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Friday, January 29, 2016

Shiny Day

No Slothiness today.

Stripped my bed,  Washed mattress pad, sheets and coverlet.  Shifted memory foam mattress topper.

Vacuumed all rooms--I only have 5 rooms.

New filters in humidifier and air cleaner.

Filled up squirrel and bird feeders.

Called about my prescription drug plan--one prescription went up $1.00 this month.
My little sister is very sick with the Creeping Crud that has been going around the country.  Luckily she got into the doc's today and got a antibiotic and Mucinex.  The pharmacies are getting low on Mucinex as so many people are so sick.

They have two furnaces for the house, with humidifiers on both.  Her husband insists on heating the house with the big fireplace in the dining room.  They use small electric heaters in the other rooms to keep the chill off.  Every time he opens the fireplace door to stoke the fire, a cloud of oily, sooty smoke pours out.

That, with no humidifier running is why, I think, she got sick.  There is more damn wood smoke in that house then if they both were smokers!!!!!!  He is trying to keep the Propane usage down!  With the electric blower on the fireplace and the electric heaters, isn't that going to drive up their electric bill?

Our Dad did the same thing and Susie's husband used to say, "Why not just run the furnace.  I can barely breathe in there.", and yet, he is doing the same thing.

BUT--that is none of my business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is supposed to get near 50 degrees this weekend.  YAY.


  1. Wood smoke can be dangerous to people with less than perfect lungs. My brother used to do the same thing, though. There must be something primal in wanting to feed a fireplace. I could not live like that.

    I never remember to run my humidifier until I read blog and go fish mine out of the closet. I wish you'd write about that earlier in the winter. LOL

    End joy the nice weather. Mid week is suppose get ugly.

  2. Her doctor should not have prescribed an antibiotic unless there was a real infection. If it is the same stuff - it is viral not bacterial. This over use of antibiotics is causing real problems when there is an infection because the bacteria are becoming resistant. My best friend's son is an ER doc, and this is his real soap box call. He sees colds being treated with antibiotics all the time. Most doctors want to placate their patients, so there goes the antibiotic prescription.

    1. Our family is not one to run to the doctor or use antibiotics. After 5 days of it, she was in a state where she could not get a breath in to cough the bad stuff out and upon X-rays, showed she had a lung infection in the lower lobes. My whole family is terrible about going to the doctor, until we are almost dead! That's how my son got in trouble. He hadn't been in 8 years and when he went in, there was the prostate cancer. I haven't been to my doc in a year and I NEED TO GO for my yearly check-up!!!!

  3. It appears what you got accomplished yesterday, I did today. And, so glad to have it done. :)

    I hope your sis gets well soon; it's terrible the way so many are sick this winter.


  4. Hooray for a shiny day! And so sorry for the creeping crud for your sister. UGH. Maui has been hard hit with VOG from Hawaii and today I am home inside. Itchy, burning, watery eyes and a sore throat. I hope she listens to her body and heads for the Dr.

    I did my lady annual physical. My Dr from 2013 moved to the Lahaina clinic (about 35 minute drive ... but a beautiful one! She is the best doctor. Very thorough and started off the year with a battery of blood tests and urinalysis. Bone scan next week. Physical therapy for knees starts Monday. And she gave me a lecture about losing weight (I broke the 200 lb barrier ... UGH)