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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Don't know where to begin...........

............so I didn't!

I looked around.

Such a mess in here!  I don't even know where to start!  Curtains have to come down and wash the windows and it is difficult to get to those windows.  Which means I have to take everything off my desk and use it to sit on to reach the windows, and brace the back of my calves when I have to stand up to replace the curtains.

Just cannot handle it right now, so.........................
No one in their right mind would go grocery shopping on the Saturday before a Holiday.  I had no choice.  
There was a white rabbit wandering around the store, scaring all the little kids.  I told the rabbit I thought it would work better if she stood by the greeter so the kids could see her when they walked in, from a far, and then let them decide if they wanted to come up and say.  Oh no, she kept rushing over to where they were, held captive in the cart seat, and they yelled and cried.  It was a zoo in there.
================= I am going to Karen's Sunday for a late dinner, early supper?  4:00.

Monday morning I am taking my computer to the hospital and it might be in there for at least two days, so I won't be back on-line until late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

I have PT on Monday, so it looks like Tuesday might be a good day to tackle this room?

I will let you know if I survive and if I don't?  Pammie will post to let you know.  LOL.


  1. Why don't you post on your Facebook page that you're looking for a young volunteer to take down you curtains in the office? If I remember right, you stood on your desk last time and scared all your blogger friends.

    Your hobby room looks pretty neat compared to most I've seen. It's the nature of the beast to be full.

    I went to the store today, too, because I didn't want to go on Easter. I need a rest! I'm so tired.

    1. No Jean--I didn't stand on my desk--that would put me too high.
      I stand on the window sill and brace my calves back against the desk. LOL

  2. Oh, that is MUCH safer. I feel better now. LOL

    1. HAH!!! Just so I don't fall and put my arm through the window!!

  3. At first, I didn't know what this room was. It is where your computer, and the *dreaded* hanging piece of drift wood are!!!! -grin-

    Previously, I didn't know that that part, of the house, was 'closed off' with wall/door. Guess I though it was open, to the living room. (Hey, what did I know??? -grin-)

    I love layouts, but have a hard time figuring them out, from random pictures.

    Thought it was an extra bedroom.

    But! Then! I spotted the drift wood!!!!! Then I knew what I was looking at. :-))))

    And I'm not gonna' touch your cleaning and curtain plans. Not with a 10 foot pole, as they say.

    Luna Crone

  4. Ohhhh, hope your computer has a productive stay, in the "Computer Hospital"... Hope it comes home, all spiffy and cleaned out and happy! :-)

    And hope you don't go into any withdrawal symptoms, while it is away. >,-))))

  5. It's good, though, that you have an entire room for an office. I've got everything crammed in here; bedroom, office, reading chair, etc. But, actually I kind of love it. :)

    Have a nice dinner at Karen's.

    Happy Easter.

  6. HAPPY EASTER! Looks like the room is already in good shape ... I remember my Mom washing and rehanging curtains. They both smoked AND had a gas range. Thankfully, my kids only smoke outside, we have all electric AND I have cellular blinds without curtains or valances. Ahhhhh. BE SAFE!

  7. Hi, Judy! Happy Easter to you. I love all that storage you have in there. Nice. I need to get something for my office. I want something old and cheap, so that would mean that I'd actually have to go looking at antique stores and flea markets, etc. I will get to it eventually. I laughed out loud about the Rabbit. I was a loaf of Wonder Bread once. I stood in one place and my partner gave out coupons while I gave out balloons to the kids. One or two kids were scared, but most were curious and wanted a balloon. I hope you have a wonderful time at Karen's. Enjoy the grands.

  8. "Don't know where to start" I've had project like that at home and at work.
    One just digs in and goes for it...Usual for me I end up tossing most things out.
    Coffee is on

  9. Isn't it exhausting, keeping a house in order? Just put it off until you can handle it both mentally and physically. Oh and you're right: It's a death wish to go shopping the day before a holiday. I avoid it at all costs. xoxo