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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The End of the Month--Already!

Today's high temperature was: 63 degrees
A few sprinkles, but a nice day
I didn't wake up today until 11:00 a.m.--because I was still wake at 4:00 a.m. last night.  

I watched this out my front windows:
The manager Rob and Jackie discussing something.
She is not happy with new neighbors coming in.

Do you see the dog?
Another Shih tzu--just like the one who lives behind me.
I will get to have a YAPPY DOG chorus--
in stereo.
I can hardly wait!

Cutting up the sod and ready to lay foundation
for their storage shed 
Pearl called at 1:30, wanting me to come down and help her get her credit score--FICO.

I walked up at 2:00--after my SOAP and back to the computer we went.  I had her sit down and show me how she was trying to enter her account to get into creditkarma.com.  She was very frustrated.

Come to find out, she had put in her e-mail address in CAPS--which is okay, but she had entered (dot) com, instead of (dot) net and it was telling her it was an invalid e-mail address.

We got that straightened out and finally got in to the website.  She didn't want her credit REPORT, she only wanted her credit SCORE and guess what?  You have to pay $1.00 for your FICO score AND they enroll you in a 7 day trial program, that, if you don't cancel within the 7 days, they then charge your credit card $29.95.

Knowing that Pearl would never remember to cancel her subscription--I stopped her and we searched around for FREE credit places.

WELL GUESS WHAT?  NO site, not even the government site, will give you your credit SCORE for free--you gotta pay either $1.00 and a free trail, or $4.50 to get just it.  You can get all the credit REPORTS you want for free, but not your FICO.

So--after 90 minutes we gave up.

"Why do they want to charge me?  It's my score!  I should get it free.  Where can I get it free?"

"I don't know for sure."

"I'll bet the credit bureau would give it to me."

"Yes--ah no.  Credit bureau?  They are the ones trying to charge you."

"My bank?"

"Not unless you want to take out a loan."

"Well-----all I want is my number!!!"

"I tell you what.  Go up to the car dealer up the road.  Pick out a nice new car and tell the guy you want to buy it.  The business manager will take you into his office and start getting the paperwork ready.  Along the way, he will check your credit score--realize that you can't afford the new car and tell you your credit score is too low.  THEN, you ask him what it is--he will tell you, and then you say, 'we didn't want a new car anyway.'  You walk out knowing what your FICO score is.  Problem solved!"
Karen called today--we talked about her great accomplishment and she said, "Oh Mom...you know I'm not the greatest writer--I know what I want to say, but have a hard time getting it down on paper.  I almost called you to have you read the portfolio and edit it for me."

"You did a great job!!!  I like the different personal touches you added, like how you remembered some assignments that you dreaded because............"

"Yeah.  We had a seminar with the prof the other day, and he mentioned that.  How most of the other people in class just wrote, 'I did this or I did that', and I put in my feelings and what I got out of the assignments."

"Well--you posted it on FaceBook kind of late last night, so I stayed up and read the whole thing--every chapter and sub-chapter and....I thought it was fantastic!"

Then we talked about the camping trip they just got back from--to Arcadia National Park in Maine and how they hiked up (I can't remember the name of the mountain) to see the sun rise--the first place in the US that the sun hits in the morning.  Then, she told me, she wanted to do a Cathedral tour of Canada and they went to Quebec and also Montreal.  Come to find out, they visited the same place my Grandma and I visited in 1956--the summer between my junior and senior year of high school.

"Did you get to the St. Anne of Beaupre shrine?"  I asked.

"Oh yes.  It was wonderful!  Were you and great grandma there too?"

"Yes--wow, 58 years ago.  People went there for cures as they say the water is blessed--kind of like Lourdes."


"Did you go to the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal?"

"Yes--it's beautiful.  Did you and great grandma go there too?"

Yep.  Grandma paid for a chauffeur driven guided tour of Montreal.  And, she got some Holy bread from the Basilica."

"I didn't know great grandma was Catholic!"

