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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sinful Sunday

Today's high temperature was: 73 degrees
Today's humidity was:  30%
Sunny with a really nice breeze

You remember that old philosophy question:
"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
So I wondered this morning, If I died during the night and no one was here to know, would I really be dead?

No, I didn't have a sinful Sunday, but, for the 9th Sunday in a row, I did not go to church.  I feel guilty about it, so I suppose it is a perceived sin in my head.  My Catholic daughter would class it as a "venial sin", I suppose.  There is a lot of street construction between here and church, so I am using that for an excuse--so--I am lying to myself.  

I went to the doctor's, through the construction zone.  I went to the dentist's, through the construction zone.  I went to Wal-Mart to get my prescriptions, which is on the corner of the construction zone.

When I do go back to church, the couple I usually sit next to are going to ask, "Where have you been?"  and in all honesty I am going to have to answer, "Where have I been?  I've been lazy."  

I know if I went, I'd feel better.  I love singing the old hymns.  Thank goodness I have a church that has separate services so I don't have to go to the Contemporary service with the songs up on the screen, and repetitive verses over and over and over--geez.  I like a nice tidy old hymn with 4 lovely, heart filling verses and a nice repetitive chorus.  The sermon would be good, as it always is and it would make me feel renewed. 

I have used the excuse to Pearl, who also has not gone to church for two months, (their car was gone this a.m., so maybe they went?) that I have no summer clothes to wear.  Which is not a lie.  None of my last year's summer clothes fit--way too big.  But, last week I ordered and received some nice summer slacks and a couple of tops, so................and God wouldn't care what I wore anyway.

I read my daily devotional and then opened my Bible to see if there was a verse with meaning--and found this on first sight--"What sorrow awaits my rebellious children," says the LORD. "You make plans that are contrary to mine. You make alliances not directed by my Spirit, thus piling up your sins."

I promise--I will go next week--honest!

Dar came over about 11:00--I was in my bedroom, getting dressed. I had heard a car honking earlier and when I looked out my window, I noticed the car was parked in her driveway.

"Did you go to church today?"  I asked.

"Nope.  I slept in."

"I saw a car in your drive, I wondered what was going on."

"Oh that was Russel and Sandy.  They come pick me up every Sunday morning.  I slept in today, so I had to go out and tell them I wasn't going."

Hm-mm.  Never thought to call and tell the people?

"It was only two miles out of their way, so it was no big deal," she says.

Hm-mm--I wonder if they felt that way.

She stayed about 90 minutes and I finally got dressed and something to eat around 1:00.

Sat down to watch the baseball game and pretty soon, Pearl walked in.

"I told Merle I had to get away from the game.  They are going to lose.  They are so stupid! Oh, you've got it on too."

So, I hit the mute button............

"Did you go to church this morning?" I asked.

"We did."

"What was the sermon about?"

"Oh...I can't remember.  Something about how God will help us through the construction zones of our life.  It has to do with the construction that we have to drive through to get to church."

"Did they sing good hymns?"

"I don't remember.  Couldn't tell you what we sang.  I saved the bulletin, I will give it to you tomorrow."


"Oh," she says.  "Did  you hear all that honking this morning?"


"People over in Dar's driveway.  The people that pick her up for church.  They beeped and sat and then beeped and sat---she finally came out of the house in her pajamas, laughing that loud horse laugh of hers.  They finally drove away.  The guy driving didn't look too happy."

"I think she should have called them and told them not to stop."

"Oh...that woman!  She thinks the world revolves around her!  It's always all about her---to heck with anyone else!  I think she needs mental therapy."

"Well, she does have a strong sense of entitlement..for sure," I said. (We were gossiping, and I think that is one of the seven deadly sins, isn't it.  I am in such big trouble!!)

We chatted for about 45 minutes, about books and some of the DVD's I am getting.  She borrowed one.  Then I said, "I have to go to Costco tomorrow, do you want to go along?"

"No...I do need some salmon, if you could pick that up for me.  They are salmon patties, in the frozen food section."

"Sure.  I gotta get bathroom tissue and Kleenex and...I gotta get milk...oh, and batteries--got to remember to get a big box of double A's."

"Oh, I need milk too," she said.  "Well, rather then have you running all over the store, can I go with you?"


