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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glutton For Punishment

Today's high temperature was: 65 degrees
Cloudy all day

Ernestine--Bella--Sally, are you okay?

It seems that I get myself into more dang things.  Things that I think I can do--it sounds good at the time and then realize, after I have started a project that it is going to be really hard to complete it.

My friend Chris posted on FaceBook a pair of shoes that she is making.  Crocheted.  Cute as can be. 

I thought they would be fun to make and be a nice pair to slip on for when I run down to Pearl's or wear around the house.  The soles are made of jute--coated with Silicone to make them waterproof.  The insoles are a pair of Dr. Scholl's, covered in fabric.  Simple enough?

So, I got myself a cone of cotton yarn--thought I would make them in a variegated denim color.  I was going to start them last night.  I read the first page (page 1 out of about 10 instruction pages) and I can't even understand the foundation chain to get started!!!

Will I ever get these made?
Well--ya know--
Onward and Upward
I will try!

I do not have a cell phone, but if I did--this is the one I would want.

Last year, the Hummingbirds arrived on May 1st.  I have my two feeders up and this morning, put in more sugary, sticky liquid for them.  I loved when one built a nest right out these windows last year--hoping she will return to same spot--although her old nest fell during the winter.
Another friend of a friend dropped dead in his home--yesterday--age 52.  

I got to pondering on this sort of thing and realized how many people I have known that died like that.

My (ex) son-in-law's Dad and he were out on the porch, watching the sunset and talking and the Dad, fell forward and was dead.  Age 46.

One of my Dear Friends, was sitting in bed and told her husband that her chest hurt.  She thought she was coming down with a cold.  He went into the bathroom to get her an aspirin.  When he came back, she was dead.

Five years ago, the neighbor who lived in Dar's house, walked by and we talked for a bit.  He walked into his house, took off his coat and fell over dead on his way into the kitchen.  A wife and 3 little kids left.

A friend of mine in Byron--went outside in the early morning, to check the rain gauge, came back in, sat down in his recliner to watch TV and died.  Just the evening before, my BFF had seen him riding his bike and had talked to him at a ballgame.

Another friend--was playing cards with 3 other friends--he slammed his card down to take the trick, then fell over on the table, the other guys thought he was joking.

A guy I used to work for.  Was sitting in his office and slumped over on his desk.  He was only 45.

Bethie's son.  Age 52.

Strange "something"--blood clot or something that causes a pulmonary or cardiac arrest--aneurysm and--instant death and by the time the EMT's arrive, the person has been dead for many minutes and there is nothing to do.

Never more has the phrase, "You just never know", come to mind when these things happen.
This afternoon, I went out into the shed and dumped all last years potting soils from all my planters into the wheelbarrow.  Mixed in some fertilizer and new soil and I am ready to fill up the planters--whenever it gets warm enough to plant.

I am getting ready.

I was thinking this evening about the NBA/Sterling fiasco.  Other than it being illegal to record a phone call without the other person knowing and than selling it--Mrs. Sterling owns 50% of the Clippers team.  She has done nothing to break any of the NBA rules.  If she refuses to sell her half--how can they get the team away from the Sterling's?
Got it figured out and on my way.  The toe area looks large, but it really isn't.  Of course, there is a cord along the top that pulls the shoe in to fit.  We shall see.  I may have to Frog it (ripit, rip it)

Nice gentle rain out there tonight--I don't mind.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meterologist School

Today's high temperature was:  77 degrees
Hard rain in morning, warm and sunny in afternoon--rain in evening.

Everything all right over there, Jean.  I saw on radar that you had a bad storm with hail and a lot of lightning in Grand Rapids!!!  

Those dang tornado's are headed toward my beloved North Carolina coast!  Don't you DARE hurt my Outer Banks!!!  Don't you DARE go near my friend, Sally!!!

Okay--I am only going to post this because--if you are like me and want to keep track of the weather in your area--this is the truest radar you can find.  You can put it in motion for the next 6 hours to see what's coming at you.  Just put in your town/Zip Code and you will have a red spot where your home is--approximately.  It is always right on!
This is for my area, so when you get the link, go to the top right and put in your own information.

You can also get a Tor Con index on this page.

I do NOT have a weather alert radio--I did, but it kept broadcasting weather for the entire county and I got scared.  Or it would give out a flood warning squeal in the middle of the night and I do not live near a flood zone.  So--I rely on this map.

I went into town this afternoon--to the Meijer store to pick up a few groceries (82.20)--EGAD!  DHS has cut my food allowance back from $55.00 to $40.00.  I have no idea why.

