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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, February 28, 2014


Today's high temperature was: 13 degrees
Last night's low was: -12
Sunny all day

Everyone complains about the unusual cold temperatures and the unusual amount of snow, but you know what?  We have had a lot of sunny days so far this year.  February is usually grey and depressing, but this year, I think we have had a lot of sun, so...the month didn't really feel all that bad to me.

Tomorrow, March 1st, is going to come in roaring--we are expecting another big snow--all the way from Kansas to Massachusetts!  Get ready!

I got up early this morning--well 8:00--turned on the dishwasher, did a load of laundry, put my roast in the crock-pot and filled up the humidifier with water. (good thing).

At 10:00, my phone rang and it was Dar..yelling and in a panic.


"Hold on a minute and I will check to see if I have water.  I know I did about an hour ago.  Hold on..."



I walked out into the kitchen and turned on the faucet--nothing.  "I don't have water either.  The park may have had a water main break."


...and she hung up.

Three minutes later...

"We have a huge water main break under the main drive way.  They say we might be without water until this afternoon!  What am I going to do?"

"You have bottled water to drink, right?  You can get a bucket, go out, fill it with snow and set it on your heat register to melt so you have some to flush with."


"Well...I guess you can't until they get the main fixed.  Be grateful that you weren't all soaped up and had a head full of shampoo."

"I guess."

She hung up.

Five minutes later....

"I'm going to the beauty salon to get my hair washed and I am taking a towel and some soap and use their restroom to wash up in!"  
Then she laughs that annoying Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck laugh!!

<I just don't know>
I was still hearing that weird noise from behind the couch this morning.  It sort of sounded like a clunk.  I knew there was an electrical outlet back there and a heat register.  I wondered if when the thermostat turned on it would make a noise in the outlet, but then realized, that could not be as the thermostat is wired directly to the furnace--it does not run on any other electrical wires.

I moved the couch out a bit, climbed on the couch and looked over the top down to the floor.  There was the heat register with the deflector in place, to direct the heat out from under the couch.  Just then the thermostat clicked and soon the furnace blower came on and "clunk"--one of the vanes in the register is broken on one end and it moved.  I figure that because I now have a more powerful blower motor, when it comes on, the force of the air moves that vane and it makes a noise.  So---I need a new register.  

Problem solved!!
Jackie (who lives in the blue house across the street) is in Florida until March 11th.  I didn't know this, but last week Pearl told me.  Jackie called me around noon and said that Pearl had been calling and leaving messages on her phone--wanting to know if she was all right..that Pearl hadn't seen her drive out of her driveway in a week and she was worried.  ????

Jackie asked me to call Pearl and I said I would.  I called Pearl and told her that Jackie was in Florida until March 11th and that she was doing fine.  Had received Pearl's phone messages.

Pearl said, "Well I know that!"

"Yeah you were the one who told me.  But...why did you call her and leave a message?"

"I picked up the phone and dialed her number and then I remembered."

"Well...why did you leave a message?"

"Because I didn't want her to see my name on her phone and wonder, so I left a message asking her if she was all right."

"Okay--well she will be back on the 11th."


<I just don't know>.
I had an appointment with the Chiropractor this afternoon.  I wasn't hurting a bit---until after I got out of there, LOL.  Deep tissue massage can be really painful, BUT I know I will feel great for a few weeks anyway.  I go twice a month now and plan in April to only go once a month---for maintenance!

When I came home I noticed the water main repair trucks were leaving.  While I had my coat on, I filled all the bird feeders, came in the house, and there was water to wash my hands.

All is well with the world--until another Dar crisis.
Pearl called me back this afternoon, just to let me know she didn't win the PCH contest.  

"I didn't either," I said.  "And--I really could have used a dozen roses to brighten my mood."

She seemed quite depressed about it.  To think of all the money she spent buying their products--you'd think they could have sent her a hundred dollars.  The man who won, lives in Oklahoma, has 6 children and has been cancer free for five years.  His picture looks like he is a farmer--just an average person--I am so glad for the family!

