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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017


I've been absorbed with the latest genealogy I am doing.  So absorbed that I had no desire to write a post and, there's nothing else going on here.

I got stuck!  I had no problems finding all I needed for the father's side of the family, but when I started the mother's side?  Three generations up and could not find the parents.  Nowhere could I find that guy's parents.  Not a birth record.  Not a census listing his parents.  Not a marriage or death record that listed them.

I perused State records, not listed in Ancestry.com, but just in Internet State records.  Nothing.
I Googled his name.  Nothing.  I spent hours searching.  Uncharged hours because I didn't feel it was fair to charge my client for the hours I spent searching for something I KNEW HAD to be there and I just couldn't find!  That was Thursday.

I took a break and got my hair cut.  I had been trying to get an appointment with the new stylist I have at Fantastic Sam's.  They don't DO pre-appointments.  You call the day you want and see if your stylist has an opening.  (I hate that!)  So Thursday, I had to run into Brighton and figured, as long as I was in town, I'd just drop in and see.  I was at the point where I'd take ANYONE to get the long hair off my neck!  Well, I walked in and asked and it just happened that the stylist was sitting in her chair with no customer.  

YAY!  I was outta there in 30 minutes.  I don't really like it there.  Not much personal interaction.  I had known my last hair stylist for 14 years.  She had done my daughter's and grand daughter's hair and that's how I found her.  She knew most everything about me and me, her.  Then she died and they set me up with another one in that salon, and we got pretty well acquainted.  Then she decided to get her own salon, many miles out of town and three round-abouts to get to her.

Karen recommended this stylist as her friend goes there and the stylist DOES know how to cut short hair.  But....it's kind of like a drive-thru oil change place.  You go in, you get your hair washed and cut and out you go.  When she was done with the cut, she whipped off the cape around me and headed off to turn her ticket into the cashier.  By the time I got to the cashier, the stylist was gone.

Bada Boom, Bada Bing.  No "Hi how are you?".  No,, "Thanks, have a nice day." In you go and out you go.  I did get a decent cut this time, after she finally relented to cut it shorter in back.  She "thinks" (I guess) that I want fringes hanging down the back of my neck.  When she was done, I asked for a mirror so I could see the back and then asked her to cut it much shorter.  "Shape it in from the sides to that natural point I have on the back of my neck.  I don't want to look in a mirror and see any hair hanging down behind my ears."  She did!  I don't think she likes it that way, but it was perfect!

It only costs $17.00, which is half what I used to pay, so--------in and out we go and no chit chat!
Friday morning I got right back into the genealogy.  I was searching again--places I had already been, thinking I had missed something.  Then--all of a sudden, a message came up on the monitor that asked if I wanted to link into another search program.  It is not connected to Ancestry.com, but can be linked (like Ancestry) into the program I use to collect, sort, record and store all my information.  

What the heck, right?  Why not.  I opened an account, it's free, when it came up, I put in the name and--Oh My Gosh--there he was and his parents and his parents and on and on back 11 generations!!!

YOWZA!!!  What a gold mine!

So that's how I spent Friday--and that's why I didn't post on here. 

Onward and upward I go.  Printing out information, scanning records, inputting the info into my Family Tree Maker.  I also ordered two brand new inkjet cartridges and a box of the special paper I use because.....I am going to be writing and putting the book together sometime next week!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life is Humming Along

It was 81 degrees today and a bit sticky and I am probably the only one in Michigan complaining about it.  I have a fine tuned preference for 68-75 degrees and humidity around 40%.  When the humidity gets real high, it makes me physically sick.  I had a bad heat stroke when I was 15 and ever since then............  I took the cover off the air conditioning unit this afternoon--just in case, but I guess it is going to cool down a bit the rest of the week.

I spent all morning on the genealogy.  I wanted to get a hair cut, but my stylist at Fantastic Sam's was all booked up.  At that place, you cannot make an appointment ahead of time.  You have to call the morning you want your cut and get a spot in the schedule.  I called at 10:04 and was told the stylist I wanted was booked up until 7:00pm.

Now, I ask you, if I called 4 minutes after they opened, how many calls came in before that to fill up my stylist's schedule?  I "think" they are allowing people to call the day before, but they sure won't let me do it.