"She wasn't.  Her mother, Great Grandma Augustine was--you know that picture Aunt Susan has of the Madonna and Child?  My great Grandma, brought that over on the ship on her wedding day.  She was French and her husband was English.  My Grandma--grandma Helene was Methodist, but she still kept some of the ways her Mother probably taught her.  I know she treasured the little knots of bread that the Priest blessed.  She carried them in her purse until the day she died."

"I had no idea!"

Then, she invited me to Madeleine's 18th birthday, this Friday.  The WHOLE family of mine is coming--Jen included.
Tomorrow, I am driving up to The Farm to visit baby sister Susan .  I'm also going to stop in at the Byron cemetery and visit Beth's sons' grave and then drive on out in the country to "our" cemetery to make sure all my ancestor's and Fred are okay.  

I do love cemeteries!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Feel The Love

Today's high temperature was: 63
50 degrees this morning when I woke up

Yes, Pammie knows my situation.  Hers is almost as dire--especially if Jen and Eric move and Pam is out of her "Nanny" job.  Pammie is the ONLY one who knows my situation.  I am visiting my sister one day this week and I will probably tell her.

It would be helpful for Pam and I to live together--we could pool our money and it would help her pay her taxes and household expenses, but...she loves to live alone--as do I--and I think it might come down to her at the brink of losing the farm before she'd consider it.  Plus, I would hate to saddle her with the job of having to care for me if I got sick or disabled.

We shall see--it may be in The Plan and we just don't know about it.  I have always trusted God to lead me along whatever way HE wants me to go, and HE has always put me right where I need to be, so...........
Melissa--I missed church last Sunday, so I am grateful for your words of encouragement.  In fact--they did more for me this morning, than ANY sermon, LOL.  Bless you my friend!  You lift me up!!!

This was just posted on FB.  Karen has earned her Master's Degree with a 4.0 GPA!!

Well, one more small assignment and my Master's will be finished. Big sigh!! Take a look at my webpage if you like.http://rivardk5.wix.com/mrsrivardportfolio

Monday, July 28, 2014

So Many Things On My Mind

Today's high temperature was: 64 degrees
Sweatshirt weather in July!

I am so unsettled!

Last night, I woke up at 3:00 with a horribly dry throat and the sound of a scream echoing and cats flying off the bed.  It must have been one heck of a nightmare!

I got on-line this morning and spent two hours taking the REQUIRED debt counseling "work-shop" to be able to file for bankruptcy.  Lastly, I did a live, on-line chat, with a counselor.  She was quite amazed that I have a budget all figured out in an Excel spreadsheet and that I have investigated ways to decrease that budget, like researching moving to a Government Subsidized apartment UGH, (which would cost me $10.00 less a month than staying here).

Got it all done and got my certificate.  Now--I have to do another on-line class that is only suppose to take an hour.  All fees are included in my attorney's fee.

Like... at my age, I need debt counseling?  I know what has brought me to this state--it's not from charging cruises, vacations, cars or fur coats to my credit cards.  

I am $629.00 over budget every month.  That is credit card payments.  I played the credit card transfer to a 0% for 12 months game and it worked for awhile and I got 2 cards paid off and down on the other 3, but...now that game is over, the APR  has gone up, the payments have doubled.  I have always paid early and more than the minimum.  

I HAD a FICO score of 779!!!

HAD is the operative word here.

I am on Welfare.
I go to the food bank every month.
I am going to file for bankruptcy.

I don't know what else I can do and IF--any appliance goes, or the car breaks down, or....or-----I do believe this is the source of the screaming nightmares...the What Ifs.

I have thought of moving back to my farm and living with Pammie.  It would help both of us, financially. I would be back where I most want to live, BUT, I know, Pammie doesn't want a house-mate and unless she asks---

About 8 years ago, Jen and Eric offered to build me an apartment over a third garage they were going to build.  I probably should have done it.  But what now--if they move, would I "go" with the house?  Be the "Mimi" to the new owners?


My family was fairly wealthy.  I was married to a GM worker with a good salary and benefits.  I worked for fifteen years.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Well--I know, but it does no good to ponder on the whys.  A lot of it IS my fault--too generous--too wanting to help (probably to gain love and affection?)


