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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ah-hh. To Be A Sloth.

Jean, over here, was bemoaning the fact that she is a Slug.  She has lists and goals and she is not motivated to meet those goals and feels like a Slug.

As for me--I am trying to perfect the art of Slothiness.  I am working on a book entitled, "How To Become A Successful Sloth".  Have you ever watched a Sloth?  How slowly they move.  How relaxed and peaceful they seem.

For instance--this morning my alarm went off at 9:30--I turned it off and rolled over for another hour.  A Sloth would do that.

I played a few Face Book games and then ate my salad for lunch.  A Sloth loves his greens.

I climbed into my recliner at noon, picked up my knitting and knitted for the next 90 minutes while I watched my Soap.

Then I switched channels and watched two hours of FOX News, then a two hour movie, while I crocheted and/or petted my cats.

I watched the local and national news from 6-7, switched channels to watch a basketball game, and knit some more and turned off the TV at 9:30.

As you can see--I am quite content to be a Sloth--I prefer that over being a Slug, as Sloths are furry and well..........Slugs are kind of slimy and gross.

I have NO goals for the rest of the days of my life.

I have no adventures planned, other than driving up to the Wal-Mart tomorrow to pick up a prescription and 4 gallons of water for my humidifier.

Of the four loads of laundry I started on Monday, two are done.  One is in the dryer gathering wrinkles and one in the washer.  It can wait until tomorrow.

I haven't been to the mail box in two days.  I have a big enough mail box to hold at least 4 days worth of junk mail.

Life is calm, peaceful and relaxed and very Slothful.


  1. Slothness is a worthy goal. They are so zen-like and cute in a homely kind of way. There was a sloth story on Facebook recently about a sloth trying to cross a highway and she had to have a police escort. LOL

    1. LOL!!
      You be a Slug and I'll be a Sloth and we'll be just fine. :-)

  2. Except don't forget to do your daily exercises!

  3. I must be a cross between slug and sloth. Yep, I think so. :)


  4. She IS cute...Your sloth must climb onto the keyboard and knock about the keys every once in a while. Dandy for us!

  5. No sloth could make such beautiful things from skeins of yarn. I've been wondering, what brand of yarn do you use for your blankets? I want to find some that doesn't split with every other stitch. And ~ I'm glad you're feeling peaceful.

  6. Your Sloth tutorial is just in time, as I am forcing myself to practice being a sloth for at least a little time each day. It is a very slow learning curve for me.....

  7. I adore days of pure sloth and I plan for them often. I feel no guilt as heretofore in my life, I've been productive enough. And I still am, after my fashion. My mantra: "No Heroics." So I like your schedule and I wholly approve. Sloths of the world, unite. xoxo