So, I will try tomorrow and if she is "booked" I will just ask for someone who knows how to cut short hair.  My hair is long and thick and hot right now.
At 7:00, I walked up to visit Pearl and Merle, but couldn't find them home, so I walked across the street to visit Dar and her Dad.  Her Dad now sits out in front of the house, in a chair, in the sun, with his shirt off.  Now to see a 95 year old man shirtless can be a bit staggering.  I don't know why he doesn't sit in the sun in the back yard, but.............................

Dar showed me her new Smart Phone--some kind of fancy thing I will tell you.  You can talk to it and tell it where you want to go and the GPS will talk back as you drive along.  Talk about distraction!

Then she told me how many On Demand movies they watch on TV--those cost $4.99 to watch and they watch 2 a day.

Then she started telling me about the new sneakers she got.

" I was told to get a good support shoe  Now, you know I don't like to spend money (oh really?), so Dad and I walked around the store for about 3 hours, talking about it.  Then I decided......................."

Just then Dad threw his hands up in the air and said, "Just show her the damn shoes!"

I just about chocked on my laughter and said, "We gotta hear the story first, Mickey." he rolled his eyes.

She went and got them and took them out of the box.  They are slip-ons.  Sketchers.  I don't see as how they are very good in the support department, but.........................................
I got my January cross stitch project--finally--mounted on the foam core.  I could not find a frame narrow enough or long enough.  So I just put a nice heavy backing on it and glued a hanger on the back.

Up above the back door it went.  It just fits that 6" space.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good Day

Another day of windows and doors open to let in the 72 degree air.  My gosh.  I love this time of year!!  

All of my windows have blinds.  I hate the top of the blinds contraption to show.  Therefore, I am obsessed with Valances.  I was sitting in the bathroom looking at my back door last weekend and I thought to myself, "It has no character.  Just a back door, with a window and blinds.

So, when I went to Walmart yesterday, I bought a tension rod = $2.37, screwed it out to the correct width and put one of the valances I took out of the den and put on it.

I love it!!  Dressed it up a bit.  Considering the fact I rarely use that door, I don't think it will ever get in my way.

The garden around the Lilac bushes that Karen edged for me.
Hostas coming up in there too.

The view out my kitchen window by my table.
I have another surprise for tomorrow.  A cross stitch I was working on that is now blocked and stretched on foam core.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The weather outside is delightful, but my Dear you are so frightful..........

.....wait.  That's not the way that songs goes, is it?

The weather IS delightful!!  low to mid 70's--my perfect temperature.  Still in the cool 40's at night.  No annuals planted in Michigan as yet--we all know about last frosts and even late snow.

I am waiting for this next weekend.  That is when I am going to haul my garden and porch decorations out of the shed, hang up the wind chimes, bring out the pots and get them situated where they belong.

I need to paint the porch steps and the railings--the squirrels I feed all winter have done a bad number on my porch railings.  Dug off the paint and gotten the railings all dirty with their little muddy paws!

Today, I worked all morning on the newest genealogy, laundry was chugging away in the washer.  Every time I took a bathroom break, I'd fold the ones in the dryer, throw in the wet ones and put another load in the washer.

At noon I took my break.  Noon news and weather, small sandwich, then my Soap and at 2:00 the TV goes off.  I usually get back to the computer work, but today I had to make a run up to the Walmart.  It was pretty quiet today.  I had to get wet and dry cat food, litter, Scotch Tape and typing paper and a tension rod for something I want to try.  Also some fruit and salad makings for me and of course, the obligatory Diet Pepsi. and gallon of milk.  HAH!
I have never seen my Tulips open this wide!

...and the Gold Finches are back!!!!!!! 
Which reminds me, I must get my bird bath situated.

If my tension rod idea works, I will show you tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Good Week----------------------

Kathleen Gentile, thank you so much for the lovely card, which touched my heart, and the information clipping.  I DO get help with my Medicare insurance.  Thank Goodness.
I am hoping to get back on the daily post bandwagon.  I'm trying to get everything  organized once again.  I cannot believe how tied to this computer I have become.  Face Book starts and ends each day.  Plus, I had 256 e-mails to go through, bills to pay and a new genealogy to start.