It is what it is and I am going to have to live with it.

I didn't realize how tall my Rose of Sharon bushes have become.  See their flowers?  At the top of the Lilac bushes.

Everything else in the perennial garden is starting to look a little "shop worn"--not much left too bloom.

Waning days for the Star Gazer Lily

 Only one Lemon Lily left--and was gone after yesterday's storms

The Rudbeckia will bloom on until frost.
Black-Eyed Susan

 Even the annuals on the front porch planters are shabby looking.
I didn't have good luck with them last year either.
    I don't know why.

 The only thing growing like a champ is the
Purple Bean Hyacinth vine, but....
no bean pods as yet and I don't think I am going to get any. 
The only thing I did well with this year, was the Zinnias.  I planted the seeds and forgot about them until they were nearly full grown.
A trip up to the Meijer store in Howell, for some milk and tuna fish and a small macaroni salad took care of my afternoon.  The young male clerk asked me if I smiled all the time.  I answered, "Yes."  He said, "I do too.  Some people  have asked me if I had a secret."

"That has happened to me too," I replied.  "I guess if they see us smiling for no reason, they think we are up to something."

We had a good laugh and actually...he made my day!!
The only human contact I had all day.

The footings are in.  Apparently they aren't going to pour a cement slab under the unit?  

Odd. If anyone ever has to crawl under the unit, they will be slithering around in weeds and mud!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Friends and Advice and Circuses

I have wonderful friends--some I see on a regular basis.  Some I see every day, like Pearl.

I have a beautiful friend named Christine.  She's almost young enough to be my kid! She lived with me for about nine months, right after my divorce.  We both were in a mentally, traumatic state of affairs and we'd have these long, late night, involved conversations--which ended up helping as much or more than the counseling we were both getting at the Mental Health place.

Then, Chrissy needed to move on to start her "real" life.  I took her to the bus station and off she went--so far away.  I cried for days and days.  I was and still am closer to her than any of my daughter's.  Probably because we AREN'T related? LOL.

I got to visit with Chris for a few hours, when Fred and I stopped in Virginia on our way to the Outer Banks.  Then, she and her Army hubby, went off to Germany and then Italy.  Now, Chris is back state-side and has me helping her market and sell the books she writes.  I know she could do this herself, but she uses my help as a pretense to pay me for every hour I research for her.

She even sent me "never to be paid back" money to pay for my furnace!!!

Do any of my own children do that for me?  Well no--the only one who could afford it, can't really afford that kind of help anymore because of her own situation.
Then, there is another friend.  I have never met her.  I started reading her blog many years ago, and she started reading mine and..........what can I say.  This woman doesn't have a perfect life, but she does have a perfect love for others.  I have written about her on my blog and once again, Melissa Geiger, has blessed me.

Last week I received four gift cards from her.  One to the Rich People's store so I can go and buy my favorite salads from their deli.  Three from Subway--just up the road, where I can get a foot-long sub that will last me two meals!!!
What can you do for people like this?  How can you re-pay them?  There is no way.  The only way I know how, is to make sure every night, when I say my prayers and ask for God's blessing on my OWN family members, these two women are included.

There are always new people that I add to my prayer list everyday-like Marla who had to put her beloved dog Bella to sleep, and Marcia who is in the process of having to move from her home, and of course, any of my other blog friends who are ill or family members of theirs facing surgery or troubles in their lives.

It doesn't seem enough and yet---to my way of thinking, prayer is very powerful and....perhaps that is the very best to pay back my friends for their constant love and helpfulness.
I decided that in MY circus, one of my monkey's had to be trained!  So--when Dar came over yesterday, I took it upon myself to show her the pictures I had taken of her tight pants and the resulting "look" she has from a back view.

"I have joined Weight Watchers!"


"But it is all on-line so you will have to come over and show me how to do it."
<I will HAVE to?>

"Okay.  I don't know anything about it, but we can probably figure it out."

"Oh...I've got to lose weight!"

"Ah--there is something I need to discuss with you.  I have been thinking about it all day yesterday and...I don't know quite how to bring it up.  I don't want you to be upset or angry with me."