"Are you going after your Soap?  I do better in the morning."

"Okay," I say, "I will pick you up at 10:00."

"Oh--right.  Ten?  I will expect you at ten-thirty, eleven."

"No--I will pick you up at ten--just watch me and you better be ready to go when I pull into your driveway!"

She laughed, knowing how I like to sleep in.  She is always up by seven. So, you know what that means.  I better get to bed tonight by midnight, set the alarm for eight and get myself in gear.  I also want to stop at the rich people's grocery store.  Tomorrow is the first of the month and my grocery budget money has been renewed.  I want to get a whole bunch of food from their deli--salads of all kinds--fresh fruit--a slice of their really good cheese, a bag of sweet cherries and some pecans. 

Pea Cons, or is it pronounced Pea Cans, or is it like we call them- Pah Cons?    

No pictures today.  Every time I wanted to go out for a walk, some idiot was setting off loud fire crackers and you know the phobia I have about loud noises. 

I thanked God today that I live in the relatively cool state of Michigan.  My oldest grand daughter lives in Phoenix.  I don't see how she stands that heat--I don't care if it is a dry heat, 114 is like being in an oven!!!  I never would survive in Florida.  The humidity would kill me. So thankful my ancestor's were farmers and wanted to migrate to a place with wonderful forests and soil.  

Danke great, great, great, great grandpa Conradt!!! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Who Am I?

Today's high temperature was:  72 degrees
Today's humidity was:  60%
Sunny, a nice breeze- PERFECT!

Someday's I wonder who in the heck am I.  I feel strange in my head at times.  I don't have the same reactions, fears or thoughts that I have had most of my life.  Things that I use to be so definite about, now I find grey areas.  I don't have much motivation.  Late in the evening, when I really feel awake and alive, I think about what I am going to do the next day.  Then, in the morning, I wake up and I just don't care.  

What's up with that?

I always feel better mentally and physically if I get out, or do a chore, but the motivation to do that...just isn't there. I feel like I have to force myself to get out of bed..to get outside...to even move out of my chair.

No--I am not depressed--I don't think.  I've never been a lazy person.  I don't know..........maybe I AM losing my mind.
My alarm went off at 8:00, as usual.  I turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep until 10:00, as usual.  I so want to stop this habit!  But--I don't feel awake until around 10:00 at night, so...I stay up until 2-3 or 4.  No wonder I can't wake up at 8:00.  It's summer!  Lots of light in the morning.  Lots of time to get things done!  I tried going to bed last night at 11:00--couldn't sleep.  Took a Melatonin, still couldn't sleep.  Finally at 2:00, I took a Benedryl--then I slept and I must have slept well because, when I made the bed this morning, I only had to pull up the covers on my side of the bed.  The covers weren't wrinkled, the other side, still made up.

I got up, fed the cats and sat down at the computer for two hours!  It was noon--I hadn't eaten yet--walked up to Pearl's for a chat for an hour.  When I got back home, I got a half a sandwich, and sat down in my chair.  I was going to watch a movie.

Then I remembered--the big chore I wanted to do outside.  It was my kind of weather--cool, with a nice breeze.  I made myself get up and outside and worked on the chore.  Hard work and I got it done.  Not perfect, but...good enough.  The lawn area under the bird feeders is now level with the rest of the lawn--not that 8 inch mound anymore.  

Nice and level
I used my garden fork to dig with, to loosen it up with, then shoveled all the chunks into yard waste bags--it took two, only about 1/4 full--I could hardly drag them to the drive.  Then I raked it.  Now, I just need to put a bit of grass seed on it and all is well.

My back was screaming like a banshee, so I put a DVD of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" in the player, sat down and cross stitched while I watched it.  I haven't seen the movie since it's release, some 40 years ago and had forgotten how hilarious and sad it was. When it was over, I felt unsettled.

I got up and moved around a bit and went outside to check out my Freddy Gifts.  The lilies are still beautiful--the one by the front porch steps still has not bloomed, but is loaded with buds.  I think the pink one is my favorite.

Maybe that's what is wrong with me.  I had a sad time last night and today, thinking about Fred a lot.  I go days without even thinking of him and then---BAM--for no reason.  I don't understand it.  Maybe I didn't grieve hard enough or long enough?  Maybe this is some delayed shit? 

