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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another Lesson

I baby my back and shoulder--because of the pain.  You know, the more you sit to relieve the pain, the worse it gets from not using those muscles/joints.

I have found, when I "work", although my back and shoulder may hurt, they recover quite well with rest AND I feel so good at knowing that I have done something really useful (to me), that the work renews my spirit and I feel better emotionally.

Spring cleaning.  It has taken me a while to get motivated, so I made out my list of what needed doing, so as not to miss cleaning something that I get used to looking at and forget--it needs a good cleaning.

For example, the ceiling fan in the living room.  It is kind of a scary thing to do--standing on a low stool, looking up and taking off the glass shades and reaching up to wash the paddles.

 At Christmas time I bought this 3 step ladder with the hand grip on top.  I can lean my leg against that top platform and feel quite steady.

I put the glass shades in the DW, along with other colored glass,
that needed cleaning, and the fan turned out nice.

I think I told you last year about the special cloths Karen gave me to wash windows.  The blue one is for washing, the purple one for drying/polishing.

These things are a wonder!  Just use plain water and wash the window or mirror, or picture frame glass with the blue one, then dry with the purple one.  Once over, and there are no streaks--none!  The greasy film is gone and the glass absolutely sparkles!  Amazing.  Sure saves my shoulder and not spritzing Windex and then going over it with 452 thousand sheets of paper towel.

It took me less than 4 minutes to do both kitchen windows!

Another product I absolutely have to have with our rusty, calcium laden water is:

Over time, my white clothes and kitchen curtains have become a sort of rusty/beige.  Put a cup of this in the washer, put the curtains in, agitate for a few minutes, then let soak for 20 minutes, add detergent and put through the wash cycle.

This is what the curtains looked like last week.

This is what they looked like yesterday after their treatment in the soak.
Bedroom and bathroom on Monday.  Laundry area and kitchen on Tuesday and today, the living room.  I pulled out every piece of furniture into the middle of the room and dusted it, cleaned out the table drawers, vacuumed my chair and couch and vacuumed the carpeting where they one sat.

Then put everything back and vacuumed the rest of the carpet.  Put up the new metal art that Jen gave me for Christmas, under the cross-- over there by the couch.  Everything looks so clean and shiny, the place smells good and I feel so comfortable.

Not a very good photo.  Off to the right, you can see the computer room, and the room I will tackle on Friday.  I should take a before photo just to scare you all.  LOL

Tomorrow, lunch with the Old School Gal Pals and a visit with my sister at The Farm and maybe a stop at the cemetery to say "Hi" to Fred.


  1. You put me to shame with your spring cleaning. But I wish you'd stay off the ladders!

    I can't believe what a difference that Out Whitener makes. Got to get some of that.

  2. Yes, do be careful on the ladder! I need to clean, deep, deep clean. I'm good at keeping things put away in their places, but neglect cleaning under things. For instance, last week I saw, not a dust bunny, but a jack rabbit bunny under the leg of the couch. Guess it's still there. :) Doing things down low is hard on me.

  3. Oh, I went back to check the window-cleaning cloths, and I can see the name on them. Thx. Will look for them.

  4. It's just a little step stool kind of ladder. Wide steps, very sturdy. I haven't been on my 9' ladder in years. Okay?

    1. LOL You'd probably sprout wings and fly if you started to fall.

  5. you sure have gotten a lot done. i wrote down the name of the cloths and will google it. i have a thousand windows in this house....or at least that's how it feels!!!

    1. i ordered those cloths on amazon - they are expensive but got excellent reviews, and are good for mirrors too!!

      that was a good gift - something you can use, makes life simpler and you don't have to dust it!!! i'm not into gifts i have to dust anymore!!!

  6. Please be careful with the small ladder. At 79 stopped using
    this and step stool - falling easy from then on.
    Proud of you and now cleaning out drawers, organizing paper work
    and all constantly seem to be doing...
    Proud of you
    but be careful.

  7. Everything looks nice and clean. There is something very satisfying about having clean and shiny glass. I have to check into those cloths you mentioned. All the closet doors in our bedrooms are mirrors and a pita to clean! We just finished installing a laminate floor in our living/dining room and my house is a disaster! Good thing I have tomorrow off because I have the family coming over for Easter!

  8. JEAN R. said; "You put me to shame with your spring cleaning. But I wish you'd stay off the ladders!" I say, what Jean R. said.

    So glad the PT is working, on your shoulders and etc. And you can do these things.

    Must look for that "Out White" stuff. We too, have hard calcium water. And white stuff gets "beige" here too. Even with "clorox." And I love, love, love WHITE-WHITE!

    Again, you are a whirl-wind, and I'm sure, it is lovely, when you are done.

  9. You need to bottle up all that wonderful energy and send it my way. Have a wonderful lunch date tomorrow. you deserve it.

  10. Oh mercy, Judy. You've been busy, and everything looks so nice. I too would like to get those cloth's, and will google them.

    I made a list of things we need to do around here, and I believe my daughter threw it away. LOL

    Just need to get some energy, and get started myself. You encourage me!


  11. That Out Whitening stuff is amazing. I can't wait to try it. After seeing your results, I feel motivated to spring clean!

  12. Yep. I feel like a slug reading about your spring cleaning! What a difference! I'm checking in to both of those items!! OK ... now I'm motivated!

  13. I recently became acquainted with Norwex cleaning cloths and then discovered that my cousin's granddaughter sells Norwex those products. We don't live near each other so I have never talked to her in person about how to use the special cloths. They are so pretty, I hate to get them dirty! I know that's crazy. After reading your account of using them, I think I know more about how to use them and I'll try to make better use of them. Today is a good day to begin, I think.

    1. When they get dirty, just throw them in the washer and then hang them up to dry. DO NOT dry them in the dryer.

  14. That's the very best kind of stepstool. I have one too and I don't know what I'd do without it. I'm going to get some of those cleaning cloths! I may get the MojaFiber kind because they're so highly rated on Amazon. Your curtains and fan and spring-cleaned rooms look fantastic! Good job, Judy! xoxo