"What?  You can tell me anything."

I came into the computer room and got the picture I had taken of her back-side."

"I was taking pictures of the construction going on across the street and you came into view and I took this."

and I handed her the picture.

"OH MY GOD!!!  Look at that!  OH MY GOD!! That's what I look at from behind?"

"I think you need to quit wearing bikini style underpants and wear a brief style and...beige in color."


"Yes...Beige won't show under light colored pants."

"OH MY GOD!!!  You can even see my.... my crack!"

"See how the bikini style goes up--across the center of your bottom and leaves the rest hanging out.  It just accentuates your hips."

"OH MY GOD!!!  I went to work and looked like that all day yesterday?"

"I guess.  A brief style would look a lot better, but....I think you need to get a larger size work pants too."

"OH...and you say Beige color will help?"

"Yep.  Back in 1977, I was looking for a dress to wear to Pam's wedding.  I had on white under wear and the sales clerk advised me to always wear Beige underwear, as it won't show through anything.  I haven't worn any other color since--well, I did wear black, or wine color, but only under very dark clothes."

"Show me."

So I bent over, pulled my white shorts really tight around my hips.  "Can  you see my panty line?"


"Okay then."

"Oh--I am so happy you pointed this out to me.  OH MY GOD!!!  I'm going to the store right now and buy some Beige underpants.  You said get them in a brief style?"


"I don't know.  I have always worn Bikini style."

"You're seventy-two years old.  You're too old to wear Bikini style anything!"
<and off she went>

Pearl came down and she got to talking about bras.

"I don't look good in any of my tops anymore.  My boobs hang way down...even if I stand up real straight...which I don't usually anymore.  I stand stooped over."

"Maybe you need to get a light back brace to hold your posture straighter."

"Oh no.  I had one.  Can't stand it."

"Maybe you need to get an all-in-one body shaper."

"You mean...like a corset?"

"No--they make them nice and soft, but with a little bit of Lycra that holds you in...here and there...and keeps your boobs in the right place."

"Well--I'm not wearing one of those!  How do you go potty in them?"

"They have a snap crotch."

"Sometimes, I wait too long and don't get to the bathroom in time...so...that wouldn't work."

"Get a better bra."

"Sometimes I don't even wear one."

"I've noticed.  Where do you buy your bras?"

"Usually Wal-Mart.  I get the white, cotton ones."

"Ah.  Years ago, a dear friend of mine (Bethie) recommended Bali bras with the bow on the front.  I get the underwire ones, in Beige."

"Oh.  I can't wear an underwire."

"Have you ever tried?"

"No, but I know it would be uncomfortable."

"Mine aren't."

"How much do they cost?"

"Oh--around thirty bucks.  I have two.  One in the drawer and one on."

"Good grief!!  I'm not spending that kind of money on a bra!"

"Okay.  It's just a way to look better."

Then, I sang her my song:

"Do your boobs hang low,
Do they wobble to and fro.
Can  you tie them in a knot,
Can you tie them in a bow.
Can you throw them over your shoulder,
Like a Continental soldier,
Do your boobs hang low."

 and she laughed and then went on to tell me, she is ordering  <as seen on TV> The Digital Power Pressure Cooker--for ONLY 3 easy payments of $33.33, <plus shipping and handling>.  It makes enough food for an army, AND you can, can vegetables in it.

"Isn't it kind of big for just the two of you?"

"Oh, I can make meals and then freeze them."

"You don't have a garden...are you going to can with it?"

"Oh, we can go to the Farmer's Market and get lots of fresh vegetables."

"I thought, the last time you went to the Farmer's Market, you said you couldn't do it anymore because you can't walk around it."