I have been feeling so upbeat lately and now...beat down.  I tell you---my moods are like the temperature--way high one day, cool the next.  

...and yet--I feel different.  I ponder on that--I ponder way too much.  Always trying to figure things out.  

I don't have the fears I use too.  I don't have the feeling that I am being ridiculed by the elders anymore.  I have such freedom and I like it.  Maybe it's this new person that is emerging from the constraints of so many years--and thus, it feels strange?  Even a bad habit is missed when it is gone.  

Maybe that's it!  Maybe it is this feeling of finally being free for the first time in my life and I am not use to that.  I don't have to be continually thinking of how I can be pleasing or please the Daddy and step-mother.  I actually have no one I have to account to.

I have no one, but me.  Now that is something I certainly am not use to!!! 

Maybe I feel a bit lost from all the recent changes?  I just don't feel real comfortable in my own skin.

Who am I?  I guess I better get to it and figure that all out!!!


Friday, June 28, 2013


Today's Temperature was: 81%
Today's humidity was:  72%
Rain, dark clouds, lightning and thunder 
a delicious cool breeze this evening.

I am hoping tomorrow will be rain free and low humidity and cool because--I have a gigantic outside chore to do.  This mound is under the bird feeders.  Apparently has grown from all the seed that drops on the ground.  I need to loosen it up with my garden fork and then shovel the clumps into a yard waste bag or 4, so the yard waste people can pick it up on Tuesday.  I had to do this one other time--you cannot imagine the terrible way that rotten seed stinks!!!   

You can't really see it that well.

Here we go--now you can see the elevation better.

Side garden by front porch doing well.  I can't wait for the lily plant in front to bloom--as I remember, the blooms are a pinkish-purple.  I love the sign my little sister made for me.  The piece of slate is from Prince Edward Island--you know the Anne of Green Gables place.  Then Susan painted on it.  She is very good at painting and drawing.  She takes after our Mother in that respect.  I got none of that talent.  I can drive a tractor and a big stick shift farm truck--like any of that does any good now in my life. My Daddy thought it was important for me to know how.  Strange, but when Susan came along--well let's just say she can't even drive a stick shift car, let along a truck and I dare say she wouldn't know the first thing about driving a tractor!!!

Have you noticed?  I try and get pictures for my post every day now.  I don't have a fancy camera--I just have this little digital Canon that Freddy got for me a couple of Christmas' ago.  It does have a zoom feature, but---not the greatest.  Anyway, I love it when people post pix on their blogs, so I am trying to make it more interesting.
Okay--let's review recent purchases.

I am giving a 5* rating to the Pocket Hose.  I know that men like their heavy duty, rubber hoses.  Karen told me that is the kind that Mark has and it about wears her out to unwind it, haul it around and water the gardens.  So I will give you the same advice I gave her.  If that is the case in your household--buy the pocket hose for yourself!  It comes in 50' lengths and you can put lengths together.  The 50' one weighs about 1 pound.  Then you take off the rubber hose from the house spigot, put your handy dandy pocket hose on, walk it so easily out to where you want to water--have a ball watering--no strain on your neck, shoulders, back or legs, then, when done.  Drain it--it does it automatically, put HIS hose back on and store your light weight cute, snaky, green pocket hose in a secret place until next time.  HE will never know.  NO--I am not advising mutiny in a marriage.  You know full well, we all keep secrets from our husband's--this is a good secret.

I am also giving a 5* rating to the 1,600 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets from nomorerack.com.  I washed them today.  It didn't take them very long to dry and they came out of the dryer, totally wrinkle free!  Man--I love these sheets.  I ordered two more pair for Pammie and Karen's birthday gifts.  Really--for $30.00, a great deal!  I am very particular about my sheets--I can't stand anything that would catch on a rough toe nail or heel.  I do not like Satin sheets nor do I like flannel ones.  These not only feel silky on my feet and legs, but when I turn over in bed, they do not "drag" on my nightie.

