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Monday, January 18, 2016

Very Nice

Jen, Helene and Maddie picked me up at 7:30.  It was snowing like crazy and so we just went up the road about half a mile to a plain, regular restaurant.

Were we in for a surprise!!

The restaurant, taken over by new owners two weeks ago.  Going to be an Italian restaurant.  We were the only customers.  The owner came out and served us.  A true Italian.  Flirtatious, New Yorker.

My grand girls didn't know what they wanted, nor did Jen so he said, "Let me make you a pasta dish.  A real Italian pasta dish."  They all agreed--I had Shrimp.

Out he came from the kitchen and with a flourish he sat the large pastas dishes in front of them.  They took a taste and all three looked like they had been transported to Heaven!!!  Apparently it was so good.  Jennifer was jabbering to him in Italian and making all sorts of hand gestures.  His face just lit up.

Good grief!  You would have thought we were in Italy, the way they all went on.  Even my grand girls know some Italian words.  Helene and Maddie have been to Italy, Jennifer has traveled all over Europe.  I sat there, dumb like the plain, old farm girl I am.

I don't care for white sauce or chicken and that is what the pasta dish consisted of.  He said that he wanted to make me a pasta dish with Marsala sauce, but I was busily munching on my over fried Shrimp, so I declined.

Oh my!  He was gorgeous--with his really tanned skin, big brown eyes, dark hair with gray around the edges and accent!!  Be still my heart.  Jennifer asked him if he and his family were moving here.  He said, "My children are all grown and I am divorced."  She nudged my foot under the table.  Good Grief!  He probably is in his sixties.  

I hope he does well with this restaurant, but I doubt it.  There is another Italian restaurant in Brighton that everyone goes too.  It WAS good 15 years ago, but now you need a steak knife to cut the Lasagna, it is so rubbery.  But, you know how people are.  They will keep going to a restaurant just because it's been in town so long--even if the food is no longer all that great.  We are such Provincials!!

Jennifer said the kids have adjusted to the move better than she has.  She still misses her "home".  Apparently the area they are building their home in is quite upscale--Union Township--out in the country a bit, but with excellent schools.  12-15 students in each class room.  

Andrew is in the accelerated class, Elise has already been invited to a birthday party.  Alex has made 10 friends and of course, Little Boy Evan doesn't care--except he cries a lot because he misses Aunt Pammie.

It was a lovely couple of hours tonight.


  1. So very, very happy for you, Judy!

  2. Happy days! What an amazing 180 degree turn from Jennifer. Take it without question. Good for everyone that she is making a little effort! Congrats!

  3. So happy for you, Judy. What a wonderful surprise.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Maybe when they all come to town for visits it will become a tradition for all to go there. Wouldn't that be nice. Glad you had this outing and the snow didn't cause a cancellation.

  5. So glad you had a good time! That restaurant owner sounds like a fun! I hope it does well!

  6. I'm glad your dinner went so well. I wonder what got into Jen all of a sudden? Who knows, but I'm glad she invited you.

  7. Jennifer acts toward me, like there has never been a problem. She acted that way the last time I saw her on my birthday in June. I have no clue. I'll just enjoy whatever!

  8. With a restaurant review like that, I would change my habits and go. I just might not try the fried shrimp! This is his fresh start; he'd probably want to know the shrimp weren't tender.

    I've sat there, dumb, too, while my sister jabbered away in French with French folk, carried away by the drama of a meal or whatever. It IS rude to go on like that.

    But that aside, you heard and saw how Jen is doing! How do YOU feel? I want to hear this review, too!

  9. Wonderful! So glad all went well except your meal, and you probably didn't care considering who you were with. :)


  10. So happy for you that the evening went so well. I admire you for your patience in waiting Jen out, and continuing to give love.