You know how I get when I am researching a genealogy!  Time flies by.  I am so engrossed in the search.  Just when I think I have found all that I can on a person--there's another tiny clue that needs to be investigated.  I am trying to keep myself at 4 hours on the genealogy and then get out of this room and do whatever household chores I have to do.

I forgot one item when I was spring cleaning.  I need to strip my bed and flip my memory foam topper.  I remember how heavy that thing is an how unwielding it is to maneuver.  I gotta do it though.  Don't be scared for me--I don't have to climb anything.  HAH!

Did I tell you, Karen came over on Tuesday to help me do some outside chores?  She cleaned up that large oval garden I have around my Lilac bushes--she wanted to mulch, but I have too many spring bulbs and Hosta's coming up right now--we need to wait.

Then she hefted a couple of plastic storage boxes out of my office closet for me to put things in.  Then she ironed the new office curtains while I sat in here, on my desk and put them on their rods.  What a great help she was!!!

I am done with Physical therapy.  Glad to report that my neck and shoulder are doing great.  I had 5 sessions left on Medicare for the year, so I had her work on my lower back.  Lost cause!!  All the PT did was irritate it and make it inflamed and it hurts worse now, than when she started.  HAH!!!  When a person has herniated discs, arthritis and spinal stenosis, there isn't much to be done to help.

I have heard people discussing taking Turmeric supplements to help with arthritis.  I read up on it and knew I probably couldn't take it.  Anything that has the words "anti-inflammatory" on the label is off limits for me because they all interact with the blood thinners.  So no--Advil, Alleve, Naproxen, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil--nothing like that.  I can take Tylenol which helps hardly at all.  Even though I knew I "probably" couldn't take it, I did call the doctor to ask.  He said, "Absolutely not."

We got about 2 inches of rain yesterday and none of the predicted severe thunderstorms, thank goodness.  We did need the rain.  All of our spring flowers look much better than they did a year ago.  My Forsythia had few blooms on it last spring, this year it is loaded and gleaming beautiful bright yellow.

Guess there's nothing else going on around here.  Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Honey Pie

Honey Pie or HP, as her initials are on the front of her, is back from the computer hospital.  A bit longer than we thought as Honey Pie was 19% away from a massive stroke where she would have lost all her memory and everything stored in her brain.  Consequently, Honey Pie's hospital bill was about $130.00 more than expected.  

Good thing I requested she have a colonoscopy as she was stuffed with cat fur and dust.  Then she was given a new "cloned" brain and everything stored in her old brain was transferred over to that.  2GB's were added to her heart--free of charge.

She is alive and well, and faster than when she was a young girl.
I worked on cleaning her room all day Monday and part of Tuesday, so the only time I really started missing her a lot, was Tuesday night and Wednesday. 

The house was entirely clean.  There was nothing to do Wednesday morning, but I managed to find a good documentary about the Hatfields and McCoys to watch on the History Channel.

Then I watched my Soap.  The hospital called at 2:30, with her release, but I had PT at 3:00, so I had to wait and go pick her up at 4:30.

When we got home is was raining like crazy, but I got her into the house.  I think she gained weight while she was in hospital.  What good PT did to my back was ruined by my having to lift and carry her into the house.  

But she's home and now I can get back to my computer work.  YAY!!!
Washing Windows Video

Dusting the Monster

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quick Note.

I had a lovely Easter at daughter Karen's and Mark.  Pammie was there too.  4 of the 5 grand kids and the great grand baby, who loves and smiles at everyone except me.  She pouts and starts to pucker up when I am near her, so I stay a bit away and wave at her and make funny faces.

Ex  hubs and his wife stopped on their way home from Florida.  She is in the sun so much, her face is one mass of brown wrinkles.  She looks terrible and she is way younger than me.

My last post until probably Wednesday, when I get my computer back.  I am expecting major internet withdrawal!!!

and these two--oldest grandson Marcus and his love Morgan.  She is a ballet dancer too and I have known her since she was young.  She also is a farm kid, raising pigs, and now studying physical therapy.  She could come in real handy for this old gramma!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Don't know where to begin...........

............so I didn't!

I looked around.