As for the Forever Comfy cushion and the My Pillow--please do not waste your money.  The cushion went flat after a few weeks and will not plump back up and the My Pillow?  I was dragged into buying when the inventor said it would help with neck and back pain.  I got the standard/Queen size and it is small.  It took me a long time to get use to it and I'd wake during the night, struggling to make it conform to the position I wanted.  In about 2 weeks, I found my neck, shoulder and back pain to be much worse.  It started getting deformed--the instructions said to "refluff" it and to make the guarantee effective, to wash and dry it.  Well--let me tell you--you need to take it to a laundromat and use one of the bigger machines to wash it.  When I pulled it wet from the washer, it was a sopping lumpy mess.  I put it in the dryer and it took forever to dry.  There were stains on the cover--the smell was terrible.  I never could get it back to its original shape, so I threw $70.00+ worth of foam in the trash can. I tried to contact the company via e-mail.  No way to contact them--just great!! 

Also--I did not buy it because it is so expensive, but the No No hair remover?  I was told by a few ladies that if you use it on your face--especially your upper lip, it will burn your skin.  I didn't think that it was worth nearly $300.00 for that.  I can buy a small tube of Nair facial hair remover and a nice big tube of Veet Shower hair removal for my legs for less then $10.00.
I have a question?  Why is it that when one battery operated apparatus needs new AA batteries and you are all out--that 3 or 4 more apparatus' die within the day?  First my camera--then my inside weather station, then the TV remote, and the automatically room deodorizer.  Of course, it was on my list to buy a big pack of AA batteries when I went to the store the other day.  On the TOP of my list, in big letters.  Of course, I forgot to get them!

Hey--lookey here--I got my Subway I couldn't get yesterday!!

Two meals for $6.00

...and, I thought if was Saturday until noon--when Pearl called me and we talked a bit.  GEEZ!!!
Kind of sad today--missing Freddy.  It always happens when I sit down to watch the Tiger Baseball games. We never missed a one.  Yelled at the players--cheered the players--groaned when Valverde came out to pitch--Freddy sitting there in his Brandon Inge shirt and me in my Granderson shirt.  I don't miss Fred for the help he could do around here, because the last couple of years, he really couldn't help.  I DO miss his cooking and I DO miss his loving to go grocery shopping.  He'd fill up that dang motorized cart he had to take, until the silly thing would barely move to get up to the check-out lane.  Then when he got home, he'd carry in all the groceries.  I couldn't with my bad hip--it might take him an hour, with rests in between loads, but he always kept on until he got it all in. Then I'd put it away. 

I just found a widow's blog.  Her hubby died the same month as Fred.  I love the way she writes.  She has that sort of weird, at times morbid sense of humor that I have and so enjoy.  She and I seem to be doing pretty well--compared to some on the Widow's Speak Up blog I use to read, until it depressed me so much I had to stop!  Some of them have made their sorrow a career, it seems to me.  We have few years left--we can't undo what has happened to us.  We need to find what joy there is left in our lives!!

She wrote--"something is missing"--yeah--I can relate to that!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away..We Have Had Enough Today

Today's temperature was: 82 degrees
Today's humidity was: 67%
Sunny, T-storms, sunny, rain, sunny T-storms.

There is a cold front coming through later (YAY), thus the thunder storms preceding it.  
This late afternoon
Coming down hard!
I got up fairly early, from an all night sleep, did a few of my morning chores and headed up to Pearls'.   

"What are YOU doing here," she asks.

"Well...what a nice greeting!"

"No...last night you said you weren't going to be around today because you were meeting your cousin and your sister for lunch."

"Oh yeah.  I forgot I told you that.  My cousin and her daughter were in Fort Wayne yesterday, they stopped at a restaurant before they started home and almost three hours later, my cousin realized she had left her purse in the booth.  So--they turned around and drove all the way back."

"Had it been turned in?"

"Nope.  Cousin asked at the front and it had not been turned in, but...the girl went to the booth they were in and...there was her purse."

"Wow--not a very busy restaurant."

"Anyway...it was too late to start home so they just got a room and came back this morning.  She was too exhausted to do lunch, so............that's why I'm here, but I will leave if I am bothering you."

"Get your skinny behind in here...I need help with the labels I am trying to do."

So we went back to her bedroom and the computer.

"Look at this," she says and holds up a page of labels--all off center--way off in the margins.

"What happened?"

"I don't know."

I go into Word and the label page and notice she has a different label size template.  "Remember I told you to look on the label to see what size to use?  You just used the wrong label template is all."

"I think I can use some of them.  I can cut out the little part that is on the next label and then paste them together on the envelope."

