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Friday, August 29, 2014

A Really Nice Day

High temperature today was: 73 degrees
Sunny with a nice breeze.

33 years and 5 kids ago, this young couple were married,
at 4:00 in the afternoon, at the MSU Alumni Chapel
They sure got it right.
Wonderful marriage, kids and life.

Then, this morning I find out on Face Book, that
grandkid #1 and #3 are in Spain!

A friend of mine--much younger, was on Face Book telling a story about her grandma and after I commented, she commented back this.  How very nice of her.  My mother has been gone 44 years and it is always a thrill when someone remembers her and tell me what a lovely lady she was.  <sigh>
  • Patricia Adler Judith Miller . HERE is a story for you. When I was,a little girl there was a lady at my church who was tall, beautiful, and was,always dressed in lovely clothes. I thought if I could grow up and be like that kind gracious lady I would be so happy. That was your Mom. I still think she was a lovely person.

I'm not a spontaneous person at all!  I like things scheduled--I like to plan.  My little sister called today at 12:45 and said she was coming this way to Bed, Bath and Beyond and JoAnn's and wanted to know if I wanted to run into town with her.  I had to think about it for a few--which is just so stupid of me!

"Sure," I said.

"Okay.  I'll pick you up at two,"

"Good,  I won't have to miss my Soap."

"Oh!  Good Grief!" she said as she hung up.

She arrived at 1:58.  Then realized, she had left her JoAnn coupons at home.  So, I jumped on the computer, found them and printed them out and we were on our way!

We weren't gone very long and only spent about 90 minutes total time together, but we sure enjoyed it.  She got me out of this house--which is important.  As the older sister, I have always felt I had to take care of her and make sure she was always all right.  Now, it seems the roles have reversed.  

I'm watching the first MSU football game tonight.  I can just imagine how my Brighton band kids feel, that got accepted for the MSU marching band.  I'll bet when they stepped out onto that field for pre-game, their hearts were pounding!!  Not really my grand kids--but friend's of Maddie's that started calling me Grammie and I loved, as much as my own.

Got an e-mail from Karen.  "We are all fine.  On our way up north for the weekend.  We've been so busy."

Apparently way too busy for a 10 minute call, once in a while,  to see if Mom is still breathing?  Someone said, "well,  you call them!"  Every time I try that, they either aren't at home, or I leave a message and they forget to call me back.

I am getting more and more discouraged that my own children somehow don't have time for me.  They encouraged me to move down here to be near them and their children--so, here I am.  Where are they?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beautiful Day

Today's high temperature was: 71 degrees
Not a cloud in the sky!
Sunny and a nice breeze.
My kind of weather!
Balisha had a great post this morning.  You might want to bop over and read it.  I completely agree.

I woke up to an e-mail message that someone had purchased Chrissy's cookbook AND children's book.  It is my job to ship them, so I got right on it.  They were packaged, postage taped on and in my mail box for pick-up by 10:30.  YAY!!!

Which reminds me--I have a few of my own children's book left.  Why don't I put them on Amazon?  DUH.
Pearl walked down for a visit this morning.  We had a really nice chat.  Apparently Merle is going in for a Sleep Apnea overnight test at the hospital next week.  I have been trying to get him to do this for 2 years!!!  He snores all night long and has fallen out of bed a couple of times.  If he is waking up several times a night, because he stops breathing, that could very well be the reason he is so tired.  Fred had it done, got the small bi-pap machine, and both of us slept better.  I hope this is the ONLY reason Merle is not feeling well.  They sure can't find anything wrong with him otherwise.  His thyroid is perfect.  His doc did take him off the Statin drug he was taking, because Merle's legs were cramping and feeling weak.  

We'll get that guy up and running yet!  LOL

Debbie made my day yesterday!  She left a comment on Face Book that her grandson often asks his mother to read my children's book to him.    I rarely get feed-back about any of my books.  At Christmas, I gave one to each child and grandchild of mine and my nephew and his kids.  Not one word on what they thought of it.  I began to wonder if they even enjoyed it--did anyone enjoy it?