Such a mess in here!  I don't even know where to start!  Curtains have to come down and wash the windows and it is difficult to get to those windows.  Which means I have to take everything off my desk and use it to sit on to reach the windows, and brace the back of my calves when I have to stand up to replace the curtains.

Just cannot handle it right now, so.........................
No one in their right mind would go grocery shopping on the Saturday before a Holiday.  I had no choice.  
There was a white rabbit wandering around the store, scaring all the little kids.  I told the rabbit I thought it would work better if she stood by the greeter so the kids could see her when they walked in, from a far, and then let them decide if they wanted to come up and say.  Oh no, she kept rushing over to where they were, held captive in the cart seat, and they yelled and cried.  It was a zoo in there.
================= I am going to Karen's Sunday for a late dinner, early supper?  4:00.

Monday morning I am taking my computer to the hospital and it might be in there for at least two days, so I won't be back on-line until late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

I have PT on Monday, so it looks like Tuesday might be a good day to tackle this room?

I will let you know if I survive and if I don't?  Pammie will post to let you know.  LOL.

Friday, April 14, 2017

GOOD Friday!

I had a wonderful experience this morning.  I had to run up to Brighton to get gas in my car.  I had $40.00 bucks cash in my pocket.  I put $20.00 in my gas tank and proceeded to drive on home.

As I was driving up to the light to turn left and get on Grand River, I saw a man, sitting in a small, motorized wheel chair.  He had a sign, "Homeless, Hungry, Veteran."  I thought to myself.  "Yeah,  right!  Homeless in Brighton, the city of wealthy professionals?  Probably a pan handler."  Although I have never seen a pan handler in Brighton.

But then, I got to thinking.  "What if he is for real?  I am so sick and tired of not being able to trust and doubting everyone and everything I see.  So, I turned and went around the block.

He was parked in a bad spot to get to him.  I couldn't figure out where to park.  So I went around the block again and pulled into a spot across from him.

I walked over to him.  He didn't look real old--maybe in his 60's, but he was bearded and wrinkled, with sad eyes and  when I got closer, he sure smelled like he was homeless.

I fished the twenty out of my pocket, "Hey man," I said.  "I hope this helps."

He "God Blessed" me three or four times.  I leaned over and sort of hugged his shoulders and wished him a "Happy Easter", got back in my car and smiled all the way home.

I have always been a trusting person.  Has it gotten me into difficulties?  Oh yes!  Caused me a lot of hurt?  Sure.  Over the last few years I have become cynical and doubtful.  I am a bit wary of what people say and do.  I hate being filled with such doubt about my fellow human beings.  Today, my heart felt something and I followed that feeling.

I don't care if he was a pan handler with $10,000 in the bank and he was just out trying to scam up enough money to buy a jug of booze.  I don't care if I got "taken".  I felt I wanted to do it, so I did.  On this day, of all days, when the Lord I believe in, gave it ALL for me?  I am the one who got blessed today!
When I got home, I ran up to Gleaner's Food Bank.  Talk about being blessed!  I got a nice Choice Eye of Round roast and a Rib-Eye steak!!! Yowza.  A bag of salad greens and canned chicken to put in it.  Canned Pears and Mandarin orange segments.  A box of Cinnamon Rolls and Croissants that I like to use for my sandwiches.  Fresh potatoes, onion and carrots, box of sugar, a bag of flour, can of Salmon to make salmon patties, Ritz crackers and cheese, and more.  

I kept watch of the family in front of me, going round and round the aisles.  Great Grandma, Grandma, Mother and the cutest little tan boy about 8 years old.  He was trying to be so helpful and they never once scolded him, even when he got in the way of his Grandma.

When I got outside, they were loading up the back of their old, rusted SUV.  I walked over and asked them to take my detergent and toilet paper and a dozen eggs, that I didn't need.  "You might need extra eggs for Easter," I said.  (We are allowed a dozen eggs and I don't eat them, so.....).  They thanked me and wished me a Happy Easter and from the back seat, out scrambled that precious little boy with his tight curly black hair and big brown eyes and put his hand out to shake mine.  "Thank you, Ma'am and God Bless you,"

When I got home, I took 2 Cinnamon rolls from the package of 8 and took the rest up to Merle and Pearl's and the bag of flour over to Jackie's.  She is always baking cookies and sharing with us.  