I picked up the label page she had printed out and wadded it up.  You should have seen the look on her face.  It was priceless.

"Those cost money!"

"I will give you a new sheet.  Now, get over in this chair and we are going step-by-step and make a new page of labels."

...and we did.  Then she wanted to know how to scan a photograph.  So I showed her that and how to save it and how to send it to her daughter on Face Book.    By then, it was noon, so I scooted home.

I watched the weather report, threw in a load of laundry, watched my Soap while I cross stitched, turned on the dishwasher, separated my tops in the closet by color, sorted out my DVS and put them in their new storage boxes all labelled and in the bottom of the TV armoire. 

I sat back down to watch the baseball game and the thunder started.  Put my ear plugs in and waited.  The sun came back out, so I unplugged my ears, put away laundry, the thunder started again, so I put the plugs back in--on and on for over two hours.

Just about the time I wanted to go out to get a Subway, we had a gully washer.  BUT--there were severe storms south of me and north of me, none here, Thank You Lord! A lot of flooding.  The road in front of my park--the main road to get anywhere, is called Grand River Road.  This evening, it had turned into THE Grand River.
Something happened today that not only was weird, but kind of scary.  A month ago, I bought a white, a pink and a navy blue T-shirt.  I have wanted a navy one and could not find any last summer, so was glad to find one, that fit and I could afford.

Today, while I was arranging my tops, I wondered where the navy one was.  I knew I hadn't worn it--thought the tag was still on it.  I pulled everything off the closet floor, assuming it had fallen off the hanger.  Nope--but I did collect my four travel bags and going to put them in storage.

I called Pearl and told her and she suggested that because of the cool/hot weather we had--when one day we'd wear t'shirts and the next day, sweatshirts, that it had gotten hung up with the sweatshirts.

Back to the closet, where I pulled everything out from front to back.  No navy t-shirt.

I was doing laundry and putting my tops and pants away.  The last load was a pair of blue jeans and a pair of navy shorts.  When I pulled them from the dryer---there was the navy t-shirt.

Okay--what is scaring me is---I DO NOT remember wearing that shirt last week.  I did not wear it to the dentist on Wednesday, I did not wear it on my birthday.  When did I wear that damn thing?  Why can't I remember?  I DO remember wearing two different pairs of white shorts last week--one to my birthday.  Apparently I wore the navy shirt when I wore the other pair of white shorts?

My mind has always been sharp--my memory amazing to a lot of people and now---I can't even remember what I wore?

As I was picking things up in the bedroom, I found the tag off the shirt laying on top of my dresser.

Spooky and I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!!!

Then Pearl called.  "Did you take the labels home with you?"

"No.  They are sitting on your window ledge back by the computer."

"Well--I've looked everywhere in that bedroom and they aren't there.  Are you sure you didn't take them?"

"I'm positive.  They are sitting between your monitor and your printer."

"NO THEY AREN'T!  I am standing right here and they are no where to be seen!"

"Did you use them after I left?"

"No.  I was stacking stuff up and.....wait a minute."  Silence on the phone as I hear her walking.

"I found them."


"On the washer."

"The WHERE?"

"Never mind....bye."

At 8:00, Dar called and asked if I would take her up to the gas station to get some cigarettes.  It had quit raining, so---why not.

She got in the car and proceeded, for the two miles there, to tell me of her horrid week at work.  

"I tell you...I am so on the ball that management comes to me with THEIR problems.  I could run that place blind folded!  It's a good thing I'm there or that place would fall apart.  So..I am really acting manager, but not getting paid for it.  Oh well, I wouldn't want that responsibility."

We get in the gas station, she pulls out her charge card to pay for two packs of ciggies.

"Why don't you let me pay for them--you can pay me back and not put them on your charge."

"This isn't my charge.  I threw it away in the garbage yesterday--my daughter got the number. This is my debit card."

"Ah...look at the card.  It is a charge card from the bank...I have one just like it."


All the way home she just went on and on.  I told her to call the bank and get a new debit card--no big deal.  Then I giggled and giggled.  I told her about my navy t-shirt and Pearl's labels and said, "You have made me feel a whole lot better.  Obviously we ALL are losing our minds!!!  It must be a "seventy" thing."

She was not amused.  LOL.