Pearl's birthday is tomorrow and I have made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign that I am going to tape in my bathroom window tonight when I go to bed.  That way, in the morning, when she opens her bedroom blind, she will see it.  Hee Hee Hee

Also, tomorrow, going to grand daughter Madeleine's band competition.  This will be the last one for her and me, as she is a senior.  <sniff>

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Service Call--No Charge

Today's high temperature was: 10 degrees
Sunny and Windy

The new furnace is so noisy--when the flame comes on.  It makes me and the cats jump.  Something I have to get used to?  Perhaps, but I called this morning with a question--which they would not answer over the phone--had to have Lance come back out.  A simple question and they have to send out Lance?  So--I had to wait around all day until he could get me on his schedule.  

So, Dar comes over.  She knows I am trying to get the cross stitch crib covers cheap.  She has a friend that works at the Salvation Army.  I found one there, once.  I told Dar that whenever I go there to check, they never have the covers and yet, she, Dar got a couple there.

Come to find out, Dar's friend sees them the minute they come in, never puts them out on the floor, but instead saves them for Dar.  So Dar now has three covers that she paid $3.00 apiece for--that she is going to stitch--someday.  But, she isn't in the mood right now.  

"No wonder I never get any!"

"Nyuck. Nyuck", she laughs, "I got 'em.  My friend, Bernice would lose her job if they knew what she was doing."

"Well ya..she is basically stealing from the charity."  <just like Dar did when she worked there.>

Sometimes...I just want to slap her!
Lance arrived around 3:00 and I told him this could have settled over the phone.

"Oh..really?  The dispatcher made it sound like a big deal."

We walked back to the furnace and I told him, "When the flame comes on, and roars into life, it sounds like a jet engine and startles the cats and me.  Plus--sleeping a mere twelve feet away, wakes me up off and on during the night.  Is it possible to put a piece of Styrofoam on the bottom of the closet door, where the burner is--to kind of dampen down the noise?"

"Sure it is.  You will still have plenty of louvers open on the top part of the door for air flow.  Hm-mm, or you could get some insulation or a pad and put in there."

So off he goes.

I immediately got in the car and headed up to Home Depot.  I had no idea where the Styrofoam or insulation might be, but I figured "building supplies" was a good place to start.  I walked all the way down to that aisle and snagged a guy in an orange vest and told him what I wanted to do.  He said, "The Styrofoam would work even better than insulation."

I had a choice of , 4' x 8' sheets or 24" x 24".  Of course, no sizes in between and since I knew--or was pretty sure I wasn't going to insulate my shed, I chose the smaller ones and got two.  

Even though I knew my plan would work, you notice I still consulted two "men".  I just had to make sure on this one, but I still smiled when I realized neither one of them had ever been asked the question or thought out how to fix the problem.  HAH!!

Stopped at Meijer's because I was totally out of cat food and milk, then came on home.

Measure twice, cut once--right?.

measuring stick, pencil and sharp utility knife

Mark it off and then score it with the knife.
I always lay the measuring stick on the line when I
cut--just in case I might slip and the measuring stick
might save me from losing a finger.

I scored it a couple of times and then...

put the cut part on the edge of your work place and hit
the part hanging over with your hand or fist.

Look at that, a fairly clean edge.  Good enough anyway.

Now to figure out how to adhere it to the door.
I have grey, red and white duct tape.
White will look nicer.
Duct tape solves many problems

Fits in there nicely, cut the next piece of the bottom
part and VOILA  we have a noise blocking solution,
right in front of where the fire box is,
with enough vents for air circulation.

Does it work?  Of course it works.  Now, when the flame comes on, it is much quieter and nobody is startled.

Yes--I am overly sensitive to noise--especially sudden noises.  Yes--I have a BIG startle reflex issue.
Yes--I am a nervous person.  
Instead of waiting to become used to the noise and waking up every time the furnace comes on, I chose to settle the problem this way.  When A/C season comes, I will only hear the blower and that is very quiet to begin with.  

I have another noise that is new since they installed the furnace.  I am going to check that out tomorrow, but I am going to have to move the couch and that is near impossible for one person.

I will let you know how it goes.

-10 tonight--I guess I better let the faucets trickle all night.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Big Project

Today's high temperature was:12
Sunny and bright

I woke up at 7:00 with such a stiff neck and back.  I must have slept tensed up all night.  I felt so groggy.