"Well...I already ordered it and hopefully....it will come while Merle is at work!"

and, within a month, it will reside in their storage unit along with the "123 Go Ready Express" and the ice cream maker and the special waffle maker and the My Pillow that kills her neck to sleep on.  <sigh>
Then it occurred to me--both Dar and Pearl grew up with no Mother in the house.  Neither one of them has a sister--Pearl was an only child.  Dar, the youngest with 3 older brothers.  That very well good be why Pearl buys stuff to make up for her empty feelings and Dar doesn't know how to dress herself?
I love Zinnias.  They are such a simple, easy to grow flower.  Unpretentious.  I grew them in the raised bed on the west side of my shed.  I cut them and bring them in the house, just to make a cute little bouquet for my chair side table.  

I gave this little bunch to Pearl--she loved it.

She said she wanted to keep the jar.  I said no.
"But, it's my favorite color," she wailed.
"Mine too," I replied.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Beehive of Activity


I took my computer back to the shop on Tuesday--not for repairs, but to have my "lost" files put on my new computer.  I feared I had lost my 40 years of genealogy work that was on my FAMILY TREE MAKER stored on my old hard drive.  I had not, but I was told, I had to re-install FTM.  No big deal?


I no longer have the install disc.  I "loaned" it to someone and they have moved and they loaned it to someone else.


But you know me--I solved the problem the easiest way I knew how.  I ran to Best Buy and bought a new FTM and ran it over to the computer shop.

They also found all my old e-mails in Outlook 8, in the folders where I have them saved and put them into my new (much hated) Microsoft Outlook 2010.

All this cost me nothing because--it was supposed to have been done when they built me the new computer.  Well--there was a cost of $71.00 for the new FTM, but................
So much activity across the street.  It will give me something to watch and take pix of and blog about, LOL.

The work started  yesterday morning.  I watched as they starting digging holes into the ground with a post hole digger on the front of the BobCat.  I said, "Those guys are going to tear up an electrical line for sure."  And they did--but it wasn't an electrical line--I heard a big WHOOSH and looked out.  They had broken the natural gas line.  Even though, Miss Dig had been out and clearly marked, in bright orange paint, where the electrical and gas line were.  MEN--working too fast and bulling ahead!

This guy arrived--I have no idea why he has a ski hat on. 

and then the boss, Miss Dig arrived.  
Hefty gal for sure.
She went over the entire lot--marking lines and boundaries. 
The gas company arrived and fixed the gas line.

Here we are this morning at 8:00.  A BackHoe comes in and the team has an early morning conference on "how are we gonna do this?"

They proceed a bit more cautiously this time.

Then help arrives--knowledgeable help.

and a more careful, gentler work begins.
Note the shirtless kid--it was 58 degrees at this time.
But wait--what's this going on.......a new supervisor?  


She wants to talk to Rob, the park manager--note: the guy with his hand to his head--can we imagine what he is thinking?

He's talking to the guy in the BackHoe and pointing at Dar--who has a really bad pair of under pants on today.

Aha-so this is it.  She walks them over to her stump removed sawdust pile.
"As long as you have the equipment here, have him take away all that sawdust for me."

<sorry I made a catty remark about her underwear, but she was just over last night bragging about how she has gained 30#, but still wears a size 8 pants.  Me thinks her underpants are a size 4 and she needs to get some bigger ones?  After all, she gets a 15% discount where she works.>
What I didn't get to tell you was MY adventure. 

 Tuesday, when I took my computer to the shop, I drive right by the street to Jen's house.  I knew Pammie was there with the kids, so on my way back, I just drove right up there and right up to the front door!  and, I got to see my Pammie and all of my younger grandkids.  Of course, baby Evan (almost 3) has hardly a clue who this Mimi person is, but................................

While the kids were inside, Pammie and I went out to the front porch, so she could have a smoke, and she sort of whispers to me that, "Jen and Eric are going out to New Jersey to look at property."

"I thought they had decided not to move."

"They did.  The first part of summer, they went out and talked to Eric's dad again, about Eric taking over the business and they came home and said it wasn't going to happen.  Eric can't work with his dad and his dad won't let Eric do what he wants with the company."

"Well--what changed their mind?"

"It's Jen's idea.  Eric doesn't want to move.  The kid's don't want to move.  Jen is tired of working and supporting the family.  Eric has climbed as far as he can in his job, so he won't be making enough for her to quit work.  She said, 'it's time HE started pulling HIS weight around here.' "

"Why don't they just downsize?  Sell this dang mansion."