Wait until I tell Pearl!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Warm Wednesday

Today's temperature was: 83 degrees
Today's humidity was: 69%
Sunny, muggy, yucky.

Hey--my ancestor's came from northern Germany--we are fair skinned, blue eyed, blonde's.  We do not suffer the heat and humidity very well.  I do not sweat, so the heat builds up inside and causes nausea, dizziness, and headache.  I had a heat stroke when I was 15--very sick in bed for three days.  Since then, the heat has really bothered me.  I think I would be far better living in Alaska.  I suppose that is why I always feel better in fall and winter?  I don't start wearing a coat outside until January and only then, if is below 32 degrees.

Enough said about that!

So this morning I didn't even open my eyes until 10:00 and only then because cats were playing "ruffly-tuffly" on the bed.  When I got up, they kept softly nipping my ankles as I got their food for them.  I wonder--if I died in the middle of the night, would they snack on me for food?

I don't really like to get up that late because I am still trying to wake up by noon.  I did manage to get the bed made and the litter box cleaned by noon--then watched the news and my Soap.  Then I got motivated and went into town to get supplies.

I saw Pearl in the grocery store!  She had been to get her hair cut and stopped on her way home.  I came around the corner by the lunch meat and she was coming right at me.  We both, kind of jumped and then stopped, then laughed.  

"I thought you looked familiar," she said.

"Did you get your labels."  I have been giving her lessons on how to use Word on her computer.

"No--I don't know where they keep them in this store.  Where are you heading?"

"Well, I was just heading to produce to get a bag of sweet cherries.  The labels are way back in the farthest corner of the store."

"Ohhhh, I can't walk back that far," she whined.

"Tell you what--you get a bag of cherries when you go to produce and I will walk back there and get the labels--I need some too.  Then I will come down when we get home and we can divide our loot."

"Okay Chickie," she says and off we go in different directions.

I had already been in that part of the store looking for plastic storage boxes and yard waste bags, but I headed back.  My back was screaming and I just said, "Shut up--walking is good for you!"

I got her labels and checked out and...got home a half hour before she did!  She must have only started her shopping when I met her in the store.

I unloaded, put away, sat down for a bit and then checked to see if I could see her car.  She was home.

Walked down and got half a bag of sweet cherries and gave her half a pack of the labels.  Bah Dah Boom, Bah Dah Bing!
One of my many projects--I have two file records storage boxes (from my days as a sexretary), filled with VHS tapes.  I have no VHS player--used to, don't anymore.  I have slowly been buying some of those favorite movies on Amazon.com in a DVD format.  Yesterday, I decided that the VHS were going to Salvation Army.  Today, I got two plastic storage boxes--the smallish ones, and put the DVD's in them.  They had been sitting in the TV armorie, stacked up next to the DVD player and I didn't like the looks of that.  I put certain movies in each box, in alphabetical order and labelled them, i.e. Classics and Award Winners, Religious and family, Military, Musical, Kids. I am thinking of also making a list of each movie in each box and sticking that to the lid too. 

Did I heard someone mention OCD?

Tomorrow, I am going in my clothes closet and arrange all my T-shirts and tops by color.  It is such a mish-mash in there with warmish clothes mixed in with summer clothes.

Hey--it is too hot to be outside playing, so I have to think of things to do inside.  Don't judge me, LOL.

T-Shirt commented yesterday that perhaps I had a flare up of diverticulitis.  The minute I read that, I thought, "Yepper, bet it was."  I have had minor bouts with that sort of thing off and on for a lot of years.  The pain usually was on my right side--this time on my left.  Probably have a new pocket in there or something. Weird though, as I didn't eat anything different on Monday.  Who knows.  For now, it's gone.

See ya later...........


Today's temperature was: 80 degrees
Today's humidity was: 55%
Rain in a.m., sunny with a breeze, cloudy in evening.

I woke up in the middle of the night, not feeling well.  A little pain in my right side and kind of nauseated.   I  did a "plop, plop, fizz, fizz" and went back to sleep.  I had my alarm set for 7:30.

I woke up and felt worse.  The pain was kind of dull and right under my right rib-cage.  I walked around for awhile, drank my usual morning cup of warm cocoa and took my morning meds.

