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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Perfect Poo, Baseball and Frustration

I had an Enterologist once tell me that the perfect bowel movement should be a semi-soft, but hold together, long continuous , about 1" around, like a sausage, with a "J" form on the last part.

I had one of those Thursday and I cannot begin to tell you how I laughed and rejoiced!  I just stood there, looking down at it, like I had just produced a rare artifact!! I almost didn't want to press the flush lever.

It must have been because it had a nice, cleared out slide to come down, from the colonoscopy.

Today, I am back to my normal, constipated self.  The memory of that perfect poo will remain with me for many years!  I almost wish I had taken a photo of it--just to prove to myself, it can be done.

I did it!! I finally did it!

Today was glorious!! 60 degrees, with lots of sun.  I had the front door screen up to let in the fresh air and a couple of windows up too.  No socks or slippers today.  I got to go bare foot in the house.

Took the insulation off the back door so once again, light/sun is streaming in through that window and lighting up my hallway.  Makes me feel better.

Other than that, I had a bad morning of frustration.  I never cry, but I was so frustrated with a customer service rep, that I actually got to bawling and just hung up and cried for a couple of more minutes!!!  I will try and deal with it again on Monday.

Then I watched the baseball game--my gosh it seemed so slow after having watched basketball for the last few months.  I watched two movies also, but I didn't do any of the stuff I should.

I am beyond unmotivated!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and my day of rest, so don't expect me to do anything.  HAH!!


  1. Know the feeling about crying
    ordering a mattress on line (should never had done)
    caused many tears and a lesson well learned. So now have
    mattress with no box springs sitting on 8 boards and to remedy
    bad mattress purchased a 3 inch firm topper and now all is correct for me to get in and out of bed and the firmness I need. A lesson learned, money lost but have to move on.

  2. sounds like a great day!! the sun is shinning here and we are expecting similar temperatures!!! the hubs and i are doing tax returns today, not my favorite sunday but we have a lot to do and i will be happy when they are done!!

    enjoy your sunday!!!

  3. YOu should have taken a picture of that purrrrrfect pooooo! Really! I am not kidding you!

    When we move into the "older years," it soon becomes obvious, that *daily-passing* is a big subject! A subject of Joy, or a subject of %^*()*&%#%^**(. It's just LIFE.

    And if we can't talk of LIFE, on our blog... Well, we can.

    Hasn't any doc, suggested you take some sort of a bulking agent? Like Psyllium? Here is a link about it, from "Web MD."

    From knowledge, I also know, you have to make sure you drink PLENTY of water daily. Can't be stingy with water, and expect our colon to work properly.

    Get Movin' wishes,
    Luna Crone

  4. Congrats on perfect poo ... and I get just as excited!

    And don't worry about not working for a few days .... everything will be waiting for you

  5. I only have perfect poos about every 30 years or so! Except last year, when I had a pulmonary embolism last May. Three weeks of wonderful people waiting on me hand and foot, bringing food 3 times a day + a snack, no responsibilities, three of the sweetest young male nurses you could ask for and who, when they had time, ran in, just to talk! One was from China, one from Mexico, and one from Puerto Rico. They were dears. Norfolk is a port city, so I had nurses and doctors from so many places!

    Anyway....I found myself with perfect poos after mealtimes! Just couldn't believe them---shoulda taken pictures. I've never known regularity like that, probably won't again. Sigh.

  6. Okay then, I'll be the odd one out - yes TMI. LOL

    We're really enjoying the cooler weather but it won't last long. I do not seem to have any energy to do stuff, nada, zilch. I've taking many day off lately. Hoping that changes soon. :)


  7. Yes, I agree, we all need to mention the frustration and bad feeling that can come from BM issues, oh, and the great feeling that comes when things work as they should. I agree with Luna about the psyllium and water.
    I am also going through a terrible issue with a financial problem and have spent many hours on the phone only to end up in frustration. It is still not resolved and I am close to calling our consumer action hotline or sick LM on them.
    So happy to hear you had sunshine. We did, too, although we are still in winter as the ocean is so cold that the north east wind brings us a deep chill.
    Wishing you a nice week ahead....

  8. I've seen some doctor real make a deal about people poo. I have to say no one knows what one will talk about in the blog world.
    It been sort of chilly in North Idaho.
    Coffee is on

  9. Oh my! That's all I've got to say about the poop.

    What kind of customer service rep where you dealing with? I feel your pain on that one! They are trained to make our lives miserable, I think. I've been putting off calling Charter for months to get help syncing my TV and the remote.

  10. Don't let the sales rep ruin your prefer poo day!! Shake it off, do a little perfect poo dance in the sunlight that's streaming through those windows and then just shashay around the house with no shoes or socks! That'll teach that sales rep who to mess with :-)

  11. Oh how this made me laugh!!! I just posted a blog that asked if I was divulging TMI!!! I hope you get all of your bills situated. I'm so glad you didn't get too upset. Worrying doesn't change anything. These companies take, take, take. I feel so sorry for seniors that are living on a fixed income. My mother is one of them. xoxo

    ~ Wendy