"Eric designed this house when he was eighteen.  It is his dream house and he said that he couldn't stand to live in the area and know that someone else was living in his house."

"So---the only solution is to move out to New Jersey, where none of them want to live, just so Jen won't have to work?"

"Jen said she is very unhappy.  Neither one of them sees the kids.  Some days, they both work until after the kids are in bed asleep."

"I know."

"I told Jen that if she is unhappy, moving isn't going to bring her happiness.  Unhappiness follows you no matter where you move."

"Good.  Just what I would have said, but.....she would take it better coming from you than from me."

"I just hope they get out there this weekend, and can spend time alone and talk about all this and realize....."

"You know Pammie--this is the life Jennifer has always wanted.  A big, high paying job.  She's now a partner.  She wanted the big money...the big house.  She's got it and now, she's finding out...the kids are growing up and she's missing out."

"I know, Momma...but....you know Jen...once she gets something in her mind...nobody is going to stand in her way."

"Well...if Eric doesn't want to move and the kids don't want to move...her forcing it sure isn't going to make for a very happy home or marriage."

<then I bummed a ciggie from Pammie and we both just stood there and puffed and pondered>

Of course, Pammie is worried about losing her job.  I reassured her that plenty of places around here are looking for employees.  She could work at Meijer's and make nearly $9.00 an hour to start.  She thinks she's too old (at 55) to get a job.  I told her, "If Meijer's hires people like Dar, at seventy-two years old, they surely would hire you!"  

Of course, I'd like to say:

but...it kind of is.

On the other hand--I have no say in what Jen does--and that is a good thing because, you know darn well, it if didn't work out--it would be my fault!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Those Dang Monkeys!!!

The high temperature today was:  too hot (90)
The humidity today was:  too high (48%)
Coolness promised for the rest of the week.

What a weird night last night.  To bed at 11:30 and fell right to sleep.  Woke up at 12:15--like I had had a nap and wasn't tired anymore.  GEEZ!!!

Got out of bed, took a Benedryl, went potty, sat up for a bit, went potty again and back to bed.  Rolled back and worth, trying to get comfortable.  I have tried 4 different pillows and they ALL make my neck hurt!  Finally, I glanced at the clock, saw 3:30 and must have gone to sleep.

The alarm went off at 8:00 and I got up because, NO MATTER WHAT I was going to the doc's office to get blood drawn so I can check and make sure my Potassium is at a good level.

Stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home--turned in my pop bottles-$2.60- and picked up my antibiotic that I have to take before going to the dentist.

Got home by 10:00 and wanted to go back to bed--but I never do that and I never take a nap, so now--I am so sleepy.

I have been having trouble with my eyes again--they feel sticky all the time--like there is gunk in the corners, or a film over them.  I rub them all the time and that just irritates them more.  No, I don't have allergies.  This happens from time to time during the year.  I guess I need to mix up some Boric Acid with sterile water and wipe them several times a day.  That usually cures them.

Did I tell you that my next door Tami's husband had a heart attack Sunday?  I think I mentioned that two weekends ago, he was playing catch with his daughter and he stopped, bent over and was holding his left shoulder.  He had a hard time walking back across the street.  Tami was too busy to notice him, so I wrote her a message on FB and told her to go in the house and check him out.

I try to stay as far away from her life as I can.  She is one weird woman!  When she talks, she paces back and forth and does a lot of gesticulating with her hands and arms.  She is constantly moving while she is talking to you.  She will ask a question, then when you go to answer, she interrupts and starts talking about something totally unrelated.  She has to check her cell phone constantly--I am not kidding--constantly.

Anyway, the way her hubs was looking reminded me of how Fred used to act when he had pain in his chest, so, I thought she should know.  Well, her hubs said he had hurt his left arm throwing the ball--even though he throws right handed?

Sunday night, she is on FB asking for prayers (this is the woman who practices mild witchcraft) that Ron was in the ER, had a heart attack and they were taking him down to Ann Arbor to St. Joe's (where Fred always went),  Long story short, he had to have two stents put in and came home today.