I am ashamed to say I had nothing to give to Dar.  She has a cleaning lady come in every week for 2 hours--at $20.00 an hour.  There is nothing I could give Dar that she would want or need.
Ya know--all of us are basically good and generous people.  Over the past few years, Presidents and politicians, movie stars and VIP's, even some churches have tried to turn us into cynical, critical people.  Boy, it's easy to sit in our homes and look out for only ourselves and family.  Life becomes "all about us."  Protect ourselves.   

Today, for some reason, I had the opportunities to put myself out there---which I haven't done in a very long time.  It turned out, I am the one that was blessed and feeling happy and had my spirit renewed.

Happy Easter.  Happy Spring!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another Lesson

I baby my back and shoulder--because of the pain.  You know, the more you sit to relieve the pain, the worse it gets from not using those muscles/joints.

I have found, when I "work", although my back and shoulder may hurt, they recover quite well with rest AND I feel so good at knowing that I have done something really useful (to me), that the work renews my spirit and I feel better emotionally.

Spring cleaning.  It has taken me a while to get motivated, so I made out my list of what needed doing, so as not to miss cleaning something that I get used to looking at and forget--it needs a good cleaning.

For example, the ceiling fan in the living room.  It is kind of a scary thing to do--standing on a low stool, looking up and taking off the glass shades and reaching up to wash the paddles.

 At Christmas time I bought this 3 step ladder with the hand grip on top.  I can lean my leg against that top platform and feel quite steady.

I put the glass shades in the DW, along with other colored glass,
that needed cleaning, and the fan turned out nice.

I think I told you last year about the special cloths Karen gave me to wash windows.  The blue one is for washing, the purple one for drying/polishing.

These things are a wonder!  Just use plain water and wash the window or mirror, or picture frame glass with the blue one, then dry with the purple one.  Once over, and there are no streaks--none!  The greasy film is gone and the glass absolutely sparkles!  Amazing.  Sure saves my shoulder and not spritzing Windex and then going over it with 452 thousand sheets of paper towel.

It took me less than 4 minutes to do both kitchen windows!

Another product I absolutely have to have with our rusty, calcium laden water is:

Over time, my white clothes and kitchen curtains have become a sort of rusty/beige.  Put a cup of this in the washer, put the curtains in, agitate for a few minutes, then let soak for 20 minutes, add detergent and put through the wash cycle.

This is what the curtains looked like last week.

This is what they looked like yesterday after their treatment in the soak.
Bedroom and bathroom on Monday.  Laundry area and kitchen on Tuesday and today, the living room.  I pulled out every piece of furniture into the middle of the room and dusted it, cleaned out the table drawers, vacuumed my chair and couch and vacuumed the carpeting where they one sat.

Then put everything back and vacuumed the rest of the carpet.  Put up the new metal art that Jen gave me for Christmas, under the cross-- over there by the couch.  Everything looks so clean and shiny, the place smells good and I feel so comfortable.

Not a very good photo.  Off to the right, you can see the computer room, and the room I will tackle on Friday.  I should take a before photo just to scare you all.  LOL

Tomorrow, lunch with the Old School Gal Pals and a visit with my sister at The Farm and maybe a stop at the cemetery to say "Hi" to Fred.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lessons Learned.

I keep learning lessons--hard lessons.  It seems I kind of take things for granted and don't notice problems until it is too late.

I contacted Comcast in February, when my yearly promotion ran out.  I was "told" that my new promotion would be lower in price, with the same channels.  YAY!!!  

I got the bill for March and it was $20.00 higher than the one in January.  I assumed it was just a correction.  Then I got my April bill--again $20.00 higher at $163.00.  I panicked!!!

I called them Friday, they said there was a problem that they would correct.  "Don't worry.  This will be taken care of."  They always say that.  I checked on-line to see my corrected bill on Saturday.  Still the same.  So I called.  The agent I talked to said she couldn't access my account because the last four digits of my Social Security did not match my account number.  Wait.  What?

I actually started bawling and hung up.

I called back Monday morning and was finally transferred to the Retention Department to a woman that knew what was wrong.  "Don't worry.  This will be taken care of."