I can remember when I told my family that I had written a children's book and it was going to be published!  There was a certain condescending pat on the head with, "Oh, that's nice."  My Daddy said, "Are you gonna make any money off it?"  That was it.  

I got the same reaction when I told them that I had built a website of stories for children to read--nothing.  I don't think any one of them ever visited my website.

A lot of writer's in my family, but never a published one and there was no excitement or anything.

There was a publisher who liked it enough to make it into an e-book.  There was another one that wanted to put it into print format.  That should reassure me that it was a "good" book...one that THEY thought kids would enjoy.   It's not like I self-published the book only because I thought it was good, But............. 

So, thank you Debbie for letting me know at least, the book is read, more than just once :-)
I have been getting messages and photos from my "adopted" grandkids--who are now in college and auditioning for marching band.  So far--all of them have made it!!

Brian made it into the University of Michigan Marching Band--horn section

Drew made it into the Central Michigan University Marching band. AND concert band--horn section.
Kyle is now a Michigan State University Marching Spartan

...and my favorite Matt-is playing Trombone with the Michigan State University Marching Spartans and practicing to be their Drum Major next year!

I'm a bit worried about my "real" grand daughter, Madeleine.I didn't receive a Thank You card after her graduation open house. I mentioned something about it to her on her 18th birthday, August 1st.  She assured me she had sent them out, but my sister didn't receive one either.  I thought maybe she had my address wrong or something.  Maddie said, "I'll send you two, Gramma.  One for graduation and one for my birthday gift."  I haven't received anything.

I private messaged her on Face Book to see if she was in college and have heard nothing back.  This worries me.  I guess I will e-mail Karen or call her and see if everything is all right.

Very strange.  I have received really nice Thank You notes from my "adopted" grandkids--none from my own.
It's going to be 55 degrees tonight.  I might have to close my bedroom window. :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Relief From The Heat

Today's high temperature was:  74 degrees
Today's humidity was:  47%
Beautiful!  All windows and doors are open
I make spaghetti sauce, each Christmas, for the men on my list--4 quarts, frozen in two- 2 quart bags.  Last year, it just did not turn out well.  It was way too thin and runny and a bit greasy.  The last few months, I have made small batches to see what I might have been doing wrong.  I think I figured it out, as this last batch was nice and thick, didn't run off the cooked spaghetti and was very tasty.  Good thing because in November, I have to start making this stuff= 32 quarts, at 5 quarts at a time.


Got another one of Chrissy's books up on amazon.  This time a children's book.  It's a cute story.

Here's the LINK.  Also in a Kindle Version here..
My sister gave me some bounty from her garden.  I love sweet corn!  I always boiled it in a kettle.  What a pain.  Get the pan out, fill with water, wait for it to boil, insert corn, wait for it to cook--for 2 ears of corn.  Then I read a post on Bella's blog.  She told of how her husband, wraps the cleaned ear in paper towel, drenches it with water, put in the Microwave and--6 minutes later--it is done.

I tried it,  OHMYGOSH!!  It is steamed and moist and delicious!!

I twist the ends of the paper towel.  It reminds me of a Tamale :-)


I learned something new today.  It is NOT called cement.  It is properly called concrete.  Cement is the powder they use to make concrete.  Who knew?  I've called it cement all my life.  I thought concrete was something stronger--with re-bar or something.

 It's almost like a work of art or a dance that guy in yellow does with that long "float".

When they were all done--of course the urge came back of wanting to run over there and put my hand print in the lower left corner of the wet cement concrete.  Instead, I saw Bob walk out of the house, so I scooted over for a snoop chat.

I said, "Don't you want to put your initials or the date in that wet cement?"

"Yep!  We always did, when we were kids.  Guess I'd better not now.  The park paid for that parking space."

"Are you going to put in a sidewalk?"

"Yep.  From the parking space, along to the front door.  Plus we have another parking spot for our son, over by the end of the house, probably run a sidewalk up from that too.  We have to pay for all of that."

"Well...if you have to pay for it...then you can put your initials and the date down at that end."

He laughed.

"Are you putting in a new front porch?"

"Yep.  We're putting in a deck, from the back porch here....all along the front over to just the other side of the front door.  Those steps are just temporary."