What grinds me, is she has to work nights, so today at 4:00 I hear a knock on my door and there she is and shoves a key to her house in my face.

"I have to go to work.  Ron is sleeping and I locked up the house.  He has your phone number if he needs anything and here is the key so you can get in."

"Wait a minute.  Why did you lock him in the house.  What if he needs to call 911 and he can't get to the door to open it for them?"

"That's why you have the key!  So you can go over and unlock the house if he calls you."

"But--I turn off my phone during the night."

"Well, leave it on for the next few nights--just in case he calls."


I am not a nurse!  If I had wanted to be a nurse, I would have gone into that career 50 years ago!  If he gets into trouble during the night, he can call her at work!  GEEZ.


Taking my computer back to the shop tomorrow morning so they can load on some of the files I lost when they built this new one.  Just GET 'ER DONE!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jackie, Darlene, Lies and Machinations

Today's high temperature was:  88
Today's humidity was:  58%
Headed for hotter days.  
A/C is on.  House is closed up.  
I truly love nice summer days (70's) with low humidity..all windows and doors in the house open, but...it IS July, so I have to put up with hot and moist.

Jackie (across the street) came home yesterday evening.  She has been gone for three weeks--visiting family in Chicago, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  She was stunned to see "her" Oak tree completely gone.  She was stunned to see the electrical and gas line "flags" on the lot next to her and the information that a new double wide is probably going in there.

"I called Rob (park manager) this morning and asked him why they took my beautiful Oak tree completely out.  I had requested that they just trim up the branches."

"Oh--what did he say?"

"He told me it was Jim, the tree cutter's decision to take it completely down...and look at the mess I have to clean up.  All that sawdust!"

So I decided to be honest with her, "I talked to Jim.  It wasn't his idea to take it down.  It was Darlene's.  Jim thought it only needed trimming, but Dar called Rob and insisted that it all come down because she was afraid it would fall on her house."

"Fall on her house?  If it ever came down, it would fall this way...on my house.  There was nothing wrong with that tree.  It was straight and healthy.  It just needed trimming.  Besides that...it's on my lot!"

"Well, I guess you will have to take it up with Dar."

"I guess if it was her idea then....it's HER mess to clean up!"

"I'd say so.  By the way, the people moving in next to you are really very nice."

"Yeah--well, I know where my lot line is and I want Rob to come out here and mark it because...I don't want them putting it too near MY lot!"

I went out for a short walk last night, around 8:30--trying to rest my mind, which is in a turmoil.  I noticed Dar's friend, Judy L. walking behind the houses to get to Dar's--unnoticed by Dar's other, jealous friend Sheila.  I had to smile to myself.

Just as I got in front of Sheila's she came down off her porch to chat for a few minutes--she had not seen Judy L.  We talked a bit and then I walked on.

On the way back home, I saw Dar and Judy L. walking toward me.    We stopped for a minute and chatted, mostly about Dar's day (of course) and then we walked on.  Just as I had taken about half a dozen steps, Dar yells out.  "Oh, I forgot to tell you something."  She was standing directly in front of Sheila's place.

Dar waved me back and I wondered...what is she up to now?

In a very loud voice she said, "Judy L. and I are going for a mile walk.  Do you want to walk with us?"

"Nope.  I've been for a walk and I'm heading home."

"Well, we'd like you to walk with us...so I was just wondering."  Again, very loud.

I turned and headed home.  I knew what she had done--on purpose.  She wanted Sheila to hear.  I think she enjoys the fact that Judy L and Sheila are jealous of each other over her.  

What a dreadful woman!!!  
I figured out a way to get my Purry Furries up on their bench.  They both love to be brushed, so this morning, I got their brush out of the drawer--they spotted it and came over to stand by me.  So, I walked into the bedroom and patted the brush up on the mat, on top of the bench, and they both jumped up there.  I brushed them really good and massaged their spines and they seemed very happy.  Going to make this part of our morning routine.
I have been quite depressed lately--overwhelmed with all I need to do right now.  Plus, I miss Fred and have been missing my BFF, Arlene a lot lately.  Plus--I have not seen any of my family in a month!  My sister is entertaining her hubs family from Binghamton, NY.  Karen and her family are vacationing in Maine--wish I could have gone--was not invited and I can't really leave for that long.  Haven't heard a word from Pammie about arranging a Putt Putt game with the little grands.  Plus, I have not received a Thank You from Madeleine for her graduation gift--and that really ticks me off.