I had been given a new account number in January--as were all their customers.  Although they had my name, address, phone number, blood type, the gender I identify with, because of security, they could/would not access my account to make changes.  I would have to go to the local Comcast center--brick and mortar--to show my ID and get my Social corrected.  She did confess it was someone there at her office who had made the typo in my Social.

Off I went to the local store--thank goodness, only 10 miles away.  I told the guy, he took my Driver's License and Social Security card and had the correction made in 20 seconds.

Back home and called the Retention Department to get the promotion and my bill lowered.

Thankfully this time, I got a woman with a Southern accent, but almost as difficult to understand her as the woman with the East Indian accent.

Anyway--I could not get the promised promotion I had in February, I could get the same price=$109.00, but at a lower tier and lost a few channels--a couple of my favorite channels, I might add.  This promotion is good for 1 year and I can call back next year to see if I can get another promotion with a higher tier, at the same price and get my favorite channels back.  ARGGH!!
I have been on a Budget Plan with my gas and electric company ever since I moved in here.  For the last year, I have paid $42.00 a month for gas.  I noticed my last bill had a higher amount, but not too worry, I sent in my budget plan amount of $42.00.  This months bill was quite a bit higher and there was a note on the bill that if I didn't pay the bill in full, my gas would be shut off.  Wait.  What?

I called.  Unbeknownst to be, my budget plan had been dropped 8 months ago!!!

The woman said, "There probably was a notice on your bill then, but it would have been in small print and you might have missed it."

"Can I get back on the Budget Plan?"


"Good, can I do that now?"

"Sign up for the budget plan is in May.  You can do it next month."

"Next month?"

"Yes, and your account has to be paid in full before you can sign up for the plan."

I owe them over $100.00 to pay in full.  ARGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want you to know, I did not cry one tear from frustration yesterday.  I was calm, controlled, overly polite and thanked each customer service agent profusely for their help.

Then, I spent the afternoon, cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor, using up any left-over frustrated energy!

Now--I have to deal with my car/house insurance agent because that bill goes up $3.00 each and every damn month!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Perfect Poo, Baseball and Frustration

I had an Enterologist once tell me that the perfect bowel movement should be a semi-soft, but hold together, long continuous , about 1" around, like a sausage, with a "J" form on the last part.

I had one of those Thursday and I cannot begin to tell you how I laughed and rejoiced!  I just stood there, looking down at it, like I had just produced a rare artifact!! I almost didn't want to press the flush lever.

It must have been because it had a nice, cleared out slide to come down, from the colonoscopy.

Today, I am back to my normal, constipated self.  The memory of that perfect poo will remain with me for many years!  I almost wish I had taken a photo of it--just to prove to myself, it can be done.

I did it!! I finally did it!

Today was glorious!! 60 degrees, with lots of sun.  I had the front door screen up to let in the fresh air and a couple of windows up too.  No socks or slippers today.  I got to go bare foot in the house.

Took the insulation off the back door so once again, light/sun is streaming in through that window and lighting up my hallway.  Makes me feel better.

Other than that, I had a bad morning of frustration.  I never cry, but I was so frustrated with a customer service rep, that I actually got to bawling and just hung up and cried for a couple of more minutes!!!  I will try and deal with it again on Monday.

Then I watched the baseball game--my gosh it seemed so slow after having watched basketball for the last few months.  I watched two movies also, but I didn't do any of the stuff I should.

I am beyond unmotivated!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and my day of rest, so don't expect me to do anything.  HAH!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lesson I should have learned by now..................

.....one should not post on their blog when they are tired/depressed/having a pity party!

Sorry for the downer post yesterday.  I almost deleted it this morning, but--after all--this is my journal, so I guess it stays.
It's hard (for me) to get in the mood to spring clean when the outside weather is gray, cold, rain dripping days with 4" of snow predicted!  I have some how lost my, smile and push forward attitude.  Where it went, I have no clue.  How to get it back, seems a mystery.
The water heater repairman--expected between 12 & 4, called at 10:00.  He checked the vents and lit the pilot light.  He explained to me that these kinds of heaters are vented through the roof AND through the floor.  Any little cross breeze can poof out the pilot light.  
"So there is no way I can fix the problem?  I have no control over it?"
"Nope," he said, "It's like an act of God."