"I gotta tell ya, Bob.  I'm relieved!  We were afraid you were going to keep those ugly steps!"

He laughed, "Oh my Gawd, no!  They are just so we can get in the house.  The deck will look real nice.  White just like the back porch.  Probably put a roof over it too--I don't know for sure yet.  My youngest son and I are going to build it.  I can't work with Rob (the manager), we fight," (I had noticed the tiff going on Sunday morning.)

"Well...it's going to look really, really nice." I said.
So, now we know....the ugly steps are going to be gone!!!!  

These people have a lot of money.  I'm afraid Jackie, Pearl and I are going to have to move out of the neighborhood!!  It's getting awfully fancy around here.  LOL

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Title For This Post Has Eluded Me. LOL

Today's high temperature: 86
Today's humidity: 72%

Who does this remind you of?

Karen's kids went in together and got her a Kayak
to celebrate her obtaining her Master's Degree

This sight greeted me, when I staggered out into the living room this morning. 

Apparently Maggie The Cat didn't care for the way I had them arranged?
My feelings are still a bit hurt.  I walked up to Pearl's.  She and Merle and I were standing outside, leaning on the car and just talking about the activity going on across my me.

Pearl said, "I broke off my thumbnail.  Right down to the finger.  It hurts like heck!"  and she laid her hand on the car trunk so I could see.

"Yikes!  That does look painful--it looks a little red."

"My nails had grown out so nice and long...and now look!"

I spread my hands out on the trunk and said, "I cut mine all back...really short last month,"

She looked down and pointed to my right index finger (the one that 1/4 is missing) and she said, "Why don't you do something with that one?  It looks so ugly..it about makes me sick."  

I was stunned.  I had no comeback, other than, "What do you want me to do with it?"

"At least, tuck it into your palm so people don't have to see it.  Yuck!"

Most people don't notice my finger and if they do, they don't mention it.  Once in a while, a kid will ask me what happened and I tell them, "I slammed it in a door.  So be careful.  Make sure you hands are out of the way when you close a door."  

I know it's weird looking, but I've had it since I was eight, so I guess it doesn't bother me.

After I came back home, I could think of all sorts of mean things to say to her---which of course, I never would.

"Why don't you lose some weight so you can walk better.  You're so fat you look awful."

"Why don't you wear your bridge so I don't have to look at all  the missing teeth in your mouth.  It makes me sick."

"Why don't you wear a bra so I don't have to look at those gross things bobbing around on your stomach."
Not much activity across the street this morning.  The "Not So Friendly" guy is still working on the forms for the driveway.

They are getting a new hot water heater,
which reminds me,  I need to drain and flush mine.

Dar came over.  She is now free from the Yellow Jackets.  She could actually hear them, chewing away at her wall.  We had a neighbor who had to take off a section of his outside siding to get rid of the nest he had.  They will eat right through the interior dry-walled wall.  Another neighbor had them between his roof and ceiling.  

I watched the guy when he came to Dar's.  He stuck a hose in the hole above her door, turned on a motor, waited two minutes, turned it off, coiled up the hose and was gone.  It took him seven minutes from start to finish.  $75.00 for seven minutes.  He sprayed a chemical dust in the hole which killed them all.

Merle stopped by, on his bike ride, to check it all out.

Half an hour later, the sirens went off.  Tami was at my door in seconds.  "Do I have to be worried?"
"I don't think so," I said.  "I was just looking at the radar map on my computer.  Seems to be a severe thunderstorm warning."

Then the phone rang--it was Dar.  "What does that mean.  Should we leave?"

"No.  Just a thunderstorm coming.  Turn on the weather channel."


"Channel 30."

Then I walked outside with Tam.  Dar, Jackie, Merle and Pearl were all out in the middle of the street watching the western sky.

Jackie:  "Oh Dear Lord.  Look at the sky!"

Dar:  "Do you think we should leave?"

Tami:  "I gotta go to work.  I'm going to run right into it."

Pearl:  "What do you think."

Me: "Look at the clouds.  See those--they are going south of us.  Those over there--are going north and already passed us.  I just checked the radar and there is orange to the south and north of us, but coming over us is only yellow.  So we should be all right."