I decided to go through Darlene's check-out, but the line was clear out into the aisle of the store, the light over her cash register was blinking and she was yelling (I kid you not) for some manager.  "Where's the managers?  I need help."

I kept on walking down to the second check-out from her, that only had 3 people in line.  It took a while to check-out and I kept watching Dar.  Two of the people in front of me were checked-out and Dar was still on the original customer.  Dar probably hit the $150.00 cash back button in error again.  

I kept watching--I counted 12 people in Dar's line--the ones in back, shook their heads, backed out and tried to find another line to go into.  She has told me there have been many complaints about her.  She IS slow, and she is NOT the best bagger, but...in another 30 days, she will be a union member... no getting rid of her then.

She was over for a half hour this morning and told me, "For the last two years, I have been this close to a mental breakdown."

"You have?"

"Yes!  I'm getting better now--finally."
<I don't think so.  Poor woman!>
When I got home, Jackie was outside pulling weeds.  I went over to talk to her, as she had been sick with the bronchitis, near pneumonia thingie.

"Did you see in the paper, about my twin grandson's?"

"No.  I don't get the paper."

"They were sentenced last Friday to 5 years in prison.  Both of them."

"Are they the ones who broke into your house?"
< I knew they were, but felt so uncomfortable talking about this with her.>

"Yup.  Can you imagine?  They weren't content to break in and steal other people's things--they also had to break into their own grandma's house!  They were the sweetest little boys.  I just don't know what happened."
<No--I can't imagine stealing from your own grandma!>

"Oh, Jackie.  I'm sorry.  It seems nowadays--even kids from really good homes are getting into trouble."

"I just got back from going with my Senior Group to see Heaven is for Real.  Did you see it?"

"Yes.  Pearl and I went right after Easter.  Did you like it?  Wasn't it wonderful, peaceful...beautiful?"

"I went to see God Is Not Dead last week.  I liked that one better.  Did you see that one yet?"

"Yeah.  I went last Friday.  I liked Heaven Is For Real better."

"Oh.  Why?"

"Because I had read the book...and I know it is true.  God Is Not Dead seemed like a made-for-movie, movie.  It was good, bu...I just liked the other one better."
I guess I am the only person in the United States who thinks what they are doing to Mr. Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers is contrived in some way.  I know there has been a "want to buy" the team from him for the last few years and I think---perhaps---someone paid his mistress to set him up.

She is the one who took a private phone conversation between them and sold it to TMZ.

I really don't see what he said that was so bad.  He is paying her way through life.  She is tramping around with some NBA players and he told her, she could do whatever she wanted, but he didn't want her putting pictures on Twitter and Face Book of her with them.  He didn't want her inviting them to his house parties.  He didn't want her inviting them his owner's seats at the game.

In other words, I think, he doesn't want her tramping around and shoving it in his face.

He never used the "N" word.  He did say, "I buy their clothes, their cars and provide their livelihood.  That's all I need to do."

How is that anymore racist than The player Larry Johnson who stated, "We need to organize an all black team."

Something is just too fishy here.  Not that I really care.  I don't watch any NBA games.  I just don't like the idea of someone selling a private phone conversation.

I don't like what the old guy said for sure, but.......
We  had a fast moving, very windy, loud thunderstorm pass through here about 9:00.  Exactly when my weather radar link said it would come.  Scared me for sure--the first storm of the season always does.

Well--let's see what tomorrow brings.  Okay?

P.S.  I can barely watch the news anymore without getting nauseous.  Either some parents is beating their child to death, or pictures of storm damage, or Mr. Putin wanting to start another war.  Our world seems to be going crazy really fast!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Today's high temperature was:  52 degrees
Cloudy all day

All day and tonight, I am worried and praying for my friends in the tornadoes paths.

Charlotte and Margie, in Arkansas and Ernestine in Tennessee.  Also Vickie in Oklahoma.  Hope you and your family/friends were spared from the vicious storms!!! 

Thanks for the advice concerning Pearl.  I still don't quite know what to do when she asks me a question about something she doesn't remember and I give her the answer and then she argues with me.  Perhaps I could say, "What do you think?"  or "Could it be.....?"  I believe she knows that something is wrong with her mind and it frightens her.  So if I try to help by filling in the blanks--that just reinforces her problem and makes her more upset.  So--I will be much more careful.  As I've said, I have not had this experience with anyone, so...I am learning.

I have spent a good part of this gloomy outside, staying inside day, thinking back and pondering.  Back to the mid-50's.  I was married in 1957 and divorced in 1984.