After he left, I hurried up and got my garbage out for pick-up.  Most times I set it out the night before, but it was raining and cold last night, so I decided to wait.  Luckily, they didn't come today until after 2:00.  So, for all my planning of taking it out when the weather was better, I got to haul it out in the cold, wet falling rain/snow.  I'm brilliant!!!
Put the closet back together, watched my Soap, did the last load of laundry and a full dishwasher of dishes.

Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist and on the way home, stop at Walmart for cat food, milk and something to eat.

My life is so exciting I can barely stand it!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Middle of the week blues--------

Trying to get winter things cleaned-up and put away.  So far--I have de-limed the humidifier and got it back in the storage box.  That's about it.  I have soooooooo much to get done before May.  Painting the porch and steps one of the biggest projects.  Cutting down Lilac bush suckers and putting some mulch on the area around the bushes--another big project.  Washing all the windows inside and swapping out my new curtains--still haven't even taken them out of the box they came in a month ago.
No hot water --AGAIN!!  I heard the water heater come on last night as I was going to bed, but ice cold this morning when I wanted a shower.  The last repairman--March 13th, put in a new thermocouple so that is not the problem.  I think it is the gas exhaust vent on top of the roof, is situated in such a way that any little breeze blows the pilot light out.  I need to get someone up there to see if that might be the problem.  Thankfully, I have appliance repair coverage through my electric company so I don't have to pay the repair guys to re-light the pilot light as I can't get down on the floor to do it anymore.  The only problem, the water heater is located behind a pull-out panel in the back of my bedroom closet.  I have to clean out the clothes, shoes and other "stuff" stored there and that is a big pain in the back!!
PT today.  She is now working on my lower back.  I don't think it is helping one bit, but my neck and shoulder ARE better from the previous manipulations.  <sigh--Arthritis is a mean thing.>
With all the increases in price of car insurance, health insurance, food prices,  my budget is back to what is was a year or so ago.  I guess I shouldn't have redone my living room and put that money away for this year.  

While I am on the budget plan for utilities, their price went up, so my budget payments did also.  I had NO idea my health insurance was going to triple or my car insurance was going to increase $30.00 a month.  It gets a bit discouraging to have to use thin Marcel toilet paper and laundry detergent that smells like oil, that I get free from the food bank.  I want to buy Charmin Extra Soft and Tide detergent.  Those are luxuries to me now.  I am really grateful that we have a food bank that I can use.  And grateful that my food assistance went up to $23.00 a month, which isn't a lot considering the price of food, but anything helps.

There are positives to being poor.  I am probably healthier than I was five years ago, when I had meat everyday, and potatoes and bread.  I am 30# lighter and that's a good thing.  I usually only get beef once a month and vegetables to go with it.  A supper of Cheerio's and milk is pretty healthy--except I like lots of sugar.  Nowadays, it doesn't take much food to fill me up and that's a good thing too.

At least I don't have to file income tax.  Nothing I receive is taxable.  HAH!!

There isn't anywhere else I could live cheaper.  Rent is $377.00 and includes garbage pick-up and water.  I checked into government housing--egads those apartments are tiny, and it would cost me just about the same as living here.  I can't bear the thought of having to live in an apartment, with windows only on one side of the place, one bedroom.  I so love it here.

No more buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary for me to live.  

Sorry for the downer there.  I know that something will come along to help.  It always does.  
I'm worried too about my Pammie.  She is working a school custodial job at night.  She isn't suppose to be doing that kind of work.  She has two missing vertebrae in her spine.  She has had all the X-rays, CAT scans, MRI's that prove she can't do this kind of work, but every desk job pays way less than this job.  Every specialist she has seen told her to get disability, but here, you have to be out of work for a couple of years before the government will give it to you.  How can she do that?  Make no money for two years?

She keeps her thermostat at 50 degrees all winter long and lives in her bedroom where she has a small electric heater.  I wish I could help her in some way.  She is such a wonderful person.  Always doing as much as she can for others.  