Then the wind picked up, the rain started and we all scurried into our homes.

It blew and it poured, but it wasn't anything to be scared of.  I put my ear plugs in so I wouldn't hear any thunder crashes and watched out the windows.

I got my flowers watered and my windows washed.  It was great!

 The concrete for the neighbor's drive?  I don't think it will be laid tomorrow. LOL

P.S.  I really wish my neighbor's would just turn on their TV's to see the weather warnings, instead of coming to me to see if they're safe.  How the heck do I know!  I suppose if a tornado does come one day, it will be all my fault!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Not The Heat--It's the Humidity

Well--it's both hot and humid..and I don't like it.

I had a productive weekend!  My friend Chrissy and I got to talk on the phone--a couple of times.  Trying to get her cookbook set up on Amazon.  We finally did it and it went up and on sale today!  This is the coolest cookbook I have ever seen!  I wish I'd had it when I was a young married.  I could barely cook, let alone figure out how to put an entire meal together.

This cookbook, has a menu for the entire meal.  No looking in the cookbook for the main dish, then rummaging in Grandma's recipe box for dessert, or trying to find the recipe you clipped and have since lost.   Chrissy had a very unique idea and it took her quite a few years to organize all of it and get it done.

Here's the link, if you want to check it out on Amazon
While I was working, I occasionally looked through the windows to see what was going on across the street.

 There appeared to be an argument as to where the driveway
was to be.  Dad threw his hands up in the air and went over to
sit on the steps.

 In the midst of all these equipment, Don, the Lawn Mowing Guy came in
to mow my lawn, as well as Jackies and Dars.

 I thought perhaps I should go out and get my mail.
Plus, check out the front side of this nice back size.
Just a little "man shopping" you know.
I sweetly said, "Good morning."
He said, "Mmftt."
I said, "Sometimes the preparation is harder than the actual job."
He said, "Sfmmt, tfmmf"
All this without even looking up.
I figured he is not worth my time or engaging and charming personality!!

The foundation is ready for the concrete.
They threw up the small front porch this morning.  It does nothing for the house.  They need a larger porch--one that would come under the double windows, with a roof.  I watched as the lady tried to get up the steps.  She had to step back down on the top steps to open the screen door.  This is going to cause a problem in the winter.  Maybe they plan on using the back porch?  Still--those front steps are UGLY!!
For some reason, Buddy cat has decided he wants to sit/lay on my desk!

So today, I put a nice big vase of Zinnia's in that place.  So, the big cat is on the table.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Is Here!

Today's high temperature was:  86 degrees
Today's humidity was: 68%

I have had to close up the house and run the A/C for the last two days, and will for the next week and I do not like it one bit!!!  I love the nice cool summer we had.  

So--I had a weird day.  It started early.  I have been working on how to get my friend's book on to amazon so she can sell it.  I was going to call her at 11:00 and we were going to go through it together and "get 'er done".

But, first, I had a goofy idea to send her a video of a tour of my house.  So I went outside and held the camera up on my forehead and started walking.  Into the house, pointing out certain things in certain rooms.  I was way in the back bedroom and I heard Dar calling my name.  Now, I was narrating the video, so I just ignored her.  I heard her open the door and come into the living room, still calling my name.  I ignored her, but started walking toward the front room.  She must have heard me narrating, because she backed out of the door and stood on the porch.

When I finished up, I opened the door and let her in.  I wanted to send the video to my friend before the phone call, so I was a bit anxious to get Dar outta here.

"I have to work today.  I have to leave at one."
<it was no 10:45>

"Okay.  I have to make a phone call in fifteen minutes.  Come on in for a few minutes."

To tell you the truth, I do not even recall, now, what she was talking about.  At eleven fifteen, I asked her to leave.

Than, I called Chrissy, my friend, and WOW, was it ever good to hear her voice.  We laughed and giggled, just like we always do.  We tried to figure it all out a bit--than I told her, I'd have to call her back at two--one her time.

I watched out the front windows, for a while.  Watching the progress across the street.

This is the manager's Mom and HER father.
He is 94 and lives two streets over.  Another reason she wanted to move in here.