I'll bet over those 27 years, my husband and I said "I love you" to each other--perhaps a dozen times.  I guess, people nowadays would find that strange.  The phrase is bandied about without much thought.

We were much the same as our parents had been.   I don't ever remember hearing my Dad and Mother say THOSE words to each other.  It was a deeply private thing.  I knew my Dad loved my mother--it was very apparent when she was dying and he sat by her bed for 36 hours and never moved.  His head placed near her pillow--they stared into each other's eyes and whispered words back and forth to each other.  That scene was so filled with love that it almost embarrassed me to watch.  I felt very much the intruder and spent most of the time sitting in the Solarium.

I can remember distinctly the first time I heard it.  Gary was a Senior and I was a Junior--we had been going together for over a year.  We were sitting in the driveway, out in his car.  We weren't talking, we were just hugging and he put his mouth hear my hair and said, "I love you, Judy."  I didn't say it back to him, I remember now.  That would come later.  Although I did love him, had loved him, but, girls just didn't say it first.  My heart jumped into my throat!  I felt so warm and happy.

In that "I love you" was contained a lot more than just the words.  It meant, I was his girl--forever.  It meant we would never date anyone else.  It meant that we would get married--someday.  It meant we would be together for the rest of our lives.  It was--back then--a very serious statement and I remember how it made me feel.

I would be cared for--taken care of--never have a worry.  He had made a huge commitment.  This man of few emotions and words.  It meant he would work the rest of his days to put a roof over our heads.  To be the boss of the family.  It meant he was taking on a lot of responsibility.  There was no sexual connotation in those words.  We were together three years and still both virgins.  Many of my friends were virgins on their wedding days and had been with their boyfriends for 3-4 years.

A  year later, he was home from the Army, I was a senior, almost out of school and we had sex--once. It was his idea, of course and we both vowed it wouldn't happen again until we were married.  Then I found out I was pregnant, there was never even a thought that he would bail out.  We were going to be married anyway, so we just would get married now.  I did give him the option though, but I knew when I did it, that he wouldn't discard me.  Strangely, we didn't have sex until our wedding night.

On our wedding night, we said it to each other.  There were other words that meant the same thing, showed great love, but never those 3 particular words.  There was no need for them.

If I kept the house clean and made a nice supper for him--that meant I love you.  If he saved enough out of his merger pay check to take us to the Dairy Queen to get a banana split to share--that meant he loved me.  When we had the opportunity to build a small home and he asked me if it was what I wanted and I answered, "Yes."  He went about getting a loan and working with the contractor to build it--that said, I love you.  When he asked if I would help him drill the well (by hand) and I was 7 months pregnant and I helped him--that said, I loved him.

I remember, when my Mother died. I didn't cry for the first couple of days, but one evening, he was home with the kids and I was driving back from my Dad's house up the road, and I totally lost it.  I pulled into the driveway and started screaming and crying and pounding the steering wheel.  He must have heard me because he came out, opened the door of the car, pulled me out and into his arms.  He was kind of an Agnostic back then, but he said, "If there is a Heaven.  I know your Mother is there right now!!"  Obviously those words meant the world to me, if I still remember them, these 44 years later.

Within the "I love you" words was the "assumption" that if he was still coming home each night from work--if I was still there with supper on the table--it meant we loved each other.  Actions spoke louder than any words.

That's why--I guess--in the last years of our marriage, when he started doing his own thing and I started taking over a more of "his" chores, to me that meant, he didn't love me anymore.  What is really weird, the day we went to court to make our divorce final--we sat together, on a bench out in the hallway, and hung on to each other's hands and cried and cried.  We still loved each other, but didn't know how to fix the marriage.

I know, even now, I still love him--that deep feeling inside for him.  I don't particularly "like" him, but I still love him.
I've said "I love you" to a lot of men since and heard it from a few.  Those words however, didn't really carry the depth of commitment they did back in the day.  It was more of a "I love you now--at this moment."

Fred was the first man, after my divorce, that I really connected with on that deep level.  He said he felt the same way about me.  It seemed like THIS love was more of an equal commitment.  We took care of each other.  It wasn't up to him to care for me financially.  We were a real team.  When one couldn't pull equal weight, the other one, picked up the slack.  

The words however, were spoken every day--several times a day.  Once I remember thinking, the words had lost that deep meaning--that they were said in passing or something.  "I'm running up to Wal-Mart.  Love you, Honey.  See you in a bit."  

I guess the deepest meaning of those words was before operations or when we were scared, or the moments before he died?  In those times, we clung to each other and the words meant--forever and "I would be devastated if anything bad happened to you."