My best friend Bethie's only sister passed away last week and I wanted to attend her funeral.  It was about an hour's drive north and I would have to leave at 9:30 for visitation and the funeral.

I just felt rotten.  I didn't know if it was my gall bladder or my colon--but something in there hurt.  I have never had a gall bladder attack, as far as I know.  I do have kidney gravel that passes occasionally and I know that hurts like heck, but this didn't feel that sharp.  

I laid back down, on my left side and fell asleep and didn't wake up until almost 10:00.  The pain was still there and I felt sick to my stomach, but not as bad as earlier.  Too late to call Bethie and tell her I wasn't coming.

I got dressed and cleaned out the cat's litter box and sat down in my chair and read for awhile.  Then fell back alseep again.  About noon, I got that bad feeling and rushed into the bathroom and had explosive diarrhea (I know--too much information!)  I had diarrhea off and on for another hour and then--I felt better.

I have no idea what that was all about!  I'm glad I didn't try and go to the funeral--I would have been in big trouble!!!

I've just sort of sat around all day--haven't even gone out to get my mail.  Don't feel sick--just tired and kind of tummy yucky, sort of a headache.

I haven't been anywhere since last Friday, so I don't think I had a virus, but who knows!

So-what did you do today.  Hope the day was better then mine!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Too Late--Too Early

Today's temperature was:   88 degrees
Today's humidity was:  45%
Sunny and way too hot

I could not sleep last night, so at around 3:00, I got up and sat, in the dark, in the computer room.  That Super Moon was at just the right angle that it came in the front window.  I just sat there and enjoyed the moonbeams--of course I had been out earlier to howl at that beautiful moon.  

I have always loved the moon.  Perhaps because I was born on a night of a full moon?  I don't know.  In my childhood home, the moon shown in my bedroom window.  In my farm house, the moon shone in my bedroom window on my face!!!  When I was designing my little country home (which never happened), the house faced east and I had the master bedroom on the south-west corner so the moon would shine in the south window early in the night and later, in the west window.

I just looked up and there it is again tonight.  Off to the south-east right now.

I knew it was going to be very hot today and I wanted to water my gardens this morning, so I set my alarm for 7:00.  I hit snooze every 9 minutes until 8:00 and then staggered out of bed.  Fed the cats, grabbed my snaky, wiggly, green hose and got everything all watered.

Then, Pearl came down.  She wanted to order some of the fantastic Egyptian Cotton sheets I was telling you about, but she couldn't figure out how to do it.  So I ordered them from my computer.

I ate a half sandwich, watched my soaps and then headed across the road to the nursery.

Those (once) beautiful Rosea Vinca I planted, because I couldn't get Impatiens, are not doing well.  They haven't grown--they haven't filled in--their leaves look like they had been bitten by frost--which I knew couldn't be.

I grabbed three of them out of the railing planters, put them in a bag, took my garden file with my receipts and headed over to Bordine's.

The girl looked them over.  Checked them, under the microscope for mites and declared, "I think they have been watered too much.  They like to dry out between waterings."

"Well that's weird," I said.  "I am noted for not watering my plants like I should.  Usually they get all droopy from dryness. But, I did use the Moisture Control soil, so maybe, that held too much water?"

So--I got NO money back--my mistake for over watering I guess.

So I just bought another kind of Rosea Vinca, larger plants, trailing plants, guaranteed to fill up the boxes with masses of color.  (We'll see).

Came home, planted them--took me all of 20 minutes, up on the shady, cool porch, and I was sweating like a hog. (Hogs don't sweat do they.)  The humidity was so high!!!

I quickly got my chores done and back into the nice 74 degree, air cooled, dry house.

That lily I was telling you about, next to the front porch steps--is nearly 4 feet high.  Amazing!!!

Tonight, I worked on a friend's family tree--such fun.  I got way back to the 1600's.

I waited for the predicted severe thunderstorms to roll in--some went north of me--some went south.  I was glad.

Tonight I watched the new TV series entitled, "Under The Dome".  I have read the Stephen King book a couple of years ago, so I am anxious to see if the series is as good as the book.

I am just about ready to crawl into those wonderful new sheets.  They are the softest, smoothest things I have ever slept in.  There is no "drag", when I move around.  It seems I can even turn over easier.  I love them.

That's all I got--

See ya tomorrow.  Jude