My Purple Hyacinth Bean Plant is finally getting some pods!  YAY.

I called Chrissy at two, but it got so complicated that I just got her information and I think I can go in, use her e-mail and password and get her cookbook up and ready.

We did have some good laughs as she explained the snake/scorpion/centipede situation in her new Texas home--well, garage actually. I worry about her living with those kind of critters. 
Tonight I called Pam.  She had been mowing all day and I told her I had taken pictures and would e-mail them to her.  Jen's kids are starting school here, the day after Labor Day, so at least they aren't moving.  I don't know if Eric is going to go to New Jersey and start (trying) to work with his Dad.  All I wanted to know is that the kids will be here and that means Pammie will have a job.

I have to give you the dialogue of part of our conversation.

"A Coyote took down one the deer last week and the dead thing was laying out on the far edge of the lawn and stinking awful!"

"Wait.  Did you say Coyote?"


"You have Coyote's out there?"

"Yeah.  They killed the deer and as I was mowing two weeks ago, out there, you know, where the pasture is...that I now mow, I was gagging and trying to plug my nose.  I finally got the shovel and carried the carcass out and threw it in the ditch down there.  I went out to mow last Friday and the damn Coyotes had dragged it back onto the pasture!"

"Oh my Gosh!"

"So...I got the shovel and moved it back to the ditch.  It was mostly all pieces by now.  The skull had a nice rack on it.  So, I leaned that up against the tree and thought that in a month or so, the bugs will clean it up and I will have a nice skull with horns to put up on the steps by the deck.  Sun bleached white and all..kind of like you see in those old west movies?"


"Well--I got out to mow today and the Coyotes had dragged the pieces back on the lawn, but now it was just bones.  But--get this Momma, I can't find the skull and horns anywhere!  All that work for nothing!"

"Do you ever hear the Coyotes?"

"Yeah--always in the middle of the night.  I hear them calling and yipping.  You know how pitch black it is out here at night.  I lay in bed and wonder, 'Hello--is there anyone out there.  Am I the only one left in the world.'  It kind of scares me."

"Next thing ya know, you'll look up and see a black bear looking in your window!"
We laughed and giggled about that scenario for awhile and then Pam said, 
"I can't wait for those kids to get back in school!  They are bored and they pick on and fight with each other.  Drive me nuts!  It'll be nice, with just me and the baby here most of the day."

"Will you have to drive them to school and pick them up?"

"Elise and Alex.  They go to school right next to each other.  Not Andrew.  He is riding the bus."

"Will you have to drive him to the end of the Cul-de- sac or will the bus come up to the house."

"HE'S WALKING!  He has to get up an hour earlier than the other kids."

"What about in the winter."

'HE'S WALKING!'  It's time he sucked it up and quit acting like a spoiled, bratty thirteen year old!"

"He's only twelve...and that's the way twelve and thirteen year olds act."

"and Elise--she acts so snotty and sassy!  Gawd--I can't wait for them to be outta the house."

So--right about here is where I started laughing so hard I could hardly speak.

"Pammie.................do you..............do you .......remember when you were that age and one day...........I said to you.......'I hope you have kids just like you'.  Remember that?"


"Well................................you didn't have any kids, but......................but it appears................that you have a niece and nephews just like you!"

I am laughing so hard I am about to strangle!

"It's hard!  You tell them to do something and they either don't listen or they just don't do it and then when you tell them again, they get real uppity."

"Yeah.  I remember."

"They get disrespectful and I'd just like to slap them!"

"Yeah.  I remember."

"Elise got mad the other day, walked away from me when I was trying to tell her something, slammed the door and went outside."

"Yeah.  I remember."

"It's just so frustrating trying to deal with these pre-teens.  They make me so angry!"

"Yeah.  I remember."

Then...silence for a moment.

"Mark and I were just as bad or worse, weren't we?"

"Yeah.  It's a phase.  By the time they are ready to graduate,  you will hate to see them go."

"If I live that long!"

"Yeah.  I remember."

Then we laughed and hooted some more.

The circle of life.    

The worse the kids are, the more the parents of the kids will appreciate THEIR parents?

Tickles me to pieces!!!