I had that same deep connection to my best friend.  We didn't say the words to each other when we were younger, but in our later years--we said them every time we saw each other.  We knew what they meant--a deep connection that would be for eternity--forever.

I say the words a lot now.  "Love's ya"--thrown out to friends.  "I love you, Sweetheart"-said to my kids and grandchildren. Sure, I mean it, but.  I notice my sister and I do not say those words to each other very often.  I wonder why.  Probably because, in our family, they weren't said much?  Or because they aren't needed because we know that we know that we know--there is that deep sense of commitment to each other--that we would die for each other if need be.  I think I will start saying those words to her--whenever I leave her house or she leaves mine.  At this stage of my life--those just might be my last words to her--we never know.

I guess, in the long run, I wish those words actually were said less and meant more?  Like back in the old days.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

Saturday's high temperature was:  57 degrees--sunny afternoon
Sunday's high temperature was: 56--sunny afternoon

I painted the top of the railing on the porch and the hand-rails.  I didn't stain them---I painted them--like I wanted to last fall and the guy at Lowe's told me a stain would be better.  HAH--once again, I listened to a man, thinking he would know the best.  When will I learn?  Anyway, the stain did not stand up very well during the winter.  I had bird scratches and squirrel scratches all over the top of the railing and I couldn't wash it off.  

I hadn't liked the way the hand railings felt either--sort of rough.  So---I bought a small can of heavy-duty paint and I gave them both a double coat.  The hand railing feels as smooth as a baby's behind and the top of the railing on the porch will be so much easier to clean off now.  I can wash it just as I would a door or window frame.

As I was painting, these two came walking down between my place and the neighbors.  By the time I got in the house and grabbed my camera, they were over in Jackie's lawn and driveway.  I walked over, quite close to them and they weren't even afraid.  They walked on down the road--headed to the lake, I presume.

I am really worried about Pearl.  I know that her memory is failing--really failing, but today she was belligerent--kind of.  

She opened up my front door and said, "Why would you have your door closed?  It's hot outside." and she sort of slammed it open.
<the temperature was 54>

We got to talking about the "new" Mega church down the way, the 2/42 church.

I said, "How did they come up with that name?"

"It's some scripture.  Found in the Old Testament.  The book of Ares."

"There is no book called Ares in the Bible.  Ares is the Greek God of war."

"Where did you come up with that!? Read me the names of the books of the Bible."

<so I did>

I said, "Perhaps it is in Acts?  In the New Testament.  The Old Testament is all about the Jewish religion, maybe a new church would be founded with New Testament ways?  About Jesus?

"No--that doesn't sound right."

<so I just dropped it>

Later found it in Act 2:42-47  It is called the Fellowship of Believers.
Then, she started in about her dermatologist, Doctor Piro--the same one Dar goes to and I went to once.

Pearl has been going to him for years and most recently, twice a month for the last 5 months.  She has to go back this Tuesday--last week she told me she had no appointments this week and we were going on our adventure, this Tuesday.  Apparently she had forgotten? 
<I didn't bring it up>

"I don't really like him, " she said.  "He has no bedside manner at all.  He is very curt, but he is good."

"Does he still have his office up by the hospital?  Doctor Piro?"

"How did you say his name?"

"Peer Oh."

"No that's not it.  It's pronounced Pee Roh.  Gary Pee Roh."

"How is it spelled?"

"P Y R O."

"Oh, I thought it was P I R O.  Pyro would be pronounced pyro--like a pyromaniac."

"Well, I oughta know how it's spelled.  I have a lot of his name cards at home!"

"Oh.  Okay."

Then she got up to leave and I walked out onto the porch with her to show her my paint job.

"How am I going to get down these steps with wet paint on the rails?"

"It isn't wet anymore.  I painted them three hours ago and it is fast drying paint."

"No paint is that fast drying!!"

<so I swiped my hand down the railing to show her>

"Feels dry to me.  Did you get paint on your hands when you came up the steps?"

"No.  But--well, you just can never tell!"

"I'll walk down with you.  I've got to get my mail."

"What does that have to do with wet railings?"

"Ah--nothing.  I just need to get my mail."

"Boy...these treads on your steps sure collected dirt and leaves."

"Yeah.  I haven't swept them yet this year."

"What are all these red things all over your drive and your car?"

"Those are buds that fall of the Maple trees."

"No--must be something else.  Maple trees don't lose their buds like that.  What a mess you have!"
<Geez Louise--gripe, gripe, gripe>

I walk down the driveway and across the street with her.  She toddles off down the street, stops for a minute and yells back, "When I get home I will call you and tell you how doctor Pee Roh spells his name!"