The phone call came at 8:30 that the installation guys were on their way.  I asked if they were bringing a big truck and the kid said, "Yes."

So--out into the 2 degree temperature I went and moved my car over into Jackie's driveway.  She is away until March 11th, so I wouldn't be in her way today.

I went to the door when the guys arrived, they got out of the box truck and we all started smiling.  "Hey, we saw you up at the gas station yesterday!"

"Yep.  I told you guys I'd probably be seeing you again and....here you are."

"Sorry it's under these circumstance--that you have to get a new furnace."

"Yeah--me too!  Come on in, I've cleared a path for you to get through the house easier."

Sean and Blake--nice young men in their mid-twenties.  They got right to work.  Told me to relax and they'd take care of everything.  They laid big long heavy drop cloths down and proceeded to get busy.  I stayed in the den and played games on Face Book.

Out with the old 

in with the new

By the time they left of lunch at 11:30, it was getting kind of cold in here--65.  I turned on the electric heater they left with me.

This may be why.  A hole all the way up through the roof.

Blake headed up to the roof to take out the old and put in the new vent.

I went in and asked Sean all sorts of questions.
"Where's the draft motor?"
"Where is the filter?"
"Is there a fresh air intake?"
He answered them all and showed me parts
I hadn't even asked about.

4:00, they are gone and here is my pretty.
Isn't it gorgeous?  All shiny and new.
Half the size of the old one and...I have had
to turn down the thermostat because
73--my normal setting, seems too warm.

It was a very pleasant experience having these two young men in my home.  

Now--I am all set for Polar Vortex #4, which will come in tomorrow and Friday with a vengeance.  

I have heard from three friends on Face Book that have had to replace their furnaces this year.  One is getting her new one--just like mine--tomorrow morning.

It's been a cruel weather, BUT--I am thankful I have my new roof with the special shingles because, we are having ice dam problems on roofs in this park--one had a cave in from weight on the roof, another one lost her entire car port and patio covering from snow weight.  Apparently, these people do not know about the packets of calcium chloride you can get and throw up on the roof to melt the ice and snow--OR a pair of panty hose filled with the calcium chloride, thrown up on the roof works just as well.

Perhaps I should give lectures up at the club house on home maintenance?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Today's high temperature was: 19 degrees
Sunny most of the day
I ended my post last night saying that perhaps today would be a more exciting day to write about.  Well--read the title of this post once again.


I woke up at 4:00 this morning.  Gosh--it felt awfully cold.  I turn the thermostat down at night, but it felt a lot colder than 68 degrees.  

I went to the bathroom--it felt like I was in an outhouse!  The seat was so cold!  I wandered out into the living room to check the thermostat and it was 53 degrees.  I thumped on the wall to see if the thermostat would come on.  Then I turned it to off and back to on.  I could hear the furnace start up--but it clicked twice and shut down.  Something was broken and I thought it was probably the starter.

I turned on the oven--which isn't a real good thing to do, but.....stood and shivered and started shaking.  I don't know if it was from the cold or fear.  I got dressed real quick and fed the cats, got my hot cocoa and called my local furnace repair guys--well actually AAA Service fixes just about everything.  I had them fix my dryer last spring.  I put in a message on their 24 hour emergency hot line.

The minute I saw Dar open her side blinds, I called her and asked if I could borrow her electric heater.  She went into panic mode.

"OHMYGOD--are you okay?"

"Yes...I'm fine.  I have called the repair service and they should call back with an appointment time by eight."


"No...I will walk up and get it.  I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

"Oh--I don't want you to fall and break something."

"I am not going to fall.  Unlock your front door...I'll be right over."  and I hung up the phone.

It was 4 degrees outside, so I DID put on my ski hat, coat and gloves and walked  slide up to her place.

She handed me her heater, said a few things that I didn't even hear, I told her thanks and slide back home.

Let me tell you--that little heater was about as much use as "tits on a boar hog".  I cranked it up as high as it would go with  high fan, turned on the oscillator and an hour later it was up to 57 degrees.  So, I shut it down, turned the oven back on to 350 and opened the door.

I got a call at 8:00 that a repair guy would be here before 10:00...and he was.  Nice man--Lance was his name.

