madeleine stopped in to bring me some magical towels that Karen has and bought for me.  Gosh--it was wonderful to see Maddie.  She is as brown as a berry from her two months in Guatemala.

These towels are made by Norwex and all you do is use them and plain water to clean windows/mirrors and the glass just shines!  I can't wait to try them out tomorrow!!!  Karen said that it normally takes her three hours to do the inside windows on the main floor and when she used these towels, she got it done in 90 minutes and the windows look better than they ever have.

I am getting close to finishing up the genealogy for my client.  Probably 8 more hours of work and then I will be ready to print it out.  

The end of the week--Thursday through Saturday, we are going to be under the Heat Dome, like much of the States, so I will be in my Cave with the A/C running.

Catch ya later!!



  1. Dar. If doctors write that down ... more than once ... she really has a problem. Like the boy who cried wolf now none of them believe her. Poor dear. And sorry for YOU. I'm sure she dumps on you whenever and wherever.

    Everyone has different tolerance for pain. I can handle a lot. My daughter, can't handle much. VERY sensitive. We may never really know about Dar ...

    1. She comes over every couple of days now to vent. I don't even try to get into a conversation about how I'm doing because she doesn't listen, i.e. checks her phone while I'm talking, looks out the window and then starts back on her, so....I just listen, nod my head and then let it all go when she leaves. :-)

  2. It isn't surprising, the notes in Dar's medical records. But it is sad that she's in pain and can't get relief.

    Be sure to post your opinion after you use those magic cloths, I would love anything that makes window washing easier and better.

    1. Apparently I use the green cloth wet with plain water and then use the purple one to dry and shine. I will try them today.

  3. Sorry--I spelled it wrong.

    plural noun: histrionics
    exaggerated dramatic behavior designed to attract attention.
    synonyms: dramatics, theatrics, tantrums;

  4. The boy that cried wolf could be part of Dar's problem. How would medical persona know when she really is in pain and when she's just being hysterical over minor discomforts? I'd hate to live like that.

    Those towels sound interesting. I have window washing on my summer schedule. I'll have to look for them.

    1. Dar keeps telling me she has a high pain threshold, but I don't think so. Perhaps she has never had pain like this so it seems worse to her? I still remember the day I took her to the ER to have her big toe x-rayed and she went all hysterical and nutsy-cuckoo and kept pleading, "Please don't admit me!" The nurse thought Dar was tripping on some kind of drug!

  5. That is terrible about Dar.
    Those danged kids. They should keep better track of us. :)

  6. awww this happens to so many people and it often becomes difficult to know what's, what!!! sometimes people suffer unnecessarily for so long for no reason. she sounds a little off balanced but i hope they did not rush to judge her because of one doctors findings!

    i am back home, staying in my a/c filled cave as well!!!!

    1. I think that notation has been in her medical files for years and just follows along with her from doctor to doctor to hospital to therapist.