"Okay."  I got my mail and came back in.

What is happening to my Friend?  I have never had any contact with people with memory problems or senility and I don't quite know what to do.  I thought I was helping her remember stuff, but I don't think she likes for me to correct her or try and explain anything.  Perhaps I just need to agree with everything she says?  By the way--she didn't call back.  I Googled Doctor Pee Roh and found him.  Doctor Gregory Piro--Not Gary Pyro.


It was only 45 degrees when I got up.  I went to church and...there was no heat in the sanctuary...and I hadn't taken my coat.  By the time I got home, I felt chilled clear through to my bones.

Merle and Pearl came done this later afternoon.  He cut two inches off the legs of the table that goes by my chair.  I have hated that table ever since Fred brought it into this house.  It was so much higher than my chair that, every time I reached for my Diet Pepsi, I'd bang my wrist on the table edge and end up with a blood bruise.

I also had my recliner back off, tightening up the screws to keep the back straighter and Merle helped me put it back together.

Pearl was just fine today.  Maybe her sugar was off yesterday or something, because today, she seemed quite sharp.
I  hope you are all safe from the severe storms that are rolling through off and on all this week!  GEEZ!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A First

Today's high temperature was:  48 degrees
Rainy all day, until evening.

What a miserable day, weather-wise.  A gentle rain all day, which is okay, but it would have been nicer if it had been warmer.  

I worked a couple of hours, on-line,  for my friend, but my major adventure today was to do something I have never done in my longish life.

At 4:00 this afternoon, I went to a movie all alone!  It was wonderful as I could sit way up in the back row, with no one behind me kicking the back of my seat, or coughing down the back of my neck AND I sat in the seat at the top of the steps, so I could stretch these long legs out and not be crowded by a seat in front of me.

The movie wasn't all that hot.  I saw, "God's Not Dead".  I liked the first part of the movie, because it was so like a philosophy class and professor I had in college.  My professor was an Atheist, as was the professor in the movie.  The class was on proving the existence or non-existence of God--as it was in this movie.  They were studying all the philosophers--just like we did.  Our class ended with a Blue Book Essay exam.  I figured I'd probably failed the class.  The young kids in the class were filling up that Blue Book with discourse on both sides of the argument and I (44 years old) simply wrote:  "There is no way to prove or disprove the existence of God.  A Theist and a Atheist believe as they do based on their own individual feelings and/or faith."  I got a B in the class.

My favorite line from the entire movie was when the college Freshman (a Christian boy) said to the Professor who was railing at God because he was mad at God, "Why are you so angry at something you say doesn't exist?"  Point well taken.

However, the rest of the movie was a bit sappy--there were four or five other story lines of other people going through the movie and I tended to get confused.  Two of the young women looked so much alike I couldn't remember who was who.  Of course, they all had their Come To Jesus moment.  Oh Yeah--it ended with a Christian Rock Group Concert--the usual 7 words repeated 11 times kind of music that I don't care for.  The young kids will like the movie and the people that go to the non-denominational Mega churches will love the movie.  I liked most of it, but wouldn't go see it again.  I'd give it a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  Not like "Heaven Is For Real" which I gave a 10+ and can't wait to be able to buy the DVD.

Hollywood apparently is putting out a lot of Christian movies this year.  I hope none are like "Noah", which they say was directed by an Atheist and actually put out to ridicule Jews and Christians.  As one reviewer said, "If you are expecting to see the story you know from the Bible, forget it.  This is far from the familiar.  The special effects are good, however."  Everyone I know who saw it said it was one of the worse movies they have ever seen.
When I came out of the theater, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly.  That was nice.

I pondered on the way home, why so many people get angry with God.  The Professor in the movie, who had been a child of faith, got angry at God and declared His non-existence, when his mother died when he was twelve.

I don't recall ever being angry at God.  I have often (and still do) wonder why things happen, but angry?  Instead, I always have felt a great sense of gratefulness that I was lucky enough to have the years I did, with my Grandma, Mother, Best Friend, Fred.  

Sad?  Yes.  But angry?  Why?  As far as I could see, God didn't "cause" any of their deaths.  It was either disease, accident, or not taking care of themselves.

The one thing we do possess, and is given to us by God, if Free Choice.  A point stressed in the movie.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disappearing Wednesday--Planter Obsession--OCD

Today's temperature was: 54 degrees
Partly Cloudy and way too chilly

I didn't forget to post on Wednesday--I just was so busy and then around 11:00 p.m., I fell into an obsession of what to plant in a new planter I have and what with the searching for images of annual flowers and all that---it was 1:00 a.m. before I even thought about doing to bed.