He thought the problem was the starter--I had it replaced five years ago.  Sure enough the starter was burned right in half.  The blower wasn't working right either, so he checked that out--I needed a new one--I could see where a couple of wires had burned off.  Then he wanted to check out the heat exchanger--the "mother board" of the furnace.  He had a digital read-out with a long scope with a camera on the end.

He went into the depths of that furnace like he was doing a colonoscopy!!!  He said, "Oh oh."  (Don't you hate to hear those words?)

There, very visible even to me was a crack--on the inside of the heat exchanger, on the left..another one showed up when he moved the camera to the other side and a tiny hole showed itself on the back.

"What could have caused this?"  I asked

:Overheating and age.  They don't exactly put top of the line furnaces in this kinds of homes."

"Yeah--I know.  "

"Plus, they are made to last about twelve--thirteen years.  How old is yours?"

"Twenty.  What if I just replace the starter and the blower and let the heat exchanger go?"

"The cracks in the heat exchanger are just about ready to break through, plus that little hole already is broken through.  You can get carbon monoxide poisoning."

"Yeah.   I know."

In the last eleven years, I have put three new draft motors on the furnace.  Two new starters, an new gas injector and two new thermostats.  Close to two thousand dollars worth of repairs.

"So what is the cost for repairs?"

"The furnace will have to be taken apart--eighty dollars an hour for labor (just like at the garage repair place), then a new blower, heat exchanger, and starter for sure, unless we find anything else wrong.  I don't think we will..but when you get into the furnace itself....you just never know.  

"How much would a whole new furnace cost?"

"We can get one for you, just like this one, for around three thousand dollars."

(I could feel the tears start to sting.)

"I have put in a lot of the energy-fuel efficient ones in this park.  I can get you names of your neighbors if you want to call them and ask how they would rate that furnace.  It is much smaller and more efficient.  You will get a two hundred-fifty dollar rebate from the gas company and a hundred dollar rebate from the electric company and your gas bill will probably be half of what it is now."

"How much is that one?"

"Close to four thousand dollars."

"I need to sit down and think for a minute."

"Okay--I'll go out to my truck and get a new starter and a blower.  I'll be right back."

.So I grabbed a Kleenex and sat down in my recliner.  I prayed, "God please help me" and I cried and I sat.  Lance came back in about fifteen minutes later.  He handed me several phone numbers of people in the park.  I called a guy who lives up the street.  I don't know him, he doesn't know me.

We talked.  He was very upbeat about the AAA Service and the furnace.  "The best thing we ever did was replace that one that came with this place.  It has saved us a lot of money on our gas bill--especially this winter."

"Did you get the energy efficient one--the smaller one."

"Yep.  Got rebates from Consumers and DTE too, plus a lower gas bill."

"Okay.  Thanks.  Lance?  Work up a sheet for the energy efficient one and see what the total cost will be."

We sat over on the davenport, with a table between us.  He wrote everything out.  $4,234.00  Then he started taking stuff off--no service charge for today, no charge for the new starter,   A brand new, digital programmable thermostat thrown in, a 5 year maintenance agreement where they come and inspect the A/C in the spring and the furnace in the fall.

The new installation will include new venting to outside, a new roof vent and collar, some sort of thing that also makes the A/C more efficient, take away all pieces of furnace, clean up closet where furnace is placed--stuff like that.

The discounts came to -$386.00, plus the rebate from the gas and electric company.  $736.00 worth of discounts.  They can put it in tomorrow morning.  

I handed Lance my credit card--my hands were shaking so hard.  He reached over and took my hand.

"My Mom is around your age.  She is living on Social Security.  I know what a hard decision this is for you.  They say there is a reason for everything.  I have been thinking, as bad as that heat exchanger looks....maybe...just maybe, God burned that starter out so the furnace would shut down, so you would have to call us and I found the cracks and the little hole.  Maybe God did that to save you from perhaps dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.  We have to keep the faith and trust that God will get us through any hard thing that comes to us."

He filled out all the rebate papers, explained all the warranties to me--the heat exchanger has a lifetime guarantee, 10 years on parts, 5 years on labor--no matter what.

