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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Blanket Has Been Adopted!!!

When Chris was here in September, we talked about some place we could donate the crocheted blankets I was testing for her.  I knew of a woman's shelter outside of Howell, as when I moved here, I applied for a job there.  I didn't know if they took these kinds of donations.

Last night, I posted a photo of the blanket and asked everyone in this area if they knew of a place that took these kinds of donations.  Many commented that a lot of churches takes these kinds of gifts and use them for fund raisers.

Well--Chris and I didn't necessarily want it to go to something like that.  Back in the 1990's when I left my abusive husband, I had to stay in a woman's shelter for a couple of nights.  I really wanted this gorgeous blanket to go somewhere like that.  A place where a battered woman might run to safety and upon entering her room, she would see this beautiful blanket on the bed and it might make her feel a bit better.  Plus, being made of yarn, it will absorb a lot of tears and still look grand.

This morning, I got a FB message from one of my "friends" (that I've never met) that her friend sometimes worked at the woman's shelter and YES, they did accept donations of this sort.

I had to go to Howell to pick up a prescription.  The Shelter is on the other side of Howell and I decided to take it up there this afternoon.  I had laundered it and dried it and it was soft and smelled fresh.  I put it in one of those large plastic/cloth, zippered bags you get when you buy a bedspread.  It looked so nice.

The woman at the front desk was ecstatic!!!!  She said she knew exactly the room it was going in.  A room with a Queen Size bed, that housed women who had children with them.  The room also had a crib and a two twin beds for the children.

It made my heart so happy that Chris and I could use this gift to bless someone else.  Someone who would really use it.  

So our blanket will "live" at the shelter for awhile and maybe---someday--it just might leave with a woman who is going on to her new home and needs a bedspread.

Home Sweet Home 

Did I tell you, I finished the LapGhan?  It is the kind that works with a wheel chair or just someone sitting in a chair to keep their legs and middle warm.  I have started another one, using this same pattern. A bit bigger--a Throw.   I see it for a gentleman who is in a VA hospital or somewhere like that.

I buy the Caron Pound yarn for the blankets.  Red Heart is also a good yarn to use.  Worsted Weight.  These are done with a K hook.  They wash up and dry like a dream.

Plus, I am testing a knitted shawl pattern for Chris.

I thought you'd like to see my exercise program.  Jane Fonda it ain't, but I can feel it working already.



  1. I really need to start your exercise program. Love your video.

    How cool you found a home for the blanket. The woman's shelter will make very good use of it and I'll bet they'd take as many as you make. They help women get set up in apartments. Our senior hall donated all the handmade things left over from our craft sale---hats, scarfs, pillows and baby blankets, etc. to a women's shelter. Sad that there is so much need.

  2. I'm going on my slothful way, too! (I wish the 'urge' to get anything done---but? Doesn't exist.) And I'm 66---which may mean I'm younger than you, and I get less done than you. I need a new battery --- which I don't think I can find. Ever again. :(
    Is that kind of like the "mile a minute" afghans? I like doing those, except sewing the strips. Both your afghans are beautiful---good designing and smooth work.

  3. Your work is so beautiful and I love the idea of donating the warm lovely blanket to a women's shelter. Another type of organization that I know gives such things to families is hospice care facilities. Our family was given a lovely one when my father-in-law passed away after spending a few hours in hospice.

  4. That is terrific news! It's a beauty!
    I'll go watch the video now...Lord knows I need it!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Wow! You've warmed several hearts as they rest their eyes and weary souls on this blanket. Is this a picture of the bed in its new home? It's fabulous that these bedspreads and lapghans wash and dry looking like new. You have such a dear heart :-)

    1. I took the photo with my sister's bed--because hers is so beautiful!!

  6. Great exercises! Something easy, but worthwhile too!