Wednesday 8:00 a.m.--phone call woke me up.  From gas company.  They have the incorrect billing all fixed.
9:30--Dar came over
1030--got it in my brain that I wanted to get a special glass jar over to Karen's BEFORE they arrived home from their L.A. California trip.  Spent the next two hours messaging back and forth with Madeleine.
Noon--decided I just HAD to get my hummingbird feeders up.  Rummaged in shed, found them, made sugar water, filled them, spilled sugary sticky water all over counter and kitchen floor.  Got them up.
1:00--Watched soap and ate lunch
2:00--Put on shirt to go to get hair cut--had a stain on the front, put on another shirt--was not warm enough, finally found a shirt.
2:10--got Pearl in the car and off we go to get hair cuts at 2:30--she had to stop at bank first.
2:25--made it to hair salon just in time
3:00--Maddie came in, got glass jar for her Mom out of my car and took off.
4:30--got home
5:00--Karen called--home safe and loves glass jar to put her 3 cups of sea glass she found at Malibu!!  She had received a text that Susanna had finished the Boston Marathon--Karen had been praying for her and looked down and there was a piece of purple sea glass--Susanna's favorite color is purple.  She also found Cobalt Blue, Ruby Red, yellow and the usual green, white and brown pieces.

I have combed every beach I could near for 30 years and have found a total of 5 pieces of sea or lake glass.  Karen found 3 cups in one comb?

7:00-phone range--I ignored it--trying to get my spaghetti made for supper--friend from Saginaw.
8:00--phone range again--friend from Saginaw--I ignore it because I wanted to watch Survivor.
9:00--called friend back--yak, yak, yak until 10:00
10:30--realize I have not gathered up or taken out garbage pail--did it.
11:00--came in to shut down computer and got in obsessed mood about the planter.
Thursday--woke up at 8:00 on my own.  Hit snooze button.
8:20--doorbell rings.  WTH?  Dar wants to know if I want to go for a walk.  It's 39 degrees out--she hates the cold, but wants to know if I want to go for a walk?  I declined her offer.
This is the Stack and Grow Planter I bought, on sale, last fall.
I have it set up in my living room and I have been
staring at it and deciding how and what I want to plant.

Here's my plan--so far, but I may change my mind, LOL.

Bunny Tails in the center

Dark Blue Primrose further out
 Hot pink and Light pink Moss roses on
outer edges and to hang over the edge


Bright Pink Impatiens
2 in each section 

Dark Blue Lobelia along front edge
2 in each section

1 in each section

1 in each section
In center of section along front edge

Chartreuse Sedum

I just love Hot Pink, Dark Blue and Chartreuse together.  I have plotted this all out, typed it up, printed out a "purchase" list and ready to go to the garden store across the road--in another 3+ weeks probably.

I have to have it all written down or I swear...I would forget by then.  

I really wanted to make this, but....this would cost at least $75.00.  You cannot imagine how much plain old succulents cost nowadays.  But...isn't it adorable?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Is Hiding For A Bit

Today's high temperature was:  40 degrees
Sunny all day, but a cold wind
One last picture of the Triumphal Two after the Marathon.
The only picture anyone would have of me after a ONE mile race would be of the EMT's taking me away on a gurney.  Ah--too be so young and strong as these two.

Darlene called, I told her she had to go see the Heaven is for Real movie and last night she did.  She felt renewed after seeing it.  I am glad because she has been losing her faith lately.

Susan and Chuck stopped in today, on their way from JoAnn's in Brighton, going up to Lowe's in Howell.  They brought me a 6" Spicy Italian Subway--which I enjoyed since I have used up my Subway gift card.

I made a half recipe of spaghetti sauce--let it simmer in the Crock Pot, instead of pot on the stove.  I had to make some because....I had a craving for spaghetti, so I bought some spaghetti sauce in the store and...EYUCK!!!  The brand I always used to buy and thought was tasty, now, after eating my homemade sauce for the last few years, tastes like cow's tail.  BLECH!!

Pearl's daughter said that Pearl was telling her that she and I don't do too much together anymore.  "Judy used to come to visit every other day.  Now, sometimes I don't see her for a week at a time."

Truth be told, I don't feel comfortable going to her house to chat when Merle is there.  Poor Merle, trying to watch TV and she and I sitting in the same room yakking away.  But----

So yesterday, I went up to their place and asked Pearl if she wanted to go on an adventure next Tuesday.  She quickly said, "Yeah!"