I signed my name, we talked a bit, then he got up to leave and when I walked him to the door, he turned and hugged me. 
Pearl called--Merle wondered what was happening as he had seen the truck.  When I told her, Merle got on the phone and told me that two years ago they replaced their furnace for the same issues I have and that they have been very pleased with the performance and the company.  

I said, "Well, I don't know if yours is working very well.  Your gas bill was high last month."

"Yup.  That's because Pearl wants that gas log running all the time.  It is very costly as most of the warm air goes up the chimney."

"I know...she loves to have it lit."

"Yeah...but not much more.  She is allergic to the fume it puts out and we have some sort of film all over the inside windows."

"Did you get someone to come out and look at it?"

"Yup.  The company we bought it from.  The company you told us not to use?  They say there is nothing wrong with it."
So--at 9:00 tomorrow morning, I will be having a new furnace installed and when my credit card comes due on March 25th, I will have to figure out how I'm going to pay.  I Have always paid more then the minimum and paid early.  Perhaps, I am going to have to just pay the minimum and not worry about the interest I am paying also.  I still am paying for Fred's funeral and his dentures and transmission on his car--so now, here is another bill along with my car repair and the plumber's charge for the frozen pipe.

Will someone just shoot me and put me out of my misery?!!
Pammie was home tonight so I called her--she is the only one in the family who understands how tough it is to live with very little money.  I almost wish she were closer to retirement--she will make more money on S.S. then she has for the last five years!

"Well Momma, you will have a decent furnace that you don't have to worry about anymore.  That will bring you peace of mind and you can't put a price on that.  Did you tell Karen or Aunt Susan?"

"Nope.  They are wonderful people, but they don't understand.  I told Karen when I had to get my new roof and her response, after I told her it would cost three thousand dollars was, "Oh...that's a great price.!"  and she was happy for me."

"They don't understand, Momma.  They think the poverty level is around thirty thousand dollars a year.  When they have to have a new roof or furnace, they put it on their credit card and pay it of the end of the month.  To them...sure it's an unexpected expense, but not that is real troubling.  They have no idea that we are living below the poverty level--they can't comprehend it."

"Yeah.  They go down to Detroit to help the poverty people who are living on eight, nine thousand a year from Welfare.  they don't realize that their own Mother is living on that same amount and no help from Welfare."

"Yeah...you're right."

"I know.  To them three thousand dollars for repairs would be a nuisance.  They don't realize that for us, it's a catastrophe! That's why I called you...at least you get it"

"You call me anytime, Momma.  I will always understand.

Oh, by the way, had to cancel tomorrow's appointment with the cardiologist--for the 3rd time.  Maybe someone is telling me I don't really need to go?  My next appointment is March 14th, so prepare yourself for another big snow storm--that's why I had to cancel the first two.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nuttin' Honey

Today's high temperature was: 21 degrees
Sunny most of the day

I haven't much to say tonight--the Polar Vortex is coming back on Wednesday--for the 4th time this winter.

I am glad it is the last week of February.

My Spartans lost to U of M, Sunday--CRUD!!

Downton Abbey's last episode of Season 4 was last night.  We have to wait until next January for the next series.  I love that show!!

Dar was home all day--she did not go anywhere and she did not call or come over.  She was going crazy panicked on Saturday because she had to be inside for four hours and yet today---she never appeared.  I don't get that woman.

Someone was talking about how there is no civility anymore--that people talk rude and you need to stand up to them and let them know.  Well, in my opinion that isn't very civil either.  I am never rude to people, even if they are to me.  If I were, wouldn't that lower me to their level?  That's what I was taught.

Sometimes, Dar can be a pain in the neck, but she has emotional issues.  It wouldn't be very helpful to her if I were rude and told her to back off.  It's just the way she is and she isn't hurtful to me.  If I can help her, I will.  I can also tell her "no", but I do it in a gentle manner.  

Besides that, whenever I think I am losing it and going nuts,  just being in the same room with Dar reassures me that I am quite okay, LOL.    

I am very thankful that I have a small kitchen as washing and polishing the kitchen cupboards hurts!  The counters and appliances can wait for another day.

I didn't get to sleep until 4:00 this morning.  I don't know why, I could not get comfortable and fall asleep.