You know--it makes me feel like I am only here when someone wants me to attend a function of theirs--or help out in some way, but other than that......which really makes me angry BECAUSE, 11 years ago, Karen and Jen wanted me to move down here to be closer to them and their children.  Well--here I am...where are you and your children?

It is all making me very sad!  Nothing I can do about most of it.  I can't even afford to get in my car and drive over to Lake Huron or Lake Michigan for the day, which I know would soothe my soul.  

I still don't have my "old" genealogy files on my new computer, nor all my saved e-mail folders.  I need to call the computer shop and get it done, but, I am almost too tired to do it.

I need to get the bankruptcy started and did contact the attorney this morning.  I have opened a new checking account with a local bank and only have two dollars in my old checking account, the bank I have the credit cards with, so if they want to seize it, they can have it.  Next month's Social Security will direct deposit into my new checking account--as will my outgoing(EFT) funds to the life insurance company.

I just need to move forward and I am not! 

The road construction is almost finished in front of the park, so tomorrow morning, I will go to the doc's office to get a blood, and stop at Wal-Mart on my way home to turn in my pop bottles and pick up a prescription.

I'm just so very lonely right now and no one can really help that feeling--except me.

I am going to take my new computer back to the store and THEY are going to take my old hard drive and try and get what I need transferred to my new hard drive and in the correct program files.  Heidi, the owner, thought it had been taken care of last week and when I told her "no", she was very upset.  There won't be any charge!  

Businesses, I don't care how busy you are, do it right the first time--like we all were taught, back in the day.
Pearl came down this evening, to "get away from Merle's crabbing at me."

She and I had a nice chat about a lot of things.  We both agree we don't like to watch the news anymore and are basically, only interested in the local weather!  Just when I think the world can't get any worse, it does.  People killing each other--I am talking people in this State, killing people in the worst sort of way.  Dismembering their bodies or dumping them in vacant cars.  People killing their own kids.  Important people involved in sex crimes.  Others trying to kidnap kids and teenagers.

The morality of America alone has gone down the drain.  I don't have much time to worry about what is going on in other countries--some of them are not of my culture and I don't understand how they have such a total disregard for human life.

One of my friends posted a link on Face Book, pleading with the President not to deport the illegals.  Underneath the link she wrote, "What do you think?"

So...I commented, "Don't deport them, stop them at the border."  

Obviously, she didn't really want to know what "I" thought, because my comment raised her ire and she commented back how could I be so uncompassionate and cruel.  Then one of her other friends, who I do not know, commented that she could tell from my comment that I was not a Christian and stupid in my comment to boot.

I commented back that I was compassionate and I would take in every one of those little kids, but...I can't afford it and neither can our country.  

Then I asked if either one of them had ever volunteered to help people in our own country--like Appalachia or Detroit (where they both are from).  That I felt, it is not OUR fault that the illegals live in a horrid country and want to come here and that we can't save the world, but we can try to save our corner of the world.

Well--that comment didn't go over very well either--I was called a few more names and then I realized--ah yes.  I should not have commented because they didn't want to debate or discuss, they wanted it only to be their way of thinking.

Are they Right Wing Conservatives?  Nope--they belong to the Christian Left..in fact one of them is a minister's wife.  Obviously they have forgotten that Christian's are suppose to be tolerate of others feelings?

Done with commenting on their links, or any others posted by my Liberal friends.  They sure like to comment their opposing views on mine, but they don't like my opposing views on theirs and, boy oh boy, do they let me know it!!  

The loudest voices we hear are those who advocate conflict, divisiveness.

Or as I was taught, "Usually the person yelling the loudest in an argument, is the one who's wrong."