It would be beneficial for her if I moved in with her and gave her my Social Security check every month.  But, neither one of us really wants to do that.  I told her I would if it ever came down to where she couldn't make it on her own.  I at one time, wanted desperately to move back to my growing up area, but now, I know that now and as I age, I need to be close to grocery stores, the food bank, doctor and hospital.  If I moved out there, I would have to change doctor's and dentist to a closer town.  Plus, it takes an ambulance 45 minutes to respond and the nearest hospital is 30 miles away.

What to do, what to do?  Life gets very hard at times.  I never realized that until a decade or so ago.  We become too soon old and too late smart!!!!  I never should have gotten divorced!!!
Oh well--what can I think of that's positive?  We are expecting 4.5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow--I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.  Baseball is starting Friday, so I can enjoy watching that.  This weekend the temperatures are supposed to be in the high 60's and next Thursday, I can go to my Old School Gal Pals lunch and after wards, visit my little sister and travel the roads back home.  Stop at the Cemetery and see how things look around the graves and have a chat with Fred.

My colonoscopy was clear, as well as my lung scan, so no worries about that.  Thank goodness.

It could be much worse.  While, I can't control prices of anything and I can't control the money coming in, which puts me in the red every month. 

 BUT==everything is going to be okay.  

I know it is!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know God will help me---somehow.  He always has!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017


I drove down to Karen and Mark's yesterday morning, to ride down to the baptism with them.  All my grand kids were home for the event.  My grand girl from Oregon was to be the God Mother.

We went to Mass first, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  They claim it as an historic church, but I noticed it's date was 1932, and, personally?  I don't call that historic.  Maybe it was historic for something else?

There we all sat--taking up one whole pew.  Karen, Me, Grand daughter Helene and baby Della, Mark, Maddie, Marcus and his GF Morgan, Steven and his GF Caroline.  The pew thinned out when they went up for communion--leaving Morgan, Caroline and me.

Back to Helene's for breakfast.  

Her hubs Mike was home preparing the meal.  Then Maddie's boyfriend arrived, Stefan Von Bulow.  German!!  YAY!! and Catholic.  He and Maddie were in the same home school group when they were tiny tots and somehow have found each other again, in their 20th year.  

I got a tiny bit of time with Della.  She cries every time I hold her face-to-face, so I hold her looking out, and we get along quite well.

Back to the church for the baptism.   

The Jewish grandma was there, as well as the Jewish grandpa and his wife.  Son-in-law Mark's parents were also there.  They had driven down from way up north, and his mother kept telling everyone and complaining about the long ride for a "thirty minute deal".  She is a piece of work and I would like to kindly tell her that 77 year old women don't look good in ink-black hair dye, but I keep those thoughts to myself.

We all went up, behind the altar, to the baptismal font.  I thought the priest did an excellent inter-denominational baptism.

He invoked Jewish scripture and blessed the Daddy.  Then blessed Della with oil on her forehead, eyes, ears and heart.  Blessed the Momma, invoked the responsibilities on the God Parents, Aunt Susanna and Uncle Marcus and then took Della over to the font and used the little spoon to pour water over her head.  Not a peep out of her, so I guess she liked it.  Then the Lord's Prayer, which in the Catholic church ends a few words short of the Protestant version and I forgot and mumbled three extra words before I remembered to stop.

I noticed that the baptismal area was a quite large marble enclosed pool with steps.  So after wards, I asked the priest if they do full immersions.  I supposed for adult conversions/baptisms?

He replied, "Yep.  We dunk 'em here.  Children and adults."
I said, "Ah.  Like the name of your church--John the Baptist.  He dunked 'em too."
"Yes he did.  He dunked a lot of them"
"One in particular, that was most important." I replied.
"Yes.  The very best!"
"Amen, Father.  Amen."  I said.

 Grandson Stephen and GF Caroline had to get back up to Michigan State to study for a big exam today.  The study of the liver.  Stephen was impressed when I mentioned, "Ah.  You're studying Hepatology now?"

Everyone else went back to Helene and Mike's place for a light supper, so I rode back to Karen and Mark's with Stephen and Caroline.  We had a great conversation on health care, sports, and medical specialities.  

I thanked them for the ride, hugged and kissed and jumped into my car and was home by 4:30--exhausted!!

It was a lovely day in that I got to see all of my older grand kids, meet their new love interests and observe the Darling Della.