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Monday, April 3, 2017


I drove down to Karen and Mark's yesterday morning, to ride down to the baptism with them.  All my grand kids were home for the event.  My grand girl from Oregon was to be the God Mother.

We went to Mass first, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  They claim it as an historic church, but I noticed it's date was 1932, and, personally?  I don't call that historic.  Maybe it was historic for something else?

There we all sat--taking up one whole pew.  Karen, Me, Grand daughter Helene and baby Della, Mark, Maddie, Marcus and his GF Morgan, Steven and his GF Caroline.  The pew thinned out when they went up for communion--leaving Morgan, Caroline and me.

Back to Helene's for breakfast.  

Her hubs Mike was home preparing the meal.  Then Maddie's boyfriend arrived, Stefan Von Bulow.  German!!  YAY!! and Catholic.  He and Maddie were in the same home school group when they were tiny tots and somehow have found each other again, in their 20th year.  

I got a tiny bit of time with Della.  She cries every time I hold her face-to-face, so I hold her looking out, and we get along quite well.

Back to the church for the baptism.   

The Jewish grandma was there, as well as the Jewish grandpa and his wife.  Son-in-law Mark's parents were also there.  They had driven down from way up north, and his mother kept telling everyone and complaining about the long ride for a "thirty minute deal".  She is a piece of work and I would like to kindly tell her that 77 year old women don't look good in ink-black hair dye, but I keep those thoughts to myself.

We all went up, behind the altar, to the baptismal font.  I thought the priest did an excellent inter-denominational baptism.

He invoked Jewish scripture and blessed the Daddy.  Then blessed Della with oil on her forehead, eyes, ears and heart.  Blessed the Momma, invoked the responsibilities on the God Parents, Aunt Susanna and Uncle Marcus and then took Della over to the font and used the little spoon to pour water over her head.  Not a peep out of her, so I guess she liked it.  Then the Lord's Prayer, which in the Catholic church ends a few words short of the Protestant version and I forgot and mumbled three extra words before I remembered to stop.

I noticed that the baptismal area was a quite large marble enclosed pool with steps.  So after wards, I asked the priest if they do full immersions.  I supposed for adult conversions/baptisms?

He replied, "Yep.  We dunk 'em here.  Children and adults."
I said, "Ah.  Like the name of your church--John the Baptist.  He dunked 'em too."
"Yes he did.  He dunked a lot of them"
"One in particular, that was most important." I replied.
"Yes.  The very best!"
"Amen, Father.  Amen."  I said.

 Grandson Stephen and GF Caroline had to get back up to Michigan State to study for a big exam today.  The study of the liver.  Stephen was impressed when I mentioned, "Ah.  You're studying Hepatology now?"

Everyone else went back to Helene and Mike's place for a light supper, so I rode back to Karen and Mark's with Stephen and Caroline.  We had a great conversation on health care, sports, and medical specialities.  

I thanked them for the ride, hugged and kissed and jumped into my car and was home by 4:30--exhausted!!

It was a lovely day in that I got to see all of my older grand kids, meet their new love interests and observe the Darling Della.  


  1. Quite perfect a day!!!!!!!! Lovely way to start out the new week!!!!

    Mmmmm, old ladies with ink black hair. -gigggggggles- Mmmm, did they ever look closely in the mirror, and see how the ink black hairs, contrast with the white scalp? Which by then, is probably showing through, here and there. -more giggles-

    Yup, I'll stick with my natural-variations-of-steel-color hair. At least "light color" blends better, with white scalp, in the "open" places. >,-)))))

    What a precious baby, who was the reason for the whole "she-bang"!!!!

    Happy April,
    Luna Crone

  2. A day doesn't get much more perfect than that does it. Glad you got such a special day.

    I agree, women over 40 don't look good in dyed, jet black hair and I will add any other dyed color that is solid.

  3. That picture of you with Della is just the cutest. My grandson Andrew wouldn't tolerate being held "inwards" either, even when he was only a few weeks old. He wanted to see what was going on. xoxo

  4. Such a lovely day, and it is so nice to see so many of your beautiful children and grandchildren. I love the photo of you and Della....just perfect.

  5. Sound wonderful! the family. As for historical anything is past now would be consider history.
    But as I'm a person who likes to learn. I would want to know if the jewish faith has any type of what some may call bapistism or communion.
    Hoep your day is going good...Coffee is on

  6. what a wonderful family day, judy...the pictures are lovely. you look so happy and the baby is adorable!!

  7. Family time! I know how much you cherish that. Hooray for such a special day.

  8. I laughed out load on the black hair; gosh she's a grump too. ugh

    So glad you were able to see all the family! I love that baby girl, so gorgeous. Oh, and the day Hunter was christened, I missed. Kept going up and down the wrong road. duh


  9. What a wonderful day! Della is beautiful, adorable. Belle of the ball.

    ? Maddie has a boyfriend? I remember the interested young man from South America. Now a young man from Germany is wooing here? What's your opinion, Judy. Is he a keeper?!

    1. He came to Michigan when he was 5--his parents work for the University of Michigan. Stefan is a very quiet, very blonde, sort of petite young man. I noticed he also has a Purity ring (like Maddie) which means no sex until after marriage, and he is the same faith as she is. In my opinion, that makes him a keeper.

  10. I have to remember to not have coffee in my mouth when I read your blog!! Lol!!! I so love how you speak/type your mind!! Della is a beautiful baby. I guess she's at the age when stranger anxiety sets in. "Stranger" meaning anyone other then their parents holding them sets them off. When you were describing how your family took up a whole pew it reminded me of a sign that I've seen that says "All because two people fell in love." So wonderful Judy!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  11. You have a very lovely family ;-)