I left a message on Pearl's phone Saturday morning--she called back this afternoon.  She said she saw my name, but she can't access any of her messages.  "I got rid of that smart phone because it didn't work, got a different phone and this one doesn't work either."  Me thinks it's not the phones, but I did not tell her that.

My sister called to tell me she got a personal note from Debbie Macomber--actually written and signed by Debbie.  Susan had written her a  note about loving her positive, nice books and that she had lost a son, just like Debbie.  

I haven't walked out to get my mail since Friday.  I may wander out tomorrow.

I have been missing Fred AND his dog all weekend.  I don't know why, just been missing them.  That dog was so nice, as was Fred.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Daytona 500--rain delays made it a long race.  I am glad.  Daytona 500 is where his daddy was killed and Junior won there in 2001.  His Dad's number 3 was on a car driven by a rookie.  I only watched the last 20+ laps--not really into NASCAR since Fred died.  He loved it!

I haven't been too church since Christmas.  When I got back, people will ask, "We have missed you.  Have you been in Florida all winter?"  and I will say, "No, I have been lazy all winter."  I miss the hymns and the sermons, but I don't miss having to get up earlier and driving in the cold car and bad weather.  I think God understands--after all--it's not about church attendance anyway.

I guess that's all I have.  Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting?


Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Trapped Like A Rat"

I am not driving anywhere today.

Dar called at noon.

"Help!  I'm trapped like a rat!"

"What's wrong?"  I was concerned that perhaps she had fallen or something.

"I can't get out of my house.  My steps and sidewalk are so icy!"

"Well...just stay inside then."

"I can't!  You know how depressed I get when I can't get out!  It's driving me crazy already!  I was going to walk over...but I'm afraid."

<good grief>

"Think of some project to do...read...watch TV...clean your kitchen cupboards...walk on your treadmill....."

"You don't mind being inside, but...I can't stand it!"

<her voice going louder and higher>

"Okay.  I will come over for a minute."


"I'll be fine."

So I put on my coat and boots and went outside.

The large "lake" in front of my car cracked and broke through as I stepped on it--no big deal.

 I looked to my right, down to the corner, it didn't look too bad.

Then I turned and looked up to Dar's
beige house, grey car and walked up

"OH.  MY.  GOD!" she said when she opened the door.

"Do you have any of that HEAT stuff that melts ice?"

"Yes."  She got the jug and handed it to me and I sprinkled some on her steps and then the sidewalk out to her car.  

"How am I going to get up the street?" she asked.

"Why do you have to get up the street?"

"Because, I have to leave for work in an hour and the ruts are so bad!"

"When you leave, back out and come down my way to the corner.  That street is better because the wind comes from a different way and hasn't blown the water up into ruts.  Go down and take the last street out to the main street.  It is more protected from the wind and shouldn't be as bad as our street.  Then you will be on the main street going out of the park and it has been salted and is clear--I think.  At least it was yesterday when I came home."

"Oh my gosh.  Sheila and I went out to a movie and dinner last night and when we got home, she was afraid the ruts were going to tear up the under part of her car--it was awful!"

<okay, so Dar worked yesterday, then went to a movie and out to dinner, came home, slept and goes to work again in an hour and she is depressed and going crazy because for FOUR whole hours she felt like she couldn't get out of her house?>

"What if it hurts my car?"

"Dar!  Calm down.  Take in a nice deep breath.  If you drive out the way I told you, I think you will be okay.  Try to stay to the side of the street where the ruts are less.  Okay?"

"Ah-hh."  She let out a big breath.  "I feel better now, but.....I can't get my paper!  I have to read my paper every morning or my whole routine is upset!"

<this woman is completely unreal!>

"I'll get it for you."  and I walked out to her mailbox, got her mail and her damn paper and took them back up to her door."

"There ya go," I said.  "Are you okay now?"

"Yes.  I think so.  See ya."

...and I walked back home.

I decided as long as I was out, I should check my roof.  Many residents here are having problems with ice dams--long icicles hanging and problems with leaky roofs.

Mine looked pretty good--thanks to that new roof almost two years ago and the special layer they put down to prevent ice dams.

You can tell I have good insulation in the roof rafters because there
is still a nice layer of snow.  If the insulation was bad, the
snow would be patchy or gone.