I am going to take her on a road trip--sorta.  Up the back way to my home town and out to the cemetery and then over to the farms, stop at Susan's for a potty break and then come home a different way.  It should be fun.  We did this a couple of years ago, but she directed and I drove around as she showed me all the houses she had lived in and where she grew up, so...now it's my turn.

I called to get a hair appointment, got one for tomorrow and then thought---hm-mm.  I called Pearl and asked if she needed a hair cut and when she said, "Yes, I was going to try and go tomorrow," I told her I was going and she could ride into town with me.  She called and got an appointment right after mine. :-)

Now that Merle is back working at the golf course, I think she gets lonely.  I am going to have to be a better friend.  I may even ask if I can go along with them and their daughter to church on Saturday evening.  Their daughter goes to the 2/42 church--the same one Jen is scoping out.  Hee Hee.  Of course, with 1,600 people attending, I doubt if I would see Jen and if I did--what a surprise, as she has no clue that I know she goes there occasionally.  Merle and Pearl like to sit in the balcony--I can look down on the main floor congregation and see if Jen is there.  Besides, I want to check the place out.

Let's see if tomorrow is a nicer day weather-wise?  I don't really care--I'm going to get my hair cut!!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

YAY!!! Boston Strong!

Today's high temperature was: 80 degrees !!!
Sunny all day
Tomorrow's high predicted at: 54 degrees :-(

My grand daughter (Karen's second child) Susanna and her hubby ran in and finished the Boston Marathon in really good times.  A sub-three hour time.  That's 26.4 miles--running.  It would take me at least 10 days to WALK that far.  Sometimes, I don't feel like I can drive that far, LOL.

I told them two years ago that I had read, all that running isn't really good for your body/heart.  They, of course, listened and said they'd read up on it and check with their doctor...and of course, went right on running long distances.

The day after the Marathon last year, they decided to train and see if they could qualify for the race.  Sure enough, but July, they had good enough times and could run 26 miles.  Susanna works for New Balance Shoe in Portland, Oregon.  Their head office is in Boston, so she travels to Boston at least four times a year.  Last year, she was there the week after the bombing and took her morning run down Boylston Street--weeping all the day.

Today, she wasn't weeping--well, maybe after it was finished.  She was Cross Country runner in high school, good enough to get a track scholarship at Grand Valley State here in Michigan.  That's where she met Derek, who was also in cross country.  They have been running together ever since.

Here they are--in the center of the heart.

...and their times

This is what she posted yesterday:
"How appropriate for Easter Sunday to be the day before Marathon Monday. The most important day for believers, today is about HOPE and LIFE after death. Tomorrow is an incredibly important day for Boston and the running community, where HOPE and REBIRTH will be flowing as we take back the streets of Boston. I am so, so grateful to take part in both of these life-filled events"

Maybe now they will settle down and give me a great grand baby?  I doubt it!
I woke up at 5:00 this morning.  I thought I heard a loud bang--I know, both cats jumped straight up in the air, landed on the bed and flew off--I thought they were scared.  I got out of bed to see what had fallen or if the storm door had smashed up against the porch.  I could see nothing out of place.  I also could not get back to sleep.

I climbed back in bed at 7:00 and woke up at 10:00.  On pondering back, I think perhaps I may have had a night terror and screamed or yelled in my sleep and woke us all up.  I'd like to get a nanny cam that would turn on and take a video only when I do this sort of thing.  Maybe that would help me figure out why?
I went into Brighton today and got some groceries at Meijer's and three salads from the Rich People's Store.  I used my Bridge Card at Meijers--as it was good today--$55.00.  Boy, fifty-five bucks sure doesn't go very far does it.  Oh well--it does help and I am ever grateful.

Let's see what tomorrow might bring.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Day Of Hope

Today's high temperature was:  72 degrees
Sunny all day
I did not go to church today.  I haven't gone to church on Easter Sunday for three years.  Why?  I don't know.  Too many people there?  I don't know--I got to every service during Holy Week, except the most important one--Easter Sunday.

Susan called me--she hadn't gone either, which is very strange for her.  She had found some pictures of mother and said, "Boy, you sure do--er--did look like her."

Many people have told me that over the years and I never could see it.  I think you need two pictures at the same age and...she was 23 years older than me, so I couldn't see it, but...I was scanning and saving some pictures and I noticed one when I was 24 and I sure did look like her when she was 23.  So I put the two together.

Yeppers--I guess we did

Of course, I have no comparison now--she never lived beyond 53 years of age so I have no idea what she would have looked like at my age--wish I did.
Pammie called while I was on the phone with Susan.  

"Momma, you will be so proud of me...in fact, I'm really proud of myself!"