Like these two houses.

My white headed bird came back today and I finally got some pix of it--not very good pix because every time I even breathed, it took off, so I had to stay in my chair and zoom in through the window screen.  

I think the dang thing is a Parakeet!  By the shape of its head and its beak, which is sort of hooked, I think this was a tame Parakeet that got loose and is now running with the wild crowd.    It doesn't look at all like the all white sparrow I had visiting last August.

The rest of the day, I stayed, mainly in my recliner, watching a Walton's marathon and cross stitching.  One of those kind of days.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just Messing Around

Today's high temperature was: 34 degrees
50 mph wind gusts
I wish I could take a video to show you how the trees are dancing and bending in this wind.  If it were July, I'd think we had a tornado coming at us!

I looked out this morning, checking the bird feeders, noticed that the two cats were mesmerized by something going on under the feeders, so I stepped up closer to the window and there--right in public, were two squirrels---mating!  I have never seen squirrels mate and I was fascinated.  They were on their sides--maybe they were just spooning?  I don't know for sure--but they rolled around a lot and then all was quiet, then they scampered away.

This reminded me of the time the kids and I were cleaning out our rabbit pens and a pair started mating--right in front of us.  Of course, the kids were wide-eyed and asked what was going on.  There I was, trying to explain in a normal, farm-life sort of way and the Buck must have completed his job as he fell off, onto his side and laid there.  "Is he dead?" gasped my son.

As I look back now, I should have said, "Yes!  If you ever have sex, you might die!" But instead I just said, "No--he's okay.  He's just tired."  and I took him and put him ALONE in another hutch,  however, the kids were ecstatic when one month later, we had a fluffy rabbit fur-lined nest full of baby bunnies.

Once, in the middle of the night, a wind gust took my storm door and smashed it up against the porch railing.  Fred jumped out of bed and said, "Someone is breaking in!"  He started to run down the hallway and then came back to the bedroom, all aflutter.  I calmly sat up in bed and said, "No--I think the storm door just smashed up against the porch railing."  and sure enough.  We got it repaired, or--Fred rehung it and it never has worked correctly since (LOL), so now, just in case, I have a loop of strong twine that I tie around the storm door handle and then bring it inside, close the inner door, and wrap that string around the inside door knob.  Works for me!!!

Yesterday, my Soap was pre-empted by the Gold Medal Women's Ice Hockey game.  Ice Hockey!  Women's Ice Hockey!  BLECH!!  I just hope they replay my Soap today because yesterday was going to be a real cliff hanger.  

Decided to make another loaf of bread--this time I added an egg.

Then I set up my card table and during my Soap, I filled all my pill boxes.

Then I decided I best collect my stuff for the 2013 album.

Good grief!  I had to find pictures on my computer and print them out and....4 hours later, I was done.

So was the bread, so I decided to have a slice of warm bread, oleo and Raspberry Preserves.

...and it was so good that I decided to have another one and....as it was almost 5:00--it turned out to be my supper.  Don't preach!  I had calcium, a bit of protein and fruit! LOL

Not a very exciting day, but one in which I got a few loose ends taken care of.  Have I started washing the kitchen cupboards?  You silly billy!  I did do one door to see how the Murphy Oil Soap worked--it worked great, nice and smoother and clean looking.  But--you see--my shoulder has been acting up and the pain under the scapula and into my collar bone has come back and I haven't been to the Chiropractor and......................well, that's my story and I am sticking to it.  Maybe tomorrow?

Sunday--there is a very important college basketball game on TV.  Michigan State and Michigan are tied for 1st place in the Big Ten.  We will play each other.  

Last night MSU set a new school record for 3-pointers--we played Purdue (sorry, Melissa).  I just hope we can do something like that on Sunday against our arch enemies!!!
Please take a moment and say a prayer for my blogger friend, Marcia.  She contracted the flu, which turned into the H1N1, which turned into pneumonia, which turned into her having pulmonary embolisms.  She is getting better, a bit, but I am very worried about her.  That's why we olders have to get our flu shots in October.  We may still get the flu, but it will be a mild case and this year, the vaccine protected against the H1N1.    Love you, Ms. Graysea/Marcia!!!