"What did you do now?  Climb up on the roof of the barn to straighten a lightning rod?"

"Nope--I made a skirt!"

"I didn't know you knew how to sew."

"A few  years ago, Karen taught me how to sew a real simple skirt--it just has elastic for the waistband.  Yesterday, I went to church with Jen and I felt bad because the skirt I wore is so old, so...on the way home, I stopped at Wal-Mart, got some fabric and this morning--I made a skirt.  I am putting in the hem now and I have to say, it's really pretty.  I'm also making a half slip to go under it.  I see all these women wearing skirts with no slip and you can see right through them!"

"WOW--Pammie!  That is so cool!  You are right about the needed half slip.  I agree.   I didn't know they had services at Jen's church yesterday."

<and here is where the conversation got interesting and has filled me with hope!>

"Oh--we didn't go to Jen's church.  They don't go there much anymore."


"They don't like the minister anymore.  They are very disappointed in the way he is acting."

"The same minister who told her that 'honor your mother' didn't really matter in my case?"


"The same minister that Andrew told me, while they were at the MSU/UofM football game party, was down in the basement with the kids and was swearing and throwing things because UofM was losing?"


"Hm-mm. Jen and Eric were personal friends with him."

"Well, Eric never has really liked him.  He told Jen 10 years ago, he thought the guy was not a very good minister."

"Well, I think others also told her that, didn't they?"

"Yup.  A lot of people did."

"So, where did you go yesterday."

"We went to that new church just up the road from you.  The 2/42 church."

"Wow--that's a big church."

"Yes and I was amazed at how many young families go there and teenagers--loving it and their parents don't have to drag them there."

"Yes.  They have had a huge climb in attendance just in the last year, since they built there.  I know a lot of Maddie's friends go there.  It's kind of a church where people that have become disenchanted with their church and all the rules and regulations their religion calls for.  This church just preaches and teaches from the Bible.  God's laws, not man's."

"We got in the car and Jen said, 'I got more out of that sermon than I have any sermon in the last ten years!'

"Hm-mm.  Maybe some day they will have a teaching on forgiveness or the Ten Commandments and Jen will become more open to renewing her relationship with me."

"Ya know, Momma?  I was thinking the same thing.  I know you pray everyday that God will bring about a reconciliation between you and Jen.  This just might be God working for that to happen."


"Maybe Pammie.  I can only hope."
Now--I don't care for that 2/42 church because it is one of those mega churches with the praise rock and roll music, and I am a traditionalist, but............if it helps my daughter get off her high horse and become less judgmental, more forgiving and loving (like she was taught!), then................

I wonder what Jen is going to do about the kids school--at her church.  Andrew is ready to go into Middle School and will be going to public school.  Maybe she will pull the other two out and send them to public school too?  I know Alex is bored with his class work and probably Elise wouldn't mind either--especially if Jen puts it to them about how much more fun they will have or however she does it.

I'd sure like to know what happened.  For the last ten years, all I have heard is how wonderful the people in her church are.  All along I have thought they were quite snooty.  I have spoken to the minister every time I've gone there and felt very cold.  He just sort of waved me off or looked right through me.  Hm-mm--I wonder what happened. 

<I know it's bad, but I have smiled all day about this.>
I went out to supper tonight with Merle, Pearl and their daughter Margie (I love Margie!)  Pearl complained about EVERYTHING.  She ragged on the waitress.  She complained about the food.  She complained about the price.  "Two dollars for two biscuits?  That's terrible!" (I had ordered the biscuits, so why did she care?)

I told her, "It's a Holy day.  Be nice and smile."

She glared at me, LOL.  

We had a good time though and it was nice, but with my ET (essential tremor) making my right hand shake, it is difficult to eat out.  I always get a bit nervous and that makes the tremor worse.  Oh yes--she commented on that too.  

"I'm afraid to sit across from you.  You're going to flick food on my clean shirt or something,"

She said this as she dribbled gravy onto her shirt front.

I turned to Margie, "Do you know where I can get a pattern to make your Mom an adult sized bib?  Friday at the movie--she got popcorn butter grease all over her new shirt!"

Margie said, "We could make many and put holiday pictures on them.  Then when we take her out for a holiday lunch--she can take that bib. Like tonight--she could wear a pink bib with an Easter bunny and basket and eggs motif"

Merle said, "Save money.  Put Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other."
We even got Pearl too laughing.

Monday, I have a whole lot of running around to do.  It is suppose to be warm, but rainy.  I don't care.  I won't melt.  


Easter time is filled with miracles.  Maybe...just maybe.